Again, My Lord

Again My Lord The one that got away Six years ago Tacitus Everard the Marquess of Dare made the worst mistake of his life courting vibrant sparklingly beautiful Lady Calista Chance until she broke his heart Is

  • Title: Again, My Lord
  • Author: Katharine Ashe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 157
  • Format: ebook
  • The one that got away .Six years ago, Tacitus Everard, the Marquess of Dare, made the worst mistake of his life courting vibrant, sparklingly beautiful Lady Calista Chance until she broke his heart.Is the only one she wants.Six years ago, Calista Holland made the biggest misstep of her life begging handsome, wealthy Lord Dare to help her run away from home then marryThe one that got away .Six years ago, Tacitus Everard, the Marquess of Dare, made the worst mistake of his life courting vibrant, sparklingly beautiful Lady Calista Chance until she broke his heart.Is the only one she wants.Six years ago, Calista Holland made the biggest misstep of her life begging handsome, wealthy Lord Dare to help her run away from home then marrying someone else.Now, trapped by disaster in a country inn, Calista has one day to convince the marquess she s worth a second chance, and Dare has one goal, to steer clear of d j vu But when the day takes an unimaginable twist, what will it take to end up in each other s arms

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    1. Arc provided by Billet-Doux Books through NetgalleyWhat to say of "Again, My Lord", the second volume in "A Twist" series?Well, first of all that this could actually be read before My Lady, My Lord.The reason why I am telling you this, is because it has been awhile since I've read that first volume and let's just say that the characters names _ with the exception of the leading characters_ were somewhat "faded" in my memory.*cough*That lead to a small case of nerves _to say the least_ because fo [...]

    2. 3.5 starsThank you to Becca for the great recommendation :)I loved this hero with his introverted, slightly awkward, wit, and gentleness. She teased him again, and again he did not always know what to say in return. She drove him a little mad. A lot.Hero was so patient and caring and oh I just fell in love with him but the format of the story kind of kept him more to the side than I wanted. It was mostly from the heroine's pov and with the Groundhog Day theme, we get the same day over and over w [...]

    3. 4.5 stars rounded upRead for the July 2017 TBR Challenge prompt - series catch-up.I had a bit of a struggle to find a book to suit this month’s prompt to read a book in a series I’m behind on, because I’m pretty much caught up with all the ones I’m currently following. There are some I haven’t started yet, but I wanted to try to stick to the prompt and finally, I came up with Again, My Lord, the second book in Katharine Ashe’s Twist series. In the two books in the series so far, she [...]

    4. Again, My Lord is the second in Katharine Ashe's Twist series and it is every bit as lovely as the first.This tale opens with a young Calista missing her chance at love. She makes a mistake and misjudges a situation, causing her to be separated from the man she loves and instead wed to a monster. After six long years, fate and a mischievous goddess give her as many chances as she needs to finally get it right.While the prologue is about the Marquess of Dare, the rest of the story is without a do [...]

    5. I wish I could give this book a million stars!Tacitus Everhard, Lord Dare, has decided that Calista Chance, daughter of the Earl and Countess of Chance from My Lady, My Love, is to be his wife and he sets about courting her, only to have her disappoint him with a rash request that has him retreat to London alone. Calista marries and we meet her six years later at a country Inn, where coincidentally, Dare has arrived as well. Due to a heavy storm the next day, no one is allowed to leave the Inn. [...]

    6. Loved this story. Made me laugh over and over again. The bell scene in particular. Such a funny redo of Groundhogs Day! Truly a fun, curl up and laugh read.

    7. I should mark this dnf because I pretty much skimmed the last 40% of it. Ya know the movie Ground Hog Day starring Bill Murray? Change Bill to a woman, make her slightly less obnoxious, set it in Regency England, and you get the plot. Many characters populate the village the mc's "stuck" in, but most never seemed fleshed out enough to make them interesting. The Hero? Pretty much dull as a overused cliché. The Heroine? Ugh.I think I would have been okay with this Romance Novel, but her lesson le [...]

    8. An original and entertaining read Again My Lord is the second in Katharine Ashe's, Twist series. An historical romance with a more modern feel than some readers may approve of, it's nonetheless a breath of fresh air; after all, how many novels kick off with a line such as: "Lady Calista Chance had excellent teeth"? I was hooked straight away! The author makes no bones about the fact that she based this novel - loosely - on a popular film, which I won't name as it will give the game away. But des [...]

    9. AGAIN, MY LORD is the second book in Katharine Ashe’s brilliant and innovative A Twist series, and as the first instalment, it is a total delight!Calista Holland is bringing back the statue of Aphrodite her mother loves so much, and at the same time she will pick up her beloved son; her mother and sister are taking good care of him while she’s away, and it’s all that counts. However, on her way to her back, she stops at an inn because the rain that had been falling is threatening to flood [...]

    10. How would like to live a day over and over again for months? That is what happens to the heroine in the second book in the twist series by Katharine. This series is groundbreaking in the Historical Romance genre. Sometimes even I, who loves to read Historical and Regency Romance needs a change of scenery, don’t get me wrong, I only read Historical and Regency. This series lets me read my favorite genre albeit with a twist that is refreshing.Calista Chance and Tacitus Everard are in love, but a [...]

    11. Spoilery-ish. A little repetitious, but what can you expect from a groundhog-esque historical romance. It was quite satisfying, in that, it was logical for the rules of this world. I wish there was more depth to him, I don't know how else she could have deepen him, however, since he couldn't remember anything that came before those days, I will be thinking about this more and more. But, I did like it. Although, I thought that it was too convenient that her husband died during her travels to the [...]

    12. Wonderful! This is the second book in Katharine Ashe's Twist series. The books in this series are historical romance but with a take on some comedic movies. This is Calista Holland and Tacitus (aka the Marquess of Dare) Everard's story. It takes place before the first book about her brother Ian (My Lady, My Lord). Their mother has a beautiful smallish statue of Aphrodite. Aphrodite loves to meddle with couples who need to realize they should be together. Calista and Tacitus met when she was 18. [...]

    13. Like a historical Groundhog Day with a female Bill Murray lead. It was hard to warm up to unlikable Calista until almost the last 4th of the book. Now I think that was the point, but is was frustrating at times throughout the book because it took so long for her to learn her lessons. Loved the hero from the start and in the end I loved the both as individuals and as a couple. This really felt like book 1 and Ian's was book 2. So I would read the books in reverse.

    14. Again, my lord? Yes please!This is the second book in the twist serie. The first one was so captivating that I was really looking forward to the second one. I also have to admit that I wondered about the twist when I read about the plot.Well, it was cleverly done!!!! I won't be giving away any spoilers. The story sets in the past, where Calista and Tacitus meet. What should have been a succesfull courtship ends actually quite badly. 5 years later they meet. And then fate, or should I say the sta [...]

    15. Again My Lord is the second book in A twist series novel by Katharine Ashe. This is a delightful, wonderfully romantic and emotional historical romance that the heroine relives over and over a single day in a village with the man she fell in love six years ago.Tacitus Everatd, the Marquess of Dale, made the biggest mistake in his life courting the beautiful lady Calista Chance six years ago until she broke his heart, while Calista made the biggest misstep of her life by asking Tacitus to help he [...]

    16. When I finish a book, I usually ask myself if I would be willing to read it again. The answer with this one is a resounding yes. In fact, I would read it again and againd that, my friends, you will completely understand once you have read it too.

    17. I tried I really did, but I couldn't finish this book. BORINGGGGGG. Think Groundhog Day (that movie with Bill Murray) and that is pretty much this book.

    18. Intriguing. Engaged my curiosity. Ended loving both characters. This is the first in the series, not the second. Next one on its way!

    19. Wow. I have had enough of inns to last me a lifetime LOLTechnically, this book should be the first in the series given that Tacitus and Calista's story happens before Ian and Corinna's. So I would suggest readers to begin with this book first.Contrary to the first book in the series, I found both the hero and heroine in Again my Lord very likable. They were less stubborn and annoying than Corinna and Ian. Katharine Ashe used the dreaded misunderstanding trope again in this book, but strangely en [...]

    20. I want to re-read this already so I can savor Tacitus and Calista and their journey. Talk about miscommunication.Here's one of the finest sensual interactions I've read in a long time:“Touch me.” Prickles of desperation tangled with excitement. “Now.”His fingertips braised her brow, strafing her hair. His other hand rose to do the same and he tilted her head back. His hands were warm, and strong and gentle. Heaven.He dipped his head and his lips brushed hers. She swallowed the sensation [...]

    21. Really enjoyed this sweet, fun regency romance. The twist in this 2nd in a series was so entertaining. I thought the author got the story elements just right and turned out a very thoughtful story at the same time. Looking forward to more in the series and might just go back to reread the first.

    22. A retelling of Groundhog day with much more depth. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I look forward to reading the other books in the series.

    23. The writing is lovely but the story again and again and again very boring.I finished the book but didn't enjoyed this book.

    24. allaboutromance/book-revieThe second in Katharine Ashe’s Twist series, the ‘twist’ in Again My Lord is based on a famous and popular film (the name of which I won’t reveal so as not to spoil it.) With the exception of maybe one or two incidents, the book was a solid read with interesting and well developed characters.Tacitus Casear Everard, Lord Dare, has a certain requirement in a wife: she has to have good teeth. Tacitus adored his mother, father and their insular little family of thre [...]

    25. Oh Katharine! You’ve got me again in this lovely twist of a lover’s tale of second chances and heartbreak, but all too heart-warming and comical too.You got me right at the prologue with the sad but determined hero Lord Dare. And as sad and awkward as it was, him seeking a wife with perfect teeth just made it all the more whimsical. Of course there’s always a story behind that wifely trait of his decision but who knew that it would lead this hero to love and lost because of it. He’s smar [...]

    26. Loved this book. Amazing. I will be back with a review. Please don't consider this a review. It's just a place -keeper.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here is my review! The cover lured me, but it was the story that literally sucked me right into each page of this fantastical book (is fantastical a word?) by Katharine Ashe. The first few pages introduced me to the hero, Tacitus Everard, the Marquess of Dare. Dare grew up with loving parents, but th [...]

    27. original post at:http:ramblingsfromthischickKatharine Ashe is one of my instant go-to authors. I’ve read some of her books and I absolutely loved them. She is such a talented storyteller. “Again, My Lord” is the second book in the “Twist” series. The previous book “My Lady, My Lord” was hilarious and I really enjoyed it.The story is set in one day but previous to the story we find out a little bit of history. Tacitus Everhard was a very reclusive person. The only child, once his pa [...]

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