Newspaper Hats

Newspaper Hats Grandpa remembers many things from long ago but he has trouble remembering his graddaughter Georgie In this moving story a little girl helps her grandfather reach his memories through the simple ac

  • Title: Newspaper Hats
  • Author: Phil Cummings Owen Swan
  • ISBN: 9781743622544
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Grandpa remembers many things from long ago, but he has trouble remembering his graddaughter, Georgie In this moving story, a little girl helps her grandfather reach his memories through the simple act of making hats from folded newspaper.

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    1. This is a touching story of a little girl interacting with her grandfather who has Alzheimer's. When Georgie and her father go to visit her grandfather she is wondering if he will remember her. He remembers things from long ago like when he and his brother are little, baking with his mother and even his time in the war, but does not seem to remember Georgie. Using pictures in his room and the newspapers he has around they make paper hats to help him remember things. They give hats to the other r [...]

    2. The trouble with living in Adelaide is Phil Cummings lives here too. If you don’t know Phil, he’s sort of annoying. And if you’re a librarian and you don’t know Phil, then you probably don’t live in Adelaide. Because every children’s librarian in Adelaide knows Phil, and (I’m not sure if his wife knows this), they’re all a little bit in love with him. That’s kind of what makes Phil so annoying – he’s very easy to love. He writes book after wonderful book and continues to re [...]

    3. We all want to be remembered. Memory is who we are. Those who share memories are linked to us in special ways.In this picture book, the young child goes to visit her grandfather in an assisted care facility (which used to be known as an old folks home), where he has forgotten her. She seems aware that his memory is going, and keeps asking her father if her grandfather will remember her when they get together.In a sweet, short, picture book, we go through the memories of her grandfather, and what [...]

    4. This was a nice, gentle, kind-of-bittersweet story about a child named Georgie who wants to know if her grandpa remembers her, and her Grandpa tells her little snippets of what he remembers and she relates to it. They make newspaper hats (which look like boats, which float, Georgie (WTF, is this an intentional It reference?!)!) together. Not-so-spoilery spoiler alert: Grandpa never says if he remembers Georgie, but that's not really the point. The book could benefit from some words about why "re [...]

    5. This is such a beautiful, quiet story. Each word seems so carefully chosen as it tells the story of a little girl visiting her grandfather in the memory loss ward. Though he doesn't remember her specifically, Grandpa, his granddaughter and his son (her daddy) still find common ground through the folding of newspaper hats. Even the color palette speaks softly, endearing the reader to the quiet feeling of loss, and hope.P.S. Check out the end pages, too!

    6. A gentle book - both sweet and sad - about a grandparent with memory loss. Grandpa remembers many things from his youth, but he doesn't always remember Georgie. Spare, lightly colored illustrations and continued allusions to newspapers and printed words/letters.

    7. Poignant story about a little girl visiting her grandfather with her father. Grandpa has memory loss, and little girl is worried that Grandpa won't remember her. Perfect story for a discussion about memory loss that has some sadness in it, but also hope.

    8. There are lots of things Georgie's grandfather doesn't remember any longer, but he does remember how to make Newspaper Hats. Sweet story.

    9. Well written, sweet book about a little girl and her grandfather who has Alzheimer's. The first line "Will Grandpa remember me today" was especially moving.

    10. Very touching story about aging. The illustrations are peaceful, the story itself is has closure and is well done. Too thematic for my little ones but will definitely recommend this book.

    11. A young girl and her father visit grandpa and the girl wonders if Grandpa will remember her. very well told. preschool and up

    12. Cummings, Phil Newspaper Hats Illustrated by Owen Swan PICTURE BOOK Charlesbridge, 2015. $16.95 Content: G. Georgie goes to a retirement home with her father to visit her grandpa. Georgie keeps asking her grandpa if he remembers her and the grandpa answers with the memories he does have, none of them seem to be about Georgie. Georgie shows her grandpa a picture of them together when they are wearing newspaper hats. The grandpa remembers how to make newspaper hats and they bond over the hats. Thi [...]

    13. Grandpa is contently reading his old newspapers when Georgie enters. She asks, “Grandpa do you remember me?” Georgie asks this same question several times during her visit. Photographs trigger his memories, mostly of his younger self. He remembers his brother and collecting tadpoles; bread with honey when he sees his mother; and how frightened he was during the war when looking at himself and a friend during war.Newspaper Hats reflects the difficulties inherent with dementia. Newspaper Hats [...]

    14. This is such a lovely picture book dealing with a loved one with alzheimers and how to cope. The message is clear but not told. Perfect illustrations compliment the story by also showing it's own part of it. Shows alzheimers is nothing to be scared of and love always wins out. Written by Phil Cummings, illustrated by Owen Swan and published by Charlesbridge.#PB #alzheimers #family

    15. * About the art:The artwork is in a soft and light pastel-coloured style (as opposed to loud, bright and vibrant). There's more of a gentle and more serious feel to the vibe of the book because of the artwork. It's beautifully drawn in a realistic style in coloured pencils (and possibly watercolour too).* About the writing & story:I liked that the writing was quite artistically rich for a picture book, with similes and such (eg "Georgie walked through the doors that opened like curtains" - r [...]

    16. Newspaper Hats is a touching story. Georgie's grandfather is losing his memory and sometimes doesn't even remember her. She and her father go to visit him in the nursing home and Georgie asks her grandpa if he remembers her. Grandpa looks at the photos in his room and tells her some of the things he does remember. Finally she picks up a photo of Grandpa, Georgie and her dad where Georgie is wearing a paper hat. Grandpa does remember how to make paper hats and it provides a connecting point for t [...]

    17. Newspaper Hats is an uplifting picture book about a little girl and her grandfather. She visits him in the assisted living home and even though he cannot remember her, he can remember something they used to do together; make newspaper hats.The love between the two of them is heart-breaking yet beautiful. I highly recommend this picture book for children who have a loved one that has dementia. The situation can be scary for some kids, but this book will help them connect with the "new" person the [...]

    18. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that help us reconnect to our loved ones as shown in Newspaper Hats by Phil Cummings. This is touching tale of a granddaughter visiting her grandfather who seems to have some degree of Alzheimer's. I loved the way Georgie continues to talk with her grandfather, not giving up on him. The bond that they find is enough even though Georgie’s grandfather never answers her original question. The illustrations give the impression of a light touch with is the sam [...]

    19. A gentle picture book that expresses a granddaughters hope to be remembered. Georgie goes to visit her grandpa who is dealing with some sort of Alzheimer's disease; all along she only has one question, "do you remember me?". Grandpa looks at the photos in his room and recounts some memories from long ago but is unable to answer Georgie. One thing grandpa does remember is how to make newspaper hats much like the ones I a family portrait with Georgie, grandpa and dad. The beauty of the newspaper h [...]

    20. Through wonderful word choices and descriptive language, Phil Cummings lovingly conveys Georgie’s perspective, rooted in genuine childhood innocence, as well as the memories that Georgie’s grandfather is able to recall – his life in earlier days.Although her grandfather never directly answers her when she asks whether he knows who she is, we see that Georgie has a special connection with him, nonetheless, through their mutual love of making newspaper hats – a memory that remains, giving [...]

    21. Georgie visits her Grandpa at the home where he lives, but he doesn't always remember who she is. He does, however, remember how to make newspaper hats, and together they fold enough for all his friends. Touching moments portray the difficulties and nuances of memory loss from a child's perspective, and an uplifting ending leaves readers with hope. A poignant and age-appropriate story about a loved one with Alzheimer's disease.Subject: Memory in old age -- Juvenile fiction.Families -- Juvenile f [...]

    22. This is a sad but touching story. Grandpa is in a special place for people who can not remember their grand kids, or sometimes even their kids. Georgie, asks grandpa if he remembers her. They talk about the things he does remember. And he remembers paper hats. Together they make some new hats, and have a day of fun.

    23. This short and poignant picture books deals with the subject matter very delicately and really well. I hope that it can be used for families to explain more about the illness as it must be hard for children to understand why a loved one doesn't remember them.

    24. A wonderful way to explain a story about a grandparent's dementia. And the positive ending is uplifting and comforting for young readers.

    25. I absolutely loved this story. Brilliantly told and lovely simple illustrations. It has so much heart and warmth, 5 stars! I will be recommending this book to friends and family.

    26. A poignant story about a little girl visiting with her grandfather who has Alzheimer's at a nursing home. They connect by making newspaper hats together. Understated, gentle, and touching.

    27. This is a touching story of a young girl interacting with her grandfather who has Alzheimer's and learning how to adjust to the "new normal" even if he does not remember her.

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