A Conall Christmas

A Conall Christmas Don t Miss This Happy Ending For The Carefree Mother That Stole Your Heart by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Bethany Claire NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Although this can be read as a standalone novella it co

  • Title: A Conall Christmas
  • Author: Bethany Claire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Don t Miss This Happy Ending For The Carefree Mother That Stole Your Heart by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany Claire NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Although this can be read as a standalone novella, it could accurately be described as Book 2.5 of Morna s Legacy Series It is highly recommended that you start your reading with Book 1 in the series, Love Beyond Time, Don t Miss This Happy Ending For The Carefree Mother That Stole Your Heart by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany Claire NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Although this can be read as a standalone novella, it could accurately be described as Book 2.5 of Morna s Legacy Series It is highly recommended that you start your reading with Book 1 in the series, Love Beyond Time, followed by Love Beyond Reason The characters in this story and the events that led them to the beginning of this novella occurred in the previous books in this series It s Yuletide at Conall Castle Christmas is quickly approaching, and Adelle is determined to make this Christmas the best one Conall Castle has ever seen, but loneliness haunts her Love for her daughter sent her into the past, but she d not expected the isolation she would feel A former socialite and serial dater, she finds that her current age seems much older in the seventeenth century than it did in the twenty first She resigns herself to the fact that she will remain single for the rest of her days At least until an unexpected visitor arrives at the castle Hew Moray has spent the last twenty years all alone, only leaving his isolated home once a year to pay homage to the wife he lost long ago When a winter storm causes him to seek shelter at the castle where his sister lives, he meets the first lass since his beloved Mae to make his heart flutter in his chest once again Will he be able to release himself from his past grief to allow another love to enter his life If he does, will his love be returned Scroll up and grab your copy today Read all the books in Morna s Legacy Series You should read them in the following order Love Beyond Time Book 1 Love Beyond Reason Book 2 A Conall Christmas Novella Book 2.5 Love Beyond Hope Book 3 Love Beyond Measure Book 4 In Due Time A Novella Book 4.5 Love Beyond Compare Book 5 Love Beyond Dreams Book 6 Love Beyond Belief Book 7 A McMillan Christmas A Novella Book 7.5 Love Beyond Reach Book 8 Morna s Magic Mistletoe A Novella Book 8.5 Love Beyond Words Book 9 Love Beyond Wanting Book 10 Love Beyond Destiny Book 11 The following collections are also available Morna s Legacy Books 1, 2, 2.5, 3Morna s Legacy Books 4, 4.5, 5

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    1. A Conall Christmas is Adelle Montgomery's story. Even though Adelle is a well-known archaeologist, she couldn't be apart from her daughter, Brielle (Bri) and to live with the people, she has been researching. A year has passed with the Conall clan surviving the massacre, Adelle decided to make this Christmas the best ever. What she didn't plan on was falling in love again. Hew Moray has never been a sociable person. He doesn't speak much and kept his answer short. Every year around Christams, he [...]

    2. A Christmas Short with Ageless Love!Recommendation: Yes! Though listed as book 2.5, you can read A Conall Christmas as a standalone, I would not however, suggest it. Read it in order and you’ll understand far more of the background story.After two novels about the younger generation, it’s finally Adelle’s turn! Hew, Mary’s brother, is on his way past Conall Castle and stops to get out of the cold. He soon bumps into Adelle. Hew’s history left him shy and tentative to form new relations [...]

    3. I’m not the type that usually enjoys novellas. I tend to find them rushed, and too short to really enjoy, so when I do pick one up, it’s usually a miracle in and of itself. In this case, it’s a bigger one because I actually enjoyed the novella. I know, I was shocked too.A Conall Christmas by Bethany Claire was well written, and even paced. I didn’t run into any typos, misplaced punctuation, improper grammar, or awkward sentence structures. The writing was fluid and clear, and the charact [...]

    4. Adelle has been living with Bri and Eoin Conall ever since she came back to the fourteenth century. It is Christmas time and everyone is settled into the castle for the winter. Adelle has some ideas for the first Christmas there with the family and sets about the changing of minds about the holidays. Hew Moray has been living alone in his cabin for decades. He only comes out to make his pilgrimage to his wife's grave. The trip usually takes a few days and he becomes stranded due to the heavy sno [...]

    5. Adorable story, but after 2 books telling me that Adelle was flighty and fancy-free I wanted to learn more about what made her want to settle down and stick to one man/ place.

    6. A Conall Christmas is a novella that is part of a series, and I received it in a swag bag from a conference I attended, so I read it as a stand alone. I didn’t have much trouble following along. The one thing I still am not clear on is the time travel; can it be done so many times without ill effects, etc?I loved how this novella’s main characters were a generation older than I’m used to reading about; they were grandparents! Both Hew and Adelle think that their love life is over, until th [...]

    7. yes yes yes! I've read the ebook 3 times, I've enjoyed it each time. I listened to it on audible and it gives it life and I will be listening to it over and over!As far as storyline, it is refreshing series I love itI listen to books while I work. This one kept me enthralled.Good series, better and better with each book! Thanks Bethany!

    8. I have not read the others in the series, but I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. I want to read the others. A fine historical romance-time travel story. The characters are strong and well defined and this is a heartwarming story. Lots of family, love, romance and magic. I loved how the author had the characters going in and out of different times. So fun!

    9. Adelle & HewIn on a reading marathon here. Finally, a love story with seasoned lovers who bring a special element of experience. Incredible story filled with love that happens maybe more than once in a lifetime. Maybe love a second time around is even more special.

    10. Still not the best writing, but a sweet love story between promiscuous Adelle and Mary's reclusive brother, set at Christmas time.

    11. Loved this book. I really enjoy the time travel with the romance and mystery. Great character development with both original and new characters. Look forward to remaining books in series.

    12. A lovely story telling how Adelle finds more than expected during her first Christmas with the Conalls.

    13. 3.5 stars for this short and sweet novella. Loved the continuation of the lives of the previous sets main characters. With the addition of a new character Hew, the castles main maid, Mary's shy brother, it gave the story the needed newness. I loved the idea of a new love interest for Adele. At first when she came back to the 1600's to be with Bri I was afraid Bethany Claire was going to set her up with Blaire's father. Which with him looking so much like Adele's ex-husband would've made some sen [...]

    14. A perfect novella companion to the rest of the Morna's Legacy series. Well written and wonderfully enjoyable. I loved that the antagonist in this story was the past that had to be overcome and not an actual third party enemy. Bethany Claire has a wonderful series here and I look forward to reading the next in the series. I almost read this one out of order between books #1 and #2 so be sure to read it AFTER book #2. I would love to read this one again actually at Christmas time but the love and [...]

    15. *I received this book for review from the author, this in no way affects my thoughts as expressed in this review*I just have to say, I absolutely love that Adelle got a story! The side characters in this series in both previous books(and this one too, of course) were so strong, that I already had grown to know Adelle and was so happy to dive into her story. It was set at Christmastime, which I loved. Who doesn’t love Christmas in July(okay, August), after all?Even though this is a novella, it [...]

    16. Time travel and romanceI love that there seems to be a soul mate for everyone, even Adelle. The family of characters keeps growingveither by birth or time travel to 17th century Scotland

    17. Thoroughly charming short story of one of the characters already introduced in the first Morna's Legacy book. This is a sweet, tender story well worth the read, even if you hated the second book as I did. It also introduces new elements that will make you want to read the next book in the series.

    18. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance at happiness!! Loved that Adelle finally gets her happy ending with Hew!!

    19. yes I did read this all today, and downloaded the next one. I don't know when I last did this with a series

    20. Such a cute and fast paced read! I'm glad Adele gets her HEA! As crazy and feisty as she is, she totally deserved it, as did Hewloved it!

    21. Morgan's legacy seriesloved this whole series. lots of love and happiness with this family. well written by author. can't wait to see if there are more to come.

    22. Another easy read. The fact that there were puppies in this book increased my rating by 1 star. Who needs greatly written words when there are puppiesonally, I do not.

    23. The author is right, this really should be categorized as book 2.5 of the series and REALLY should not be skipped. Adelle's story might actually be my favorite.

    24. couldn't even bring myself to finish as it was basically the same formula and story as the previous two books

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