Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence Laura Brandon s promise to her dying father was simple to visit an elderly woman she d never heard of before A woman who remembers nothing except the distant past Visiting Sarah Tolley seemed a small

  • Title: Breaking the Silence
  • Author: Diane Chamberlain
  • ISBN: 9780778327424
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laura Brandon s promise to her dying father was simple to visit an elderly woman she d never heard of before A woman who remembers nothing except the distant past Visiting Sarah Tolley seemed a small enough sacrifice to make.But Laura s promise results in another death Her husband s And after their five year old daughter, Emma, witnesses her father s suicide, Emma refLaura Brandon s promise to her dying father was simple to visit an elderly woman she d never heard of before A woman who remembers nothing except the distant past Visiting Sarah Tolley seemed a small enough sacrifice to make.But Laura s promise results in another death Her husband s And after their five year old daughter, Emma, witnesses her father s suicide, Emma refuses to talk about it to talk at all.Frantic and guilt ridden, Laura contacts the only person who may be able to help A man she s met only once six years before.Guided only by a child s silence and an old woman s fading memories, the two unravel a tale of love and despair, of bravery and unspeakable evil A tale that s shrouded in silence and that unbelievably links them all.

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    1. 4.5 sad stars.“My husband shot himself in our bedroom. When I got home, Emma was standing at the bottom of the stairs, screaming.” Since that awful day, Laura Brandon’s little girl hasn’t uttered a word. When a psychiatrist suggests that Emma won’t talk because she’s terrified of men, Laura is guilt-ridden. To help Emma, she needs to know what unspeakable secret lies behind her husband’s suicide.This one was intriguing but heartbreaking.I have read two other books by this author an [...]

    2. I am so in love with this book. I was asked the other day what book I would pick if I could only have just one, and I think this book just might be it. It was one of those books that had me thinking afterwards. I was still making connections and asking myself questions about how one person knew another person in the past, or why somebody did what they did. This book involved so many different types of relationships and characters. I was very surprised at the amount of truth in this story. Chambe [...]

    3. I have read a few books by Diane Chamberlain and enjoyed them all, but this is my favourite so far. There are several different story lines running at the same time. A young child who is mute after going through a traumatic experience and her therapy and the worry of her mother. An old lady's fading memories of working in a psychiatric hospital during the '50s and and the awful treatment and experimentation on patients. A mother tracing the biological father of her daughter conceived after a one [...]

    4. It's hard to not compare Diane Chamberlain with Jodi Picoult (even the book cover does this) but I didn't really feel like I was reading a Picoult book. Chamberlain's writing is still very distinctive and unique and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. This book was nearly impossible to put down. It's full of fascinating characters and tons of mystery. The whole time I was just so eager to know what the truth was and there was plenty of keep me entertained until the final truth came out [...]

    5. so far I have enjoyed all of chamberlain's books, some more than others - she definitely writes a great contemporary female thriller, with a small side of romance! Breaking the silence was one of those books I really liked, but I can't quite give it 4 stars. There are books that I LOVE that only get 4 stars from me we gotta go 3.75** Definitely a quick build up of suspense and quite a cast of characters that need to all come together at some point - I honestly had no idea how it was going to wor [...]

    6. Can you say obsessed? My obsession with reading Ms. Chamberlain's works just keeps increasing. I don't know how I made it to the age of 44 without discovering this author. I am working my way through all of her books now. Breaking the Silence was another winner, full of wonderful twists and secrets and surprises. I used to work with clients who had mental illness and my mind went back to those people and how I would feel if the disturbing type of treatments were performed on them. It was disturb [...]

    7. Diane Chamberlain never fails to disappointment in her writing. Her stories are a beautiful mix of mystery, suspense, romance and family-orientated saga. Although many of her books were released in the nineties, and therefore outdated in some respects, much of her work has been published again and the cover art modernised. Laura is a world renowned astronomer, wife to Ray and mother to five year old Emma. After Ray tragically commits suicide whilst alone in the house with their daughter, Emma be [...]

    8. Jau penktoji mano skaitoma Diane knyga. Vertinant pagal šitą moterišką, jautrų romantišką, dramatišką žanrą, visos knygos daugmaž patiko. Vienos paliko didesnį, kitos mažesnį įspūdį. Didžiai išgirtoji „Pribuvėjos išpažintis“, visur išgirta kaip rašytojos kūrybos „perliukas“, ir man buvo įdomiausia iki kol perskaičiau „Nutrūkusią tylą“. Imdama šią knygą nieko per daug nesitikėjau – tiesiog atitrūkti nuo nusikaltimų ir kriminalų, kuriuos vieną p [...]

    9. I've read a number of Diane Chamberlain's books, and I tend to find them pretty enjoyable. They're the literary equivalent of a good made-for-TV movie--the characters pull you in, the story moves quickly, and you can just kind of relax and go along for the ride. They're easy to immerse yourself in, and good for the days you want some light entertainment.This one had an interesting premise--right before Laura's father dies, he makes her promise that she'll take care of an old woman suffering from [...]

    10. I LOVED this book. It starts off grabbing you immediately and I just figured the interest would wan in the middle somewhere. But that never happened and it held my interest throughout. It covered many interesting fields including psychiatry. In the 1950's some psychiatrists were experimenting with various drugs as well as doing lobotomies. They also were using headphones with tapes as some form of brainwashing. All of this I found very interesting. One character was a nurse in this type of hospi [...]

    11. Solid but predictable mystery, January 28, 2010 After reading a few of Diana Chamberlain's more recent novels, including my favorite, The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes, I could tell immediately when I started this one that I was reading one of her earlier books. That's not to say that this novel isn't good, it is -- but it is a fairly predictable story and the revelations at the end come as no surprise to any mystery reader. There are multiple things going on in the book but all eventually comes [...]

    12. Cute book, nice drama, complicated situation. Really liked that the characters are not perfect, act in questionable ways (Laura confronting Dylan, Laura's father keeping such secrets), feel remorse for it, get hurt. Chamberlain has a gift for making an outlandish situation come realistically to life. Liked the Dylan character and the psychiatrist. I did not see the last twist coming, thought it was a bit too much. I hated the book cover, it was this garish red and gold affair with an antebellum [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book - I didn’t read the synopsis before starting the book so there were some big surprises early on. I think 5 stars may be a little generous, but I’d go with 4.5. So many twists and turns and connections - very enjoyable.

    14. My actual rating: 4.3/5 stars for Breaking the Silence by Diane Chamberlain.Breaking the Silence (BTS) tells a story of Laura Brandon, whose daughter hasnt spoke since her husband committed suicide. Before her husband's death, she was in search of a person named Sarah Tolley, an Alzheimer's patient, who seemed to have connection with Laura's deceased father.Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. There is so much to think about this book. This is my fourth book from the author and she is one hell of an au [...]

    15. Forty-year-old Laura Brandon and her sixty-one-year-old husband, Ray, lived a hectic and hurried life in the town of Leesburg. They have a five-year-old daughter named, Emma.A few minutes after eleven on Christmas night, Laura receives a phone call from the nurse at the hospital where her father, Carl Brandon, is currently dying of cancer. Laura got dressed and headed out the door leaving Ray at home to watch Emma as she felt there was no point in waking her daughter at this time of night and dr [...]

    16. WOW - Not many books I read get 5 stars but this one well deserves it.When Laura's dad dies he makes her promise to look after a woman in a nursing home. She has no idea who she is nor her connection to her father. Before she has time to dig a bit deeper, her husband commits suicide and her daughter, who probably witnessed it, becomes mute. She tries everything to help her daughter recover her voice but nothing works. Her daughter's therapist suggests finding out if Emma's birth father would be [...]

    17. Eileens bookclub choice - I enjoyed the quick flow of the book and the easy reading for a change with a good storyline. Missing bookclub and I would love to have discussed the undertone of this book which is true guilt and felt guilt. Dylan has guilt of a plane crash, not his fault Gilbert (Ray) has guilt for what his work did to a child's familyLaura's father has guilt for keeping a secret of daughters rootsLaura has guilt for working too muchSarah has guilt for not doing more for her patientsE [...]

    18. I thought I had this story all figured out, but the author completely surprised me with the direction it took, a completely different direction than I had imagined. Kudos to her for that, as I always dislike a story being way too predictable. But that said, all the coincidences that happen toward the end seemed more than a bit unrealistic. I'm not saying the ending wasn't a sweet one. It would be wonderful if life really turned out that way most of the time. But it doesn't. So it's nice to have [...]

    19. Wow! Wow! This is going to be another favorite for me. The suspense, the love, the confusion, the heartache and heartwarming feel of it. I can't wait to discuss this one at book group. Diane has a style of writing that is effortless but at the same time gives so much power and emotion. What a story!!

    20. This is a good story with unexpected turns that save it from cliche. I do not, however, recommend the audio version. The narrator is good with voices of the different characters, but she uses an annoying whisper for the general narration.

    21. An intriguing story from the beginning.As Carl Brandon lay dying on a hospital bed, he made his daughter Laura promise to "look after" a woman named Sarah Tolley. Laura has no idea who this woman is and is tempted to ignore her promise to her father, but clearly the request was extremely important to him.Laura discovers that Sarah is living in an assisted living unit and in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She pays a visit to Sarah even though her husband was adamantly opposed to her going for s [...]

    22. Initially, I struggled to get into "Breaking the silence" and even found it a little slow in places. But I'm so pleased I persevered! From around half way through I couldn't put the book down and I was left guessing as to why Ray took his life until the very end. The characters are easy to relate to and warm too and the plot a deep and heart rending one.Some of it was a little predictable and maybe a bit too cut and dried for me. (I'm just someone who enjoys needing to ask questions at the end) [...]

    23. 4.5 Stars! Yet another solid read by Chamberlain! When I picked this book up, I didn't exactly know what to expect from the storyline, and let me just say, wow! I was surprised! It was so much deeper and more complex than the synopsis on the back cover could ever explain. Even though I finished the book, I'm still thinking about the characters and the connections made. Life isn't always as it seems.

    24. Laura’s father is slowly dying and the nurse has called her to inform her that his time has come. Laura rushes to the hospital where her father makes her promise that she will take care of a woman named Sarah Tolley. Laura has never heard of Sarah Tolley but seeing as this is her father’s dying wish she assures him that she will go see her and make sure that she is okay. When she goes home and tells her husband Ray of her father’s request, to her surprise, Ray is very hostile about it. He [...]

    25. This isn't was I would call the best literature read but the storyline was compelling and kept your interest. Seemed a little far fetched in places but still plausible based on the era. I enjoyed it and would read another by this author.

    26. OMG I love Diane Chamberlain and this book was no exception. I'm re-determined to read all of her books that I haven't read yet!

    27. Laura Brandon’s promise to her dying father was simple: to visit an elderly woman she’d never heard him speak of before. A woman who remembers nothing – except the distant past. Visiting Sarah Tolley seemed a small enough sacrifice to make. But Laura’s promise results in another death – her husband’s. And after their five-year-old daughter, Emma, witnesses her father’s suicide, Emma refuses to talk about it…or to talk at all. Frantic and guilt-ridden, Laura contacts the only pers [...]

    28. Laura Brandon, renowned astronomer, promised her dying father she would look after Sarah Tolley, a woman with no family who lived in a retirement home. Despite the fact that she'd never heard of her and had no idea who she was or how her father knew her, Laura felt obligated to fulfill his dying request. However, when she told her husband, Ray, about it, he tried to dissuade her from doing it, shocking her with his uncharacteristic display of anger when she refused to reconsider. Ray accused Lau [...]

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