The Liberation of Gabriel King

The Liberation of Gabriel King Gabriel King was a born chicken He s afraid of spiders corpses loose cows and just about everything related to the fifth grade Gabe s best friend Frita Wilson thinks Gabe needs some liberating fr

  • Title: The Liberation of Gabriel King
  • Author: K.L. Going
  • ISBN: 9780545044615
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gabriel King was a born chicken He s afraid of spiders, corpses, loose cows, and just about everything related to the fifth grade Gabe s best friend, Frita Wilson, thinks Gabe needs some liberating from his fears Frita knows something about being brave she s the only black kid in school in a town with an active Ku Klux Klan Together Gabe and Frita are going to spend tGabriel King was a born chicken He s afraid of spiders, corpses, loose cows, and just about everything related to the fifth grade Gabe s best friend, Frita Wilson, thinks Gabe needs some liberating from his fears Frita knows something about being brave she s the only black kid in school in a town with an active Ku Klux Klan Together Gabe and Frita are going to spend the summer of 1976 facing down the fears on Gabe s list But it turns out that Frita has her own list, and while she s helping Gabe confront his fears, she s avoiding the thing that scares her the most.

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    1 thought on “The Liberation of Gabriel King”

    1. This is a great book - funny, funny! Set in the 70s, all about friendship between a boy and a girl who are different races. Awesome, hysterical, and a fast-read.

    2. I really enjoyed this book. I learned a lot of interesting stuff about Jimmy Carter, and the premise was cute. The book is short, but just the right length.

    3. #civil rights #fear #anxietyQuick read set in the 70's. Loved the aspect of facing fear and anxiety, which is why I purchased it. The friendship between and white and black student however was a bit of a stretch of the imagination and perhaps a bit of wishful thinking on the part of the author. But loved the fact that it had a strong female protagonist and depicted the possibilities of friendship across racial lines - but as "historical fiction" it would require a bit too much suspension of beli [...]

    4. Yesterday I saw this book sitting on the bookshelf in the 5th grade classroom where I was substituting. I picked it up to read during lunch, continued reading it during afternoon recess, and finished it after the students went home at the end of the day. I loved it! Couldn't put it down. What a sweet sweet story.Gabriel King is a nine year old boy who is afraid of lots of things-spiders, basements, loose cows, ghosts, missing the school bus, killer robots, alligators, and getting his hand choppe [...]

    5. Plot: The year is 1976. Gabriel King, just out of fourth grade, is afraid of many things, but moving up to fifth grade is the scariest thing of all. After all, he'll now be in the same wing of the school as Duke Evans and Frankie Carmen. Frita, Gabriel's best friend, also has fears some of which come from the prejudice people in their town have against black people. Frita decides that over summer she and Gabriel will make a list of their fears and face them one by one. This, she thinks, will mak [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. A younger reader can appreciate the story of friendship and overcoming your fears. A more mature reader can read it and understand the deeper fears of the kids, their families, and the town. Gabe is a white boy in a racist town. He is an only child of poor parents living in a trailer park. Frita is a black girl in a racist town. She has an older brother involved in The Black Panthers and parents who fight for civil rights. Their school is integrated, but many people h [...]

    7. I liked the two children and their summertime adventure of overcooming their fears. Children can relate to these characters, however, the themes of civil rights, Jimmy Carter's election, and the Bicentennial do not ring true in this setting for me. That said I actually lived in small town Georgia prior to and after Carter's election and worked as an elementary school librarian with 200 students. Yes, we had bullies, we were an integrated school, had a huge gap from very high to very low economic [...]

    8. Having read Fat Kid Rules the World, when I saw that K.L. Going had a new book out I just wanted to read it--I didn't really care what it was about. Last night I finally got to sit down with it, a couple hours later I was done.For all that Gabriel King is apparently one tiny boy, he more than makes up for it in personality--even if he is a great big chicken. And that's where the liberating comes in. When Gabe misses Moving Up Day because of some bullies, his best friend Frita decides something h [...]

    9. Fourth grader Gabriel King has decided that he's not going to the fifth grade. It's too scary. So his best friend Frita comes up with the idea of writing down everything they're afraid of and using the summer of 1976 to face every single fear on their list so that they'll be braver. Gabe's list is quite long. But when he finds something that Frita truly fears in their town, he knows he'll have to be brave so he can stand beside her and help her fight it.This book was an unexpected joy to me. It [...]

    10. Middle of the road book about a boy and a girl who decide to overcome their fears one summer. They make a list and start conquering them, but the risk elevates until they have captured the attention of some KKK members and put everyone around them on a racial collision course.The ending let me down, but sections of the book were well done. I wouldn't necessarily recommend anyone run out and buy it, but if you want a quick read or if you're in need of Bicentennial-era young adult fiction then I w [...]

    11. Even though I still think Going's books are ridiculously manipulative and sickly sweet, this one does fit its age group better. A white boy and a black girl both are afraid of things, they make a list and vow to work though their fears.

    12. Mostly I was 3 starring this book but somewhere along the way I shrugged my shoulders and started 4 starring it - ? Probably because of all the references to Jimmy Carter. For some reason that I can't completely explain or even understand myself, I have an unreasonable affection for Jimmy Carter.

    13. This was a delightful pre-teen read that my grandson Josiah recommended. Set in Georgia, 1976, when Jimmy Carter was president, Gabriel is a fearful white boy, afraid of practically everything, whose best friend is a tough little black girl, Frita, always looking out for him. Both have just graduated fourth grade and Gabriel is determined not to go fifth grade because he's afraid of being bullied. Frita, not wanting to go to fifth grade without her best friend, has the idea that each make a list [...]

    14. Written through the innocent eyes of young Gabe, brings a true magical“comingupness” to this title. Coupling this style with the deep themes involved make it appropriate for middle readers. I️ can’t wait to use it as a springboard for discussion and plan to sit pack and see what conversations about social justice unfolds.

    15. The first time I read this book I was either in 4th or 5th grade, and it has stuck with me all these years as an exceptional story of how a pair of 4th graders face their fears together to prepare them for the 5th grade. Rereading it now, I have found it to be no less humorous and entertaining than it was when I read it so long ago!

    16. I really liked this book and I think it deserves 5 stars because it is such an addicting book. There is a problem after problem, and it gets really interesting. It shows friendship and the ways that friendship can go downhill and then rise again. it will also teach kids many lessons.

    17. Really enjoyed how the book managed a positive spin on otherwise trying topics faced during the era when segregation was still all too common.

    18. Historical, simple, and a great opening touch base for difficult but still pertinent racial discussions.

    19. Gabriel King is afraid of many things, most especially moving up to the fifth grade where bullies await him. His best friend Frita decides to help him face all of his fears so he will be able to move up to the next grade with her. They decide to make a list of all of their fears and face them, but Gabriel’s list is three times as long because he must face spiders, centipedes, Frita’s brother, and the old dirt road. The summer of 1976 not only holds these fear facing events, but it is also Am [...]

    20. It 19s book like this one that remind me why I love middle grade novels so much- they 19re easy and quick to read, yet startlingly powerful in the messages they can deliver. They also remind me of my own childhood and the simplicity life held when I was younger.The voice of the narration of this novel is terrific. It is narrated by Gabriel King, a boy about to enter the fifth grade. It really feels as though you 19re reading from the perspective of a child, albeit a very philosophic one. His bes [...]

    21. J GoingA fantastic book! Great for boys and girls, and would make a wonderful read aloud! In this book, Gabriel King has just finished fourth grade, with the help of his one and only friend Frita Wilson. The unlikely friendhsip between Gabe, an Anglo boy who fears everything from speders to falling into the toilet, and Frita, an African American girl who seems fearless to Gabe and who uses big words when she speaks, is at the center of this moving story that takes place in the summer of 1976 in [...]

    22. The liberation of Gabriel King by K.L. Going is a good book. The story follows a young boy named Gabriel King and his friend Frita Wilson on quite a few adventures.Characterization plays a very big part of this book. As you read the book you get to experience and read Gabriel King grow up more as well as become less of a "chicken". Not only do you get to see Gabriel develop you also get to see his best friend Frita develop too you get to see a different side of her than when the book began. The [...]

    23. Mackin Educational Resources has this book at a 4.5 reading level, and an interest level of grades 4 - 6. This seems just about right to me. Great book about racism, segregation, overcoming one's fears, friendship, bullying, and standing up for what's right. Here's the review from School Library Journal:Gr 4-7-In a small town in Georgia in 1976, Gabe King, who is white, and his friend Frita Wilson, who is African American, take on a special project. Gabe is determined not to go to fifth grade in [...]

    24. Gabriel King is afraid of everything, but more than anything else, he is afraid of going into the 5th grade. Older boys have been tormenting him for years and he has had a year of peace since 4th grade is separate from the older classes but after "move up day" he can only worry about the next year. It will take a lot of work from, his best friend Frita, to make him brave enough to handle moving up. They spend their summer trying to "liberate" Gabe from his fears. From spiders and centipedes to F [...]

    25. I chose this book because the cover caught my eye when I was browsing through a magazine. This book is about a boy named Gabriel King who is scared of pretty much everything including bugs, corpses, and entering the the fifth grade. In the fifth grade Gabriel King believes he will be bullied constantly by upper class men at his new school. On the other hand, Gabriel's friend Frita knows how to be brave because she is the only African American in their school within a town that has an active Ku [...]

    26. I'm a sucker for any book written about the 70's because being a child of that era it stirs up so many wonderful memories. This book takes place in small town Georgia in 1976. The nation is celebrating its 200th birthday and a humble peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter, is making a run for the presidency. Gabriel King and his best friend Frida are preparing for fourth grade graduation and moving up to the big kids section of the school. Gabe is a good kid but he has several fears and Frida is helping hi [...]

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