Kiss Me When the Sun Goes Down

Kiss Me When the Sun Goes Down I could rely on Bishop I felt it in every fiber of my being Only I d been wrong before Anja s no longer the geeky newbie who couldn t bite her way out of a paper bag Since becoming Elder of the West

  • Title: Kiss Me When the Sun Goes Down
  • Author: Lisa Olsen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I could rely on Bishop, I felt it in every fiber of my being Only I d been wrong before Anja s no longer the geeky newbie who couldn t bite her way out of a paper bag Since becoming Elder of the West, Anja stood up for what she believes in and found her place in vampire society But can she remember what it s like to be a normal girl and go on a date More than any I could rely on Bishop, I felt it in every fiber of my being Only I d been wrong before Anja s no longer the geeky newbie who couldn t bite her way out of a paper bag Since becoming Elder of the West, Anja stood up for what she believes in and found her place in vampire society But can she remember what it s like to be a normal girl and go on a date More than anything, Anja wants to start over with Bishop and recapture what they lost, but can she trust him not to make the same mistakes that broke her heart And hearts and flowers aside, what happens when an enemy resurfaces to take revenge against all that Anja holds dear Will the past rob Anja of her future

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    1. I was given this ARC for an honest review.This is book number ten in the Forged Bloodline Series, and by far my favorite in the series.So lets start by saying that i am a huge Paranormal Romance Fan, and I am an avid reader (like my hubby threatens to hide my nook, because i am always reading i think he is jealous of all my book boyfriends HEE HEE). And I can honestly say this series by far is in my top 3 of all time. I am not one to re-read a book. But i have re-read all nine books at least 3 t [...]

    2. I'm going to start this review by letting you know that I am a diehard #TeamRob and I always will be. That being said, I couldn't help but fall in love with Bishop in Kiss Me Just a littleThe gangs all back, minus Robbut there's not much I can do about that so I'll suck it up and get on with my review. *ahem*Anja and Bishop have decided to try their hand at love again and are dating. With Bishop being out of practice with the whole courtship part of a relationship, their first date is quitemethi [...]

    3. Lisa Olsen does it again!This book is full of twists and turns that catch you by surprise, keeps you guessing all the way through. There are moments where I wanted to throw my Kindle, and moments I cried like a baby, moments that touched my heart and left me wanting more.Anja's life is never dull, but as her rekindled relationship gets on its way the rest of her life starts to unravel, who is behind all of the chaos and who is targeting her and those she loves?I cannot wait for the next in the s [...]

    4. As usual, Lisa Olsen did a bang up job! I absolutely love Anja's story and the author constantly throws you for a loop with the changes Anja goes through. Unlike many long book series that get tired or predictable after the first 3 books, The Forged Bloodline series keeps you on your toes. Unlike many romance novels where the plot is utterly predictable and the "hunk" is obvious, Anja's indecision is lifelike. Five stars as always!

    5. Lisa Olsen does it again! I enjoyed the latest and greatest installment of the Forged Bloodlines series. It was great to re-connect with the characters and be in that world again. I won't put any spoilers, but there were a couple of twists in this one! My jaw dropped a few times. I can't wait for the next one! Team Bishop! For those of you out there looking for a good series that reads quickly, this is a great fit.

    6. I was given this ARC for an honest review. This is book ten in the Forged Bloodline Series. Since this is book ten you had better be prepared for spoilers for any of the previous books that might be in this review. The book starts off with Bishop getting ready for a date with Anja. Since the break-up of Rob and Anja, Bishop is ready to try his hand again and Anja wants that too. Even though they both have declared their love for each other they are taking things slow and trying to start out like [...]

    7. I'll start with if you are a Bishop fan, you're going to love this book! Heck, even if you're Team Rob, you're still going to love this book! By now, we all have to feel for our girl Anja with everything she's been through since book 1. Bishop is back and he's going to do things right this time. While rekindling their relationship hilarity ensues with dating tips from Mason and "first" dates gone awry. Even though Anja took back her Elder role and things seem calm, an enemy is lurking nearby and [...]

    8. I was honored to have been given this ARC for a honest review.Book #10 does not disappoint!!! If you have not read books 1-9, you must download them now. Lisa has once again drawn this reader back to her love for Bishop & Anja. The story revolves around their revived love story. I will not lie I am a Bishop fan. Although I have much love for Rob & now for Carter, I believe Bishop is the one for Anja. In this story someone is attempting to make trouble for Anja. There is adventure, sadnes [...]

    9. This is the 10th book in this serie. I love to read the books that Lisa writes. The beginning of this story is very funny the suggestions from Mason to Bishop for the first date with Anja put a smile on my face the writing was so funny. I am a big fan off team Bishop and finally Anja and Bishop goes a lot further. In the first date between Anja and Bishop nothing goes how Bishop has planned the evening the next one goes a lot better. I loved the father figure Lee is for AnjaI hope that we read a [...]

    10. Once again Lisa Olsen has blown my mind. This book was a much anticipated read for me and was definitely worth the wait. The story drug me in from the beginning and I couldn't put it down. I finished the book over the course of two evenings because I couldn't wait to see what happened next. The plot twists and turns constantly had me wondering "who done it". This is definitely a must read series. And don't think you can stop at one. Once you start you get hooked! Now I have to wait until another [...]

    11. WOW! This story Just keeps getting better and better. I have read every book in this series and I must say that Lisa Olsen is an amazing writer. It's just like pringle's, once you start you just can't stop. I don't like to put spoilers and ruin it for other readers , so I will just say this, this one will rip your heart out! Totally worth the time, take my word for it and read this one and if you haven't started this series, then you don't know what you are missing! Five stars Lisa! TRUE STORY!! [...]

    12. Anja and family are back, and of course we get the much anticipated first date!! With the laughs and love, of course comes pain and heartache. There is plenty of action as a previous enemy seeks vengeance on Anja, and the events that occur are heartbreaking. I really liked the little more history we got to read on some of my fav characters, and the ending made me happy! As usual per Lisa's books this was an amazing addition to the series, a must-read! Can't wait for the next book, I Hope Anja ge [...]

    13. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for a review! I have loved this series from the very first book! Even when Lisa ripped my heart out and slowly placed it back into it rightful place!I will forever be Team Bishop! In my eyes Bishop and Anja are the definition of Everlasting Love! Half way through this book I was thrown for a loop with an unexpected turn of events! I have quickly fallen in love with Carter and no matter how the banter between characters goes I love it all!!!This is a mu [...]

    14. Ok, just a heads up, I am a hardcore Bishop fan and absolutely love that he gets his time to shine and show off his dating skills and prove he knows Anja. Anja's life seems to always throw her curve balls and test her abilities. Curses, lost loves and family transitions keep you on your toes all the way. You will laugh and cry and crave for more. This is my favorite of the series so far and I Loved all of them. You have to read this series in order and as soon as you start you will not want to s [...]

    15. I was happy to see Anja not want to rush into anything with Bishop aND wanting to take it slow. But the chemistry between the two is still there and hard for Anja to fight.This book was hard to put down.There were some things that happened that makes you want to throw your reading device lol.Definitely a book worth reading, but you do need to read the other books in the series first. Or you will be lost.I received an ARC for an honest review.

    16. I LOVE all the books in this series and this one didn't disappoint. They just keep getting better. A strong female lead character and super hot guys. What's not to like. I love my vampire books but this one is so much more than just a vampire series. I would determinately recommend any of Lisa Olsen's books but this series is for sure my favorite. If you haven't read it, get it.

    17. Lisa slays again!! Another hit in this amazing, heart grabbing series! Anja and Bishop working things out, enemies lying afoot, pain and suffering. An amazing balance of all things that make a good book. I absolutely couldn't put it down once I started it. I love this series, I love Lisa, and I love Anja, Bishop and the whole gang!!!

    18. JskdjdisnemsjejOkay so I love this series. I love the characters and the plots and almost everything involved. It's just fun. All of it. But but butI CANT BELIEVE IT ENDED THE WAY IT DID? Gunnar and Lee can't die! Okay so I can accept Hannah becoming a vampire. I can accept Anja's parents being put in the Vampire Witness Protection and their memories altered. I can accept that she never mends her friendship with Brigit. I can even accept Anja giving up her position as Elder. But I can't believe [...]

    19. Just keeps getting better and better!As I read this book, I have hit the highs and the lows. I cried hard! How could she do that. Why would she do that! I'm completely gutted. There was much action. How are we going to get over that. Kinda glad I have to wait for the next book. I need time to recover from this book. Don't get me wrong, I loved this book. The ending was perfect. Makes me suspicious as to what Lisa Olsen has planned for us to read next. I can't wait! Give me a week and I will be r [...]

    20. I really enjoy this series, however I find it more and more difficult with each new book to keep everything straight. Unless you read the previous books recently, it is almost impossible to keep all of the characters straight. The author does not spend any time reminding us who people are or how the main character, Anja, met them. It takes away from what is otherwise an exciting, fast-paced plot, because you're left scrambling for ANY remembered details about this new name that's just been broug [...]

    21. Frak what an awesome read!!!!!Love, love, love ,love this series it's one that you want to devour every word and don't want the book to end or the series can't wait for Carter's story and he most definitely makes a better deadpool then batman!!! Not that I'd stray from team Bishop but there is plenty of room for team Carter also.

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