To Love a Lord

To Love a Lord All she wants is security The last place finishing school instructor Mrs Jane Munroe belongs is in polite Society Vowing to never wed she s been scuttled around from post to post Now she finds herse

  • Title: To Love a Lord
  • Author: Christi Caldwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All she wants is security The last place finishing school instructor Mrs Jane Munroe belongs, is in polite Society Vowing to never wed, she s been scuttled around from post to post Now she finds herself in the Marquess of Waverly s household She s never met a nobleman she liked, and when she meets the pompous, arrogant marquess, she remembers why But soon, she discoveAll she wants is security The last place finishing school instructor Mrs Jane Munroe belongs, is in polite Society Vowing to never wed, she s been scuttled around from post to post Now she finds herself in the Marquess of Waverly s household She s never met a nobleman she liked, and when she meets the pompous, arrogant marquess, she remembers why But soon, she discovers Gabriel is unlike any gentleman she s ever known.All he wants is a companion for his sister What Gabriel finds himself with instead, is a fiery spirited, bespectacled woman who entices him at every corner and challenges his age old vow to never trust his heart to a woman But there is something suspicious about his sister s companion And he is determined to find out just what it is All they need is each other As Gabriel and Jane confront the truth of their feelings, the lies and secrets between them begin to unravel And Jane is left to decide whether or not it is ever truly safe to love a lord.

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    1. Charmed again by Christi Caldwell!Once, again, Christi Caldwell wrote another beautiful, sweet and romantic story To Love a Lord, her fifth book in the Heart of a Duke series. I really enjoyed following Gabriel and Jane's own story. All Jane wants is security! All Gabriel wants is a companion for his sister Chloe! All they need is each other, but will they be able to share their own feelings towards each other, while not trusting anyone? Both having been bruised mentally as children, as adults, [...]

    2. I started this a long time ago but put a stop to it because it was a bit dark. after reading to love a rogue I wanted to know Gabriels story.but it is not often that I like a character more as a secondary character and not so much during his own book.but this happened here. all in all it was an ok read

    3. ENJOYABLE!!To Love a Lord is one of my favorites in the Heart of A Duke series. I was excited to finally read Gabriel the Marquis of Waverly's story. Gabriel and the Edgerton siblings have suffered horrendous abuse at the hands of there father when they were children. Once he is dead Gabriel seems to be a unattached, cold person similar to his father, but without the abuse. His sister Chloe is in need of a chaperone as Gabriel intends to have her married off in the next 2 months. Chloe is his la [...]

    4. I have fallen in love with the Heart of a Duke series and Gabriel and Jane story is another beautiful addition to the series. I can't say how much I have fallen in love with the Edgerton family. The suffering they endured at the ends of their father has been heartbreaking. They are beautifully imperfect and I have enjoyed watching them heal as individuals and as a family.Oh how I wanted to hug Gabriel throughout this book. Much like is other siblings he resolved to never fall in love. He believe [...]

    5. "I RATHER LIKE HER A LOT"Which perfectly describes how I feel about Christi Caldwell. And her heroines. Jane is no exception, and the pain inside Gabriel is so obvious (even if I didn't already read all the previous books, honest!) that my heart bled for him.Christi creates wonderful, believable characters that inhabit the opulent world of Regency England. The plots may be standard, but I don't read Regency Romance for unique plots, I read it to escape. The details she puts in - the mauve dress, [...]

    6. Gabriel's story was quite interesting in the telling. I love that Christi's writing is not "cookie cutter" plots. Each story brings a unique insight of the diverse characters in her Heart of a Duke series. At least 3 more books to follow and I can't wait for Rutland to be redeemed, Chloe to find her HEA (Waterson hmmmm?) and now Primly gets to expand on his own pages. The series is well worth the read.

    7. 3.25 Stars. Enjoyed the cast of characters even if Gabriel could havery been fleshed out a bit more as the tormented hero. I also enjoyed pretty much the entire book except the ending and epilogue were a bit of a let-down. (view spoiler)[Finding out that Gabriel had never been with a woman was a sweet reveal -- except his performance was both unrealistic and unaccountably experienced/confident. Add to the fact that such a reveal, I would think implied his abuse was SO terrible (not necessarily s [...]

    8. Dark, descriptive, emotional, heartfelt. So many different emotions and adjectives to describe this story. the Heroine is intelligent and determined, smart mouthed and rebellious, lonely and sad. She holds her head up high while hiding secrets and surviving. the Hero is broken and guarded, strong and controlled. He has walls built tall and strong around his heart, hes determined to make sure his family is provided for and loved but pretends not to care for himself.The main characters meld well w [...]

    9. This is the fifth book in the series, The Heart of a Duke. It was boring and predictable. Lukewarm in the chemistry department. Rambling in the story-telling department. For Love of the Duke: 3 stars More than a Duke: 3- stars The Love of a Rogue: 3 starsLoved By a Duke: 2 starsTo Love a Lord: 2+ starsJane Monroe. Illegitimate daughter of a duke. Fired finishing school instructor. Gabriel Edgerton. Marquess of Waverly. 32 year old virgin. What? One typo in book said, “he filled his air with lu [...]

    10. I'm not sure why I tried to finish this book. It was boring, historicaly incorrect and the end made me simply furrious for trying to reach the end. Endless thinking, musing, regreting made me skip pages. There were no sparks between heroes. I could'n muster not even lukewarm feelings for both. (view spoiler)[And I droped the book at the heroes confessionn about his virginity. That just killed me-32 years old virgin because his father beat him and his siblings?(hide spoiler)] Total bullshit. Not [...]

    11. To Love A Lord by Christi Caldwell is a phenomenal historical romance. Ms Caldwell has once again delivered a book that is well-written. Her characters are totally awesome and lovable. Gabriel and Jane's story is loaded with drama, bits of humor and a dash of spice. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and look forward to my next book by Christi Caldwell. To Love A Lord is book 5 of The Heart of a Duke Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

    12. Class divisionThe creed of the ton. The division that causes many a Miss the pain of a broken heart. But this time the division was even wider. Not just not Nobel but from the wrong side of the blanket.

    13. A LordThis another good book by Christi. I really enjoy her style of writing. Her characters draw you into the story. Her characters are not perfect people with perfect lives, but people who carve out their lives in an imperfect world.

    14. Second time reading. I loved this book. Gabriel and Jane’s is a beautiful love story. I’ve enjoyed all in this amazing series. Great characters, amazing storylines from a must-read author.

    15. Very predictable. Didn't really feel that I cared for the characters. The narrator did alrightjust felt too boilerplate, I think. Just ok

    16. A beautiful story of two people who'd never known love or their own worth until they found each other.

    17. Love her books!Really enjoying this series! I would say start with book one and enjoy meeting the characters! The ladies will make you laugh and the gentlemen will make you wonder

    18. Fun, light read. A bit steamier than I expected and some historical inaccuracies that were distracting, but necessary for the plot, so I can mostly overlook them.

    19. Two months. All she has to do is keep her mouth from getting her mouth from getting her into trouble while trying to keep her job. Two months until Jane Munroe obtains the money her father settled on her as his illegitimate daughter. Easier said than done. When her half-sister, the legitimate daughter, tattles to the headmistress of the finishing school, where Jane is working, of the ideas of women’s independence that Jane is teaching she is let go without a reference. What’s she to do? She [...]

    20. To Love a Lord Good ReadThis is book #5 in the Heart of a Duke series. After their initial kiss the plot and action slows down. There needs to be more action and intrigue, especially from the protagonist. Good read but needing more action and sizzle.

    21. Another great gem from Christi Caldwell! Gabriel was a mysterious character on this series and it was a delight to finally read about him! And what a treat it was!What she asked, what she would inevitably expect would require a piece of him that he could not give.Gabriel Edgerton, Marquess of Waverly, knew responsibility and honor. This is what he had been trying to do for the past years of his life; making sure his responsibilities were done and that he honored his family’s name. He didn't fe [...]

    22. Let me start by saying that in the last two weeks i've become a fan of Christi Caldwell. Her books may not be quite historically accurate, but as someone mentioned somewhere: if I want accuracy, i'll read a history book. I just want to read about the romance. Another thing I like about miss Caldwell's books is that sex is there, but is not what's driving the romances (and only happens after the marriage). It's all about the character. But this book wasn't my favorite. First: the heroine. I just [...]

    23. To Love a Lord by Christi CaldwellThe Heart of a Duke Series Book FiveJane Munroe's life was not an easy one. The by-blow of a duke, a mother who died loving said duke, and working for aristocrats that thought of her as their property abuse and dispose of as they wanted. After losing yet another job, she does something unheard of After all when it comes to survival it's all about oneself. Gabriel Edgerton, Marquess of Waverly, had no intention of ever marrying. He hated his title because he hate [...]

    24. #5 in the "Heart of a Duke" series, but can be read as a stand alone. Although, I would strongly recommend reading this amazing series in its entirety. Yet again, Ms. Caldwell has written a heartwarming, well thought out story of love conquering all, passion, with witty banter and an intriguing storyline. The characters are realistic, engaging, tough but tender. I loved the H/H and how they conquered much to find their HEA. A must read for fans of true love stories, Historical Romance and someon [...]

    25. Ms. Caldwell does it again. I just LOVE the Edgerton family, and I adored Gabriel, Sigh! (and Jane) They were absolutely perfect for each other. Two people broken because of the respective childhood's. I loved that Gabriel's sister, Chloe, played matchmaker. This was such a super sweet, romantic story. Another winner by Ms. Caldwell. I can't wait to see who steals Chloe's heart. And the more we see of the stuttering Lord Primly, the more I like him, and am anxious to see who will win his heart. [...]

    26. I can't say enough good about this book. I fell in love with Jane immediately because she wouldn't be pushed away from her goal. I knew after a couple of chapters that Jane had captured Gabriel's heart and hoped he would eventually let down. his guard. They both had their painful childhoods and swore never to marry but love stepped in and took control of their hearts. I highly recommend this book and the entire Heart of a Duke series to everyone.

    27. 4.5 stars. This is such a good series. Beautifully written. The author manages to keep the sexual tension going to the end and the story is purely about the characters and the internal demons they face - no distracting action or kidnappings or anything to take your mind from the actual relationship. The Historical side is nicely done and the story kept me interested the whole time.

    28. I love absolutely all of Ms. Caldwell's books but there was definitely something special about Gabriel and Jane's story. Heartwarming and heart wrenching, there wasn't a minute I wanted to put it down. I've loved every character she's written but I especially lost part of my heart to Gabriel, if not all. They are strong and lovable characters from beginning to end, I can't wait for the next!!!

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