Storm He s her worst nightmare She s his dirtiest wet dream Meet Jax I just made a bet that might land me a brand new ride and the sexiest most infuriating girl I ve ever met What s the catch The main priz

  • Title: Storm
  • Author: A.Alpha
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s her worst nightmare She s his dirtiest wet dream Meet Jax I just made a bet that might land me a brand new ride and the sexiest, most infuriating girl I ve ever met What s the catch The main prize is my stepsister Meet Rubi My filthy mouth has met its match The only thing I like less than stepbrother dearest The way he makes me feel like ripping my clothesHe s her worst nightmare She s his dirtiest wet dream Meet Jax I just made a bet that might land me a brand new ride and the sexiest, most infuriating girl I ve ever met What s the catch The main prize is my stepsister Meet Rubi My filthy mouth has met its match The only thing I like less than stepbrother dearest The way he makes me feel like ripping my clothes off and letting him have me any way he wants They have no idea what s about to happen, but by the end of the summer, their worlds will be torn apart Being stepsiblings is about to become the least of their problems Storm is a full length stepbrother romance with no cliffhanger a HEA.

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    1 thought on “Storm”

    1. This review will probably be pretty short. Here goes! This was pretty much your typical step-brother romance with lots of angst and sexual tension. It was well done and I enjoyed reading it. Jax was sexy. He started out as a tatted bad-boy but it didn’t take long to realize he had more depth than I originally anticipated. He makes friends with Adrian who also shows an interest in Rubi. Jax tries to shut-down any potential romance between the two by making a bet with Adrian (view spoiler)[If Ja [...]

    2. Arc copy of Storm was graciously provided by the author for a honest review."Storm" was an intense , sexy read with a intriguing plot line, and nicely developed characters .Rubie Lynn has been asked to come to her families old beach house to spend the summer with her father and his new wife and her stepbrother, but Rubi harbors quite a bit of animosity from her parents divorce, it left her feeling vunrable and wanting love and at eighteen the way she deals with it is by being the nasty girl, pus [...]

    3. Received ARC for and honest review.I write this review with red-swollen eyes. This book was fantastic and deserves more than 5 stars!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This book has a little of everything, triangle romance, strong father/ daughter relationship, love, loss and more. The love story of Jax and Rubi is now one of my favorites. Step-siblings yes, but only after meeting as adults and realizing there was strong chemistry between them. Bad boy Jax and sarcastic defiant Rubi ( secretly good [...]

    4. I was given a copy of this book as an ARC for an honest review. OMG!!!! Talk about hot, heavy, and whew sexy!!! This book has everything that you could ever want in a book! The big bad boy, the smart, sassy, innocent girl, hot and heavy forbidden romance as well as heartbreak. But there is also the hope of a happy ending

    5. Eh, the whole book sort of made me go meh, but the ending was so worth the 3 stars. I'm pretty sure I almost sobbed like a toddler.

    6. ***A gifted copy was provided by the author for my honest review******I love step-brother stories written and here is one written that I have really fallen for. It tells such a great story. It tells the story of Jax and Rubi. They never met until after their parents married. The chemistry between them is strong and they fight it.Rubi comes to spend time with her dad and his new wife and her son. She is bitter over the way her young life has turned out and she is determined to already hate her da [...]

    7. Just finished reading this book and I love it love the characters and love how the book turned out to be

    8. Well, when I first started reading this novel, I thought it would be quite typical of step novels – innocent girl with arrogant, bad boy stepbrother. However, it really took a different turn and I found it quite emotional.“Rubi isn’t a girl I just want to sleep with. She’s the girl I want to have everything with. And that might prove to be a problem.”Rubi has arrived at her dad’s beach house for the summer. She’s sullen, foul-mouthed, and determined to hate everyone, including her [...]

    9. Storm by A AlphaA Review By Jeannie Gobaira4 Stepbrother Stars ----------------------------------------As a fan of Stepbrother Romance I find Storm to have many of the elements I am looking for. The two characters do not initially get along and I appreciate that twist of angst and snark. Jax and Rubi are very sexy and their chemistry is explosive. Jax is not very likable, he is very fuqable. There is a difference. At times his level of smarmy confidence is a bit off putting and if not for the un [...]

    10. Full gamut of emotions! From page one, I was emotionally invested in this story! I laughed, cried, cringed in embarrassment, the whole shebang. Alyssa did an amazing job with these characters. She takes you there, with them, in their heads, feeling what they are feeling.Rubi is a relatable teenaged kid, going thorough some major life changes. Jax is a typical bad boy: hard exterior, complete with tats and an annoying smirk but a really sweet, loving center once you get to it.This book is split i [...]

    11. There are SO many step-brother books on the market right now and so many of them are really cheesy I am very fussy about which ones I deem worthy of my time. Reading these types of books is a guilty pleasureke being on a diet and sneaking off to eat ice-cream when nobody is watchingbut I can honestly say that Storm was a happy surprise, and even though there were some cliche and melodramatic parts, it was really quite good.Rubi and Jax made a funny, cute coupleey were hilarious at times and very [...]

    12. ~I was given this for an honest review by the author~I'm very leery on stepbrother books, they have to be done a certain way for me to read them. This one was one of them. Ruby, was a hurt and pissed off when her dad left, she is still harboring those feelings and plans to take it out on the new family. She is determined to make them miserable. That all changes when she meets her stepbrother. There is an instant connection but both know they can't jump on it. Jax or Jackson, is a gorgeous and ta [...]

    13. This is the first book I have read of A. Alpha’s and it certainly won’t be the last. :)I must admit when I started reading this I found the heroine to be very childish in her behaviour. I was really hoping her attitude would improve and thankfully it did. The initial stages up to around 40% into the book had me thinking it was around a 3.5 to 4 star read. However, the remaining definitely bumped that up to five. Yes, I found the heroine a little annoying at first, but once you get past that [...]

    14. A very interesting and fascinating look at how step siblings meet, fall in love, separate, and come back together to find each other's love still strong and growing. Rubi is an angry teen is an angry teen who has determined not to accept the new family her father has created by marrying a women with a son. Jax, the son, is a love them and leave them sort of guy and truly respects his stepfather. When they first meet the sparks fly between Rubi and Jax, arguing with each other and acting as if th [...]

    15. A great stepbrother story!I was given this book for an honest review and i have to say that it's in my top three favorites of stepbrothers.The story was well written and captivated you from the start.She finds out her father remarried and she now has a stepbrother who she has to spend her whole summer, and he is hotter that hell.The meeting is hilarious and I had so much fun reading about their antics.They fight it at first but finally give in and it surprises them both.Sex scenes are amazing! U [...]

    16. This is a really sweet stepbrother romance all the characterisations are great. The story is good and has some funny moments and sad moments all touch you as a reader and are the right place within the book. I wont spoil the storyline too much as most of this style of book are very similar this does have some extra kick to it towards the end with the twist that happens.Jax as the Alpha whilst he is dominant is not completely overbearing which was great as I think sometimes this can be a turn off [...]

    17. I was gifted this book for an honest review. A. Alpha did a wonderful job with this story about two people who were step siblings for a short time. And I loved the fact that she wrote it from both of their points of view. It made me sad and cry when the girl loses her father over the summer from cancer, cause I had lost my mom to cancer as well. Any ways what her step brother at that time had done with her father I thought was great by making those video disks. So I have said maybe a little more [...]

    18. Didnt complete this.The less I think about the time I wasted on this, the better!Rubi is one of most juvenile heroines ever.Its like a really immature kid playing at adult and reading about hers and Jax's totally forced interactions was such a turn-off.I cant even say she was acting lyk a biyatch there was nothing adult about her behaviour. Just a kid displeased with things in her life.Cant really see a 18yr old girl in her behavior.Jax is nothing better and other than looks and 'irresistible se [...]

    19. 4.5 starsThis was a really good book in my opinion. I laughed and cried and kinda wanted to throw my tablet a couple of times but it was worth it in the end. I wasn't sure how I was going to like it when I started the book because I didn't like how immature Rubi was for an 18 year old. Or how antagonizing Jax was. It was a bit over the top from both. And I didn't get how they could go from nearly hating each other to being in love within hours. BUT even with all of that stuff I didn't like, the [...]

    20. For me this started out good, but I was leery of it turning into a typical stepsibling novel. I've read a few I really liked, so they can be done well. Needless to say, I continued reading and thankfully this book turned out great!. I cried a few times and a couple were ugly cries. The last part of this novel (4 years later) really made this book. Jax and Rubi made for a very interesting story. I love the idea of the journal and video recordings. Wow, touchingC provided in exchange for honest re [...]

    21. 4 stars. This is probably the best stepbrother book I have read. The characters were well developed and had depth to them, and the storyline was very emotional. The only gripe I have is that I found the heroine to be a little annoying at times but this also made her feel more real ( she certainly wasn't too stupid to love). Annoyingly signed up to author's website to get the epilogue to find it is a Facebook page which I am not a member of and don't want to be so will miss out on that c'est la v [...]

    22. Wow! I went into this book a bit skeptical. It's another in a long line of stepbrother books. It's by a new author and her first book. The whole bet scenario. Been there, done that. But this book grabbed me from the beginning and kept me interested. What made it a 5☆☆☆☆☆ read wasn't for any reason other than those I started with as to why I was skeptical. Afterall, it definitely deserves it for taking me through an emotional minefield! Ms. Alpha absolutely stunned me and I can't wait t [...]

    23. Enjoyed this book. It was a story that held my interest although it did have some typos it did not take from the story. There were some parts that were not explained in the story but it did not completely baffle me where I could not keep up with the story. Because I do not like to give spoilers I will not mention it in my review, heck you may not even find what I thought threw me off. I truly did enjoy the story. I received an ARC for my honest opinion. And honest it is!!

    24. WOW! This book really does have everything. I was absolutely fulfilled when I was done reading. I highly recommend this sexy read. You will fall in love with the characters, and really feel what they go through. Not only did I need a fan to cool me down, but also a tissue to wipe my tears! A. Alpha did an amazing job and I can't wait to read more from this author. 5 stars!*I received a free copy from the author for my honest review*

    25. I received a ARC FOR honest review and I am still crying now as I speak right up Until the end I though he was a idiot then jax blows that right out of the window this story has me gripped it's not you typical stepbrother romance.Rubi and jax had me captivated I can't wait to read more from this up coming author Going to be signing up for her newsletter to read the epilogue Posted by Samantha Harrington of RomanceReaderz

    26. I love stepbrother romance books and I REALLY loved storm. I'm a sucker for a happy ending and I love the way the author brought the story to a close.What I really liked is that the author let Jax and Ruby do a little growing up before they finally ended up together instead of the instalove you often findl in all it was an amazing book and I can't wait for her next one. :)

    27. IncredibleI absolutely loved this book. The extreme emotions that go through me when I read makes it a good story. Max is incredible with his devotion and loyalty. Rubi is childish, impulsive and most cases in denial. When brought together they work and I'm glad I read their story.

    28. emotional readyou will laugh, cry, swoon and beg for more.This is not your typical stepbrother read. It is deeper and shows true love really does find a way. Jax is your typical bad boy with no care for others, Rubi is self centred and determined to hate every one and everything that is until she meets JaxThis really is a must read for all stepbrother novel lovers.

    29. Absolutely loved it!This story is just special. It had my emotions in a whirlwind. I cried sad and happy tears. I couldn't put this book down it was so good. I didn't want it to end! This book is a must read!

    30. Got this as an arc for an honest review. Really liked the storyfell in love with Jax right away. Liked Rubi more near then end of the book when she seemed to have grown up. Jax just seemed too mature for herI dunno.

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