Deep Dark

Deep Dark The moment detective Reed Novak steps onto the crime scene he knows the case is going to rock his world A beautiful young woman murdered at home No sign of forced entry No motive She s obviously not

  • Title: Deep Dark
  • Author: Laura Griffin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The moment detective Reed Novak steps onto the crime scene, he knows the case is going to rock his world A beautiful young woman murdered at home No sign of forced entry No motive She s obviously not the killer s first victim, and Reed s instincts tell him she won t be his last Reed s first clue comes via a mysterious text that links to a dating profile, but even The moment detective Reed Novak steps onto the crime scene, he knows the case is going to rock his world A beautiful young woman murdered at home No sign of forced entry No motive She s obviously not the killer s first victim, and Reed s instincts tell him she won t be his last Reed s first clue comes via a mysterious text that links to a dating profile, but even intriguing than the clue is the person who sent it.As a white hat hacker in the Delphi Center s cyber investigation unit, Laney Knox sneaks into some of the deepest, darkest corners of the Internet looking for predators Laney would prefer to stay away from Austin PD s most recent murder case, but she can t ignore the chilling similarities between that crime and her own brutal attack years ago Laney offers to help the sexy lead detective, but he wants from her than just a promising tip Reed wants her trust Laney resists, but as their relationship deepens she s tempted to reveal the closely guarded secrets that could make her a key witness or the killer s next victim.

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    1. ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Wow!!! I freaking loved every second of it and I still want more! Reading this amazing crime story reminded me of watching a crime episode on TV but with so much detail and emotions. The main part is solving the murder case but the romance doesn't suffer because of that not one bit. I loved that the author did her job and actually knew what she was writing about. Her attention to detail is spot on and that makes the story really believ [...]

    2. Reed Novak is a 39-year old Austin Police Department detective working a horrible murder case when he receives a curious text message on his phone. He ultimately tracks down the sender, 25-year old hacker Laney Knox who is a cyber-intrusion expert for the Delphi Center. For very good reasons, she’s not able to point him in the direction of a dating site that may be critical to the case so Laney wants to work with him in the background. However, Reed doesn’t want her involved even though she [...]

    3. Loved the age difference and the opposites attract romance here! Laney was only twenty-four and Reed thirty-eight, but they had instant chemistry and attraction. Laney was a young, edgy computer genius, with pink highlights, not Reed’s usual type. Reed is a conventional clean-cut cop and definitely not Laney’s usual type, either, but, boy, Reed was very male in the best way possible, and they just clicked together!As for the mystery, I was keep guessing and on the edge of my seat with lots o [...]

    4. Reading a Tracers novel is like coming home after a long day at work. There is just something so comforting knowing I am reading a book written by Laura Griffin. Always smart, always better than the last, and always filled with well thought-out plotlines and unexpected turns. Deep Dark is no different. It’s captivating from the onset and will keep you invested throughout its entirety. Cyber investigator and white-hat hacker Laney Knox has discovered a link: one that is alarmingly familiar to a [...]

    5. An awesome new read in the Tracers series. Ms. Griffin brings her trademark suspense and characters to her 10th book in the Tracers series.Deep Dark was another really good story and I like that Ms. Griffin switched it up and put a significant age gap between our two MCs. The two are drawn together and on one hand that don't seem to be a match and on the other hand, they really do belong together. With the big age gap, I was really wanting to see a very mature 24 year old, but Laney had definite [...]

    6. Let me start by saying that I have every single one of the Tracers series either on my keeper shelf or on my kindle. This series has it all great suspense, mystery, romance, spice, lots of forensics, serial killers, FBI, local law enforcement,exceptionally well-written stories. One of these days I'm going to start at the beginning again.Laney Knox is a hacker of the good kind in the Delphi Center's Cyber Investigation Unit. She likes digging into the dark corners of the internet looking for pre [...]

    7. I have a new favorite romantic suspense author. This book was perfect. I love when a book can keep me guessing until the very end. I didn't want to put it down, it was equal parts suspenseful and sexy - I loved every single minute of it!! Why I haven't read anything by this author before, I don't know, but I'll be adding more of her books to my TBR and looking out for her releases in the future!!

    8. I loved it. All of it. The story, the hero, the heroine even the secondary characters.Great 5Stars suspense.

    9. I'll say it again - I love this romantic suspense series by Laura Griffin. So well done.Deep Dark has a thirty-nine year old homicide detective hero and a twenty-four year old cybercrime hacker - and their chemistry is soooo good. When a girl who was just starting out in life is found horribly murdered in her home, police want to find the murderer fast. But there is no DNA evidence left at the scene. They turn a suspicious eye to the dead woman's previous boyfriend, but then Detective Reed gets [...]

    10. How do you top an already stellar seriesLaura Griffin has done it with DEEP DARK. Page-turning and addicting, DEEP DARK will have you thinking twice about signing up for Match!It amazes me each time I delve into a Tracers Series romance, because I always say "well, she can't top the last one, that one was a thrill-ride, and the romance was sweet and sexy and I held on to every word. But then she comes out with the next, and you say to yourselfHoly CrapHow does she do it EVERY TIME!!! Laura Griff [...]

    11. Griffin is back with another great Tracers read! This book has it all mystery, romance and non stop suspense. It's csi and criminal minds rolled into one fantastic read! There are bad and good hackers and Laney is one of the good ones. She works in Delphi Center's Cyber Investigation Unit. After a young woman is murdered she gets involved by sending information to the detective on the case but she has no idea what is about to come next. Reed knows Laney isn't telling him everything so he has her [...]

    12. I like it very much but after read Karen Rose's books, this one feel like kind of tame.Not many bodies drop like flies 😬But the romance is good and I was annoying with myself to missed the villain, I suspected him but Ms. Griffin made me not thought about him much with her writing skill! Boo 😝I think I will read more from this series for sure:)

    13. I've been enjoying this series and did enjoy reading this book. The reason for the 3 stars is there were a number of missing elements in this book that are usually in the others. Character development was one of them - I liked both characters and thought they were well drawn. However (view spoiler)[they didn't change or seem to grow during the story Laney never trusted Reed with her feelings about being attacked and was never totally honest with him - he never got to the point where he needed to [...]

    14. 2.5/5; 3 stars; B-This book has the kind of thing that I see sometimes by this author and that is the incredibly TSTL, impulsive, emotionally retarded heroine who I just want to yell at I liked the mystery in this book but almost stopped reading it because of the character, Laney.

    15. 4 starsSuspense, action with a side of romance and sexy times. The hero is a detective, the heroine a hacker. Throw in a stalker serial killer and bam! PERFECT!

    16. “Think you can handle it?”There’s no other way to say it - I loved this book. The intricate plot, the endearing characters and the heart-pounding pace kept me fully engaged. This is the tenth book in the series, but somehow only the first one I’ve read. How have I not read a book from Laura Griffin before? What kind of romantic suspense reader am I? Well, I can guarantee that it won’t be the last. Maybe because I stopped at the bookstore on the way home yesterday or maybe because I’v [...]

    17. ARC provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I can always depend on Laura Griffin to deliver a romantic-suspense book that keeps you guessing till the very end who the baddie is. I had absolutely no clue. This time around she turns up the suspense and treats us to a romance between two characters who should have no connection at all.Laney Knox is a 24 year old white hat hacker for the Delphi Center Cyber Investigative Unit. She is a prickly 20 something who is det [...]

    18. With a lovely blend of sexual heat and tension plus some CSI intrigue, this book is one that will cause you to lose some sleep. Mainly because you will not be able to put it down! Loaded with a well researched plot that includes tons of twists, you get grossly involved in every bit of the story.Reed is a hottie and when the author created Laney, maybe she didn't intend on a 15 year age difference, or maybe she did. However, this is not a typical May-September romance. They are a perfect combo ev [...]

    19. I enjoy this! Good mystery that keeps you guessing, good characters, good plot. Full review at The Book Disciple

    20. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 hehehe,adding stars is possible! Absolutely fantastic! I am jumping with joy, I am absolutely in love, I am still tingling all over[not in the creepy way] This book hugs my heart and the leading mcs will stay as favourites of mine forever.It is perfect, an engaging+kinda creepy plot, a hot+cool detective, an awesome+traumatised hacker and unguessable perpetrator Reed and Laney, despite their differences,are extremely compatible, you can expect their chemistry + biology + [...]

    21. Yeeeeeeesssss!!!One of my best books of 2016!! Took me 3 enjoyable, investigative days to read, and have theories as to who the killer is, then, still not figure it out, which excites me because we all know, you may like it when you finish the book, and your who-dunit guess was right; but at times you want to be wrong and relish your mind getting blown when you actually find out who it is.The book explores murders with the same MO (haha, you know a book is good when you still quote the book ling [...]

    22. Originally reviewed at The Book Adventures.I’ve been a fan of Griffin’s Tracers series since I discovered her on audiobook. When I had the chance at an advance copy of book ten, well, there was no waiting on the audio format. Everything I love about Griffin’s series was here: romance, mystery, and suspense. And, Griffin hooks readers from page one, immersing readers into the terrifying experience of a home invasion.Laney Knox was attacked in her home two years ago. Laney managed to escape, [...]

    23. -It’s a romantic suspense, which was a good change of pace for me.-It’s also the first time I’ve read Ms. Griffin’s work and I really enjoyed her writing. The prologue grabs your attention and kept me interested well into the night.-The suspense part holds up. I was intrigued, the story flowed well, and the villain isn’t too obvious. In the age where many people have seen at least one procedural show [if not many], Ms. Griffin certainly paid attention to detail regarding the investigat [...]

    24. ***ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley***I enjoyed this book, which isn't a surprise as I have read and enjoyed others by Laura Griffin. It also fit my mood, as sometimes I want to read something a little grittier, maybe a little less "hearts and flowers" than your usual romance. And, 2 people who meet because of a serial killer, well, doesn't get a whole lot darker than that. I liked Reed and Laney. Reed is a 39 year-old detective with the Austin PD. Laney a 24 year-old hacker. The seri [...]

    25. Perfect! Spellbinding! I devoured Deep Dark. From the first chapter, I had chills going up my body. I had to stop reading just to make sure all my doors were locked. I'm new to Mrs. Griffin's books but she has made me a fan after reading this phenomenal suspense novel. Let me give you an insight:Delaney Knox is a hacker and she works for a company called Delphi Center which helps find criminals, predators and it's excellent at DNA recovery. This company seems to have everything they need to be a [...]

    26. The story hooks the reader from page one when she shared Laney Knox’s memories of the night she was brutally attacked three years ago. Three years later, this brilliant hacker works for the Delphi Center. Through her job, and their acceptance of "hacktivism" she is able to take down child porn sites, protect identities and more. A bit of an Emo, who marches to her own beat, I connected with Laney from the onset.Austin Homicide detective Reed Novak has just taken on a case where a beautiful you [...]

    27. Another really good read in what is one of the best RS series currently being written, imo. Laney is a computer hacker for the "Tracers" at the Delphi Center. After completing the project of checking the 'back door' software deficiencies for an online dating site; she gets embroiled in a serial murder case that may have something to do with the websited with the sexy detective running the investigation. I was intrigued by the age-difference scenario between the leads; but instead of being it exp [...]

    28. received an Arc from Publisher for a honest review This is going to short and sweet review. Deep Dark is a perfect addition to an amazing series. I have read every book in this series, and each book has been better than the other. I don't know how Ms. Griffin does it. The book had a perfect balance of romance and suspense. I loved Laney and Reed together. I loved that Laney made it her mission to find out the killer. I also loved Reed protectiveness towards her. Don't miss the chance to read ano [...]

    29. Tracers SeriesUntraceable (Book 1)Unspeakable (Book 2)Unstoppable (Book 2.5)Unforgivable (Book 3)Snapped (Book 4)Twisted (Book 5)Scorched (Book 6)Exposed (Book 7)Beyond Limits (Book 8)Shadow Fall (Book 9)Deep Dark (Book 10)At Close Range (Book 11) *Coming Jan. 2017 WHY SO FAR AWAY!! WAHHHH**This series does NOT need to be read in order. Each book focuses on different Hero/Heroine and each plot stands alone.*****Check out Laura Griffin's website to see all her Tracers info.***Laura Griffin is bac [...]

    30. Deep Dark is romantic suspense done right. It's incredibly well-written with an amazing cast of characters. From page one I was completely immersed in the story. certainly starts off with a bang. The chemistry between Reed and Laney is off the charts and I love the way their relationship develops. Add in a serial killer and it makes for a thrilling read. Prior to reading this I hadn't read any of the Tracers series but now I'm itching to get caught up!A swoon-worthy detective. Forensics. Hacking [...]

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