Bewildered What had gotten into me As a student I d sketched nudes before Not once had I been tempted to have sex with any of them Not even the really hot ones It was as plain as the sexy tattoo on Travis s sho

  • Title: Bewildered
  • Author: Jessa Jacobs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What had gotten into me As a student, I d sketched nudes before Not once had I been tempted to have sex with any of them Not even the really hot ones It was as plain as the sexy tattoo on Travis s shoulder that I was out of control and getting worse by the minute.I wasn t sure what this was, but I couldn t seem to stop, and Travis didn t make it any easier with his conWhat had gotten into me As a student, I d sketched nudes before Not once had I been tempted to have sex with any of them Not even the really hot ones It was as plain as the sexy tattoo on Travis s shoulder that I was out of control and getting worse by the minute.I wasn t sure what this was, but I couldn t seem to stop, and Travis didn t make it any easier with his constant temptations I couldn t help but feel it wouldn t end well, and yet, I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame I knew how that usually turned out We were playing a dangerous game, one where I knew I could be hurt But was it fair that innocent bystanders could also get hurt Bewildered is Part Two of a 5 part serial It is not a standalone expect a cliffhanger Please note estimated pages Recommended for mature audiences 18 due to sexual content Release schedule for Irrationally His Bothered Part One July 8, 2015 Bewildered Part Two July 22, 2015 Brazen Part Three August 5, 2015 Broken Part Four August 19, 2015 Beloved Part Five September 2, 2015

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    1 thought on “Bewildered”

    1. A great second installment - looks like this little girl is coming into her own somewhat kinky self with the help of her devastatingly hunky cowboy step-brother. Yeeee to the haw!!!

    2. ☆ I received an ARC via the author (ART Team) in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆Bewildered takes place right after bk1 ended. Here, we is learn of an alarming situation of the past and see how our young lovers take it on. Needless to say, this is only a slice on what is on Travis and Chelsea’s plate as feelings and emotions grow stronger, passions grows wilder, and secrets willing to expose them, how will these two unlikely lovers succumb their tumultuous affair? It was pretty [...]

    3. I Received this Book good Free to Give My True and Honest Review.Omg Jessa you've outdone yourself with the way Chelsea and Travis' relationship is going.Even though they're trying to deny how & which way their relationship's going they are being so naive They're feelings are really starting to expand tí what they BOTH had told either.Until he see's that when she's lasso'd he can see she's panicked & runs off& he gives chase.Then later on Randy the Same Ranch Hand paws at her to try [...]

    4. I received a free copy for an honest reviewAfter her photo session with Travis, Chelsea is feeling a little hot under the collar. Now knowing more than ever she doesn't want her relationship with Travis to end, she's excited to begin her art sessions with him. But he's her stepbrother and if their parents ever found out it would not only ruin their parents' anniversary but also their family.As the festivities continue both Chelsea and Travis must navigate their new found relationship whilst hidi [...]

    5. Travis is one sexy cowboy that is keeping a secret from his father. What secret? Well, he's playing the horizontal dance with his stepsister. Chelsea is self conscious of her looks but to Travis she's beautiful. Will these two keep their affair a secret or will a ranch barn dance expose them? What hidden message is behind their parent's Anniversary Party? So many delicious tidbits. Jessa Jacobs has me not so patiently waiting for the next book. Great job! A must read!

    6. Many thanks to the author, who gave me a copy of Bewildered in exchange for my honest review.It feels wrong to say it, but I think I like this series even better than Jessa’s previous series, Full Tilt Billionaire. The chemistry between Chelsea and her step brother Travis has retained its intensity into this second installment. These two have no problem with each other, physically. Despite his best intentions, however, Travis seems to be developing an emotional problem - he’s getting attache [...]

    7. This is so thrilling! Fun and banter are great, but this second part rises the stakes and adds drama and ultimate hotness to the lot.I loved how possessive his desire for Chelsea becomes as Travis finds himself jealous of every smile she conveys in a friendly manner. Chelsea is the source of some intense scenes that have to do with her rotund physique and I loved how they played out. Their heated relationship gets no only closer and warmer, but incredibly erotic too.I found myself wanting to sha [...]

    8. Chelsea was happy to finally doing something with her career. Being able to paint the ranch and especially Travis was something she was envision and she knew it would work. Now Travis being the model to her naked portraits was a plus. But she wanted to know how did her secret relationship with him will played out. Only time would tell.Travis was happy to be able to help Chelsea and to spend more time with her, knowing she was good at what she did was a plus. He knew he was stepping in dangerous [...]

    9. This second book in the "Irrationally His Series" was excellent! The storyline is interesting and erotic. Chelsea and her stepbrother Travis are quite smitten, there is trouble with one of the farmhands that opens up a can of worms for Chelsea and brings the two even closer.Chelsea is able to make sense of her feelings after sketching the two scary situations. Major insight into Chelsea's needs and why Travis is able to fulfill her desires.My mind told me that the sex was hot, better than I'd ev [...]

    10. An Awesome Read!I really enjoyed reading Bewildered: A Billionaire Cowboy Stepbrother Romance (Irrationally His Book 2), all about Chelsea the step-sister & Travis the stepbrother who meet on their parents ranch for a big tenth anniversary celebration. In book 1 Chelsea & Travis discover they have feelings for each other and act upon them, unbeknownst to their parents! In book 2 it's getting harder for Travis to pretend he doesn't care about Chelsea in front of his parents! They have dep [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Book two of the Irrationally His series continues to heat things up between step siblings Travis and Chelsea. They begin to spend more stolen moments together, trying to keep their relationship a secret. When a ranch hand crosses the line with Chelsea it is Travis who jumps to her rescue. This causes Chelsea to open up to Travis about her past and reveals a part of her she didn't know existed. Will they be able to ke [...]

    12. ***RECEIVED AN ADVANCED COPY OF THIS BOOK BY THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR HONEST REVIEW***Wow!!! Hot SIZZLING Sexy times between these two characters Travis and Chelsea are getting closer without realizing their guards aren't as strong as they were when they first met. Travis feels protective of HIS woman and it's extremely appealing quality that I can't help but love about him. He doesn't realize his feelings are changing and so are Chelsea's she has opened up about a very traumatic event that oc [...]

    13. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.This is book two from the Irrationally His series and needs to be read after the first book as it picks up from where it left off in book one.Again, this book had me hooked so much that I let other responsibilities fall by the wayside so I could read it.In this installment we learn about an event that took place in Chelsea's past when she experiences a similar situation in the present. Only this time, she uses her skill as an artist to help [...]

    14. Received a copy from the author for an honest review.This series is way beyond what we have read from Jessa Jacobs before and in one word this book is HOOOOOOOT. There is no other words to describe this taboo series.If you are not a fan of the stepbrother romances, then this is not the book for you, however if you are going to read one then this is the one to read. This set of step siblings did not grow up nor were they raised together, so in my books this relationship that seems to be growing i [...]

    15. I'm so loving this series! It is sexy, fun, gripping and the banter between Travis and Chelsea is just simply brilliant. I found myself giggling more than once! I'm loving how Travis's desire for Chelsea is changing and how he is beginning to question why he wants her and what he wants to get out of their so called relationship. After what happened to Chelsea ant the Dance, she's totally shaken up and she's also reviewing her life and how she's acted so far. The sexy scenes between this two is s [...]

    16. ARC was given in exchange for a honest review WOW Jessa… I really love Chelesa and Travis that hot and sexy photo shoot the sneaking around making sure they don’t get caught Wouza!!At their parents anniversary celebration Chelsea sorta has a freaks out what happens to her reminds her of something that happened when she was younger and Travis of course wants to know what is going on he wants to help her and comfort herbut will Chelsea open up to him?I love the sexy scenes between this two! I [...]

    17. My Review of Bewildered by Jessa JacobMy Rating 4 StarsBewildered begins right where book 1 left off. As Travis and Chelsea continue to deny where their relationship is going. Chelsea is excited to begin lessons with him and she know he’s her stepbrother and it would completely ruin her family if things were to progress between the two. This couple is really starting to feel the heat and us readers are as well. I can’t wait to see what happens next in book 3!I received an ARC via the author [...]

    18. Book received for honest reviewsHoly hotness I think my ovaries dropped.Ok so Travis and Chelsea are still sneaking around and having their fun, but whilst keeping a front in front of their parents behind closed doors it's a different story. But during one event at their parents anniversary celebrations Chelsea has a panic attack and Travis wants to know the story, will Chelsea open up to him? DO both want more from each other or will they keep it just fun? Ms Jacobs has me hooked with this stor [...]

    19. I was given this free read:Bewildered #2 by Jessa Jacobs in exchange for my honest review.Ok Ok! this book is to sexy hot!The story is developing into an honest to good HOT!READ! I love the story line. It reads easily and flows consistent with the characters and theme. Drama, lust,taboo, discovery, and emotion. A boy a girl.Jessas' writing is swqeeeeeel! Totally erotic! Rockin' Hard Jessa.Thanks for the Great Read.

    20. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed this one. I did find that both Chelsea and Travis are getting closer and also developing more feelings than either was expecting. I am hoping it turns out for the best though and I want to know what is wrong with Travis' dad too. I can tell something is off but I'm not sure what yet. Hopefully we will see in the next one!

    21. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I can't get enough of Chelsea & Travis together. When an incident reminds Chelsea of a traumatizing incident from childhood, Travis comes and comforts her. With having to be careful that no one finds out that they are hooking up, how long will that last? How long until they are seen or someone gets suspicious? I can't wait for more, every time they are together it has me wanting more. Can't wait for the next book

    22. Another Great read in this series beautifully written and created the story flowed really well, I love the humour between Chelsea and Travis which is great to see in a book! I loved there chemistry and there developing character's can't wait to see what's going to happen next between them both with more fireworks and passion or will it come to an end once the secret is out! I received this Advance copy for an honest review!!

    23. Wow. I loved this short story. I was surprised at a few things that happened, though. I wasn't expecting it to end like it did; of course, I don't know what I was expecting. I honestly wasn't ready for Bewildered to end. I was a little sad when the story ended. I can't wait to see what happens next.

    24. 2nd book in contemporary series!Kindle Unlimited book. Cliffhanger!!! Wow things heat up big time!! Has he awaken something in her that has always been laying under the surface! Dang totally hot. Can't wait for more.

    25. Received this free ARC Copy from the author for an honest review. Oh this is sooo good to read. Chelsea having girlie chats and teasing travis. Her mum worries about her but what's going on with the parents? . Lots of secrets to unfold . family barbecues. wow. Love it .

    26. Good!I chose this rating because this was a very good book. I was sad to read about what happened to her when she was young, and her dad didn't do anything about it. I was happy though when her step brother defended her honour. GREAT BOOK!

    27. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Travis and Chelsea has a good chemistry. Didn't know this was soooo intense, I can't get my ass off in my couch! Lol. Thanks for sharing this one, Jessa. <3

    28. 5Stars Read!! Amazing book I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Chelsea and Travis story getting hotter by the minute.

    29. I really hope Travis comes to the party and soon. I really like him and Chelsea together. Such a hot, fun combination.

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