Old Flames

Old Flames When her lover betrays her and dumps her coldly Dora s mind begins to crack She tracks down her old high school love to recapture what she might have had He s married with a family but Dora isn t ab

  • Title: Old Flames
  • Author: Jack Ketchum
  • ISBN: 9780843959994
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • When her lover betrays her and dumps her coldly, Dora s mind begins to crack She tracks down her old high school love to recapture what she might have had He s married with a family, but Dora isn t about to let that stop her.

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    1 thought on “Old Flames”

    1. The first story, Old Flames, is probably a 3 star read for me. It started off really good. The woman was like able before she spiraled down into some crazy, psychotic person. There was a part that stood out for me, maybe it was a turning point to her downward fall but it was really well written. I was expecting a little more violence, but Ketchum kinda stayed on the tame side. The ending wasn't memorable and could have been better but that was ok because the other novella, Right To Life certainl [...]

    2. This short book was just okay. I liked parts of it. Some of the writing felt clunky and then other times I thought the writing was really good.

    3. This review is for OLD FLAMES, the first novella in a collection of two. I will be reviewing RIGHT TO LIFE, the second story, at a later date. Something about Jack Ketchum bothers the hell out of me. I have to take a long break between his books. If you've read anything by him, you probably know what I'm talking about.Ketchum does crazy people well. He can make you empathize with the nuttiest of squirrel bait. In this story we follow a scorned woman on her quest to find an old flame of hers, hen [...]

    4. After reading Ketchum's gross fest masterpiece "Off Season" and its sequel "Offspring" I was always under the impression that his works were all about psychical terror, tearing out limbs and such, but this novel surprised me, it gave me a glimpse of his writer's mind and the way he toys with stories and ideas. I am not saying that icky things aren't happening here, they are but along a different story line, this time the evil people are seemingly average folks and not cannibals who live in caves [...]

    5. Old Flames: A terrific story of a lover scorned and how far an individual will go for "love." The plot is simple but done with an expert's touch. He's able to craft characters in this one that feel fleshed out despite only having known them for 100 pages or so. A twisted tale that I really enjoyed. It moved at a triphammer speed and Ketchum created a tension and atmosphere that led up to a jolting conclusion. Very well done. Rating: 5/5Right to Life: Whew! Man, what a fucked up story! Ketchum pu [...]

    6. Love jack ketchum and this was a good story loved the ending but at times felt like he threw some stuff in their just to take up space.

    7. This book includes Right To Life along with Old Flames. Both solid stories. But I prefer Right To Life. It's a bit more horrifying, IMO.

    8. Amazingly disappointing book from one of the greatest horror writers, Old Flames is comprised of two novellas. The first is a fairly entertaining take on Fatal Attraction but with a damp squib of an ending, and the second is a thinly disguised rewrite of The Girl Next Door with all the heart and soul ripped out, leaving an empty and tedious torture porn spectacle of degrading sexual violence.

    9. Both novellas feature strong female characters. One as an antagonist and one as a protagonist. Old Flames is about a recently dumped woman, Dora, who uses a service called Flame Finders to find her high school sweetheart. To her dismay, he is married and has children. But that won't stop Dora from staking her claim. It's Fatal Attraction for the 00's. With so many people now looking up old flames and friends via Facebook and MySpace readers can easily relate.This novella moves quickly and had me [...]

    10. This edition of "Old Flames" reminds me of the days when movie theaters offered double features because it actually contains two novellas by Jack Ketchum, who has been dubbed the "scariest man in America" by Stpehen King."Old Flames" is the title of the new, first novella in the duet but it is followed by a reprint of another Ketchum novella called "Right to Life." If there is any common theme for the two books, it would turn on the presence of a strong female lead in both. "Right to Life" is a [...]

    11. Okay, anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of Ketchum's work—The Lost being one of my favorites. With this book, Ketchum delivers two captivating novellas, Old Flames and A Right to Life.Old Flames is a story of obsession that ends tragically. The female lead, Dora, is a nut-job. It's obvious within the first few pages that she's a bit unhinged and it only gets worse from there. Moral of the story—if you run into an old flame, leave it in the past where it belongs!The second story is A R [...]

    12. First, a complaint. I am not usually hung up on grammar and punctuation errors. I make quite a few myself. But the editor of this book was asleep at the job. I think there were maybe 10 commas in the whole book. Better too many commas than too few. Consider the following:An English teacher wrote these words on the whiteboard: “woman without her man is nothing.” The teacher then asked the students to punctuate the words correctly.The men wrote: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.”The wom [...]

    13. Another day, another Jack Ketchum novella. Or possibly novel. It's hard to tell. Ladies' Night is classified as a novel, at 175 pages, but this one is classified a novella, at 180. Maybe it's about word count. Or maybe it's about whatever the publisher wants to call it to justify a given price point.In Old Flames, we meet Dora, a woman who has poor luck with men. After her current beau jilts her, she has a chance encounter with a friend of hers from high school, who not only reminds her of Jim, [...]

    14. Again, I have to question the choice of titles. This was the shorter of the two novellas/short stories in the book. Until I started reading I didn't see that there were two stories. I thought there was only one. Not that it matters. I read somewhere after that the first story was newly written and the last story was wriiten many years ago. I had never read either story so that was fine by me. I also read that there were quite a few comparisons with "Right to Life" and "The Girl Next Door." I hav [...]

    15. 4 AND 1/2 STARS If you have ever dated someone who you felt was unstable, imagine that person a dozen times worse and bent on revenge, using every ounce of their energy to invade your life and destroy everything around you. This is the main character, Dora Welles, of Jack Ketchum's new novella, Old Flames. True, the book is quite short, but that doesn't take away from this chilling tale of one woman's quick decent into madness and revenge. Ketchum uses clean, beautiful prose with a stunningly im [...]

    16. Let's get something out of the way first Ketchum can write, there's no doubt about that. This book was a good read, two novellas for the price of one, but for me one of those novellas was far better than the other. 'Old Flames' is new take on an old faithful, and a refresher that made me fearful of a woman's scorn once again. You get the impression that the second novella, 'Right To Life', was thrown in for good measure. It leaned greatly toward the torture porn side of things, a shock-value sub [...]

    17. This was a good read! It had two shorter stories in it. The first one was Old Flames and was about a woman stalking her boyfriend from high school 20 years later. The second was was Right to Life and was about a pregnant woman trying to go to an abortion clinic who was abducted. Both were very fast paced and twisted. I would recommend to those who like disturbing things!

    18. I had this on my list and forgot what it was about as I didn't read the back when I first started reading it. I had thought it was a mystery/thriller then thought it was a romance book of some kind and was very happy when it went back to the mystery/thriller which sort of caught me by surprise. It was getting really good when, BAM!, the story ended! WHAT!!??? I was disappointed but it was also a good but surprising way to end the book, kind of like hanging off a cliff.The other surprise to this [...]

    19. Old Flames struck me on a very visceral level - we all have people left in our past that we loved (or at least thought we did at the time), but what if? I loved Dora's character. She was the quintessential nutty ex, but worse. Much, much worse. We see enough of her motivations to make her plausible, but not too much that we get bogged down with her psychological issues. And boy, does she have a few of those. Some of her actions were no surprise, but others made me stop and think: "What a crazy b [...]

    20. In reviewing this book let me tell you first of all that it is actually two novellas, I did not know that when I acquired it so I was a bit shocked when the first one ended and half the book was still left. The book is well written, as are all of Ketchum's novels, however I didn't feel that this was one of his better novels. It will always be hard to top "The Girl Next Door" but I felt myself very distanced from this book. The first and title story is "Old Flames" where Dora who has been through [...]

    21. Repeat after me: Punctuation is our friend. Commas, especially, are very helpful. In Old Flames, Jack Ketchum may have run out of commas. Some sentences I have to read twice to understand.Anyway.The title story, Old Flames, is pretty decent. The usual psycho woman story you can watch on the Crime and Investigation channel. It wasn't boring, but it wasn't exciting either. Maybe a bit (or a lot) more manipulation on her part would have helped, like what the protagonist did in a bestselling novel I [...]

    22. A compilation of two entertaining but mediocre novellas from "extreme" writer Jack Ketchum. The first novella, OLD FLAMES, feels like yet another FATAL ATTRACTION rip-off, only rather less predictable than one might expect. Ketchum tries to infuse the story with some depth but ultimately fails to overcome the inherent schlockiness of the story's premise. As for the second novella, RIGHT 2 LIFE, just how many times does Ketchum plan on writing about a girl being kidnapped by some twisted family a [...]

    23. This contained Old Flames which should be a short story, not a novel, and Right To Life. This book was very brutal, to the point, and somewhat overtly sexual. Old Flames was a great premise for a suspense story and it was written well. Ketchum does a good job at switching viewpoints at very good times to give the reader a greater sense of horror. The scariest thing about Ketchum is how he writes the very brutal parts in his stories. There doesn't seem to have much emotion in it and it makes it f [...]

    24. We all have a desire to be loved and when the people we love don't love us back or don't love us in the way we feel we deserve to be loved, it is a terrible disappointment. Having just spent several months dealing with the fallout from a breakup that I didn't see coming, this book resonated in some less than acceptable ways. Quite simply, I loved it. Watching Dora spiral deeper into madness--I think she was always a little off kilter--made me feel a bit more normal. The daydreams I entertained w [...]

    25. This book I didn't like all that much. It was a book of novellas, and the first novella was alright but it was kinda confusing to me. The characters were good and the plot was alright, but I didn't like the writing style because there were too many run-ons I guess. The first story was called old flames and like I said it was alright, but not very good at all. I would rate that story 3 out of 5 stars.The second novella was right to live and I didn't like it because it disturbed the shit out of me [...]

    26. This was my first book by Jack Ketchum. It contains two novellas, Old Flames and Right to Life. Both feature strong female leads. In Old Flames, Dora who has a mistrust of men, decides to reconnect with her old high school sweetheart, but she goes to extreme lengths to do so. In Right to Life, Sara is kidnapped from an abortion clinic and then subject to gruesome torture. I thought both novellas were comparable. I didn't prefer one over the other. I found Ketchum's writing to be easy to follow, [...]

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