The Souvenir

The Souvenir Bestselling author Emma Nichols presents a new adult contemporary romance fans and critics are comparing to works of Jennifer Weiner Snark and heart make The Souvenir a novel that will leave readers d

  • Title: The Souvenir
  • Author: Emma Nichols
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bestselling author Emma Nichols presents a new adult contemporary romance fans and critics are comparing to works of Jennifer Weiner Snark and heart make The Souvenir a novel that will leave readers desperate for Wren Jacobs a twenty something corporate trainer would like to announce the birth of her baby, Taylor, named after the artist singing Bad Blood duringBestselling author Emma Nichols presents a new adult contemporary romance fans and critics are comparing to works of Jennifer Weiner Snark and heart make The Souvenir a novel that will leave readers desperate for Wren Jacobs a twenty something corporate trainer would like to announce the birth of her baby, Taylor, named after the artist singing Bad Blood during the conception Mother and child are adjusting nicely and ready to welcome visitors, especially the father, Brady Conner Despite a few too many misunderstandings, Wren never stopped loving Brady and would love the opportunity to thank him for her souvenir from their relationship who weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 5oz, effectively ruining her after an unintentional natural delivery Taylor s birth will forever remind Wren of the first day of summer, the last time she was ever able to wear a bikini, and that she ll probably never go to a bar again Follow Wren and Brady as they navigate through the tricky dating scene in this touching romantic comedy, and fall in love with the souvenir of their relationship.

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    1 thought on “The Souvenir”

    1. 3 Underwhelming StarsSeemingly intelligent woman meets commitment-phobe manboy? Check!Woman and manboy move in together but manboy still acts like he's single, thus bringing the heavy douchebaggery element I crave? Check and Check!Manboy pulls his head out of his ass-type area way too late and doesn't do much in the way of grovelling? You betcha!This story had a serious case of potential but I'm a cold hearted bitch on my best day and I needed that grovel. NEEDED IT! As it stands, I could've use [...]

    2. Honestly 3 stars is the comprise. For me personally it's a 2, but for those who can tolerate the lies, angst, and selfishness it's probably a 3.5. It does have some seriously swoon-worthy quotes!! Don't hate me for my honest opinion. To each his own.I wanted to throat punch both main characters. I HATE unnecessary drawn out lies and lack of communication. If he was okay to sleep with and get knocked up by, he is okay to be told you are pregnant. The world revolves around Wren apparently. I don [...]

    3. Yeah, no. This book was a mess. The heroine was a hot mess. The hero was a weak mess. The plot was even messier. Nothing about the characters are endearing. And they totally act like a couple of 12 year-olds which is an insult to 12 year-olds everywhere since I've known quite a few who act more mature than these two.

    4. I picked this one up for free and it sat on my TBR pile - saw a friend's review and dived right in. I couldn't put it down. H is fairly immature (h calls him a man-child) - doesn't treasure what he has until its gone. Definitely character growth for him. To me - this isn't classic grovel as coincidence and interference by others help with reconciliation. 4 stars for now - if I read again - I'll bump it up.

    5. ***THREE STARS***This wasn't too bad of a story. It actually started out pretty strong. Brady was a total douche nozzle in the beginning, and I loved the way Wren didn't put up with is shit one bit, and left his stupid ass, because he WAS a stupid ass at that point. I adored Wren's bestie Jas. Every women should have a bestie as faithful as Jas, and every woman wants a bestie exactly like Trey. Trey added that bit of humor this story needed. My issues with this story started about halfway throug [...]

    6. ***4.25 Stars***Oh wow! What a cute and sweet story. I loved it and liked the fact that it was relatively short, the angst was limited, and the Hero had not physically cheated on the woman he loved. Now I will have to say that to me he did cheat. You don't have to be sexually intimate with another for it to count as cheating or betrayal. Unfortunately he lied several times about meeting the old girlfriend and made excuses that were untrue. His ex desperately wanted him back (she was a wacky witc [...]

    7. well both H and h were just plain immature. H clearly was rebelling against being in a relationship and basically kept having secret dates with ex. The h finally got backbone and left his sorry ass after he spent the night out and of course she assumed he spent it with ex and he didnt tell her otherwise. Lots of back and forth, childish immature, self centered ex g/f kept coming at the H who turns out couldnt stand her but kept giving in to her demands further driving h away -stupid. i mean, why [...]

    8. After having such a book slump. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. I have never heard of this author before but I will be marking her page! So much I loved about this book! I loved that she walked out on his cheating butt. And yes, like the h said there are more than one way to cheat it is always not just the sex. I loved hat we were able to see the growth of the H and how he "finally" figure out he was acting immature and his expectations of the h where the OW was concerned was just [...]

    9. What the heck is this book?It started well, promising, good writing, kept my attention and then all goes down The woman is a doormat. What guy tells the girl he loves it that she is a 7 in a good day? Cheezus! Keep your truthfulness to yourself. Besides the guy has no backbone, a bad boy with no backbone, which let his ex-girlfriend do whatever she wants because she is the pretty one!Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese I need brain bleach!

    10. Due to his immaturity, Brady loses Wren. It takes our boy awhile to clue in and work at getting back what he misses. Loved the part about the "flowers" kept. Enjoyable read. Hope Jas and Trey get stories.

    11. This was a cute story! There was a bit of angst and I loved Wren's friend Trey! Brady had a bit of maturing to do but in the end it worked out! A great story!

    12. 2.5 stars. The male protagonist had to be one of the most spineless. Immature, selfish jerks of a purported "hero" that I've read about in a while. At the beginning. He grows over the course of the book. Somewhat. He becomes less selfish and less of a jerk. A little. Still spineless and somewhat immature. At least he's pretty young to excuse it. The female protagonist is confused. Is she strong and self confident? Sometimes. Though she has a severe case of "once bitten twice shy.". Sometimes I r [...]

    13. A quite enjoyable story. I like the way the male main character is portrayed and the has a complete change of heart.Wren is your average girl according to her and her boyfriend Brady did nothing to change that perception. However, this was the first time Brady actually loved a girl enough to move her into his house. Brady didnt appreciate what he had in Wren. He loved her but not enough to appreciate her. So when he decides to stay out all night with a female ex, Wren is done. Her love and worth [...]

    14. No LOL'sAfter reading the synopsis, I was under the impression that there would be a few funny if not cynical moments but there are none in this book. This story didn't flow well and I'm left with too many unanswered questions at the end. The biggest problem was that I didn't pick up on any chemistry between the H & h. Throughout the entire book, we read so much about Wren's job but then never once is it mentioned what Brady even does career wise. Also her friend Jasmin is a vital character [...]

    15. Wren and Brady have lived together for five months when he does something really stupid by seeing his ex-girlfriend and expecting Wren to wait at home for him while he is out. She is having none of that nonsense and breaks up with him and part of moving out is one last time together for closure. She comes away from this with The Souvenir or as she calls it her 'Bean'.The support of her friend Jas and her new neighbor, Trey add to the fun in the romance fallout of Wren and Brady. Trey is really f [...]

    16. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book !!!Oh, be still my heart !!! This book has got to be one of the sweetest love stories EVER !! Brady is the typical commitment phobe man who doesn't really realize how to treat a special relationship. Wren is a sweetheart of a woman who wants a man who loves her unconditionally for herself. A stupid mistake, a breakup, a surprise baby and months of self discovery finally lead this couple to the conclusion that Brady is the man for Wren and their child. Wonderfully wr [...]

    17. I couldn't put the book down!I absolutely fell in love with this book! My heart broke for Wren and the loss of trust that she went through, along with frustration over her stubborness. However, the same goes for Brady, and trust me, there were a few times I wanted him to just get a good slap. The writing style of this author is seemless to me and moves from Wrens POV to Brady's POV effortlessly. I would recommend this book to everyone I know!

    18. EhIt was okay, in an overall plot kind of way, but I had trouble liking the characters. First, the male main was just a big child. He, at least, grew throughout the story. The female main ended up being someone I didn't much like, and couldn't understand the appeal. I'm sure others might like this, but the decisions made by the characters just didn't sit well with me personally.

    19. Fall in love Wren a sassy, independent and strong woman that you'd want as your BFF. Brady a man who doesn't realise what he wants until it's too late. Fall for these characters that make you laugh and cry as they work their way to their happy ending. A little bundle of joy just adds to the charm.

    20. Blessing In DisguiseSometimes, our own fear will be the very reason we hurt ourselves. We try to run away from it. But this story proved that when we face our fear, things will fall into place jut the way we wanted it. We juat have to trust ourself that we are making the right decisiona in life.

    21. Loved every minute This book was so great. I really enjoyed the characters and the way the story unfolded. You can really put yourself into Wrens shoes. She is a smart, wonderful woman! All the characters were great and fit into Wrens life beautifully. I loved every minute of this book!

    22. The SouvenirThis was about two people who lived together. But he couldn't let go of his first love. When ever the OW called he was there. It went on till the h had enough and moved out. But when she did she found out that she took a souvenir with her. But with that said Will he won her back or will he stay with his first love?

    23. The picture on the cover got me to begin with. It is precious! The story kept my attention immediately and the story developed well and kept my attention. I can't wait to read more by Emma Nichols.

    24. Wow! How many ways can go in circles.This was a story for a rainy day and tea. The heroine and hero have a strong love that you can feel every page this book brought tears to my eyes and love into my very. Thank you Emma.

    25. Cute storyThis is a cute story about what happens when you don't appreciate the one you are with. How hard you have to work to get them back and what secrets they just might be keeping. Wren, Brady and baby Taylor leave you wanting this family to work.

    26. Worthy readSo lovingly messed up! I love the characters, they made me want to cry, laugh, punch something, and shake my head in exasperation. Makes you realize how fallible we all are.

    27. Perfect I can't gush enough to describe how much I enjoyed this book. There aren't enough words to explain how i loved the writer's style, how well the story flowed, how great the characters were, how perfect it all was.

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