Inquisition: The Reign of Fear

Inquisition The Reign of Fear A journey across centuries of religious conflict Toby Green s incredible new book brings a vast panorama to life by focusing on the untold stories of individuals from all walks of life and every secti

  • Title: Inquisition: The Reign of Fear
  • Author: Toby Green
  • ISBN: 9780312537241
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A journey across centuries of religious conflict Toby Green s incredible new book brings a vast panorama to life by focusing on the untold stories of individuals from all walks of life and every section of society who were affected by the Inquisition From witches in Mexico, bigamists in Brazil, Freemasons, Hindus, Jews, Moslems and Protestants, the Inquisition reachedA journey across centuries of religious conflict Toby Green s incredible new book brings a vast panorama to life by focusing on the untold stories of individuals from all walks of life and every section of society who were affected by the Inquisition From witches in Mexico, bigamists in Brazil, Freemasons, Hindus, Jews, Moslems and Protestants, the Inquisition reached every aspect of society This history, though filled with stories of terror and the unspeakable ways in which human beings can treat one another, is ultimately one of hope, underscoring the resilience of the human spirit Stretching from the unification of Spain under Ferdinand and Isabella in the fifteenth century to the Napoleanic wars, The Inquisition details this incredible history in all its richness and complexity.

    Spanish Inquisition The Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition Spanish Tribunal del Santo Oficio de la Inquisicin , commonly known as the Spanish Inquisition Inquisicin espaola , was established in by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile.It was intended to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms and to replace the Medieval Inquisition The Inquisition Jewish Virtual Library The Inquisition was a Roman Catholic tribunal for discovery and punishment of heresy, which was marked by the severity of questioning and punishment and lack of rights afforded to the accused. Mexican Inquisition The Mexican Inquisition was an extension of the Spanish Inquisition to New Spain.The Spanish Conquest of Mexico was not only a political event for the Spanish, but a religious event as well In the early th century, the Reformation, the Counter Reformation and the Inquisition were in full force in most of Europe The Catholic Monarchs of Castile and Inquisition Warhammer k FANDOM powered by The Inquisitorial Rosette of the Imperial Inquisition The Inquisition, formally called The Holy Orders of the Emperor s Inquisition, is a secret organisation that exists outside the standard administrative hierarchy of the Imperium of Man.The Inquisition acts as the secret police force of the Imperium, hunting down any and all of the myriad threats to CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Inquisition NEW ADVENT An inquisition is a special Church institution for suppressing heresy To understand inquisitions, you must first understand two important facts. THE INQUISITION A Study in Absolute Catholic Power Arthur Maricle, Ph.D And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. Inquisition Blu ray Paul Naschy, Daniela This shopping feature will continue to load items In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Reign Netflix This vivid historical drama series tells of the rise to power of Mary, Queen of Scots, amid a court full of sexual and political intrigue Watch trailers learn . Inquisition Wikipdia Inquisition Armoiries de l Inquisition espagnole de part et d autre de la croix symbolisant le caractre spirituel de l Inquisition, sont reprsents le rameau d olivier symbolisant la grce et l pe symbolisant le chtiment. God s Jury The Inquisition and the Making of the God s Jury tells about the Inquisition and how it has affected the modern world There was a lot of excellent information about the Spanish,

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    1. An ambitious narrative which sets out to document and dissect the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions from their inception (in the 15th century in Spain and the 16th century in Portugal) to their decline in the 18th century, and eventual abolition in the early 19th. It also includes the history of how these institutions operated in their overseas colonies in South America, Africa and India. The Inquisition in each territory, Spain and Portugal, differed in some respects although for much of the [...]

    2. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!…Except, it would seem, the poor inhabitants that had the misfortune to live within the borders of the Spanish (and Portuguese) empires between the late fourteenth and early nineteenth centuries and hold views that ran contrary to the perceived wisdom of the Catholic church. Such was the hold that the church had on all facets of society over this period that there was not one element of their daily life that they did not control. The Inquisition, by Toby [...]

    3. Uma obra extensa, com muitas notas e bibliografia, sobre um dos temas mais interessantes da História. A Inquisição existiu em Portugal e Espanha, bem como nas suas colónias por mais de 200 anos. Só foi abolida no início do século XIX, com o emergir dos ideais liberais e com as movimentações políticas que surgiram (Napoleão Bonaparte e as Invasões Francesas, por exemplo). Os alvos da Inquisição eram todos aqueles que eram "hereges", "inimigos da fé cristã" ou simplesmente aqueles [...]

    4. Be careful what you wish for. I wanted a book that would give me an overview of the Inquisition, a subject about which I knew very little, and that’s exactly what I got. The problem is that the Inquisition lasted for centuries and was established in every Spanish and Portuguese colony as well as the homeland, and during those three hundred plus years the Inquisition moved from one target to the next—Jews, Muslims, Lutherans, intellectuals, homosexuals, etc etc so there was a lot of ground to [...]

    5. Tremendous historical and intellectual accomplishment. The research heft alone is worth 3 stars. Unfortunately, too much of the resulting text and story-telling was plodding, repetitive, and overly preachy. Green made the same (valid) point 300 times, and it got tiresome quickly. But I'm still glad I read it, for the sheer knowledge dump and the depth and breadth of the account.

    6. Green, a Lecturer in Lusophone African History and Culture at King's, has clearly done his research in this wide-ranging study. Ostensibly a tool of the Roman Catholic Church, Green's research soon makes it clear that the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions were, in fact, political devices of the Iberian monarchies. Thus, although rooting out heresy on the face of things, the Inquisitions' real purpose was to identify and entinguish any threat to the political stabliliy of Spain and Portugal. Fi [...]

    7. I think I expected a little more from this book. I gave it 2 stars because I'm not done with it yet. It's fairly descriptive when discussing the torture techniques and seems to have some good source information. So far, I've gathered that the book is mostly concentrating on Spain and Portugal Inquisition, which, to be honest the inquisition was spread through a large area. I just haven't gotten to that in the book yet. I'll be disappointed if I get to the end and it never really covers the expan [...]

    8. Without great additions to the master work of Bartolomé Benassar, Toby Green had made an interesting review of some pathetic individual stories of Inquisition's victim. Unfortunately unable to have a larger view, forgetting to put these events in their larger context, trying to stick slavery or torture as Iberic innovations, he finally fall in the most ridiculous anti-catholic and anti-latin clichésHis conclusion about the terrible impact of Inquisition on the cultural and even economic declin [...]

    9. Que a Inquisição foi uma mancha terrível na história na Igreja e da Humanidade eu sempre soube, o que me surpreendeu é que talvez a maior parte das vítimas tenha sido de pessoas que seguiam fielmente a doutrina católica, mas foram perseguidas por sua origem, por falsas denúncias de inimigos ou pela absurda corrupção dos inquisidores. O livro é bem fácil de ler sendo baseado principalmente em exemplos de casos de pessoas comuns que ficaram registrados nos arquivos da Inquisição, aco [...]

    10. Fascinating! Whenever the Inquisition is brought up, it is always in such a way as to make it sound like a form of corrupt religion and makes the Catholics look pretty bad -- at least for a 300-year period, or so.But Green asserts in this excellent book that the Inquisition was more to do with politics, racism, power, control, and mostly in Spain and its colonies.I read it quickly only because it is a well-thought out book. --From A Reader's Journal, by d r melbie.

    11. I didn't finish it. Not very well put-together. It bounced around in time too much. It also seemed like a Catholic apologist take on the Inquisition. The author makes the point that the Spanish and Portugese Inquisitions were more about politics than religion. Over and over and over again. Tedious.

    12. Историческая книга, написанная языком современной политики. Всё ждешь на следующем повороте Гитлера, а его всё нет.Книга не создает ни чувства той эпохи, ни эмпатии. На цитаты из документов той эпохи автор тоже скуп, предпочитая рассказывать всё своими словами.Пришлось бро [...]

    13. Sem dúvida um assunto denso, mas que traz uma visão historiográfica sobre esses acontecimentos. Observando onde, como e porque a Inquisição atuou durante os séc. XV até o séc. XIX em regiões dentro e fora da Europa.

    14. Fascinating. A few ideas were cleared up, while some new knowledge was a real eye opener. Very good, but not light reading.

    15. Koontz is always a good read, but this one was anti-climatic. Always love the dogs in his books-the uber intellegent kids I can do without.

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