Highlander's Kiss

Highlander s Kiss There can be only oner both of them Fae blooded Julia holds the ability to read another s aura and determine their true intent Her skill has only ever aided her in life until the day when their neigh

  • Title: Highlander's Kiss
  • Author: Joanne Wadsworth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There can be only oner both of them.Fae blooded Julia holds the ability to read another s aura and determine their true intent Her skill has only ever aided her in life, until the day when their neighboring enemy clan arrive to discuss a marriage of alliance between her and their chief s son She misjudges their enemy s intent and all goes horribly wrong Her parentsThere can be only oner both of them.Fae blooded Julia holds the ability to read another s aura and determine their true intent Her skill has only ever aided her in life, until the day when their neighboring enemy clan arrive to discuss a marriage of alliance between her and their chief s son She misjudges their enemy s intent and all goes horribly wrong Her parents are captured and imprisoned and now she must find a way to free them Only now standing in her path is a fiercely protective warrior who has traveled from the future into the past, a man who insists they are soul bound, and a man whose aura shows no sign of such a bond She is wary, yet still, she can t deny how much he stirs her deep within.Highland warrior shifter Tavish Matheson has traveled through time to find the woman his soul demands is his, yet convincing her will be a mission all unto itself When Julia is kidnapped by the enemy while on a mission to save her parents, he sets out in fierce pursuit All he desires is to keep her close, rescue her parents, and most of all, to offer her his love.He s a warrior who will not be denied She s a lass devoted to her kinAN MATHESON SERIESHighlander s Kiss, 1Highlander s Heart, 2Highlander s Sword, 3

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    1 thought on “Highlander's Kiss”

    1. Tavish Matheson is determined to make Julia his mate, but the fae beauty is stubborn. How can this Highland warrior make her his? I fell in love with Tavish. What a hero! He's a bear shifter who is a proud warrior as well as the current Matheson clan doctor. He and his bear are determined to protect Julia from every danger. Their romance is tender and very passionate. Julia is feisty and loving. She will do what's necessary to make sure that all she loves are safe. This story is filled with dang [...]

    2. Awesome! I think Highlander's Kiss by Joanne Wadsworth is my favorite read from this talented author to date. Tavish and Julia's story is full of lovable characters. Since the Clan Matheson series ties into the previous Matheson Brothers series, it's like visiting old friends. Highlander's Kiss sweeps the reader through time and paranormal shifters and fae abound. Also woven into the story are action, sizzle and humor. Highlander's Kiss is book 1 of the Clan Matheson series but can be read as a [...]

    3. I really loved Tavish and Julia's story. I think they are perfect together. And I loved the ending. It was a beautifully told true love story. There was so much happening in this story. It certainly didn't lack any action or adventure. Or romance. There was plenty of that, to the point of me saying 'awww' out loud a few times. The sex scenes had just the right amount of steam. And they didn't overpower the story either. Also, we were reunited with characters from the Matheson Brothers series. I [...]

    4. Highlander's Kiss (Clan Matheson Book 1). Simply WOW! Highlander, shifters, time travelers, clans, danger, Faes, passion and romance, what more could a time travel/Medieval/Romance fan want? Fast paced, adventure filled tale of magic, struggles, strength above. Powerful! Ms. Wandsworth is an amazing storyteller. Simply love her powerful stories. Well written, with powerful world building of the past and future. An enjoyable and satisfying read! Alluring and powerful!*Received for an honest revie [...]

    5. This book was given to me by the author for an honest review. Highlanders, YEP! Faes, Shifters and Time-Travelers OH YEAH! A great story with a mix up of characters that Joanne keeps straight and doesn't get confusing. Great read :)

    6. 3.5 starsI don't care what people think but I am a sucker for time travel-insta-love type books. Time travel- check. Insta-love - check. And even better because it's a shifter book too. I enjoyed the characters. Julia was a sweet girl. Tavish a good guy. But they kept using the words "one true mate" over and over. I mean, I almost shelved the book because I couldn't read "you are my true mate" ONE MORE TIME!**sigh**That being said, the story worked out a little too perfect for me. No hiccups, no [...]

    7. Great readGreat time travel, great characters, great plot line. Tales of the Highlands and their fierce alpha warriors are an all-time favorite. If you love historical period fiction romance, this is the series for you!

    8. The love of Tavish & Julia is one we all wish to have. The quest for Julia's parents has many of tense moment. Thank goodness Cherub is there to help.

    9. A very well written book! I enjoyed it throughly. Julia finds her mate in Tavish . You do have a mystery of where are her parents or are they still alive. There is action and definitely romance. This book is not for the faint in heart.

    10. I don't really have much to say about this read really, the speak doesn't flow in anyway it seems jagged and unnatural.Nothing really happened in it either

    11. 1/5I downloaded this for free on in the hopes it'd be a light romantic read to get me out of the reading slump I've been into for the last couple of months. Boy was I wrong! I could not bear to even finish, something unknown to me before, because it was so predictable, insta-lovey and just downright ludicrous to read. Sorry, but dnfed at 53%.

    12. This is book one in Joanne Wadsworth's new "Clan Matheson"series "Highlander's Kiss" is a historical paranormal time-travel and a spin off from her previous (Matheson Brothers) series. I recommend that you read that series as well, if new to Ms. Wadsworth books not to worry as you can always read her books as stand alone too. I just find its more fun to connect the dots per say and know the history, but that is the readers choice. Either way reader will be totally enchanted by this wonderful sto [...]

    13. Highlander's KissThis was a good story line for the fans of Highlanders and of time travel. It also is a good mix of shifter and Fae for those who prefer the magical elements. There is plenty of action and also erotic scenes throughout. This book could use a good proof read, but otherwise it's worth the read.

    14. 5+++ stars!!!WOW!! Highlander's Kiss by Joanne Wadsworth was absolutely amazing! I think it is one of my favorites, so far. Highlander's Kiss is jam packed with time travel, romance, love, war and sexy scenes. Joanne sweeps you into the Highlands of both past and present times. She makes you feel as if you are truly apart of her characters and you will be laughing and crying along with all of them. Julia is a beautiful Fae woman from the past and when she falls and needs stitches, the Fae Angel [...]

    15. OMG I just can't try to read this anymore!!! I love time-travel books and highlanders so thought this freebie by a "NY Times author" (I now realize it didn't say BESTSELLING) sounded good. It was labelled 1st in the series however apparently it is a continuation of several previous related series, so I felt the secondary characters, poorly written tho they were, were simply underdeveloped ones. Let us know when you do that, authors! And then NOTHING much happened, there was insta-love (yuck) and [...]

    16. I received this book from the author in return for an honest review. I loved this book. It is a wonderful love story that includes a little of about everything: Highlanders, Clans, fighting, shifting, time travel, love, mates, and fai, and Joanne Wadsworth does a fantastic job blending all of this into a beautiful love story. With all the going back and forth between the past and present, everything was still so smooth. The handfast vows that Tavish and Julia spoke in the cavern was one of the m [...]

    17. No for meThis is a light read with heavy sexual description. Great if you're lonely and only looking for some arousal. The storyline was predictable, the characters were too perfect and their relationship did not have enough conflict. The fantasy of traveling through time to meet ones fated mate fell flat because of it being commonplace via her friend's power and the fact her sister had done it beforehand. The battles, especially the one at the end, were too short, lacked a good descriptive elem [...]

    18. I didn't finish this book. I got 28% into it. I don't mind the premise or the plot line of this story. The thing that bothers me the most is the writing style and flow. I felt very like I needed to read the previous series so I knew what was going on

    19. I saw all the high ratings and thought this would be a great book to read. It has things I love like the Fae and Highlanders even shifters but from the beginning it was confusing. It was supposed to be a book 1 but I spent the first few chapters feeling like something was missing. It alluded to all these other stories that I had not read but this was a first book?! I could not get into the story and there was no connection for me with the characters. I finally gave up about halfway through. I ap [...]

    20. A very entertaining read! A continuation from Matheson Brothers series Clan Matheson series. The first story, Highlander's Kiss, has Tavish Matheson traveling through time to convince a woman their souls must be together. Julia has the ability to read a persons aura, and as they show no bond between them she believes he must be mistaken.The story gets very interesting as attraction and feelings get involved and Julia is kidnapped. I really liked the story, a nice mix of past and present with a l [...]

    21. Time travel sex and Scotlands clan wars. Not a great read Too much emphasis on sex with a level of violence that is distasteful, while could be that biting is acceptToo many repetitive passages on sex with a level of violence that is worrying. Detracted from the essence of time travel and romance. The author has clearly researched Scotland and its clan wars well.

    22. A find my soul mate book. A young lady in year 1210 falls and hurts her head. The Fat Angel of Love, takes her to present day to have a doctor look and take care of her. The doctor finds that she is his soul mate but she does not believe him. In the year 1210 her mother and father, who they believe are dead. The MacKenzie clan and the Matheson clan are forever at odds. It takes time and visits back and forth in history but love wins the day.

    23. This series is just as good as the other series I read which was "The Brothers Matheson". Ms. Wadsworth has a very special talent in story telling. She has the gift to take you into her stories and almost live with her characters. I felt like I was with all of Clan Matheson and almost back in time. These stories are a must to read.

    24. ARC for an honest review. This was a great sweep you off into the past romance. It was told like the Clan Matheson books. This is their friends and it was written like those. You don't need to read any of them to understand this book but it helps. The love story has action to keep your attention, heat to keep you reading and she even put in humor to make you laugh. This was a trifecta.

    25. A delight to read. Once you start the series it calls to you. Author Wadsworth makes you feel you are part of the time period.As I stared above, the Author makes you feel that you are part of the Highlanders. Enjoy reading each and everyone

    26. I received this book free in exchange for a review. This is the first time that I have read a story about Faes and Shifters and I found it to be quite interesting. It takes place in Scotland where the Fae young lady meets her soul mate in the form of a bear man.

    27. Read because it was free from Bookbub and it was decent. Basic romance novel that can be read standalone but is also part of a longer series/sequence. I would read the others and will probably pick this one up again sometime.

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