How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

How to Twist a Dragon s Tale The heat is on for Hiccup as he is called to save the day once again Someone has stolen the Fire Stone Now that the volcano on Volcano Island has become active the tremors are hatching the eggs of th

  • Title: How to Twist a Dragon's Tale
  • Author: Cressida Cowell
  • ISBN: 9780316117746
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The heat is on for Hiccup as he is called to save the day once again Someone has stolen the Fire Stone Now that the volcano on Volcano Island has become active, the tremors are hatching the eggs of the Exterminator dragons Can Hiccup return the Fire Stone to the Volcano, stop it from erupting, and save the Tribes from being wiped out by the terrible sword claws of the EThe heat is on for Hiccup as he is called to save the day once again Someone has stolen the Fire Stone Now that the volcano on Volcano Island has become active, the tremors are hatching the eggs of the Exterminator dragons Can Hiccup return the Fire Stone to the Volcano, stop it from erupting, and save the Tribes from being wiped out by the terrible sword claws of the Exterminators

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    1. I would like to say a few words:…………………“HA-HA-HA-HA!”Despite the predictable and uncomplicated plot and the familiar pattern in which these books are written, they absolutely NEVER fail to entertain. How To Twist A Dragon’s Tale introduced a new dragon species, a new Viking tribe, a new character (Humungously Hotshot, the famous hero), and a new threat just like its predecessors with no shortage of hysterically funny bits.Surprisingly, I felt a little something akin to sadnes [...]

    2. AudioBook Review: Stars: Overall: 5 Narration: 5 Story: 5It has been such a treat to dive into this series, I love discovering all about Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, and his early life as he navigates the learning curve on his way to becoming the foremost authority on all things Dragon. Hiccup is so unlike other ‘heroes’ that are common in children’s stories: he is a very ordinary boy with an extraordinary thirst for knowledge, a near-encyclopaedic recall of naturist and dragon facts and [...]

    3. I know I say this in a lot of my reviews but I have no idea why it took me so long to finish this!How To Twist a Dragon's Tale is a story about a very hot summer, a 'few' blood thirty dragons and one tiny Fire Stone! It is also about a lost love and a bracelet that has one ruby eye (I feel like the title for this book is actually based on that bracelet). We met a new character in this book, one that is on a mission, a mission to destroy Hiccup, although he was a Great Hero and two sides of himse [...]

    4. After the previous volume, reading this one was like being thrown in a pit of boredom. I found the plot quite lame and impossible to believe with all the nonsense about stopping a volcanic eruption. The outcome was also very convenient (very). The various events were so uninteresting that in the deep of the action, my brain made me take a nap (and I had a nightmare!). Overall, I'm not sure this time Hiccup was the hero because he didn't really do something, except the usual wanting to save the d [...]

    5. the dragon has two 💖💖 and you get to hear them sing. Allan is back and everything is funny XD not the lol funny, but still funny.

    6. So, my mind's not really in optimal review state right now, because:a. Someone took out all the sticky tab markers I had put in to remind myself what parts I wanted to touch on, which has filled me with RAEG.b. I had oral (heh) surgery this morning and am in a bit of pain, andc. The pain med I took has some extreme drowsy-making side effects. My eyes keep closingBut I will try my bestest.First, a disclaimer. I'm well aware that I'm the only person in the world who reads the Hiccup books and is b [...]

    7. Another fantastic installment of Hiccup, Toothless, and their adventures. And another top-notch reading by David Tennant. I am SO SAD that my library doesn't have any more of the series in audio books. Tennant was truly brilliant in these, and I don't know that the voices in my head can even come close to hisbut I'm going to try, because I just enjoy this series so much! I even have two of my library helpers at school reading it now!Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Camicazi grow up a little bit with each b [...]

    8. Hiccup Horrendus Haddock the Third has to face another adventure in this book - if he wants to or not. It depends on him to save not only his tribe but all the other tribes from a horrible threat.Another great book in this series that not only children enjoy, I'm certainly looking forward to the next one.Of course it helps that I'm listening to the audio books and they are read by David Tennant - who has one of those voices, he could read the phone book to me and I'd listen. He does a great job [...]

    9. Whoaaa this one was intense. Also surprisingly depressing at the end ??? But anyway, I really liked it and I will write a real review at some point. (I have like 40 reviews that I haven't written yet. I'm the worst.)

    10. Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if they'd never opened that coffin with Alvin in it in the first place. I certainly hope an end is put to him; he's really irksome to the poor vikings, isn't he?

    11. "Never surrender!"Cressida Cowell, How to Twist a Dragon's Tale** read by David Tennant app. 3.75 hrsI honestly don't know how I would feel about this series if I was reading the books - I am actually listening to the audio versions read / acted by David Tennant. He's just remarkable!In this episode, Hiccup has to save the Vikings from an existential threat, a long-lost hero returns, and an arch-enemy reappears. The comedy is balanced by some very poignant moments, esp. Hiccup's questing mom.

    12. I love this series! Even though things seem to be exaggerated quite a bit in some ways, that makes it more fun to read!

    13. Reader thoughts: Volcanoes!I love the tidbits about dragons between chapters. I like that the narrator tries to sing for the Vikings and for Humongously Hotshot. I like that we get to hear more about Kamikaze in nearly every book.I just wish Toothless was more . . . regal? I love Toothless in the movies. I want to read about playful, powerful, graceful dragons. The book Toothless is whiny, clumsy, and kind of dumb. Yes, he gets to be the hero, sort of, but I would rather revere the dragon than r [...]

    14. Here at book 5 in this series a certain sameness sets in; but it's a comfortable sameness. You pick up the book, having read the previous books in the series, and you know what to expect. That's not always bad. And in the case of this goofy series of books, it's likely a good thing. (Particularly for kids who just want a fun read and appreciate having ANOTHER just like the previous ones they enjoyed so much. I guess this works for dads who read to their kids, too.) I probably shouldn't give this [...]

    15. I am a huge fan of Cressida Cowell. She's on my Author Watch list! I think she's brilliant. This is the fifth book in the How To Train Your Dragon series, and it was just as clever and hilarious as the other ones. The writing is an interesting combination of poetic and satirical, with just a twinge of sarcasm. The characters are so full of life that I feel like they're my friends. The funny parts are hilarious, and the dramatic parts literally sent shivers down my spine. Only Cressida Cowell can [...]

    16. The story focuses more on Humongously Hotshot and his back story than it does on Hiccup, which was weird, considering Hiccup has to find a way to stop an exploding volcano. There's a lot of explanation about Valhallarama (Hiccup's mom), which seemed like an odd choice, seeing as how she's usually off questing, and hasn't really been important to the series before now.But, in retrospect (having read the next few books), I can see that this book marked a sort of turning point in the series. The st [...]

    17. 4.5I can't deny it. This book was really, and I mean really, good. I like deep, thought-stirring, mind-bending books but surprisingly, I was satisfied by this one. Truly worth reading. The writing is just plain hilarious, the characters are undeniably lovable and the story will pull a bit at your heartstrings. A nice lesson too and that is no matter how the good and bad are intertwined in this world, good and beauty can still be made even in the darkest of times. So yeah, never lose hope because [...]

    18. Another hilarious and wonderful adventure of the brave Hiccup and his friends. This time, his spoiled little dragon, Toothless, is a true hero. Great story and characters. I chose these two lines from the many I loved throughout the book:"Human hearts are not made out of stone. () They can break, and heal, and beat again""The dragon bracelet that Humungous created, out of misplaced love and gratitude () is a constant reminder to me of the human ability to create something beautiful even when thi [...]

    19. I don't know what more I can say about this series that I haven't said before. As usual this installment was entertaining, funny and a wonderful way to pass the otherwise painful time commuting to and from work. The only suggestion I will make is listen to the books vs reading. David Tennant is a fantastic narrator and he brings the books to life. Don't think I would have had as much fun just reading these vs how much fun they have been to listen to.

    20. Cute, but honestly the reason I keep sticking with this series is the narration by David Tennant. He is truly fabulous. As for the story, I couldn't believe it, but Hiccup's mother turns up. I guess I had assumed she was dead since the women are nearly non-existent in this story. She kind of plays a role, but not really. Oh well. Still, yay David!

    21. Reread IISo far paling suka buku yang ini. Siap-siap lanjut ke buku selanjutnyadah pasti di rekomendasikan buat anak-anak cowok tapi tetap baca dalam bimbingan orang tua karena banyak kata-kata yang lumayan rusuh ha ha ha

    22. The fifth installment of this wildly popular series is just as entertaining as its predecessors, with lots of action, adventure, and humor to grab the attention of (click for full review storysnoops/detailp)

    23. Humungously Hotshot reminded me of a more palatable Gilderoy Lockheart and the last page made me laugh big laughs and I herein want to forever say "bardigaurd" instead of "bodyguard." [Four stars for being nearly every bit as fun as Book Four.]

    24. I have no idea why I like this series so much. This one still has the gothic-fantasy adventure that I was hooked to in the first 4, while getting a bit more serious in tone.

    25. These books are silly and I enjoy reading them, but I fear the author may be continuing writing when she should stop. This one was kind of a let down, and there's at least one more to be written.

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