After Christmas Eve

After Christmas Eve As Philip Potter wraps up his last minute shopping on Christmas Eve James Walker his lover of six years takes his life Unaware of what waits for him at home Philip drops off gifts to the hom

  • Title: After Christmas Eve
  • Author: Michael Rupured
  • ISBN: 9781608209026
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook
  • As Philip Potter wraps up his last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, 1966, James Walker, his lover of six years, takes his life Unaware of what waits for him at home, Philip drops off gifts to the homeless shelter, an act of generosity that later makes him a suspect in the murder of a male prostitute.Two men drive yellow Continentals One is a killer, with the blood of atAs Philip Potter wraps up his last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, 1966, James Walker, his lover of six years, takes his life Unaware of what waits for him at home, Philip drops off gifts to the homeless shelter, an act of generosity that later makes him a suspect in the murder of a male prostitute.Two men drive yellow Continentals One is a killer, with the blood of at least six hustlers on his hands Both men have secrets And as Philip is about to discover, James had kept secrets, too But James wasn t trying to frame him for murder

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    1. This is not a romance, although it is about the redemptive power of love.To be poetic, this book is like the description of a flower blooming in the desert. The desert is a metaphor for the lives of gay men in America in the 1960s, when we were essentially criminals who did our best to stay under the radar and live our lives in peace. Set in last days of 1966 and the first months of 1967, After Christmas Eve begins with a tragic suicide and a heinous murder; two events that send the comfortable [...]

    2. Philip Potter is a caring, easy-going and honorable man. Philip has a sister, Mary, and a nephew, Thad, who he absolutely adores and loves spending time with. Family is very important to Philip.James Walker came from a well-to-do family. At the age of fifteen, his father, Roland Walker, kicked James out for being a disgrace. Philip took James in and cared for him. At first their relationship was nurturing but became more when James turned eighteen. James has a dream—he wants to attend ballet s [...]

    3. “No good deed goes unpunished.” ~ Oscar WildePhilip Potter, of 'No Good Deed' by Michael Rupured, takes under his wing a young homeless boy named James, who was thrown away by his father because he is gay. Caring for James is a labor of love; Philip only has the best of intentions toward James. James was turning tricks when Philip picks him up but, even though James begs for more, they do not share a bed until James turns eighteen. When James needs money for ballet school, he decides to ask [...]

    4. A ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords Review. This review can also be found here. Daniel Bradbury and James Walker have a lot in common. Both of them find themselves in dire straits after having been kicked out of their houses by their parents and both of them die within hours of each other.On Christmas Eve Philip Potter comes home to be informed that his lover James killed himself. Soon after that he meets Beau Carter, a high school English teacher.As Philip finds himself a suspect in Daniel’s mur [...]

    5. Philip Potter is looking forward to Christmas with his young lover, James. He’s a bit apprehensive, though. James has gone to see his wealthy father, Roland Walker—the same man who threw him on the streets after learning he was homosexual. But James has a dream of attending dance school and devoting his life to his passion. To make his dream come true, he needs his father’s help.Unfortunately, Roland’s cruel refusal to fund James’ dream drives the young man over the edge and he takes h [...]

    6. Please leave comments on Trish's 5 sweet pea, Recommended Book, review at mrsconditreadsbooks/index.“Mary frowned. “You can’t carry your weakness for helpless strays and orphans into your love life. Get a dog. Find a cause. Volunteer at the hospital. Then maybe you can fall in love with an equal partner instead of a project that needs you to survive.”It’s Christmas Eve, 1966, and Philip Potter is doing some last minute shopping while waiting for James Walker-his lover of six years-to r [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThis story is told in third person and from more than one point-of-view, which was a bonus for me as it’s my preferred style of narration.As per the blurb, the story begins with Philip arriving home to find the young man he’d taken under his wing had ended his life. From that night, Beau comes to his rescue, offers him a place to stay, until he can return to his own home. Not long after, the next suspect enters the story. It didn’t take long for me to figure out who the most likel [...]

    8. Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.Philip stopped off at the homeless shelter to drop some presents off for the boys on his way home that Christmas Eve and finds himself the prime suspect in a murder. James, Philip’s lover of several years, puts a gun to his own head so as not to disappoint Philip. And two men enter Philips’ life, both with secrets, but only one is a killer.Oh, I LIKED this book! A lot! Set over Christmas and New Year, 1966/67, its to [...]

    9. Philip Potter's life changes dramatically on Christmas Eve, 1966. Not only does his life as he knows it come crashing down around his ears, he and we embark upon a journey into what it is and means to be gay in that era. There's a definite period feel to this story, a stepping back through time. The 1960s isn't that long ago, but we forget sometimes how difficult it was for those who were LGBT. Among the many glimpses provided by this book are the plight of homeless youths (still a problem today [...]

    10. The following review is for the first edition of this book, which was titled After Christmas Eve. I don't know how different the second edition is, but given how much I liked the original, I bought and will be reading No Good Deed.Original Review:I won this book and Until Thanksgiving in a giveaway, and am very glad I did because it encouraged me to read books by a new-to-me author. After Christmas Eve is a gripping story, and a real page-turner - I read it during any spare moment I could, becau [...]

    11. There came a point while I was reading in After Christmas Eve that it was apparent that I would not be putting my kindle down until I was done. That is a very good thing, except, I REALLY wanted to take a nap. So, Mr. Rupured, not only did you make me ugly cry, you cost me sleep. I hope you are happy. Oh, whom am I kidding? I know you are happy.Phillip is an interesting character. I did not read Rupured’s first novel, Until Thanksgiving, but I infer that Phillip appears in that one as well, th [...]

    12. Wonderful find!Warnings: 1. Their is a scene regarding suicide. 2. Murder 3. Thoughts of incest (no follow through).I am so happy I came upon this book :-) I really enjoyed every page of this book and the suspense that went with it. Not only that but the characters! The author did such a amazing job bringing them to life and no matter how long/short there role was; each and everyone of them was memorable. Oh, and I thought the multi POV worked really well given the nature of the story. There are [...]

    13. I won this book from the author. I have Until Thanksgiving to read also and decided to read in chronological order.This story is set in the mid 1960's, when the social and legal environment for homosexuals was awful to say the least. A thought provoking story, requiring much google searching for me, but never overly preaching.The story is Philip's, as he deals with the death of his lover, unsympathetic handling by the police, being a murder suspect and finding new friends.James's story gradually [...]

    14. The more Michael Rupered I read the more I am hooked.Set in the early 60's Phillip Potter is a gay man. He doesn't hide himself but he doesn't t broadcast since it is illegal. He has been living with James, and ex-hooker that Phillip saved from the streets for several years. James has gone to his father for money to go to a prestigious ballet school and come back upset, and tired of the lies he has been living especially the ones to Phillip and takes his life. On Christmas Eve.Phillip was out ge [...]

    15. AndI hardly EVER do this. Actually, this is only the second time I have yet to finish a book. ButI just can't.I thought the blurb sounded interesting.I was drawn to the cover.I noticed several positive reviews. ButI just can't.The deaths begin early and they haven't stopped. I have absolutely NO connection to any of the characters. I don't really know what is going on (nods to the great mysterious murderer) but frankly, I don't really care.The icky dark "Fairy Killer" is upsetting me WAY to much [...]

    16. After Christmas Eve was simply a page-turner! Vivid characters populate the book set in the 60s. I thought I would be bored by the book’s setting, but I was wrong. It did the book justice. If you’re up for a gay murder mystery, then read this one. I certainly am willing to read more books by this author. It’s a five-star read!

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