The Myth of Human Supremacy

The Myth of Human Supremacy In this impassioned polemic radical environmental philosopher Derrick Jensen debunks the near universal belief in a hierarchy of nature and the superiority of humans Vast and underappreciated complex

  • Title: The Myth of Human Supremacy
  • Author: Derrick Jensen
  • ISBN: 9781609806781
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this impassioned polemic, radical environmental philosopher Derrick Jensen debunks the near universal belief in a hierarchy of nature and the superiority of humans Vast and underappreciated complexities of nonhuman life are explored in detail from the cultures of pigs and prairie dogs, to the creative use of tools by elephants and fish, to the acumen of caterpillars anIn this impassioned polemic, radical environmental philosopher Derrick Jensen debunks the near universal belief in a hierarchy of nature and the superiority of humans Vast and underappreciated complexities of nonhuman life are explored in detail from the cultures of pigs and prairie dogs, to the creative use of tools by elephants and fish, to the acumen of caterpillars and fungi The paralysis of the scientific establishment on moral and ethical issues is confronted and a radical new framework for assessing the intelligence and sentience of nonhuman life is put forth Jensen attacks mainstream environmental journalism, which too often limits discussions to how ecological changes affect humans or the economy with little or no regard for nonhuman life With his signature compassionate logic, he argues that when we separate ourselves from the rest of nature, we in fact orient ourselves against nature, taking an unjust and, in the long run, impossible position.Jensen expresses profound disdain for the human industrial complex and its ecological excesses, contending that it is based on the systematic exploitation of the earth Page by page, Jensen, who has been called the philosopher poet of the environmental movement, demonstrates his deep appreciation of the natural world in all its intimacy, and sounds an urgent call for its liberation from human domination.

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      200 Derrick Jensen
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    1 thought on “The Myth of Human Supremacy”

    1. When an unlucky person has been swept away by the brainwashing of a wacko cult, concerned friends or family members sometimes seek the assistance of a skilled deprogrammer to exorcize the demons. It’s a painful process. The scrambled soul is blasted with a fire-hose of strong rational arguments, hour after hour, hammering away at the many contradictions in the cult’s beliefs. Ideally, the shining power of truth blasts away the illusions, and opens the door to healing.I was reminded of this w [...]

    2. Derrick challenges his readers like no other author can. His breadth and depth of understanding of the natural world is amazing. I'm in debt to D.J. like I am to no other author.I had to read a few pages, perhaps a chapter and often go back to clarify my understanding. Truly groundbreaking.

    3. If you have ever wondered why philosophers say things like, "It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question." Well, this book fires off reality changing questions like a machine gun, and provides a new perspective on questioning everything.Really enjoyed the book, I would say this is a must read.

    4. This book is an instant classic and a must read. It perfectly demonstrates the biggest reason we are killing the planet.

    5. Jensen is a writer I’ve long been intrigued by and wanted to read, but this is the first time I’ve actually done so. He’s a powerful writer, making a powerful argument for the planet, as a multitude of abundant, intelligent, creative Life, which Humans do not understand except in extremely imperialistic terms. Human beings insist that we are the highest life form, believe that we have the wisdom and the right to shape and use all the earth and all other life forms to our benefit [our self- [...]

    6. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this. Thanks for putting my thoughts and fears into very nicely formed words, Derrick Jensen. Now to get the rest of the world to read and act on them

    7. I loved this book. Derrick Jensen has a signature style for questioning assumptions and he uses it here to great effect, to dig deep into the ways we assume humans are superior, and articulate the resulting benefits we allocate to ourselves at the expense of the rest of life on the planet.His simplistic and overly sentimental portrayal of indigenous cultures bothered me; while it is certainly true that humans knew how to live more lightly on the Earth before agriculture and industrial civilizati [...]

    8. Great and Terrible reading as is often the case with Derrick Jensen, he has a real ability to give you the straight dope which causes disgust, anger and hopefully action. This book is a personal favorite as it's very much in line with my own thinking but was able to delve into the philosophical aspects of Human supremacy in a way that gives the meaning much further depth.I hope this book is a breakthrough to a much larger audience as we're now under a Trump regime and we need this message to ins [...]

    9. It's got a good message, but the style is not very professional. The book is very repetitive and consists mostly of quoting online articles (and their comments sections) then responding with snide remarks.There was also one section about non-reproducible studies involving plant telepathy that made the book lose a lot of credibility in my eyes. If you're trying to prove something so unaccepted, you had better be able to reproduce it!

    10. Derrick Jensen is the author of some twenty books that have evolved from critiques of power, technology and oppression to an appeal for arresting the destruction of the natural world. In an ‘Open Letter to Reclaim Environmentalism’, Jensen argues: “Contrast this to what some activists are calling the conservation-industrial complex – ¬big green organizations, huge “environmental” foundations, neo-environmentalists, some academics –¬ which has co-opted too much of the movement int [...]

    11. There is an honest intensity to Derrick Jensen's writing that you'll either love or loathe. I find myself in the love category. "The Myth of Human Supremacy" may be my favorite book of the year. Jensen provides a myriad of examples of non-human intelligence from flatworms, trees, and even prairie dogs. He astutely points out the very self-serving limitations of todays mechanistic science that conveniently holds industrial humans up as the pinnacle of evolution. Jensens spends plenty of time rail [...]

    12. Jensen's unfocused ranting, with cogent and salient points tucked in, brings him to his most natural, and predestined, state: the barefoot, sandwich board-wearing street corner doomsday prophet/maniac. He finally cracked his nut! Popped his top! Jensen is right, we're essentially totally doomed, we've wreaked irreconcilable havoc on the environment, and there's no turning back as humans' self-appointed spot at the top of the food chain means big profits, and no one is turning down money, no matt [...]

    13. Paradigm shifting. The slow-perception of the plant world's cognizance is undeniable. Jensen writes in a provocative way that is difficult to denounce.

    14. passionate. anecdotal. i still dont understand how such a fiery environmentalist doesnt advocate veganism, if only for the water and energy conservation.

    15. MediocreThe book is interesting and had a lot of research to back up the authors hypothesis, but the author is angry which although it is his point because of his believe we are killing the world, I found it hard to read in the face of his anger

    16. Very provocative, opinionated and "in your face" dissection of the self-absorption, apathy and disregard that seem to plague much of our society, especially with regard to the natural world. I am not yet sure how much I agree with accusation and conclusions in this book, but I am grateful for the way it has shaken up my view of some of the common ideologies that I constantly, and often subconsciously, buy into and take for granted.

    17. Not sure where to start with a review of The Myth of Human Supremacy. Is it radical? Certainly by most standards. It's also fearless and insightful. It's the kind of book that could make any open-minded individual think twice about something. It's very well written, conversational, and not always an easy read because the mind will most certainly be stretched.Jensen challenges the way we in the Western world tend to look at so many things, but primarily how we look at the natural world. Our relat [...]

    18. Just read it it will widen your perspective and you'll learn a few things that you wouldn't otherwise be exposed to. Worth reading a couple times as well which I will do

    19. At its best this book sings, either evoking the wonder of wild creatures or deconstructing the misguided (supremacist) assumptions driving the dominant culture. But sometimes Jensen's anger gets the better of him though, substituting snark for substance, whininess for righteousness. Like Endgame, this book could be shorter than it is. Jensen isn't right on everything and this book isn't meant to win him many friends, but he's wrong in a way that's still useful to understanding the relevant issue [...]

    20. I love Derrick Jensen's books. I believe I have read them all. They make you think and to look at yourself. That is not always easy to do. It is how we, as humans, are destroying the natural world - and we do it by believing we are superior to nature, and other living beings. we are seeing this played out today not only in human supremacy - but in the belief of white male supremacy. It is a very ugly and hate filled condition

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