First Landing

First Landing A five person crew become the first humans to walk upon the Red Planet in a landmark mission to Mars But when their findings set off a wave of controversy and political upheaval back home public opin

  • Title: First Landing
  • Author: Robert Zubrin
  • ISBN: 9780441009633
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • A five person crew become the first humans to walk upon the Red Planet in a landmark mission to Mars But when their findings set off a wave of controversy and political upheaval back home, public opinion turns against the mission and they are left stranded As their situation becomes desperate, the crew must try to pull together because if they don t save themselvesA five person crew become the first humans to walk upon the Red Planet in a landmark mission to Mars But when their findings set off a wave of controversy and political upheaval back home, public opinion turns against the mission and they are left stranded As their situation becomes desperate, the crew must try to pull together because if they don t save themselves, no one else will August

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    1 thought on “First Landing”

    1. NO SPOILERS!! This was a good, old fashioned, straight forward adventure story. The writing was excellent and it consistently put you in the action. The characters were well developed/defined and little was left to wonder…which was good. The description of Mars was excellent and it gave your mind's eye a good vision of what the planet might look and feel like. The science portrayed in the book was used aptly and described so the lay person could understand it. Although most of the story takes [...]

    2. Pretty terrible, the dialogue isn't believable, often too stupid or simple, or worst case scenario too clever sounding. The decriptions are limited and don't give us much more decription of mars than we already assume. Not much originality in that department.

    3. Pretty awful in almost every way. The dude's a great engineer with a knack for selling his ideas to the public, but a novelist he most certainly is not.

    4. Rather simplistic novel depicting a mission to Mars. Goes hand in hand with The Case for Mars. A fun light read if you are into the space programokssboch/?p=1539

    5. Slightly fluffy, mostly predictable. Some of the science is sound, some just convenient. Light, but not distasteful science faction.

    6. Avoid books that have the following phrase on the back cover: "Yet somehow the crew must try to pull together." Recipe for disaster, that.

    7. Scroll down for the English version.Una possibile avventura marzianaDefinire questo romanzo fantascienza non sarebbe del tutto corretto, poiché la storia raccontata è realistica in ogni suo aspetto scientifico. Zubrin non si è inventato alcuna tecnologia che già non esistesse al tempo della scrittura di quest'opera, cioè più di 10 anni fa. Ciò fa di “First Landing” un'opera a metà strada tra il romanzo e il saggio, dove una storia di pura invenzione viene usata per fornire al grande [...]

    8. Do you like science? Good space stories? How about people treating women like human beings instead of objects? If you like those things then this ISN'T the book for you.This book is awful. I couldn't even finish it because it drove me crazy. It's incredibly inaccurate, and I'd rather not read the internal dialogue of a casual misogynist.

    9. "First Landing" is a quick reading no-brakes story (I devoured the 262 pages in a couple of sittings) about humankind's first landing on Mars that packs a shocker of an ending to boot. "First Landing" is the tale of a team of five Americans (three men and two women) that make the long the and perilous journey to Mars only to find themselves stranded by the vagaries of public opinion and a few nasty surprises. As a result they are forced to rely on themselves if they are to survive.Wasting very l [...]

    10. What a fantastic book! I have to admit, I was a little wary of it at first because science fiction isn't my usual type of read. Once I started reading, however, I was engrossed by the story that Zubrin presents his readers. The concept of sending astronauts to Mars is one that has sparked the imaginations of thousands of people, even more so the idea of finding life on Mars. This book was definitely a page-turner that held my interest throughout each and every page. The mere idea of being strand [...]

    11. I've read a great deal of Mars fiction over the last 25 years, everything from Williamson to Robinson to Bova to Baxter, as well as earlier, classic stories from Clarke, Bradbury, and Asimov, to list a few. So I think I can say with some conviction that Robert Zubrin's First Landing is the worst Mars novel I've ever read, and that is a dubious distinction indeed.I don't think this book does a single thing well. It is authentic pulp fiction: juvenile, stereotyped characters; old-school, ham-fiste [...]

    12. A great science fiction book set in the early 21st century. This exhilarating tale grabs you from the first pages as you wonder if the crew of the Beagle will be able to survive both the challenges of the environment and the internal conflict that occur when you put together this type of mission. It has been a long time since I actually got so involved in a story that I actually did a fist pump at a high point. This is a must read for anyone who loves Mars, space exploration or adventure tales.

    13. Robert Zubrin is a NASA Engineer who was single handedly responsible for the plans NASA used and developed for its Mars Program in the early 2000s. this book demonstrates the character needed for people to actually reach the stars. Robert was responsible for the development of the Arctic Mars project. this book was written in 2001 while the possibility of sending manned trips to mars was still in the works. unfortunately since then the economics of space travel has shelved much of the NASA progr [...]

    14. An excellent read! The story centers on the first Mars Landing, it is an interesting fiction. A thought provoking story that made me wonder why this has never been done. It is pointed out in the afterword that we have had the technical capability for years.

    15. Apparently the author was too excited over what people would find on Mars and how it would affect people on Earth than actual science or description of what the scientists are actually doing there. At the first opportunity, the action heads back to Earth and tends to stay there.

    16. Not the best characters BUT it was written by one of the leading experts on Mars so it's worth a read if you're interested in that. It's a novelization of his real plan for the first manned mission to Mars.

    17. enjoyed ready about the Mars direct program and a fictional version of how it could play out. at times, there was a little to much political nonsense. I understand, however, that this is the way of the modern world, especially as it pertains to NASA.

    18. A novel where it's obvious that the author is not as intelligent as his subjects. It shows. 5 land on Mars for the first time. Sabotage prompts innovation and hard work. Ends with 2+1 stay and 3 return.

    19. I really wanted to like this book, but the one-dimensional, unrealistic characters and the stupid dialogue eventually became too much for me.

    20. A nice little book about the first human landing on Mars. No really new or deep ideas but a good read.

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