Balls Up

Balls Up Owen Barnes s life is finally going the way he wants He s making a living as an author and his relationship with building surveyor Magnus Cassidy is going from strength to strength When Owen finds a

  • Title: Balls Up
  • Author: Kate Aaron
  • ISBN: 9781514235904
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • Owen Barnes s life is finally going the way he wants He s making a living as an author, and his relationship with building surveyor Magnus Cassidy is going from strength to strength When Owen finds a lump, he buries his head in the sand He s too busy for doctor appointments and besides, it s probably nothing He pushes concern away and is soon swept up in a whirlwind ofOwen Barnes s life is finally going the way he wants He s making a living as an author, and his relationship with building surveyor Magnus Cassidy is going from strength to strength When Owen finds a lump, he buries his head in the sand He s too busy for doctor appointments and besides, it s probably nothing He pushes concern away and is soon swept up in a whirlwind of distractions His best friend s husband is falling apart and Owen needs to be strong for them, not burdening them with his fears.He says he ll deal with it when the new book is released, when Ryan and Sameer are stable, when he s done writing Owen has a hundred excuses to hide one simple fact he s scared.Eventually Magnus drags him to the doctor, and the news isn t good Can Owen cope with the unexpected turn events have taken, or is his perfect life about to go balls up CONTENT WARNING Cancer, hospitals, chemotherapy, backless gowns, hideous scrotal supports, and the complete loss of human dignity from being shaved by a nurse named Alan.

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    1. It's not that often I finish a book, sit back and try to relive the experience all over again. I don't even know where to begin with this book to be honest. I'm good with expressing my feelings but this book left me speechless, breathless. It left me grateful. It woke me up. We are not invincible. We are not unstoppable. We are human and we are guilty of thinking, "This can never happen to me." In Blowing It (book 1) Kate Aaron introduced us to these very same characters. Relationships were born [...]

    2. The continuing saga of Owen Barnes, YA author and his boyfriend Magnus, a building surveyor. Well, I ran the whole gamut of emotions reading this one, and unfortunately relived some intensely personal moments for me; luckily I wasn't quite so far down that long and painful road as Owen was but what I went through was bad enough. Yes, everyone, I'm talking about fighting and surviving the C-word. 5 stars for Kate's brilliant writing and Fen's superb 'dotting the i's and crossing the t's' mad edit [...]

    3. This book picks up after Blowing It with the same MCs: Owen Barnes, aka Owen Black, a famous children’s author and Magnus Cassidy, a property surveyor. Owen and Marcus are building their relationship and it seems to be going well when Owen feels a tiny pea-sized bump on one testicle. He puts off seeking treatment until one day a few months later when Marcus notices it and escorts him to a doctor. It turns out to be stage IIC testicular cancer.This story is Owen and Marcus’s journey through t [...]

    4. OMG amazing! This author, takes you on a journey into the life of cancerSo Damn well. Working hospice at the ends wit. I never once pictured the valley, in which one may go after receiving such a diagnosis. Working hospice my primary focus was dignity, care, support,comfort, and family family family support. Gosh, I gotta tell you what a fantastic journey this writer takes you on! Oh and don't cheat yourself, out of the authors note; its in the end, and just damn I was pleasantly pleased.

    5. I finished reading Balls Up some time ago and have been procrastinating about writing this review ever since. Not because I have any doubts about how I feel about this book or because I didn’t like it as much as I hoped I might, quite the opposite. The reason I have been and still am reluctant to articulate my thoughts, is that I’m afraid I can’t do it without it a) turning into a gush-fest and b) getting way too personal. For what it’s worth I’ll give it a shot, but don’t say I didn [...]

    6. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsThis is the second book in the Blowing It series. While it could be read as a standalone, I think readers will appreciate the book more if they’ve read the first in the series, Blowing It, before reading this book.This book deals with the big “C” word (cancer). While the author injects humor into the story, she doesn’t sugar coat any of it. For anyone who has had someone in their life battling cancer, the story line reads like real life as Owen undergoes t [...]

    7. 5 Heart Review by SheenaWhen I sit down to read, the purpose for me is to escape reality. Whether it’s to faraway places among the stars, to a ranch out in the middle of nowhere, I read to escape. So what do I do, how do I handle, a book so real and full of the ups and downs of life that I’m left broken and wounded, but ultimately healed? I got to the brutal portions of the book, and my hands literally refused to put down my kindle because I had to finish, no matter how raw and harsh and imm [...]

    8. I immediately downloaded and read this after racing through the first book about Owen & Magnus.I found Owen's inaction about his lump very frustrating, but of course, that's how readers are supposed to act. Many people find it difficult to confront their mortality, I can't blame him for that. So good on Magnus for pushing him to deal with it.Although there was a lot about the cancer, there were other sub plots (Ryan's relationship and Magnus' job) which kept the story moving along nicely. Wi [...]

    9. Does having balls really make the manI too have had a right radical orchiectomy. And also diagnosed with a seminoma germ cell tumor. This book took me on a ride that I'd forgotten. I wish I had a partner at the time of my cancer, however I did share with family and friends and their love and compassion was overwhelming. THANK YOU!! KATE AARON your story does great justice to the roller coaster ride of testicular cancer. Life often takes many twists and turns, but our LOVE and Compassion for each [...]

    10. Reading through Owens cancer treatment was quite difficult.I felt he was selfish with not telling his friends and family and thinking that Magnus would go through it without any support for him. Of course, the book had a happy ending and they got through the treatment and I guess we have to think they got married and lived happily ever after.I enjoyed this series. I know book 3 focuses on a different MC so I am not sure if we will see Owen, MAgnus and co in any future books.

    11. What a lovely unusual story of learning that love is more than kisses, hot sex and playing house. This was about as brutal a wake up call for Owen and Mangus as anyone could hope to survive.They became real people for me and I was routing for them all the way just like I would for live friends. I hope we'll see more of this lovely couple and all their devoted friends (yes, Owen they are!) soon.

    12. This book made me FEEL. It was so beautifully written, especially the very tender moments between Owen and Magnus. Definitely one of the best books I've read all year.

    13. I'm still so wrapped up in feeling things from this book that I know I won't be able to find the words to do it justice. I also don't think I've put anything below that isn't in the blurb or content warnings, so I'm not putting it under a spoiler cut; if I'm wrong about that I hope someone lets me know so I can add one.We met (and fell in love with) Owen and Magnus in Blowing It, and their relationship is going very well (if a bit busy) when Owen discovers a lump on his testicle. While some of u [...]

    14. Balls Up is more than a romance, it’s the diary of a cancer patient and his caretaker. Yes, they are a couple, but as the disease progresses, we get to understand the challenges their love faced and how they managed to make it flourish during their darkest time together.I read this story as a stand-alone but in reality, it is book #2 in the Bring It series. This is not the type of story I usually read, but I’m glad I did. Unless you want to know how Owen and Magnus got together and read more [...]

    15. This book comes highly recommended.It's a fantastically honest book, written in a very real and raw style that had me gripped from the first page. A great book to raise awareness and a wonderful read. I love it! I read it twice in less then three weeks because I couldn't stop thinking about Owen and Magnus. Such wonderful characters. I can't express how much I loved it without spoiling anything, so I'll just say that I absolutely adore this book, can't wait for the third book (which comes out in [...]

    16. Emotional and painfully good ride. I was on the verge of tears for so much of this book, and even when I wanted to shake Owen, I felt for him. The Content Warnings are not to be ignored. This isn't so much a relationship story as it is the story of one partner supporting another through one of the hardest parts of life: scary awful illness.

    17. Magnus and Owen are nicely settling into their relationship when Owen discovers a lump on one of his testicles. He ignores it for several months until Magnus also finds it. More time passes until finally Magnus convinces Owen to have it checked out. Thus begins a six month journey with scans, surgery to remove, chemo and radiation. This story is as realistic as possible detailling the many reactions to the chemicals that are used in treatment. Through it all Owen refuses to tell anyone including [...]

    18. This was very much a tearjerker and probably my favorite in the series. I hated how Owen kept everything hidden. His denial is absolutely torture for the people who love him and made me hate him a little bit in this story, because POOR MAGNUS.

    19. Difficult but importantMy suspicion is that only people who have dealt with cancer will read this and that is a shame. But we are an important audience also. I suppose the tears never really end. The words "rare and aggressive" will haunt me the rest of my life. My husband has been dead almost two years now. Sometimes none of the treatments work and can nearly kill in themselves. And for some cancers early detection and treatment can save a life. Even specialists make mistakes and miss things. O [...]

    20. This continuation of Magnus and Owen's story was heavier than the first book, although Kate Aaron managed to sprinkle some light moments throughout. Despite all the horrific things Owen endured for his cancer treatment, the story was heartwarming. Magnus was amazingly steadfast and sacrificed so much to take care of Owen. It also made me greatly admire anyone who has had to undergo cancer treatments. For me, this quote represents the story well: "It had been ten months since I'd first discovered [...]

    21. Congratulations Kate on writing this wonderful story of such a difficult time in the relationship between Owen and Magnus. The journey Owen and Magnus take dealing with Owen's diagnosis of testicular cancer is written with humour and sensitivity that I was drawn into it and so happy they got their HEA. This book really does make you think and has made me more aware of this cancer.I came to love these characters, along with Ryan & Sameer, in Blowing It and love them even more now. I hope thei [...]

    22. Wow! Book hangoverI read this book in one sitting,. I just couldn't put it down. I feel like I know the characters personally, and am sad the book is over. The portrayal of cancer and it's treatment, and how it can affect those diagnosed, as well as, their caregivers was spot on. I cried sad and happy tears. I enjoyed the first book in this series, but this one surpassed it tenfold. I never write reviews because I usually don't know where to start, but after finishing this book I felt compelled [...]

    23. I read the first one and enjoyed it. This book made the first sweeter and although this had me on the edge of my seat, I loved it. I even shed a tear at the end. It's quite descriptive with the chemo and it certainly gives you something to think about but it sucked me in and I really cared what happened to them.

    24. This book is a sequel to Blowing It, which I enjoyed. This one was a hard slog. Our POV character Owen goes through Cancer, and you get all the gory details. I would say this almost needs a trigger warning for anyone who has gone through, or has a family member going through this as it brings everything into the light. Well written, but depressing.

    25. This book is so very good. It has a difficult plot to work through, we really see the horrible impact cancer has on the lives of Owen and Magnus, but it is so well done.Standing ovation to Kate Aaron. Outstanding.

    26. This was an ok read and occasionally funny. Only 3 stars because Owen's diva attitude got me wound up in the end.

    27. Must say this was a bit of a challenge since I've was a caregiver to someone with cancer. Brought back a lot of memories, but this one had a happy ending so it wasn't too bad reading about it.

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