Feliz Cumpleanos Minina Mala

Feliz Cumpleanos Minina Mala Bad Kitty s day starts off with a special alphabetical birthday breakfast Before long Bad Kitty s party guests arrive including Chatty Kitty Strange Kitty Stinky Kitty and several other neighborh

  • Title: Feliz Cumpleanos Minina Mala
  • Author: Nick Bruel
  • ISBN: 054576890X
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bad Kitty s day starts off with a special alphabetical birthday breakfast Before long, Bad Kitty s party guests arrive, including Chatty Kitty, Strange Kitty, Stinky Kitty, and several other neighborhood pals But when Bad Kitty discovers that her presents have vanished one by one, things start to get ugly for her guests Uncle Murray s Fun Facts, which are sprinkled thBad Kitty s day starts off with a special alphabetical birthday breakfast Before long, Bad Kitty s party guests arrive, including Chatty Kitty, Strange Kitty, Stinky Kitty, and several other neighborhood pals But when Bad Kitty discovers that her presents have vanished one by one, things start to get ugly for her guests Uncle Murray s Fun Facts, which are sprinkled throughout the book, introduce readers to pet care tips and cool info about why cats sleep, scratch, and engage in odd behaviors Grades 1 3

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    1. This is the review of Sydney, my 7 year old daughter.This book is about Bad Kitty and her friends, Big Kitty, the Twin Kitties, Stinky Kitty, Chatty Kitty, Pretty Kitty, Strange Kitty and the dog (who is not kitty's friend). This story takes place during the day at Kitty's house. Bad Kitty was having her Birthday. Since it takes place at Bad Kitty's house, she REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to open a present.I liked the book because it was funny and there were lots of fun things in the book. I liked [...]

    2. Happiness is finding a book you know your child will love. And there is nothing like the perverse joy of having your child sneak off to read instead of doing what you ‘want’ them to do. Thankfully, many of the great books my kids have relished such as The Lightening Thief, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Sisters Grimm come with sequels that satisfy as much as the first one does. This was never truer than with Nick Bruel’s latest Bad Kitty book, Happy Birthday Bad Kitty.Oooh, it is so good [...]

    3. I enjoyed this one more than BAD KITTY GETS A BATH. You would think Kitty's owners would learn, since the same thing seems to happen every year. But it was sweet to see Bad Kitty's baby pictures and to learn that she was a good little kitty when she lived with her mother. And you have to like Strange Kitty, and all Bad Kitty's other friends, even if none of them gives good presents.

    4. Nunca había leído algo sobre gatos. Los gatos no son mis animales favoritos, pero este libro me causó mucha gracia. Bad Kitty es muy gruñona (como yo), en la edición vienen curiosidades sobre los gatos y eso me gustó.

    5. All I think this book is great even if Kitty has a bad mood. This book is a great start for 7 year old's. I really enjoyed this book and I really would read it again if I could. Sorry I have to tell you about some parts I didn't like. The first part is what happened to the mouse. Also what they did to old puppy if they did hit him he be injured

    6. Happy Birthday Bad Kitty!It's time to break out the balloonsat Bad Kitty poppedGet out the decorationsat Bad Kitty destroyedInvite all the kitty guestsat brought her lame giftsAnd let's eat some cakeat can't be chocolate because chocolate is bad for kitties.This book was too cute! I love the artwork and I just love Bad Kitty.There are times when Bad Kitty reminds me of this bad kitty:youtube/watch?v=kjZrUnShe really reminded me of that kitty in this book. I mean, she didn't even want to get up f [...]

    7. This hilarious book will hook kids new to reading chapter books with its goofy humor and exaggerated illustrations. It’s Bad Kitty’s birthday, and she’s hoping for a really special birthday gift. All of the neighborhood cats come: Chatty Kitty, Strange Kitty, Twin Kitties and Stinky Kitty. But someone keeps sneaking away with the presents after they’ve been unwrapped! Bad Kitty reminds me of Garfield the Cat and Calvin and Hobbes, but this story reads more like a traditional chapter book [...]

    8. This book is in one of my favorite series. It's Kitty's birthday. He and his owner set up decorations. The owner invites all the kitty's in neighborhood. They are big kitty, the twin kitty's, stinky kitty, chatty kitty, pretty kitty, and strange kitty. They don't give him very good presents. Someone keeps steeling them and the owner thinks it's kitty. But it's not him and he thinks it's one of the other kitty's but it's not them either. Once kitty figure's that out he realizes that it's puppy. W [...]

    9. Okay, this is a kid's book, but it is so hilarious. I love the Bad Kitty books. It is Bad Kitty's birthday, and she is having a birthday party with all of the neighborhood kitties invited. In this book we also find out some background information about Bad Kitty's kittenhood. And, as usual, Uncle Murray has some helpful cat facts and tips.

    10. A funny, random chapter book about (surprise, surprise) Bad Kitty's birthday. Other kitties come for a party. I gotta say, Weird Kitty is my favourite. And there is a character called Mama Kitty, which makes me a little teary because of my good Mama Kitty, who I still miss sometimes. Anywayfunny book. Takes a half-hour to read. And Uncle Murray's comments are funny.

    11. Not quite as funny as Bad Kitty Gets A Bath, but still highly enjoyable. I hope there are more chapter-book Bad Kitty's on the way- he's very worthy :)

    12. Bad Kitty is an endearing but very, very naughty kitty.Since my birthday is tomorrow, just had to read this installment of a Bad Kitty adventure.Usual charming illustration and witty storyline.Cool treats entice Bad Kitty to his birthday bash: Aardvark Bagels, Orangutan Pancakes, yum! And a 4 tiered cake of kitty fave foods that would knock your whiskers off!There's a lot of guest cats who arrive at the door for the party, a mystery to solve when the presents go missing and some, of course, very [...]

    13. Even though this book was easy for me too read I still enjoyed it yeah I read little kids stuff because its interesting to see what little kids learn about even though we passed through this already but maybe we remember maybe we don't well I don't remember anything about yourself when you were little for example me when I was little I really don't remember anything when I was little . This book is about this cat that is really bad in the begging the cat

    14. This one of many books written about "Bad Kitty" and her life. In this book Kitty and her friends are celebrating her birthday, in the book goes through what typically goes into a birthday party. Something that I love about this book is that throughout the book they put in real facts about cats to educate the children reading it to get more interesting information about cats. Along with these facts, the drawling in this book are adorable.

    15. This book was hysterical. It kind of reminds me of my childhood. I loved the chaos that Kitty causes. It's hilarious! I loved the character variety with the different breeds of cats. Strange Kitty is truly unique and, well, strange.

    16. I read this book with my 5 year old and we had fun laughing at kitty’s antics. We both felt bad for kitty because she did not get what SHE wanted on her birthday, but all that conflict with her idiot owner makes the book a cute one - for a 5 year old that is! 😉

    17. I don't know where I got this book, but it is so cute. Wouldn't call it a must read, but it is a fun read on a rainy day.

    18. The Bad kitty books are always so funny! This book is directed to children (the humor) but adults will definitely enjoy it.

    19. i loved the part were the cat get a lot of horabal stoff for her or her birthday but the cutest thing i saw was when she got to see her mother

    20. A 5th grader gave me this to read. I was surprised that it had so much nonfiction included. You learn a lot about cats. It also has a mystery vibe towards the end.

    21. Booklist (November 1, 2009 (Online))Grades 3-5. That bad kitty is back, this time in a celebratory mood. Well, it’s her birthday, anyway. In the now-familiar mix of wry story and high-impact cartoon-style art, this features Kitty’s unseen owner trying hard to get the party underway. A mix of guests and some missing presents (including some awful ones, like a sweater!) mar the festive mood, but a special visitor makes things right. Spreads of fun facts (don’t feed cats chocolate) disrupt th [...]

    22. I enjoyed reading this book. It's a very quick and easy read, but quite funny and adorable.This is the first Bad Kitty book I have read after the Bad Kitty picture book, which I also enjoyed. While this book does have chapter headings, there is not very much text and it mostly relies on the pictures. This is not inherently bad, but I think it is good to know going into it. It reads more like a picture book or graphic novel, rather than a chapter book.I did like that there were little educational [...]

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