Magno Girl

Magno Girl When a Manhattan pizza maker is found dead in his own dough Magno Girl enlists the aid of her biker ninja boyfriend to help solve the crime and quickly discovers there s to the pie than meets the eye

  • Title: Magno Girl
  • Author: Joe Canzano
  • ISBN: 9780990636502
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a Manhattan pizza maker is found dead in his own dough, Magno Girl enlists the aid of her biker ninja boyfriend to help solve the crime and quickly discovers there s to the pie than meets the eye, including a sinister plot that spans the globe Magno Girl leaps into action After all, she can fly, she can fight, and she can use her fearsome superpower, the GazWhen a Manhattan pizza maker is found dead in his own dough, Magno Girl enlists the aid of her biker ninja boyfriend to help solve the crime and quickly discovers there s to the pie than meets the eye, including a sinister plot that spans the globe Magno Girl leaps into action After all, she can fly, she can fight, and she can use her fearsome superpower, the Gaze of the Guilt, to bring a hardened criminal to his knees But the road ahead is hard The city s other superheroes despise her, and the cops don t want her around, and her own mom won t stop spitting out advice about marrying a respectable guy and trading in her crime fighting career for a baby carriage but is she attracted to respectable guys And is she interested in emotional commitment And will finding real love be her biggest challenge of all Welcome to the world of Magno Girl, a wild and absurd place filled with humor, action, and romanceTE This book contains some profanity and adult situations.

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    1 thought on “Magno Girl”

    1. So this is definitely a kickass story full of witty banter and hilarious scenarios, like early in the book a character dies and is covered in pizza dough. The book is about a badass heroine, Magnolia who takes no shit and always does what she thinks is best despite comments or suggestions from her boyfriend, Ron, who is also a martial arts genius and constantly forgets his daggers. Magnolia is not the typical superhero in the books standards despite the fact she can fly as she refuses to do endo [...]

    2. I received this book for free through BookLikes' giveaways. This was definitely an interesting book and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I did love the social commentary it offered. Legalman was my favorite villain. I thought his character was very clever. Overall I liked it, even though the style wasn't necessarily my cup of tea.

    3. I've been given a copy of this book in return of a honest reviewrst of all, I want to say that I have not left a book unfinished in a while. I started reading this book today and after 31 pages, I just couldn't read anymore. I felt like the story was already in the middle. there was some things taken by granted that just left me confused. there was absolutely no description of the characters when they appeared. all the attempts of humour were totally failed. most of them where totally misogynist [...]

    4. This was awesome. It reminds me of a comic book without the graphics. It is funny, full of corny action scenes, comic book like humor, and sweet innocent love. This is not the type of book you take seriously, it is meant to be fun and fantastic. There is no great knowledge to be gained, but there is a lighthearted, fun story containing some of the most unique characters I have ever come across.Magno Girl and Ron team up again in this story. Ron is just plain silly at times in this one tryin to p [...]

    5. Magno girl even though seems cartoony and cheesy is by no means a ya book. this is a adult book that is one where you kick back and just enjoy. And enjoy you will. It’s fun, lighthearted and written in a laid back manner. The entertainment and fun reminds me of watching a Mel Brooks film particularly Space Balls for it is fun lighthearted and cheesy in a good way.Ron Magnolia’s best friend is sweet and funny. Magnolia (Magno) independent, fun and adventurous. She can also be stubborn but in [...]

    6. What I Thought:the book was about a female superherobut the book was not from the superhero's POV but the guy dating her!some of the jokes and situations were too funny and silly -- I loved them! -- but the jokes did get tiring at the endI enjoyed every conversation that Magno Girl had with her mother. They were all laugh out loud funny! It also made sense that Sandra would use the issues that Magno Girl had as a curse.All kinds of discrimination were made fun of and I liked how the author made [...]

    7. Magno Girl is a wacky foray into the weird world of minor superheroes, as told by the heroine's macho, money- driven fan Ron.The book is exactly what I'd expect a rather camp, politically incorrect comic book reimagined as a novel to be. The fights are surreal very surreal!d its chock full of stereotypes and witty dialogues. “Harry, you’re small,” I said. “You’re tiny, little, inadequate, diminutive, meager, undersized, and paltry—and the only way we’ll see eye to eye is if you sta [...]

    8. "Magno Girl," a mid-level, relatively unknown superhero, would rather fight crime than attract lucrative deals for product endorsements, unlike the rest of the caped crusaders running around in Joe Canzano's off-kilter NYC. In a world where Americamarts are popping up on every corner, running mom-and-pop stores out of business, patriotism means shopping and mass consumption, even when that means eating poisoned pizza.Magnolia, aka Magno Girl and her boyfriend Ron, a part-time crime fighter, part [...]

    9. "I received this book for free though First Reads"Having spoken to the author after winning ‘Magno Gir’l he described the book to me as “It's got a certainflavour that some people like and some people do not. It's meant to be abit out of the mainstream, because that's kind of where I am.” And you know what he’s right, it’s totally out of the box, it’s not the usual genre of book I read however made a refreshing change and break for me. The book kind of reads like a cartoon strip w [...]

    10. Absolutely loved. I don't give 5 stars lightly but this book was well written and I found but one error in it! One! Which gave the feel it was really carefully reviewed before publishing. It reminded me of sin city and sucker punch and kick ass. It was a fabulous book of martial arts and murder. Of a world where real super heroes resided, bought by the dollar and a society sick with greed and obesity. Heroes were real in their lack of preparation for fights.I also loved the sex, because it wasn' [...]

    11. MAGNO GIRL is a champ! I gotta say, I love this book! It reads like a comic book without pictures, but filled with such vibrant color, complexion, passion, and wit, that I had no trouble envisioning all the characters in my mind’s eye! Magnolia, the key up-an-coming superhero is caught up in a sea of self-aggrandizing sexist jackasses that double as her contemporaries in the crime fighting gig. How is she going to rise above her plight and maintain her integrity? Will Ron be a help, or another [...]

    12. This was a fun story that reminded me a little of "the Incredibles" but obviously much cooler. A quirky superhero with normal everyday issues - from a supportive yet materialistic boyfriend to an annoying and argumentative mother. The humor was sharp and the descriptions colorful - I was completely sucked in to the story enough so that I was truly disappointed when I reached the end. I'm torn over the reviews comparing it to a comic book though. I guess the fight scenes and "superhero-ness" coul [...]

    13. Magno Girl is super silly, but don't tell Magnolia that, she might just drop kick me to the floor because she is one bad mamajamma. Magnolia (aka. Mags) is the lead superhero in this book who can crack the truth out of anyone with her red eye glare, but she's putty in your hands with a blow of some smoking tobacco. Please understand while the pages of this story are filled with humor, it is not meant for young readers. It's definitely an adult read. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the never-en [...]

    14. This is just like a comic book minus the graphics. It's cheesy, there are lame jokes, and the dialogue reminds of what you see inside of conversation bubbles. There is romance, but don't come into this thinking you are going to read a typical lovey, sappy romantic novel. It is just part of the story.If you like comic books, superheroes, etc. Give this a chance. I doubt you will be disappointed.

    15. A fun, fast-paced, and amusing story. People who have a silly sense of humor and love absurd situations will enjoy Magno Girl.

    16. I'm not really into superhero books, but this book was good. I enjoyed the reality of the characters. Some parts were definitely very confusing but other than that, a well rounded book.

    17. I just received this book in the mail today. It was an interesting read. The humor and nicknames in this novel made this novel a fun read. I really enjoyed the story and the characters in it.

    18. I received it from the author for an honest review.So, the book is quite great and fun, with awesome characters (i love Magnolia!), bu i found it a little childish and boring when battles and fights happen, too cartonish i think.The context is pretty interesting, an american city with its obvious superheroes but, even if it doesn't seem to be special, they aren't so good or perfect or political correct like the others, so it's time to Magno Girl and her Guilty glaze to free the citizens from evi [...]

    19. Perhaps it just isn’t my cup of tea, but I found this book extremely hard to connect to. The synopsis sounds like a promising superhero mystery book, though not even 100 pages in and I am struggling to keep going. It is a book that I have had to set down and pick up several times before I even reached page 45. Magno Girl is told from the perspective of the supposed love interest of the story, a biker who is infatuated with our female superhero. Though Magno Girl insists several times throughou [...]

    20. Magno Girl by Canzano was predictable for me or was it hopeful, that Magno Girl would win the day despite those doubter around her, including her boyfriend Ron and her mother Connie. Ron is the narrator and he tells it from his point of view but we also get the dialogue from the other characters, including Magno. Because the story is about her, we also see her struggle to maintain her individuality despite the scorn of the male superheroes. There is a wicked witch in the mix who comes to a stick [...]

    21. I received this book for free as first reads giveaway.Magno Girl is not the usual genre of book I read but it made a refreshing change; it's a humorous superhero story of Magno Girl and her ninja biker boyfriend Ron.It reads like a YA book until sex is mentioned, which I believe is unnecessary to the plot or story. The humour is cheesy but fun as are all the characters.Overall a fun easy read.

    22. I received this as a first read. This one was very different then I thought it would be. However, it was good read. I did have a little trouble getting into it at first but after while it was a very fast pace easy read. I love that the superhero was a girl and that she had flaws like all of us. A fun read.

    23. DNF at 15%A bit too cartoony for me. Maybe also a bit too childish. I think this is better suited for a younger audience than me.

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