Minina Mala Se Baña

Minina Mala Se Ba a Everyone knows that cats hate baths but Bad Kitty is forced to take one anyone Children will love as the silly antics begin in this step by step book of how to give the silly Kitty a bath Good for ag

  • Title: Minina Mala Se Baña
  • Author: Nick Bruel
  • ISBN: 0545570999
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone knows that cats hate baths, but Bad Kitty is forced to take one anyone Children will love as the silly antics begin in this step by step book of how to give the silly Kitty a bath Good for ages 6 9

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      210 Nick Bruel
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    1. This book is hilarious and great fun to boot. I was a fan of the previous Bad Kitty book and this one is just as good. This time we reunite with Bad Kitty in a chapter book that is pretty much a How-To book about cats, water, and (really!) how to give them baths (and why they might even need one). Short chapters, large cartoony illustrations, witty language ---what's not to like? Here's what the author recommends you have in addition to the basics on Pages 38-39: A suit of armor, a letter to you [...]

    2. Sydney my 7 year old daughter read this one in one sitting. She liked the mix of reading with funny pictures. It made her think about bathing our cats and dog. She thinks you should read this one because reading is good and you can learn how to give a cat a bath!

    3. Okay, I had to sing praises for the newest Bad Kitty book. To be honest, this one had me at the title, and it didn't disappoint. What I learned: Cats Hate Baths. The author makes sure that the reader knows this from the start. He even includes a quiz to test your knowledge. This over-the-top book includes all the steps to bathing kitty, including: finding kitty, getting kitty into the tub, bathing kitty, and the way kitty will get her revenge afterwards. (Be sure to check your sneakers before pu [...]

    4. Bad Kitty Gets A Bath Grades 2nd-4thThis chapter book is like none other that I have seen. It has a large amount of illustrations that support the text and each are humorous and cartoonish. The colors used in the pictures are black, white and shades of gray. The text varies immensely in size from 12 font to taking up half the page for one word. This variance grabs the readers’ attention and gives the effect the author was trying to create. Each chapter is about 10 pages long which makes it man [...]

    5. "CATS HATE BATHES" explains Bruel at the start of the book and he's got a point. With a mixture of humor, occasional facts, and tips from Uncle Murray, readers learn cat basics.Plenty of fun and something Bad Kitty fans will love. Although, I sometimes wonder if Bruel's intended audience was more librarians and parents than kids. I.e.: the plasma & censored bits as well as the glossary. This isn't to say that kids won't like it--they will--but that I wonder who will like it more.His illustra [...]

    6. I liked this book. In this story when kitty got really mad because she had to take a bath it reminded me of my old cat Phantom. I had never given him a bath before but my dad said he got really mad when he gave him one.

    7. Very cute book! This book is funny and is an enjoyable muli-age appropriate read for children. The author, Nick Bruel, did a great job of bringing humor to the unpleasant demeanor of most cats and giving the reader a glimpse of the thinking of a cat. This book was mixed with facts about cats and ended with a cute little glossary of words that were used in the book.

    8. Booklist (October 15, 2008 (Vol. 105, No. 4))Grades 3-5. This follow-up to Bad Kitty (2005) pairs Bruel’s witty asides and spastic, tongue-in-cheek commentaries with more high-energy cartoon illustrations. With hyperbolic humor, Bruel describes the dangerous process of cat bathing, from collecting the necessary tools (including cat shampoo and a “suit of armor” for humans), to finding and coaxing Kitty into the water, to dealing with your now-clean-though-very-unhappy animal. (One illustra [...]

    9. Originally posted on my blog: libraryladyhylary ! Check it out for more reviews!This illustrated novel tells the story of Bad Kitty and her bathing experiences. The primary purpose of the story is to instruct the reader on the proper methods of bathing a cat, Bad Kitty being the example "specimen." Chapters include the various steps of the bathing process, from preparing the bath, locating kitty, getting kitty into the water, and after the bath. Information is also given on feline anatomy and be [...]

    10. Mr. Putter and Tabby taking the trainCindy LeeWhat happens when you can’t take your pet on the train? Will you never take your lovely pet? Or will you take your pet quietly? How will you do it?This book is about taking the train with Mr. Putter’s neighbor. Mr. Putter and Tabby’s neighbor is Mrs. Teaberry and her lovely dog, Zeke. They were so happy to take the train. When they went to train station, they were so surprised because pet couldn’t take the train! Mr. Putter and Mrs. Teaberry [...]

    11. Kitty does NOT like baths!I repeat: Kitty does NOT like baths!If you kitty likes baths then you should probably have your kitty see a therapist because: Kitty does NOT like baths!In this book, I learned the proper way to give a kitty a bath. ANd I must admit that I learned something things that I never thought of. For example: I never thought about dressing up in a suit of armor while administering kitty's bath. Nor had I thought about updating my will. I will remember to do these the next times [...]

    12. We are a family of Bad Kitty fans. We have every single book in the series, having followed it from the very first picture book. With Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, Nick Bruel changed from picture books to hybrid graphic novels.The title says it all: Bad Kitty gets a bath. She's stinky and dirty from a run in with the dog. Bad Kitty, with her normal bad attitude, needs extra special care when bathing, like a suit of armor, an ambulance waiting in the driveway, plane tickets to go into hiding until Bad K [...]

    13. I discovered Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty series exactly a week ago, and I was instantly fascinated by Bruel’s insight to the subject matter and his scientific approach towards the question of the bath, so I went to the library first thing on Monday and checked Bad Kitty out.Bruel sets out to explain a very important thesis of catology: that is, cats, as a rule, tend to dislike baths. Bruel’ exploration of the topic and his illustrations accompanying his findings about the reactions of felines w [...]

    14. Hilarious series of books that both kids are enjoying. The format is short text with fun pictures that keep the 4 year old entertained but also had longer sections of non-fiction (called Uncle Murray's Fun Facts) that give the 7 year old more detail. Having read this one and Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray, we can't wait to read the rest of the books.

    15. I guess this book is for cat people. It doesn't stray far from the topic at hand, which is um, giving a cat a bath.Here, just read the funniest part of the whole book and save yourself from reading the whole thing: go to "magic candy rainbow island" and win a "flying golden golden unicorn standing in magic cauldron filled with chocolate-covered diamonds".

    16. A humorous, yet really accurate, story of giving a cat a bath! Some great facts; how cats normally bathe themselves and how to be careful with the water, but a lot of silliness and crazy going around too (although I've known cats where a suit of armor would have been a great idea!). No content issues, though kitty's hairball is gross.

    17. This book was hysterical! I recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh. But especially to those who are perhaps just learning to read. Or those who must read aloud to young people. This is an excellent choice.

    18. I think it is a 5 star book because it is funny and hilarious. It is funny because bad kitty is running all over the house and making a BIG mess. It is hilarious because after bad kitty gets a bath her fur gets all poofy.That is why I rated this book 5 stars.

    19. My daugher and I was out at the bookstore looking for our usual books and ran across this on a endcap. We picked it up and laughed, so much I was crying. I said "this book is coming home!"If you have kids (or teens as mine is LOL) that loves cat's they will love this. You probably will also:)

    20. This one has a lot of humor, great pacing and momentum-build-up, wonderful and often outrageously silly pictures -- and it contains some meta-fiction bits (like inserting the editor's notes, covering parts of the text/picture).

    21. Title (italicize): Bad Kitty Gets a BathAuthor & Illustrator: Nick Bruel Genre: Transitional Chapter Book, Graphic NovelTheme(s): Animals, Personal Hygiene, Responsibility for Pets, Fears Opening line/sentence (type directly from text):This is how kitty likes to clean herself. She licks herself. Brief Book Summary (2-3 sentences in your own words):This transitional chapter book features many pictures and large texts. It follows a cat and talks about the way she cleans herself. It challenges [...]

    22. Kitty usually bathes by licking herself until she's clean, but after puppy chases her, and they both end up in the garbage pail, it's time for kitty to have a bath. It sounds simple enough, but the challenges are more hazardous than one can expect. Will kitty sit still, and agree to having a real bath? Fun facts from Uncle Murray and a glossary included.

    23. Ok hear me out. This is a really good book. I read this so long ago and I just found it now and reread it and honestly, felt so nostalgic. It's so cute and fun andh I just love it it's such a good children's book (that I continue to read as a high school student) Its one of those books that made me enjoy reading as a child

    24. I had this book read to me as a kid, and I absolutely loved it! I thought it was the funniest ever because I had a cat who reminded me of Kitty. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has a cat.

    25. Another great library check out with the kiddo! She loved it, as did I. Numerous times we both laughed out loud at the witty phrases and illustrations, Bad Kitty's facial expressions were GREAT!Recommended for parents and kids, I think you and your kid(s) will enjoy it as much as we did!

    26. This has to be my favorite book by Nick Bruel. I found it so humorous with the silly things that happened when trying to bathe the cat. It was absolutely hilarious. I enjoyed it very much. I didn't read the hardcover book version, I read the paperback version.

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