The Biggest Stage

The Biggest Stage His first kiss dried her tears His second rocked her world Dropped from the label desperate to get signed and get back on the road lead singer of Willow Son Colby will do anything to make things rig

  • Title: The Biggest Stage
  • Author: Karolyn James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • His first kiss dried her tears His second rocked her world Dropped from the label, desperate to get signed and get back on the road, lead singer of Willow Son Colby will do anything to make things right Looking for some good karma, he gives up his hotel room to a woman who needs a place to crash It s only one night, the kind of thing he s used to Plus, she s His first kiss dried her tears His second rocked her world Dropped from the label, desperate to get signed and get back on the road, lead singer of Willow Son Colby will do anything to make things right Looking for some good karma, he gives up his hotel room to a woman who needs a place to crash It s only one night, the kind of thing he s used to Plus, she s beautiful, exactly what he needs to take his mind off his rocky rockstar career.When Tessa travels to the next city, as her sales job requires, she can t focus on anything but the rockstar that is lingering on her lips She finds it insane to think anything with Colby was real and that it could happen again.That is until Colby and Tessa meet up once hundreds of miles away from their first hot kiss.A third encounter with the sexy lead singer leaves Tessa wondering what s happening is it fate Or something else Tessa thought kissing a rock star was crazy She s about to find out what happens when one falls for you.

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    1 thought on “The Biggest Stage”

    1. Sometimes protecting others only does them more harm. Colby's past follows him wherever he goes. Everyone knows what he did, what he is and that storm front always manages to kick up the dust and dirt, making him choke on it time after time. His band, Willow Son, filled the arenas by the tens of thousands for years now, but suddenly they've lost their label and the rain threatens again. Sometimes it's just gotta rain to bring out the clear skies though.Tessa made a good living for herself. She s [...]

    2. This book for me is a 2.5☆ read. The story itself wasn't a bad one and I liked the two main characters of Colby and Tessa but there were quite a lot of grammatical errors and mistakes and it was very repetitive. For example the series name is Willow Son which is the name of the rock band in the book, but the author still felt the need to remind us of this name constantly, I had a rough count at around 130 or so times. She also liked the word "rockstar" and that was mentioned many times too. I' [...]

    3. Loved it!This book did not disappoint. It was worth waiting for. I cannot wait to read Jett's story. I hope it's soon!

    4. Love love loveJust when I thought it was safe to go back to , I found Gone by Autumn, which lead me here, which is now leading me to book 2 of this series. Gotta love good rock star series, and Karolyn James are! Next!

    5. Overall, I am giving this one 3 stars, partially being perhaps a bit generous because feelings about the storyline that I realize are more because they made me think of a story of a famous rock band I feel my dislike of this book was partially based on and my personal distaste for the band. (otherwise I would probably only give this two stars, which is very rare for me.)The story line itself isn't too bad. An iconic bad boy rock band in a very bad place career wise, and Colby, the outrageous lea [...]

    6. Karolyn has done it again!! Yeah, for all the rock romance fans out there. Willow Son is the next band to break on to the scene with some pretty hot rockers. This first book is all about lead singer, Colby and how he deals with not only his public life as being one of the bad boy rockers of Willow Son but how he comes across and deals with his future with Tessa, aka “Pretty Eyes”. After some business dealings with a record company that is no longer around Willow Son is trying to get it back [...]

    7. A perfect rock star romance!I really like to thank you, Karolyn, for being an ARC reader, again.So now we have a new band which mean five new rockstar-books. Be ready for "WILLOW SON"!The story starts with the introduction of the band that lost their label and needs to find a way back so they can go back on the road and just make music but it´s not that easy. Tessa love her job, being in different cities almost every day so she can leave all problems behind but her sisters, although grown up, s [...]

    8. There isn't a book that Karolyn James has written that I haven't completely LOVED! Her rock stars are simply AWESOME!Colby, the lead singer of Willow Son, will do anything to make things right after his band got dropped from their label. As he's trying to come up with a plan, he runs into a beautiful woman who needs a place to crash, so he offers his hotel room. He believes she's just what he needs to get his mind off of stuff. Tessa is a very responsible woman, as she's had to take care of her [...]

    9. I received this book as an arc for an honest review. This book can be read as a stand alone. Now with all of that being said holy cow is this book good. This author has given us another hit rocker book. In this book we meet Colby & Tessa both are holding things close to their chest but are looking for more. Colby is the lead singer of Willow Son and is holding a big secret that doesn't let him get close to anyone. There are very few people who know the real Colby and he intends to keep it th [...]

    10. I had the pleasure of reading another of Karolyns’ Brothers of Rock books, and I can honestly say that this one is a perfect fit to the series. She has a wonderful talent, taking a simple idea and creating an entire series from it, expanding on it as she goes. Each instalment is as good, if not better than the last.In this book, we meet the band “Willow Son” of which is made up of five hunky members and their manager. This book spotlights the lead singer, Colby and the woman he sees from a [...]

    11. Another excellent written story of Brothers of Rock and the first installment of Willow Son. Crazy sexy and wickedly addicting it captured my attention at the very beginning and held it till the last page. The story has good flow throughout and excellent build. There was so much going on in this and a fantastic story was created. This was entertaining and fun as well as action packed and intense and a whole lot of sexiness.This story is about Colby the Singer and Tessa a Pharmaceutical sales rep [...]

    12. I have loved every book that I have read from Karolyn James in the Brothers of Rock series, every single one! I just finished "The Biggest Stage", the latest in her BOR series, and the first for the Willow Son Band, with sadness in my heart I have to tell you, I LOVE this book even more than the other books from the whole series! I did not think that was it all possible! It was a close call, "Chase the Road", my now second favorite.Ms. James does a phenomenal job telling the stories of the peopl [...]

    13. Tessa travel for her sales job, hardly ever taking any down time. when she did it was to take care of her adult sisters. Standing outside the hotel that just told her they didn't have her reservation, for some reason it made Tessa cry. Colby the lead singer for Willow Son saw the beautiful women crying and just needed to see what was wrong with her. Colby sets her up and makes plans for breakfast. When he oversleeps and goes to meet Tessa she is gone. For some reason he can't get her out of his [...]

    14. Another great Band book by Karolyn James, she has a writing style that just flows and captures the readers interest from page one. I would have to say that I have loved all of Karolyn James' Brother's of Rock books.Colby is the super hot lead singer for the band group Willow Son. Tessa is a stunning woman he continues to run into.Colby and Tessa cross paths three different times and in three different cities, Colby doesn't believe in fate but something is going on to run into her so many times. [...]

    15. Another winner from Karolyn James. She manages to make rock stars into compelling characters. Her heroines are also interesting. Here we have a typical bad boy rock start who is quick with his fists. He meets Tessa ("pretty eyes") when she is crying the phone after need to clean up her sister's mess, again. Poor Tessa, has the weight of her entire family depending upon her. She clearly needs to make them less dependent upon her. I enjoyed the unfolding of this story and their "meets of fate". I' [...]

    16. I have no idea where to start If you are a fan of bad boy rockers, then you need to read The Biggest Stage. This is the first book in the Brothers of Rock: Willow Son series. Karolyn James has that little something that lets her reader know that she loves to write. She has the ability to make you feel every emotion that her characters feel and you can't help but care for them. The story-line is intriguing and keeps you interested and the writing is easy to read. Ms. James grabs you at the cover [...]

    17. Colby, lead singer of the rock band Willow Son, is full of attitude and carries the guilt of a secret. Tessa is a pharmaceutical rep who also watches out for her two younger sisters. Tessa wasn't looking to get involved with a rock star, but fate seemed to keep putting Colby in her path.This is the first story in the Willow Son series. I enjoyed all the different characters. They are imperfect which keeps this story interesting. The cliffhanger ending will keep you wanting more.** received an AR [...]

    18. Fate Or WaitI choose FATE!The Biggest Stage pulls you in and you won't want to put it down until you are done.Get lost with the bad boys of rock; Willow Son and better yet it's lead singer Colby as FATE continues to bring him and the woman he's dubbed "Pretty Eyes" together. This sexy story will get your heart pumping and your mind racing as author Karolyn James details their love story and love making.

    19. ColbyThis is a good story. I like Colby's character and Tessa seems like a sweet woman and the romance was believable. The EXCESSIVE USE OF ELLIPSES was extremely irritating! So much so that I wanted to just give up on this book. A proof reader would have been an asset to this book. They would have been able to spot the sentences with missing words. Then we get some of Colby's back story but no finality.

    20. Rockstar light!This is my first book by this author and I liked this story but, I don't love it. I am a big fan of rock and roll romance stories but, this one was a bit too clean cut and lacked the grittiness I usually find in this genre. Colby and Tessa's story was sweet and interesting but, not captivating. I see potential in Ms James writing so I am going to read the next book in this series . Jett's story sounds promising.

    21. Brothers of rock: what happens when fate puts a rockstar right in front of you? You take it and pray you did the right thing. Tessa found herself doing exactly that when lead singer, Colby, from Willow Son crossed her path. Each time their fated paths cross, they happily take what they can get. This is a steamy love story that brings two broken people together to heal each other. This is a great new series with lovable characters. Looking forward to the next book!

    22. Such a wonderful story! Fateey meet on the street, she's crying and he wants to know why. Colby is this big strong rockstar with a troubled past and secrets he can't share. Tessa has the world on her shoulders and no time for a man. Fate I loved the connection these two have. Feelings, past pain and emotion but super hot and steamy! I cannot wait for Jett's story!

    23. I must say I Thank you Ms. James for the opportunity to read this story in the place of an honesty review. I truly enjoyed The Biggest Stage. I love how the characters were built into complex multi faceted individual that made me want to read to story to find out what's next. The character's seem to be real and relatable. I can't wait to find out what happen next. Truly a fantastic story.

    24. Good ReadTessa and Colby's story read like the usual rock star novel. There is the concerts, the groupies, parties, with drinks etc. All that excessive living yadi yadi. Colby did not cheat on Tessa though, that's a relief. This book is good for a casual, good read. I like it. There will be more books on other members of the band, so stay tuned.

    25. Great read!This book is about fate. The fate of a band. The fate of a relationship.The band has been around for years and needs to find a new record company. The lead singer falls for a girl he just meets. This is a great read. Karolyn James always makes a hot read. The love you see between the couple and between the band is so real feeling.

    26. Great new series by Karolyn JamesA great start kicking off the first book in the new series for the group Willow Son. The book kept me waiting for the next hook up between Colby and Tessa and wondering whether or not they would get signed, ending by leaving me dangling over a cliff needing more. I can't wait for the next book!

    27. Steamy, Romantic & Delicious!!I received an ARC eBook in exchange for a honest review. I LOVED this book! Colby and Tessa's story will literally rock your world. Fate keeps bringing these two together while everything else tries to keep them apart. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this romantic and sexy story. I highly recommend this book and series!

    28. I absolutely loved this book. To see how Colby is so loving and tender. I love what he calls her(pretty eyes) I will definitely be reading this again. “I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review”.

    29. I got this one in exchange of an honest review, I am a fan of Karolyn work and its always a pleasure to read, and this one is not exception, I loved the plot, the characters, and everything else I recommend this one to everyone you will enjoy the love the action the sparks between the characters.

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