Ripped Attorney and political heavyweight Tobias Faraday is the Ice King a man alone in the eye of a deadly storm And in the wake of his sister s torture he s out for blood The key to Tobias s revenge is t

  • Title: Ripped
  • Author: Edie Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Attorney and political heavyweight Tobias Faraday is the Ice King, a man alone in the eye of a deadly storm And in the wake of his sister s torture, he s out for blood.The key to Tobias s revenge is the disavowed British spy he s kept imprisoned for weeks Chandler McCallister can get him behind enemy lines in Russia, but the clever double agent has a demand of her own beAttorney and political heavyweight Tobias Faraday is the Ice King, a man alone in the eye of a deadly storm And in the wake of his sister s torture, he s out for blood.The key to Tobias s revenge is the disavowed British spy he s kept imprisoned for weeks Chandler McCallister can get him behind enemy lines in Russia, but the clever double agent has a demand of her own before she puts her life on the line in the name of redemption.Posing as Chandler s boyfriend at an aristocratic wedding in the English countryside won t kill Tobias Not in theory.As the threat of Moscow looms larger and the enemy reveals himself to be crueler than any human can imagine, Tobias reluctantly partners with his prisoner to derail the immediate threat to their families, to Faraday Industries, and to their lives What he finds in the process is a feverish, relentless need already melting the ice from his veins.

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    1. In the second book in the Blood Money series, Tobias Faraday has been haunted by his sister Beth’s torture, and determined to avenge his sister as well as show the world you don’t mess with the Faradays, not on his watch. To do this, he must infiltrate the heart of the Polnoch’ Pulya. And to do that, he needs the help of a double agent named Chandler MacAllister. Chandler’s done some horrible, horrible things in the name of God and country, or more importantly, to protect her twin sister [...]

    2. Last year I read Blamed, book one in this series and I loved it. I also loved the supporting character of Tobias - cold as steel, intense, no-nonsense and deadly while wearing a three-piece suit. Gimme. We also meet his eventual heroine in book one, the imprisoned Chandler. High attitude, deadly as well, with hatred in her eyes. I couldn't wait to see how these two would fall in love. But their journey left me wanting more. Maybe I had built these two up in my head too much and had unfair expect [...]

    3. A 2015 favorite! RS at its best!Edie Harris is a wordwizard, I swear! She mesmerizes you with the words she puts on paper and holds you captive until you've read the last one. That's the only way I can describe how I felt about RIPPED. From the first pages of the prologue I was completely and utterly mesmerized.Tobias is one cold-blooded, controlled and cool dudeHe really gave me chills sometimes at how detached and unaccepting of emotions he could be. I had caught a very tiny glimpse emotions w [...]

    4. When reading the first book, Blamed, I fell head over heels in love with Tobias, the hero of this story. And I was so unsure of how in the bloody hell Edie would be able to make him and Chandler work to have their own HEA.Oh man, did she ever deliver.I love this freaking series! The swoons are there, the twisting, intriguing plot is there, and the fantastic, lovable, complex characters are all there. If you like any romantic suspense at all, pick up this series NOW. It's so good!I must commend E [...]

    5. Yaaaaasss!! Can I give this all the stars please? Uptight heroes with a weakness for their heroine make me so melty. Tobias was amazing. And Chandler, who I was prepared to hate, was fantastic too. These two overcame incredible relationship barriers and were so sweet and their banter was so great and I'm totally rambling. The story unfolded way differently than I thought too, but not in a bad way. Can't wait for the next book! I also really hope we get stories for Pippa, Keir, Freya, Dare, etc b [...]

    6. "Where did you get a knife?""Knives like me. They're drawn to me." Her grin was feral as she pressed the edge of the blade to his jugular. "Like woodland creatures to Disney princesses." Oooooh. A princess and her pet knives. I like. I like it a lot.

    7. Review written: July 16, 2017Star Rating: ★★★½☆Heat Rating: ☀☀☀☀☼An Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book was received free via Netgalley for an honest review.After the insane roller coaster that was Blamed, I expected the same of Ripped. Boy was I wrong! Ripped was more in the vein of a character study and I very much enjoyed it that way. With two extremely grey characters and with some seriously intense situations, this one is an understated thriller.I loved Tobias. I love [...]

    8. Review originally posted at fictionvixen/review-rippedOh, Tobias. Cold, intellectual, do what ever needs to be done Tobias. I made the mistake of reading the teaser at the end of Blamed and then wished I hadn’t because I knew I would spend the next six months on the edge of my seat waiting for this book. Granted six months isn’t that long a wait, but still, I needed me some Tobias Faraday in my life.For those of you who haven’t read the first book in this series, let me introduce you to th [...]

    9. Received review copy in exchange for an honest review; full, original post with quotes can be found at:mnonmklreviews/20When I read BLAMED, what drew me in was the prologue. Edie does such a terrific job with her descriptions, you can't help but be drawn in. With the spy life that Vick and Beth lead, at times I felt a little lost, but I found that I still liked their story.In BLAMED, we learned a bit about the Faraday family and how Beth felt the furthest removed from her brother, Tobias.we also [...]

    10. Ripped is book two of the Blood Money starts off two months after book one where Beth Farady (Tobias younger sister) has only been home recovering from tormented at the hands of a sadistic killer. Tobias Farady runs Faraday Industries and will do anything to protect his sister and her future even if it means holding a woman in prison for a crimes he finds to be unforgivable. Chandler McCallister former British Spy is the reason his sister was tortured for days. Had she given the Faraday's the in [...]

    11. Review can be read at It's About The BookReading more like an espionage novel than a romance, this tightly woven book was a thriller from start to finish.In the spy game, American operator Tobias Farraday was more of an operations man, the intellectual who didn’t get his hands dirty in the field. British Chandler McCallister had been an M16 operative for a long time, and her last stint in Russia had taken her too close to the edge–closer than she’d wanted to stay. At the end of the first b [...]

    12. The first book in this series, Blamed, I read and reviewed back in December. I was taken with the idea of a female assassin from family of spies. The book more than met any expectations that I had and left me wanting more from the Faraday family. So I was thrilled to see that Tobias, Beth's older brother, had the next book in the series.This book continues the story line from the first book, as Tobias tracks down those who kidnapped and tortured his sister. He is willing to use anyone and everyt [...]

    13. **I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**Tobias realized he was different from the rest of his family of 7. With him, family is never the enemy. He was 32. He graduated Harvard Law School at 21. Tobias felt there was a wrongness in him his siblings didn't possess. Polnoch' Pulya was a market arms organization known across the world. It's known as the most lethal of such organizations. Nash almost killed Tobias's baby sister Beth through torture. Chandler McCallister wa [...]

    14. Ripped picks up immediately after the ending of Blamed and focuses on Tobias Faraday. Tobias runs Faraday Industries and is the unofficial leader of the five Faraday siblings. He is impeccable and the boss of all things, but his iron-clad control is tested by Chandler McCallister, the MI6 spy/double agent who remains in Faraday lockdown since her role in Beth's kidnapping. Chandler isn't intimidated by Tobias, in fact she sasses him at every turn and why not, as she has little left to lose. Exce [...]

    15. As far as Tobias Faraday is concerned, his mission of vengeance can only go one way - with the disavowed British spy Chandler Mcallister - whom he holds responsible for the brutal torture of his sister in Blamed - leading the way into the Russian trafficking ring and back into her nightmare. Chandler only asks one thing in return: that she gets to attend her twin's wedding and because Tobias refuses to leave her side, he finds himself going along as her pretend significant other. There is a ton [...]

    16. Full review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksWhat I really and truly loved about Ripped, was the role reversal of the hero and heroine. Normally, the hero is the tortured one. The one with baggage. The one who thinks he’s not worthy of the heroine. But it’s exactly the opposite here. Chandler has been through the wringer and she’s consumed by self-doubt, and it’s so lovely to see Tobias help banish that. There are several occasions where she talks about herself in a self-deprecating manner [...]

    17. I was instantly taken in with Chandler McAllister’s hardened spy persona and sense of humor as she’s being held against her will by the Faradays. Caught up in her own survival, she’s cut herself off emotionally to protect herself against the big, bad Tobias Faraday, her “keeper.” I loved the fact this spy can hold her own against a major player in the business and is known throughout the industry as the “Macgyver” of spies. What I didn’t expect was her commitment to her twin sist [...]

    18. Where to start? There is so much going on in this book! It has characters from the first story in this series as well. Tobias Faraday meets and interrogates Chandler about her work for the Russian Mob. She was a killer among them. His sister was kidnapped by them and tortured and he believes Chandler is one of those responsible.Tobias aka "Toby" to Chandler is super HOT! She can barely control her tongue when she is around him. Her body wants to do all sorts of naughty things with him, but hey a [...]

    19. I love this series. The family story of the Faraday family builds with each successive book. The excerpts at the end of each book, claiming to be the Faraday story, gives insight that will be further explained in the next installment. At the end of Book 1, we learn that the original Faraday left England after a 1754 fire in Wolverhampton. In Ripped, we have Tobias Faraday, Beth’s brother from Blamed and Chandler McAllister, an MI6 spy. Tobias wants revenge on the people responsible for Beth’ [...]

    20. Brilliant. I loved the first book in this series, Blamed, but going into this one I really wasn't sure if it would work for me. I thought I would warm to Tobias fairly quickly because although he appeared quite cold in the first book his love for his family seemed to be a redeeming feature. In Chandler however I thought Harris had given herself an impossible task in making her a likeable heroine. I was wrong. It was Chandler who MADE me love this book. The horrors she endured, survived and overc [...]

    21. Toby I loved him, "don’t call yourself trash,” he said harshly, the leather of his gloves creaking and stretching as he fisted the steering wheel with both hands." He's quite the forgiving man, "his hands closed around her biceps, fingers warm through the thin silk of her blouse. “Chandler, I didn’t know I wanted you to kiss me until you did.” He drew her closer, until her chest met his and his breath fanned her flushed cheeks. “Don’t you dare apologize to me." Chandler is always e [...]

    22. Another wonderful story of the Faraday family, who make their money offering weaponry and enhanced skills, but not to just anyone. Tobias Faraday knows all too well the slippery slope the family business of death and destruction is on. He's seen it played out with his sister's ordeal at the hands of a serial killer.It's no wonder Tobias keeps his life as tightly buttoned and constrained as his bespoke suits and perfectly knotted ties. He's willing to do almost anything, including use rogue Briti [...]

    23. I love well written stiff, formal, prim and proper characters Edie Harris gave me exactly that in Tobias. I have been anticipating the release of his book since he stepped onto the page in Blamed, the first in the Blood Money series. I have to say his and Chandler's story didn't disappoint in anyway, shape or form. I loved watching them fall for each other not to mention the action and of course the sexy times. This series is definitely hands down without a doubt one of my fave romantic suspense [...]

    24. ARC kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Ripped was fast-paced with a bit of action, which means it was my kind of book! Tobias's relative inexperience and completely logical, level-headed approach to life made for a super sweet romance, as well. Chandler was pretty bada$$, and made for a strong female lead.Despite not having read the first book in the series, I still appreciated the nods to characters from that book and the explanation that accompanied [...]

    25. If I told you I started off loving this book I'd be lying. The start was a bit rough for me but once it got going, it was very enjoyable. I really liked the character development more than anything. Tobias and Chan find themselves in a very tough situation and they grow as individuals and together because of it. The action is really vivid. The plot keep us on our toes. The loving was good. I mostly liked the dirty talk :-p

    26. I liked the idea of this relationship more than how it actually played out. I think I could have liked it a lot more if it hadn't been such a compressed time frame. I get why the plot required it, but believing he went from holding her partially responsible for his sister's torture to in love in about ten days, well, it was a lot. Even if she wasn't at all responsible. I still like this series, though, and will almost certainly buy the next one too.

    27. Loved this one. Great characters - I went into this cautiously as I hated Chandler (the heroine) based on the first book but she really redeemed herself. She was badass without falling into the alphole category most aggressive, alpha females tend to be reduced into in novels. I also liked the emotional stunted, icy male lead and the way his feeling for Chandler grew. There was less betrayal and questionable motives in this book which fit better with my personal preferences.

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