Raining Men and Corpses

Raining Men and Corpses Alternate cover edition for ASIN B J Y W YRaining Men and CorpsesBook of the Raina Sun Murder Mystery series A contemporary humorous mystery set in the fictitious small college town of Gold Springs

  • Title: Raining Men and Corpses
  • Author: Anne R. Tan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover edition for ASIN B00J7Y5W9YRaining Men and CorpsesBook 1 of the Raina Sun Murder Mystery series.A contemporary humorous mystery set in the fictitious small college town of Gold Springs, California Raina Sun is a typical graduate student trying to keep her head above water as the bills roll in from a lawsuit disputing an inheritance from her dysfunctional fAlternate cover edition for ASIN B00J7Y5W9YRaining Men and CorpsesBook 1 of the Raina Sun Murder Mystery series.A contemporary humorous mystery set in the fictitious small college town of Gold Springs, California Raina Sun is a typical graduate student trying to keep her head above water as the bills roll in from a lawsuit disputing an inheritance from her dysfunctional family Then her dashing college adviser cons her out of several months of rent Her quest to get her money back sets into motion a streak of bad luck First, she finds the dead body of an ex lover and becomes the prime suspect to his murder The only man she ever loved reappears as the lead detective to the case and wants to reignite their passion or at least he s sending out smoke signals Her life careens out of control as her best friend does whatever it takes to get the inside scoop for the town s newspaper And her grandma moves into Raina s postage stamp sized apartment, dragging a red suitcase and trouble The family secret Raina has been running away from is now staring at her across the dining room table every morning.Raina must figure out how to extract herself before things get dicey There is no place for an amateur when it comes to murder The eclectic cast of characters in this amateur sleuth mystery will have you scratching your head and laughing until the end.

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    1. 2.5 starsI read this for the Terror in a Small Town square for Halloween Bingo.Someone was in the house. Raina tiptoed around the car to the side door. The rushing noise in her ears competed with her uneven breaths. Her clammy hands gripped the doorknob. She twisted and pulled. The door scraped against the concrete floor, ripping through the silence. It opened an inch. Gooseflesh peppered her arms.This is first in a series that looks to follow along with Raina as she amateur sleuths her way thro [...]

    2. I DNF'd this one at 45%I really wanted to enjoy this book and really tried to get as far as I could, but every time I picked it up I just felt annoyed and bored. I just didn't feel like pushing through. It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine that this book had, the main character keeps going on about how poor she is, but then makes bad money decisions. And instead of that being her thing it just is sort of there. In the course of half the book she went out to eat multiple times, bought a new dress an [...]

    3. If you're in the mood for a fun murder mystery to take to the beach in summer, or curl up on the couch with in winter, then Raining Men and Corpses by Anne R. Tan will fit the bill.Raina Sun is our sleuth. She's a graduate student who is instantly likable for all the mistakes she's made in her life as much as for anything else. Getting involved with her 'dashing college advisor' and lending him a substantial sum of money is one of many items on Raina's list of 'wish-she-hadn't-dones'. And things [...]

    4. “Raining Men and Corpses” earns 4/5 Secrets and Lies!I am new to Anne R. Tan’s Raina Sun Mystery series, and after seeing several 4/5-star reviews, I knew it time to get in by reading book 1 right away. Ok, this was a great place to start: Regrettable loans? Ex-boyfriend’s body? ‘Person of interest’? Lead detective is also an ex? All this and the arrival of her grandmother make for a fun tale. As with many first books, the introduction of characters and their connections along with a [...]

    5. Chinese American graduate student Rainy Sun lends her money too freely and needs to be repaid. Perhaps a job would help, but Rainy’s hoped-for emplyment turns out to be just more volunteer (over)work. Soon life’s spinning out of control, an ex-boyfriend isn’t ready to commit, an ex-lover is dead, and a very present grandmother has come to share Rainy’s small apartment. Devious plot twists range from match-making to murder, and plenty of mysteries lie in the background to Rainy’s curiou [...]

    6. Not a bad story, but not great. The characters were entertaining, especially the grandmother. The mystery wasn't bad- I guessed at the culprit, but wasn't definite until the end. However, there were enough clues or pointers to make sure the ending wasn't out of left field. I loved the diversity in this book! An Asian lead, Asian love interest, and characters from a wide range of cultures is something I haven't come across in many books, let alone cozy mysteries. The reason I liked this book but [...]

    7. A new series and new author for my. The first of 5 books in the series so far. Raina is a grad student at a mythical California college. Her advisor and former boyfriend dies suddenly making Raina a suspect in his murder. Her life is complicated further by the arrival of Po Po, who is her grandmother, and her former husband who is the lead detective on the murder case. The relationship between Raina and her ex is complicated.This is an enjoyable cozy. I look forward to reading the next book in t [...]

    8. Raining Men and Corpses, a Raina Sun cozyby Anne R. TanI think this is the first novel in the Raina Sun series. The author's website and the author site both indicate there are currently 4 books in the series. I won't be reading the remaining 3. In fact, I didn't finish reading this one, and it currently resides on my threw-it-at-the-wall shelf. What I liked: very little. One of the reviews said the novel reminded her of Stephanie Plum and her grandmother. Well, I'm a Stephanie Plum fan and, b [...]

    9. Because it was in the ‘read now’ section of NetGalley, and I liked the cover and description, I downloaded this book.For me, it was not altogether a very bad or very good read. I do like the author’s writing style but as other people before me I was disappointed because of some important points. First of all, the editing. Even for me, being Dutch, I could spot the mistakes and inconsistancies. Second, and I’m again not the only one to mention this, is the fact that there was too much inf [...]

    10. Disclaimer: I acquired Book #1 from via BookBub at a reduced price. All other books in this series were purchased at full price. This is my honest review for which I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat ReviewMy Review: "Oh, hi Matthew". Is that how you greet the love of your life when he suddenly pops up at a murder investigation when you're the prime suspect and he's the lead detective and you haven't seen him since he left you in Ve [...]

    11. For sure to give you a few laughs!For sure to give you a few laughs!When Raina moved away to escape family secrets and a carousel love life, she thought she was in for a fresh start. After getting involved in an interoffice relationship, life takes a bone-shaking turn. Her past comes back to smack her in the face and she is for sure in a compromised position. As if things couldn't get anymore complicated, her family secrets are being brought front and center, when she comes home to find her Gran [...]

    12. I was reading this book almost for a month. Every time I got back I found it tough to proceed. I didn't find it interesting and humorous at all. Everything about it was just ordinary with no tensity, which I need for this genre. Po Po was the only light in this story, the others all the same. And Raina? Sweet stressed annoying student, "nobody's guilty" type. I know this is the first one in series but I think I'm not coming back.

    13. Raining Men and Corpses (Raina Sun Mystery #1) by Anne R. TanRaina finds her self the main suspect in the murder of her ex-boyfriend. Doesn't help her situation that her ex-husband is the lead detective on this case. Raina will do what ever it takes to clear her name and find the real killer.A fast paced who-done-it, with a fun plot and likable characters. I did like Raina in her complexity and her interesting life. I also liked her feisty Grandmother. Overall I found Raining Men and Corpses an [...]

    14. Men, Corpses and RainaMen, Corpses and Raina.Oh My.Hilarious. Raining Men and Corpses is Great read, a real hoot with solid characters. Many kudos to the author for all the dialogue and interactions of and between all of the characters. I truly enjoyed reading "Raining Men and Corpses ".   Raina, the protagonist, Eden and her grandmother, “PoPo”, her sidekicks are a perfect team to solve a murder and turn a book into a great read. The author does an amazing job of building just the right [...]

    15. This book reminded me of the Goldy Shulz cozies by Diane Mott Davidson. Those were some of the first cozy mysteries I read, and I always got so tense when everything went against Goldy. I felt the same way as everything and everyone around her seemed to conspire against Raina.Raina is a complicated character. She's vulnerable and prickly, stubborn and smart. She has a strong sense of loyalty, and that loyalty seems to get her into trouble as she tries to protect the people around her. Raina is C [...]

    16. "Promising start but became a little confusing"An interesting mix - a fun Chinese cozy mystery. I raced through two-thirds of this book and was enjoying it, but with so many characters and a tangled series of story-line threads, I became less enthusiastic. By the end, the quirkiness of both Raina and Po Po was wearing thin and it was like swimming in treacle to finally uncover the guilty party.

    17. A feisty woman.I like Raina, she's a very feisty woman, and Po Po is a great addition to the story. The romantic angle is enjoyable as they have a long history of which we get small details. The main story is complex but fun.Overall a nice mystery and I'll read more from this author.

    18. I just could not get into this book. It's got a lot of good reviews. This is just my take on it.It's got a lot of charters but you can't really get to know them well enough to like them or not.I think there's plot to the story in here somewhere but I can't find it.Wrong words used or misspelled words.

    19. An easy fun cozy mystery read.Raina Sun is a Graduate student she gets mixed up in the middle of Her Ex- Boyfriends murder. She is a suspect in his death and the lead investigator is Her Ex-Husband. So she decides to investigate in order to clear her name.

    20. Raining Men and Corpses - a review by Rosemary KennyRaina Sun is a mature student, [from a wealthy Chinese family] living in the USA. She's been married, (and is now single again) and her 'ex', PD cop Matthew still encourages her to be a friend with 'benefits' when it suits him to turn up in her life and bamboozle her into bed.That said, she's quite a feisty character and goes on the 'offensive' (with the aid of her news-editor sleuth pal Eden) after being 'in the frame' when her tutor/sometime [...]

    21. Gold Springs. Professor Holden Merritt (36, history, grad student advisor) was informing Raina Sun (23, grad student, engineering degree) what classes she needed to enroll in & take for next semester. Professor Olivia “Spider Lashes” Kline (Holden’s ex-lover, History Dept. Chair) was Raina’s boss. Raina also worked in the computer lab. Days later Holden was found dead.Detective E. Matthew Louie (Raina’s ex-husband), & Officer Joanna Hopper were doing the investigation & int [...]

    22. I try to start every review with something positive. On the positive side, the main protagonist was an Asian female, something that is very uncommon. This book was meh. The metaphors were just weird. For example, "Their white coats and colorful scrubs looked like macaws among the dark police uniforms." No.Also, "Raina felt her legs grow roots." What does that even mean?And what was with the pencil at the end? There was zero explanation of how that got from where it had been to where it was.And w [...]

    23. Raina had loaned some money to her former boyfriend, professor Holden. He wasn't paying her back and she needed to pay bills. Out of desperation, she told him she was pregnant (although she wasn't). The next day, she had a text message requesting that she meet him in his office. On her way to his office, someone had knocked her to the ground. His secretary, Olivia was screaming that he was dead. Raina was taken to the police station, where she encountered another man from her past - her childhoo [...]

    24. This is the first book in the series about collage student Raina who is down on her luck. She was involoved with her collage advisor who owns her money, which means she will end up on the street if she doesn't get her money back,but he turns up dead. Can it get any worse? Yes. Her old boyfriend is the lead detective on the case of murdered professor and sparks are flying.Add to that the fact that her grandmother moved with her into tiny apartment, family keeping secrets from Raina and she is rea [...]

    25. Book 1 of the series. Raina Sun is a graduate student with so much going on in her life--bills, a student's food budget, family woes, plus class and teaching duties. When her advisor (and ex-boyfriend) is found dead in his office, she feels compelled to investigateeven though the detective on the case is also an ex-boyfriend. She's a suspect, then she's not, then she might betypical cozy mystery vacillation, but Tan makes several others out to be viable suspects, giving weight to Raina's sleuthi [...]

    26. A big part of the allure of Cozies is that in addition to a riveting page-turning murder mystery, we also expect to be transported to another place or into another culture, and a little love interest never hurts either. This debut delivers on all fronts.Raina Sun worried me at first as a character, with her apparent inability to say no to any bad situation, be it work or relationship. That’s not the kind of heroine I need in my imaginary world! But by the end of the book I was really cheering [...]

    27. Raina seems to get herself in a fix when it comes to the men in her life. Her recent ex-boyfriend, Holden, who was also her professor, is found dead and her involvement is now questioned by none other than her former husband, what a tangled web she gets into. But, she also placed herself as the number one suspect due to the evasiveness she practiced about her relationship with him and to top it off she still had that melting chemistry with the investigating detective in charge, her ex- husband M [...]

    28. Rainy does not seem to have great luck with men, but excellent luck in grandma po po. Friend Eden seems like the reporter she is. Loyal when useful or necessary, otherwise . . . 50/50. If a man or a story was a better deal Ex Holden borrowed money, or black mailed to help his sister's gambling debts. Made the wrong choice about someone , and ended up dead - poisoned per former husband of Rainey, Matthew. With a growing number of embarrassed exes, and swindled department funds, whodunnit? Can Rai [...]

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