Synthesis An encounter with alien intelligences has life changing consequences for Captain Will Riker and the crew of the Starship Titan

  • Title: Synthesis
  • Author: James Swallow
  • ISBN: 9781439109144
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • An encounter with alien intelligences has life changing consequences for Captain Will Riker and the crew of the Starship Titan.

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      310 James Swallow
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    1 thought on “Synthesis”

    1. The marketing of this book (front cover and inside excerpt) make it seem like this book would centre around a return of Minuet as a love interest for Riker, which I was pretty skeptical about. Fortunately that angle was a little misleading - the actual story is much more about Titan's encounter with a race of intelligent machines, who are locked in an intergalactic war that could have far-ranging consequences. I won't spoil how Minuet gets involved, but she's much more complicated than the holog [...]

    2. This is probably my favourite of the Titan books so far. While the cover makes it look like a romance novel, don't be fooled; just enjoy the characters and the story. And, really, it's the first book in the series where I really bought into all of the characters beyond just being familiar with the ones borrowed from pre-existing TV series. In part, that may be due to appearance in multiple books prior to now, but it's starting to feel like they're a crew, which is nice.Once again with the univer [...]

    3. I got really bored with this one. My least favourite Titan story. The AI species is interesting but man the story drags.

    4. Interesting book. The titan's computer was turned into minuet. The other society they meet gives computers the right to be intelligent

    5. One of the better Titan novels in my opinion - the last couple were starting to lose my interest a bit but I liked this one. There seemed to less descriptions detailing just how alien and diverse the various crew members were like the author realised that if I'm reading book 6 I've probably accepted that the crew is in fact both alien and diverse. I also liked the plot - it reminded me a bit more of a TNG story or episode so much so that a few references like "when we were on the Enterprise" wer [...]

    6. After a Torrent Sea this was a great recovery novel for the Titan Series. After the dismal set of events surrounding the plant Droplet, our explorers again find themselves randomly picking a planetoid/system and falling into anther adventure. The plot unfolds rapidly after the crew discovers the remains of a spacecraft that is sentient. This sentience brushes against the Titan computer increasing its self awareness creating a Data like dilemma about the rights of non-human beings. All of these e [...]

    7. "Synthesis" by James Swallow is not only a great Star Trek story, it is a wonderful tale of science-fiction all by itself. You will experience the grand dynamics of the USS Titan's entire crew, all the diverse aliens who make up the ever expanding Federation are also a huge part of the story's main group of characters.The main antagonists in this book are the artificial life forms found by the crew of the Titan within an unexplored region of the galaxy. They are "living computers" or more exactl [...]

    8. "It was okay" just about sums it up. I liked it better than Nightfall, one of Swallow's Stargate novels, but I just don't care for his writing that much. According to his bio in the back of this book, he pitched the story ideas for two episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, "One" and "Memorial"--but did not actually write the screenplay for either. I liked both of those episodes, and I think he can come up with some great stories. I just don't like how he writes them.My main problem with this book was [...]

    9. The Titan series continues in their next big adventure. Riker's ship is back to its main mission of exploring, and they find a new race of self-aware machines in uncharted space. This leads to a series of complications, including the Titan's own computer getting something if an evolutionary boost. After the series of cross-overs and grim events, this is a much better read in my opinion. There are a lot of plot twists and some really good scenes that should appeal to sci-fi fans. I really liked t [...]

    10. Not much Destiny or Typhon Pact influence here, which I guess is OK. The Titan series tends to visit fairly alien environments/cultures, and the machine culture in Synthesis is quite interesting. One thing I really like was that they were neither obviously superior or obviously inferior to the Starfleet crew, just sufficiently different that both sides could surprise the other.Spoiler The extradimensional Null and the awakened computer were both a bit to deus-ex-machina to me though. They cancel [...]

    11. A very entertaining book, though not what I expected. Author James Swallow doesn't have a lot of Star Trek novels to his credit, so perhaps that is part of the reason this book seems a little less "Trekie" and a little more "Heady" that your run-of-the-mill ST novel. Still, quite entertaining and a must-read book for those following the exploits of the former crew members of the Enterprise and Voyage, in the "post Destiny" Star Trek Universe.

    12. The Titan find a completely artificial race that seems to be at war, and who don't like organics. Don't get too excited Minuet isn't actually in the novel, and the character that looks like her isn't in it until halfway through. It's a good creation of an alien society, and you do actually start to care about them. I like how Titan does proper exploration stories that aren't tied into the big events. A really good read.

    13. An interesting story, but a little plodding in some places. Interesting ethical questions are raised, and while they should be universe-shattering in implication, the effects are confined to this one story and don't seem likely to be explored in a wider forum. Interesting world-building and a new, unique life-form are the saving graces of the story.Full review: treklit/2012/01/s

    14. Another great installment in Titan. My only disappointment is in the few tiny pieces of information we got concerning the larger ST Universe. Those who follow the novels know there have been a few major "whacks" to the plot and continuity in the last couple of years and each new book that comes out I anticipate how they will deal with all of that. This one mostly skirts those issuesough those not happy with the overall direction of the novels might take that as a strength.

    15. This was a pretty good read; the concept was worthwhile and fairly well handled. But without going into details that could provide a spoiler, I can't say much other than that the climax seemed like a real copout, not unlike the stories in the original TV series (or many other series) in which the main character falls in love, so you know that the love-interest has to die at the end.

    16. This book works really well as a classic sci-fi dilemma - what happens when an artificial intelligence becomes sentient? The book is really good in keeping the issue to just Titan - it would play as a good 2 part episode if there were a TV series - mostly because there's a big reset button at the end that sets everything back to normal at the end. Best of the Titan series.

    17. New Star Trek writer, but Mr. Swallow did a great job in keeping the Titan momentum going. Titan's travels have been some of the most "alien" of the Trek franchise I have read so far. The authors that have created/write Titan stories really strive to truly "explore strange new worlds," and to promote the best qualities of the Federation and humanity.Bravo!

    18. Hands down the best book in the series. A surprisingly interesting machine civilization, tons of space battles very well described and the birth of Titan's newest crew member, even though it did not possess a physical form, bring forth an exciting story of exploration, trust, the cycle of life and death and how the mistakes of a species can centuries after threaten to doom entire solar systems.

    19. My favourite Titan book up to date.A truly enjoyable read with a bit of mystery. But what I liked most was Titan not being a heartless automaton, HAL-like. It wanted to take care of its crew and to serve them, and all that with its own will, not just following orders. A nice approach after some many sci-fi stories with AIs rebelled against people.

    20. One of the surprisingly few Star Trek tie-in books I've read that really captures the feel of watching a great episode of the series. Typically hand-wavy science spoils the ending a bit, but otherwise one of my favorite Titan books so far.

    21. An interesting concept in the Null, the Avatar & The Sentries. The book drags a little at times, but it is still over-all a good read and an enjoyable entry in the Titan series.Nice little reference to 'Serenity' in there as well!

    22. 3.5 stars. While this book was enjoyable, it fell into obvious plot twists and what I felt was lazy writing. Having said that, it was a good story and with the exception of the obviousness, I am looking forward to raging more of the authors work.

    23. As I've said before, I quite like the direction these Titan novels take. They really get back to the core of Star Trek: seeking out new life and new civilizations.

    24. A good continuation of the Titan series. Great to see a new set of Star Trek stories.Overall a goot book, worth the read.

    25. another great titan book, however i was a little gutted at the end that the hologram was unable to be saved.

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