Worth of a Duke

Worth of a Duke Fate is fickle And fate has decided it is time for a hardened duke to do the impossible let love into his life A lady on the wrong side of the ocean Lost and wandering the woods Miss Wynne Theaton wa

  • Title: Worth of a Duke
  • Author: K.J. Jackson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fate is fickle And fate has decided it is time for a hardened duke to do the impossible let love into his life.A lady on the wrong side of the ocean.Lost and wandering the woods, Miss Wynne Theaton was surviving quite nicely until Rowen Lockton appeared He saves her from getting trampled by a thief s horse, but then becomes insistent on showing her where she truly is.A dFate is fickle And fate has decided it is time for a hardened duke to do the impossible let love into his life.A lady on the wrong side of the ocean.Lost and wandering the woods, Miss Wynne Theaton was surviving quite nicely until Rowen Lockton appeared He saves her from getting trampled by a thief s horse, but then becomes insistent on showing her where she truly is.A duke refusing to deny fate.Fate tossed Miss Theaton into his path, and Rowen Lockton, the Duke of Letson, is not one to deny fate But the woman comes with a host of problems, not the least of which is her belief that she is in another country An undeniable attraction neither expected.He was not looking for a wife She was only searching for home But fate has very different plans for the two of them if they can survive not only forgotten secrets, but demons of the past.The Lords of Fate Steamy historical romance featuring strong women, undeniable men, and hold your breath adventure Note While characters you know and love will pop in and out of the Lords of Fate and Hold Your Breath books, each one is a stand alone story, and they can be read individually in any order.

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      256 K.J. Jackson
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    1. This book wasn't terrible, exactlyI managed to finish it with some liberal skimming. I liked the general story idea, which is why I managed to finish it. They sure did find themselves in an awful lot of life-threatening situations though. H rescues h from robberh recuses H from a hole in the floorH rescues h from a bogH and friend get beat up in a village--sadly, h didn't get to rescue them that time but she did try to help clean their wounds. H rescues h from a villain who has her chained up th [...]

    2. The writing as well as the story were captivating! I loved the deep emotions the two main characters had to deal with before they could find happiness. Trusting another completely is not without risks, but sometimes risks are worth taking.

    3. I feel lucky to have discovered Ms. Jackson's novels on my stay-at-home vacation because I cannot get enough of this series. Worth of a Duke continues to to showcase Ms. Jackson's wonderful imagination. It is a refreshing break from the traditional regency novels, as everything does not take place in balls and at galas. I have read an embarrassingly amount of Regency novels (it's an obsession) but never read a plot quite like this. Again, the unique plot twists are wonderful and I loved becoming [...]

    4. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.One of the things I enjoy most about this series is how each book has such a different tone/feel to it. This book has a classic gothic novel feel to it, very much like what would have been popular in the regency era, but without the comic absurdity usually found in those books. I really enjoyed the heroine, Wynne’s, unique method of painting, it was an interesting and insightful concept. I don’t want to give anything away so I w [...]

    5. Worth of a DukeThis was very cleverly written and very entertaining! I loved the originality of the story! And was so emotionally invested in this story that I can't wait for the next in this series! The end was an extremely clever cliffhanger! I loved it!

    6. He wasn't looking for love. He was only trying to be helpful. But she needed so much help putting her life back together. And he needed her, too. The author fitted these two well-written characters together like puzzle pieces. Full review coming up soon on my blog.

    7. Started good but female lead repeated again and again how she could take care of herself, but proved that she couldn't. At one point I was routing for the bad guys to put her,out of her misery.

    8. WowThis was a well written story about Rowen who has just become a new duke. He is on his way to the castle Notlund, the seat of the duchy. He runs into a young woman, Wynn, in the forest who is being robbed by a hoodlum. He gets rid of the thief, who takes off but leaves the woman’s satchel behind. She tells Rowe that she has just killed a squirrel to eat and asks him to join her. He watches as she skins and guts the squirrel then puts it on a stick to cook. She is asking him if he knows of a [...]

    9. This was a fantastic book full of historical romance, intrigue, mystery, adventure, family and forgiveness and some intimate romance. Wynne Theaton is found in a forest in England without any memory of how she got there and what has really happened to her and her family. Rowen Lockton, the new Duke of Letson has found her after finding her being held up by a thief. After promising himself off women, he becomes quite interested in this poor mixed up woman. He takes her to his castle which is also [...]

    10. Historical English romance with a amnesiac confused painter artist American young lady wandering in a forest that is found by a newly made Duke of Letson that has a lot of childhood trauma.Wynne Theaton is saved from the forest by Lord Rowen Lockton and they quickly fall in love as she endears herself to all the people in the castle including the nasty selfish mean widow dowager duchess. Everyone has been severely traumatized, but the dowager duchess spreads her nasty around, whereas Wynne and R [...]

    11. Will you ever get that one chance to be truly happy? Olivia knows that she will never be accepted by the ton again now that they all think that she is a fallen woman. She did nothing wrong but they don't believe her just the lies. She only sees one way out and that is to find a lover that will teach her and care for her. She has chosen some men and she needs her brother's help. He can't believe that she is asking for his help in choosing her lover but then again he does owe her. She doesn't real [...]

    12. By the end of this book, I was hate-reading because I just had to find out how the whole mess wrapped up. I should have left it unfinishedIGGER WARNING: fairly graphic descriptions of the heroine being punched, kicked and harmed in general by the villain.I guess this is a gothic romance? I don't read enough of those to know for sure. There are some pretty spicy sex scenes when the hero and heroine finally get it on, and I don't know if that's consistent with gothic. The overall tone of the book [...]

    13. Took place 1821 starting in Yorkshire. The beautiful American heroine & Mom were en route to England, via ship. She was an artist who created her own paint. Also knew how to hunt and cook & formerly lived in a log home. Once in England she had a horse accident & lost some of her memory. She was cooking a squirrel in the woods & offered the hero Rowen some when he approached her. He did not inform her he was aDuke who bread horses. Also a former soldier. And nearly engaged to Vict [...]

    14. Well! I do not have a hard time rating this book at all! To be honest it was my first romance that doesn’t involve fantasy, so I really have nothing to compare it to. I couldn’t put this book down! Every time I said I would only read a little bit of it I would end up reading way more than I intended! This book is beautiful in every way, the writing is beautiful, the characters are beautifully and everything about this book just kept me prisoner till I finished it. Wynne and Rowan’s story i [...]

    15. Worth Of A Duke by K.J. Jackson is a brilliant historical romance. Ms. Jackson has delivered a well-written book loaded with amazing characters. Rowen and Wynne's story is packed with action, drama, suspense, humor and sizzle. I loved this book from cover to cover and look forward to reading more from K.J. Jackson in the future. Worth Of A Duke is book 1 of the Lords Of Fate Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read a complimentary co [...]

    16. Too much saccharine sweetnessGood, if too complicated plot. Characters well drawn, but then the author gets sweet and everyone forgives everyone. The duchess should not be so easily forgiven for her unbelievable viciousness to a small boy. She made her choices as a young woman and took her bitterness out on anybody within reach. This is something I find so unbelievable about so many regencies.

    17. WorthyI rarely review books. However, I was impressed by this one. The author kept the story interesting and moving. She threw in just enough love scenes at the appropriate times without bogging the story down with repetious scenes. The characters were well developed. I recommend this book and will read more by this author.

    18. DNF @ 16%It’s not that the writing is particularly awful itself; I found the story boring. Also the jump between chapters 3 & 4 was sudden and made little sense. The character Wynne is rather annoying. Memory loss is one thing, but it was getting to where I’d rather put down the story than continue to read about her regaling everyone about her grandfather even more.

    19. Excellent story, something fresh from the normal and with the twist of mystery. A good romance and a happy endingExcellent story, something fresh from the normal with a twist of a mystery. A good romance and a happy ending. You can not go wrong

    20. This was primarily a romance. It was clean. It had a bit of mystery because the girl blocked some memories. The story was predictable, and was too neat in the end. Not my favorite, but it wasn't too bad of a read.

    21. Worth of a DukeI loved this story, I recommend everyone to read this book. I wish it could have been a longer story. He found he had sisters. I wish he could have found them and helped them. Kattie.

    22. Great reading!Another book I was not able to put down! Very different story line. Kept interest up throughout the story Ending will make me get next book. Again excellent storyline!

    23. What a great find this book turned out to be. Story flowed, was captivating, and I loved the characters. I'll be looking out for more of this author's novels for sure!

    24. Great bookThis was a great book for the time frame. I am not sure if I will continue the series or not. If you like a historical story this is a great book.

    25. Ending spoilt the storySwearing at end was not appropriate for the era of the story it ruined the stories ending for me. Very disapointing

    26. Grabbed my attention by the second pageWell written, interesting deep and flawed characters and a rich love story. Love, intrigue, fate and trust. Well worth the read.

    27. WORTH. READING An imaginative. plot. Interest ING and attractive couple. The firery love scenes and adventures keep the plot moving. A story anyone will enjoy.

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