Ghastly Beyond Belief: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Book of Quotations

Ghastly Beyond Belief The Science Fiction and Fantasy Book of Quotations The science fiction and Fantasy Book of Quotations This book is made of assorted quotes from science fiction fantasy and horror both in books and movies with a bias towards science fiction

  • Title: Ghastly Beyond Belief: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Book of Quotations
  • Author: Neil Gaiman Kim Newman
  • ISBN: 9780099368304
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • The science fiction and Fantasy Book of Quotations.This book is made of assorted quotes from science fiction, fantasy, and horror, both in books and movies, with a bias towards science fiction.

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      487 Neil Gaiman Kim Newman
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    1 thought on “Ghastly Beyond Belief: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Book of Quotations”

    1. Not a review of 2016 to date, though the title would suit admirably, but a gallimaufry of SF, fantasy and horror quotations assembled and editorialised by the pre-fame Neil Gaiman and Kim Newman. The first half, covering written material, is a delight - all manner of tortured and confused prose skewered on the page for our sadistic amusement. The repeat appearances for such luminaries as EE 'Doc' Smith, Guy N Smith (no relation, as far as we know) and Lionel Fanthorpe will not surprise connoisse [...]

    2. This was a fun read, particularly when the quotes were from books that I've read. It's comprised of quotes from books and movies that are commented on by Neil Gaiman and Kim Newman. Book quotes are in the first half of the book and movie quotes in the second. I enjoyed the book quotes a lot more, but there are some gems in the movie section as well.Many of the comments are quite funny and appropriate, while a few seem strange and one or two, a bit missing the mark, I think. I had several laughs [...]

    3. I got this as part of the Gaiman rarities Humble Bundle for 2016.In the forward to this book the authors describe they originally intention to write "the definitive book of science fiction and fantasy quotations," but they abandoned the idea when the publishers pointed out the lack of sales appeal of this idea. I suppose they figured out it would be boring and pointless. Somehow they ended up making non-definitive list of quotations which is equally boring and pointless. This is especially true [...]

    4. Mainly referencing pulp books with few noticeable exemptions, highlight of this book is in the way it is organized. Authors managed to classify the quotations according to the characters, language, special effects etc. in both books and movies as in Good Science and Mad Science. It is too much to be read from cover to cover, but for a quick graze through it could be great fun.

    5. This was a ton of fun.I really enjoyed it and found myself taking notes throughout of books I wanted to read (or re-read), movies I wanted to watch (or re-watch).So many good quotes!Definitely worth my time.

    6. The Most Hysterically Funny complilation of lines and concepts from the history of Sci Fi and Fantasy. This book, written by Neil Gaiman many, many years ago had a very short print run, was remandered early and is only available as a second hand, rare book. Last time I spoke to Mr. Gaiman, himself, he said he didn't have a copy. Hopefully this has been corrected.In the book the authors divided the Meme's of Sci Fi and Fantasy into all its subgroups and gave us amazing exampled. My favorites incl [...]

    7. The introduction of this book says that it was originally planned to be a literary index of science fiction, until it was pointed out to the author that nobody would read it that way, and instead it became a collection of funny quotations of old-time science fiction. I say old-time because this book is from the 80s and tells me that the Hitchhiker's Guide is contemporary. I would probably have enjoyed this book more if I actually had any clue who the authors were. I know some of the names but I' [...]

    8. A compendium of quotes from sf novels and b-movies. It pokes fun at the turgid prose and cliches of the genre, but it remains obvious the editors have a love for their subjects. I think it would work better in print, to be sampled at random, rather than as an e-book where reading it straight through gets repetitive. I'm also sure that fans of 50's sci-fi creature features will appreciate it more, like "I remember that line- that was great wasn't it!" It did inspire me to watch Queen of Outer Spa [...]

    9. Isso é um livro de citações. E aqui vão duas que eu achei especiais o suficiente para marcar (dentro do spoiler aí). Mas como esse é um livro de citações e eu dei 5 estrelas das possíveis 5, acho que dá pra dizer que eu gostei de muitas citações além dessas duas.(view spoiler)[Scientists of over fifty are good for nothing except board meetings and should at all costs be kept out of the laboratory. ARTHUR C. CLARKE, Profiles of the Future - pág.76Pure evil, as much as pure good, is [...]

    10. nwhytevejournal/2706065mlThis is a point-and-laugh collection of extracts from sf books and films which are grotesquely over-written or badly written, and does pretty much what it says on the tin. Some of the extracts are pretty glorious but I'm afraid most just made me wince. I found the first half, which concentrates on books, much more interesting than the second half, which concentrates on films.

    11. An amusing collection of early SF quotes. It is very expansive and gets repetetive so you better not read it all at once. The comments to some of quotes are really spot on and often made me laugh. My main gripe with this book is that it refers to a lot of books and movies I haven't read or watched and judging from the titles and the quotes I would have never had the desire to do so.

    12. The literary version of Mystery Science Theater 3000. All the stupidest lines, characters, and back-cover blurbs from decades of science fiction and fantasy. Biting, yet loving, commentary and a great mixture of obscure and obvious choices.

    13. The best parts were the author's interjections and commentary on the quotes. My only complaint would be that there weren't enough of these.

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