Astounding Carter Evans is founder and editor in chief of Astounding a formerly popular spec fiction magazine currently in its death throes Not only can he do nothing to save it but stuck in a rathole apartment

  • Title: Astounding!
  • Author: Kim Fielding
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Carter Evans is founder and editor in chief of Astounding a formerly popular spec fiction magazine currently in its death throes Not only can he do nothing to save it, but stuck in a rathole apartment with few interpersonal connections, he can t seem to do much to rescue his future either And certainly all the booze isn t helping He snaps when he receives yet another tCarter Evans is founder and editor in chief of Astounding a formerly popular spec fiction magazine currently in its death throes Not only can he do nothing to save it, but stuck in a rathole apartment with few interpersonal connections, he can t seem to do much to rescue his future either And certainly all the booze isn t helping He snaps when he receives yet another terrible story submission from the mysterious writer J Harper and in a drunken haze, Carter sends Harper a rejection letter he soon regrets J Harper turns out to be John Harper, a sweet man who resembles a 50s movie star and claims to be an extraterrestrial Despite John s delusions, Carter s apology quickly turns into something as the two lonely men find a powerful connection Inexplicably drawn to John, Carter invites him along on a road trip But as they travel, Carter is in for some big surprises, some major heartbreak and just maybe the promise of a good future after all.

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      286 Kim Fielding
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    1. Astounding! is the name of this book. It's also the name of a science fiction magazine that Carter founded with his long-ago boyfriend, Freddy. Now Freddy, married to nice guy Keith, is a well-known, wealthy book and screen writer, and Carter is broke, depressed, and on the verge of alcoholism. Freddy hasn't given up on Carter, but Carter has given up on himself. In a fit of drunken rage, Carter writes a vitriolic rejection letter to one J. Harper, who keeps submitting crappy stories via snail m [...]

    2. *3.5 stars*Kim Fielding is one of my most consistent authors, and I know I can count on her for a well-written story. I don't think I've read a book from her that I haven't liked, and many I've loved to the point of obsession. She writes off-beat, interesting stories with atypical characters that stay with you long after the story is finished.This was a sweet and simple sci-fi story about a alien trying to get home and a jaded editor of a folding magazine. John (aka, the alien) was a beautiful, [...]

    3. 4.75Damn you Kim Fielding. You made me cry. An editor of a dying spec magazine and a guy who says he's an alien. I don't know what I expected but this exceeded whatever my meager imagination had lined up. It's a trippy little road trip story. This story also touches on characters that I love from the Bones and Speechless universe as well as a memorable cameo with the characters from The Tin Box. My heart is full.

    4. 4.5 STARSFor a nice formatted view click here ontopdownunderbookreviews/I absolutely love it when Kim Fielding decides to go on yet another genre freestyling endeavour. I get chills when she does this.Like so many of her other books you just never know what to expect. Its like oh, she’s chosen this genre, but what is she going to do with it? Whenever I read the blurb to one of Kim Fielding’s books and I get that excited itch begging to start between my shoulders, I know I have to get that bo [...]

    5. I really can't say enough good about Kim Fielding, but I'm pretty sure it says enough that I, hater of all fantasy and PRN, could not be more addicted to her story telling or her characters. I fell in love with John right alongside carter and was left just as breathless when they flew together. I can't give higher compliment than saying Ms Fielding is quite seriously the only non-contemporary author on my auto buy list. This was fabulous. Def recommended.

    6. As usual Kim delivers a wonderful! story! It was a bit slow on some parts but Carter and John are so good! together, especially John. He made me cry :(!. A feel good book with lovely! characters! FYI: Tab Hunter - 1950's heartthrob :)

    7. " was -- is -- the most goddamn amazing thing that's ever happened to me. I don't have words for it. Nobody would. Not even you, Freddy. It was a revelation and a miracle and pure joy."Astounding! is the first book by Kim Fielding that I've read and I'm wondering, right about now, what the hell took me so long? I loved this book! It was quirky and the characters were interesting and fun and the cover really reminds me of those old speculative fiction magazines from my childhood, which I very muc [...]

    8. You know those spec fic pulp magazines? Like Amazing Stories, Azimov's Science Fiction, and Fantastic. They had those gorgeous covers and they published a lot of wonderful authors. They served as one of my inspirations for this book--and for Paul Richmond's beautiful cover. Add to that a road trip, a man who looks like Tab Hunter and claims to be an alien, and an editor down on his luck, and you've got Astounding! I hope folks enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    9. *3.5 stars*I liked this but it wasn't my favorite Kim Fielding book. This is entirely on ME. Although I'm more of a Contemporary kind of reader I devour the author's fantasy stories and that says a lot. I liked the first half of the book a lot and it really sucked me in. But I'm really not a fan of sci-fi and especially stories with aliens, so I kind of struggled with the second half (which I suppose must be other readers' favorite part).If Science fiction is your thing, this is a 5 star read. V [...]

    10. This was excellent! John and Carter were so cute together (so were Freddy and Keith)!I didn't really read the blurb so I wasn't 100% sure what it was about, but I absolutely love all things Kim Fielding so I didn't really care. Boy was I shocked as it wasn't anything that I expected.From the cover I thought it was about two hot guys camping. How can that not be at least a 3 star read right? It was so much more.John was absolutely adorable and now I really want to go to a restaurant where I can m [...]

    11. 4.5 starsCarter Evans’ dream was to found a magazine that would change the world. He’s been editor-in-chief of Astounding!, a popular spec fiction magazine, for many years… but things aren’t going well. Now Carter lives in a dumpy apartment with little funds, few friends, an estranged family, and dreams dying with a magazine. Depressed and drinking too much, he snaps one night when he receives yet another terrible story submission from a writer named J. Harper. In a drunken haze, he send [...]

    12. The title definitely fits this book which consistently surprises--deeply in the sense that the surprising aspects are mostly the exact opposite of those you'd expect in sci-fi (or any story) that aspires to be astounding! It's a strange, quiet fable about inspiration and hope and friendship and dreams and getting older, that seems to go out of its way to subvert almost all the usual drivers of plot, suspense, or even conflict, whether romantic or supernatural. The result is lovely and tender and [...]

    13. Truly astounding!I can't at the genius that is Kim Fielding.Beautiful characters, beautiful story and a visit from some of Ms. Fielding's other novels' amazing characters!perfect is perfect!thank you Kim Fielding for yet another wonderful piece!5 astounding stars!***I wasn't aware of Tab Hunter and had to google him - ^^ shucks! ^^

    14. Kim Fielding is such a brilliant storyteller. I don't know how to put it into words; it's solid and engaging and always feels so mature, serious and yet funny in an endearing way.

    15. Unexpectedtly delightful and good. It should stop surprising me that Kim Fielding is this solid a writer.

    16. STUNNING!!!! I adore this book! And Carter and John simply blew me away! This is a must read from Kim Fielding who continues to amaze with her wonderful writing.

    17. Another wonderful book from Kim Fieldingis lady can do no wrong.Carter was in a rut, big time. His spec-fic sci-fi magazine was going under, he was broke and drinking too much. An unfortunate event puts him in the path of a unique individual, John, and something wonderful happens. That's all I'm going to sayAD IT!!!!Is it just me or do you get a George R.R. Martin vibe from Carter's friend Freddy. He's bearded, pudgy, a super popular author who's book are being made into a TV series and he keeps [...]

    18. 3.5 starsI think I can always count on Kim Fielding to deliver a solid work -- her romance emphasizes on progress (both relationship and characters) and she never uses sex scenes as a device to lure more readers (which fits to my heart's content).Astounding! is another example. It's a gentle and sweet story about two individuals who find out that 'home' could be defined into more than just a place where you're born or where you live. John Harper is a being from outer space, who is looking for a [...]

    19. Unfortunately I wasn't Astounded by this story. What started off interesting turned out to be highly under-whelming, nice to the point of blandness. One character is an editor and coins the phrase 'pancake' for the breakfast that follows sex at the end of the book - well this book felt like at least 50% filler with a huge serving of pancake!Carter gives up alcohol and starts living, but as his cure is bouts of magical-alien-energy sex there's no feels there, nothing is worked through. John is to [...]

    20. What an interesting take on an alien/human romance. Most of such stories I've read take place in space, so having an alien come to earth was a nice change. The way the author focused on Carter at the beginning of the story was a great way to get to know him and his hopes and worries. Dare I say that he is a real "down-to-earth" kind of guy as he accepts the reality of his magazine reaching the end of it's run.Meeting John, after Carter rejects his manuscript was the best thing that could have ha [...]

    21. "That’s what they’d called the magazine from the very beginning—the baby. It had been born when they were a young couple, their hearts light with hope and optimism. But while Freddy’s career took off like a rocket, their relationship fizzled into friendship and the baby remained stunted and underfed. And now the baby was very close to dying completely."When I read the description for 'Astounding!' by Kim Fielding, I got a flashback of the movie K-Pax with Kevin Spacey. This was not a bad [...]

    22. Nine times out of ten, I don't read a book's blurb before reading the book. I hate spoilers of all kinds. So I was kind of at a loss for the first maybe 1/4 of this book because I had no idea it was spec fic and I was wondering what the hell was going on. Haha. I've only read a couple of other Kim Fielding stories. The Downs and Speechless, and Speechless was not speculative at all—so I was out of my depth with that appears to be a regular sort of Kim Fielding thing.Anyway, once I just gave in [...]

    23. Oh, Kim Fielding, How do I love Thee, Let me Count the Ways!I was so psyched to see this was a longer book. Her latest books have been novella length and though wonderful and meaty, I really wanted them to keep going!Carter is an older guy who is still the editor for an aging magazine called Astounding! It’s spec fic and has been slowly dying in the face of electronic media.He started it with his ex, now a famous author in another relationship, and stories written by the ex, as well as a few f [...]

    24. I can’t quite decide how to rate this – which is actually my normal response to reading anything by Kim Fielding! There is something I really like about her writing and I always love the storiesbut sometimes the writing is a little toodreamy/sappy? I don’t think that’s quite conveying what I mean, but there is just something that is very slightly off for me. Astounding is a fun, far-fetched read and I really did enjoy the story. I loved the premise, the characters were really sweet and I [...]

    25. A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsI loved this story. It was so much more than the idea that the downtrodden gets a new lease on life trope. Instead it was that realization that everything we do, however minor it may seem, sends out ripples on the pond that is our world. Those small waves affect so many others we will never see or know of and yet our impact remains the same. Astounding! is also a novel of hope and love and the idea that we can find that one person who seems to fit just so perfectly, [...]

    26. Love every single word of this storyIt's one of the best "feel good" booksI'm completely on cloud nineI've heard there are characters in this book from her others and I will most definitely be checking them out

    27. I liked this…didn’t love it. Too sappy for me I think. I did enjoy the cameos from the Speechless and Bones series.

    28. When a revamped ET story finds romance, Astounding! is what you get. The financially struggling, and depressed, Carter Evans meets a big fan of the magazine, the softly spoken John Harper. With what starts as an apology, Carter then finds himself on a road trip with John, where together they discover things about each other and themselves. The story isn't what I expected but I'm far from being a disgruntled reader; I loved the characters, the story, and the journey. Carter's character resonated [...]

    29. That was not what I was expecting! I didn't realize we'd have a paranormal/alien in this story. It was so entertaining. And as a bonus we got to see a bit of a few couples from some other books. It started out a bit on the depressing side with Carter and his hopelessness but quickly picked up when he visited John who had been sending Carter these horrible stories to publish in his "going out of business" magazine. John was the cutest thing ever with his 50'swell everything. He was in a total tim [...]

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