Trojan Gold

Trojan Gold A Picture Is Worth A Thousand WordsBut the photograph art historian Vicky Bliss has just received gives rise to a thousand questions instead A quick glance at the blood stained envelope is all the pro

  • Title: Trojan Gold
  • Author: Elizabeth Peters
  • ISBN: 9780380731237
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand WordsBut the photograph art historian Vicky Bliss has just received gives rise to a thousand questions instead A quick glance at the blood stained envelope is all the proof she needs that something is horribly wrong.The picture itself is familiar a woman adorned in the gold of Troy Yet this isn t the famous photograph of Frau Schliemann no,A Picture Is Worth A Thousand WordsBut the photograph art historian Vicky Bliss has just received gives rise to a thousand questions instead A quick glance at the blood stained envelope is all the proof she needs that something is horribly wrong.The picture itself is familiar a woman adorned in the gold of Troy Yet this isn t the famous photograph of Frau Schliemann no, this picture is contemporary The gold, as Vicky and her fellow academics know, disappeared at the end of World War II.Now this circle of experts is gathered for a festive Bavarian Christmas All of them including the mysterious John Smythe and a very determined killer

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    1 thought on “Trojan Gold”

    1. As I start downloading lady mysteries, I am reminded that this is one of my favorite series and this one of my favorite books of it. These characters sparkle together like few others do. Great mystery, great romance. Setting the bar high as I revisit the genre!

    2. I saw that someone added this to their shelf called "guilty-pleasures" and I'd have to agree that's pretty accurate. Vicky Bliss is a fine Elizabeth Peters heroine (and actually refreshingly different than good old Amelia Peabody wrong with Amelia just a different pace) but the real draw here is her mysterious nemesis, John Smythe. Is he good? Is he bad? Only one thing's for sure he's a smooth operator!My husband must really love me. He actually listened to me read this book a second time out lo [...]

    3. If I were on a desert island and could only have one book, it would be this one. Is it the best book ever written? No. Does it have overwhelming literary merit? No again. But Elizabeth Peters' writing style always has struck a chord with me, and Vicky is my favorite of her series heroines. I can (and have) read this book over and over and never gotten tired of it.The repartee between John and Vicky is reminiscent of that in His Girl Friday. They're smart, they're sexy, and John is just enough of [...]

    4. I don't really have a lot to say about these books, but they're WONDERFUL and I don't want to read anything else right now.(view spoiler)[Also, this certainly belongs on the list of best love declarations ever! (hide spoiler)]

    5. Trojan Gold, Book 4 of the Vicky Bliss series, fights very, very hard with Book 5 for my favorite book of the entire lot, and it's one of my favorites by Elizabeth Peters in general. It boasts some of her strongest writing, a fairly decent and substantial plot, and some nifty upping of the romantic ante between Vicky and her paramour John.The setting du jour is a Bavarian ski lodge where Vicky and five others once stayed together, and where Vicky befriended the old proprietor of the place. Now t [...]

    6. I am an ardent fan of Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody series, but I don't remember reading any novels featuring Vicky Bliss before. On the down side, this isn't the first book in the series, so there seemed to be a great deal of backstory that I've missed. On the up side, the book made me laugh in several places. It is a mystery-adventure, and there is murder and mayhem, but there's farce too. A nice escape!

    7. Vicky Bliss is my favorite herione of Elizabeth Peter's. It took me a while before I agreed to read this because of my irrational hatred of another character of her's, Amelia Peabody. I love the quick pace of this series and the underlying humor.

    8. Our mystery book club members had to read a book that involved treasures stolen from Germany during World War II. I read Elizabeth Peter's book, Trojan Gold. I've never read any of the Vickie Bliss mysteries and this is the fourth in the series. I enjoyed the book, although the fact that every man made a play for her became a bit old. I like my mysteries to be less romantic, although I did really like the character of Sir John (obviously one of his many aliases).****I read up on "Priam's Treasur [...]

    9. This has always been my favorite Vicky Bliss story. I love the snow and Christmas in Germany. I love the way John pops in and out of the story and Schmidt keeps trying to follow her with his silly disguises. There's plenty of mystery, suspects galore and the occasional dead body to keep the plot rolling. It's romantic suspense at it's best - if you like it short on romance and more farcical that suspenseful, though there are some tense moments, too. It's just an all around fun read that never fa [...]

    10. Time for a new copy of this book; I have literally read the one I've got into pieces! Man, there are some great bits in this one--the night in the abandoned church, Tony's arrival at Vicky's house, John's confession, Schmidt in a skin tight Santa outfit It was nice to see Tony back again, and Dieter and Jan are interesting characters as well. I feel like Peters really hit her stride with the series in this book--it's much longer than the previous volumes, as well as much funnier and much more em [...]

    11. I am enjoying this one, and Bliss is my favorite of Peters' series heroines by far. I also like the John B. Smythe character sexy and lots of fun. I think everyone has had a love like that (a bad boy who has a heart of gold maybe), and that's what makes it nostalgic and interesting. I have only read 'Silhouette in Scarlet' of the series so far which I enjoyed but which lagged a bit before the end. I like this one so far very much. The setting of Munich and Germany in general also makes it an eng [...]

    12. This book has a really regrettable title -- the other book in that shares its title was written by someone called "Sultry Summers." So there you go.Title aside, I really like this installment. I think each time EP added to her Vicky Bliss series, the books got better and better. This one has nice atmosphere (Bavaria at Christmas) with interesting bits of semi-historical background thrown in (the Battle of Berlin, and Heinrich Schliemann). And it has one of the best declarations of love ever.

    13. Vicky and John continue to earn a place on my all-time favorite romantic couple list, quite possibly because they're so NOT romantic. They fight and bicker and pick at each other and neither one really trusts the other, except for when it's life or death (and it always ends up being just that.) Vicky picks up another pet; Schmidt starts to become something more than comic relief; and John continues to show his true colors.

    14. Between Schmidt and Tony's bumbling, John's transformation into a jealous and possessive lover, and the totally lame mystery story, this book was a mess and a definite slide backward. It unfortunately reminded me a lot of all the failings of the first book, with none of the charm of the second and third.

    15. I'm really happy I reread this, I'd forgotten how entertaining this series is. (I tried a few Amelia Peabodys, but this series has a much less labored style.)Anyway, this book is a gift. (view spoiler)[How often do you read a mystery that remains unsolved? I loved that. Also, Vicky and John were both amazing this one, and Schmidt made me want to choke with laughter/frustration. (hide spoiler)]

    16. Listened to the Recorded Books cassette edition. Another fun romp through Europe with Vicky and friends, though I have to admit I found Schmidt rather wearing on this outing and the cast of characters is getting a little crowded.

    17. Wow!!! That was a fun ride. (view spoiler)[And they didn't even solve the mystery but it doesn't matter because the adventure was so much fun that the reader doesn't mind that small detail. I love the fact that John finally tells Vicky how he loves her . . . it was definitely about time. (hide spoiler)]Can't wait to see what Peters has in store for Vicky next ;)!

    18. These are so much fun; light, quick and funny, but packing a surprising emotional punch, I find myself re-reading when I am at a loose end. This one is one of my favourites with its intense drama and setting.

    19. 3.5 starstbh I'll love anything with John and Schmidt (and that L O V E CONFESSION!!) but I feel like it was much more confusing/not as well plotted as TLODK.

    20. This is 30 year old mystery by an author I like. I didn't realize it was #4 in a series and it didn't matter that much. I didn't care for Vicky all that much so this was more a 2.5 star read for me.Vicky is an art historian working in Switzerland and she is mailed a picture in a blood soaked envelope. Well she argues it's not blood at first but when she realizes it is, she doesn't involve the police. She, along with her peculiar boss, start investigating the picture which shows the titular Troja [...]

    21. This book is a most read!!! I couldnt stop reading it and read it whenever I could. Maybe i just love it so much because I havent been able to find a good book in three months, or that it's sortof a new book. So, it's not a chick-flick book and Im overjoyed about that because I am overly annoyed with teen books. This book is a mystery for adults. Since it's the 4th one in the series, it took me up to the end of the 2nd chapter to completely understand who everyone was, and how they relate to the [...]

    22. Among the many pieces of art looted from European museums at the end of WWII was a set of jewelry Heinrich Schliemann discovered on his controversial Trojan dig; the set has perhaps best been memorialized in the photo of Schliemann’s wife adorned with the jewels. Locating this long-missing treasure would be quite a coup for the finder so Vicky Bliss is definitely intrigued when she receives a photo in the mail which perfectly mimics the Sophia Schliemann picture. Unfortunately the photo arrive [...]

    23. I love the books by Elizabeth Peters--particularly the series around Vicky Bliss. They have been around for many years. Full of mystery and even laugh out loud humor.

    24. This is more of a character farce than an actual mystery. We have Schmidt for comedy; Sir John for dashing, enigmatic romance; Tony for down-home boy-next-doorness; Dieter, Jan and Elise for film-noir menace; and Vicky to provide sardonic commentary on it all. The plot is an afterthought, which becomes increasingly obvious as the book lurches toward its conclusion.The good: both Vicky and Sir John are fascinating people, with the sort of clever relationship we expect from smart, ironic character [...]

    25. Vicky receives a picture in a bloodstained envelope. What does it mean?The picture is of an elderly woman wearing rich gold jewelry. At some length, Vicky recognizes it as the jewels that Heinrich Schliemann discovered at the site of Troy - the jewels that he draped around his Greek wife and then took that famous picture. Only the picture in the envelope isn't of Mrs. Schliemann. Who is it? The Trojan gold had disappeared at the end of World War II and yet this is a modern photograph. Has the go [...]

    26. I am a big fan of the Amelia Peabody stories by Elizabeth Peters and have read them all. I found that she had two other series - Jacqueline Kirby and Vicky Bliss. I found "The Laughter of Dead Kings" on the shelf at the library and after reading a few pages thought I would give the Bliss stories a try. This is the 4th in the series and I have to say that I really enjoy them. They were written starting in 1973 with this one written in 1987. Vicky is a scholar of art history with cheerleader looks [...]

    27. another exceptional, engaging tale from elizabeth peters * vicky bliss is hilarious & heroic, her investigations lead her through an intriguing trail of turmoil and romance * favorite passages include (pages noted are from large print edition): "I slammed the book shut and planted both elbows on it, as if physical restraint could contain the insanity seeping from those pages like a dark fog, inserting sly tendrils into the weak spots of my enfeebled brain. I swear the damned book squirmed, a [...]

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