Non amarmi

Non amarmi Pepper Yates coinvolta suo malgrado in una losca faccenda di malavita vive in clandestinit da due anni nascondendosi in un condominio fatiscente sotto il nome di Sue Meeks Ha cambiato il proprio as

  • Title: Non amarmi
  • Author: Lori Foster
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pepper Yates, coinvolta suo malgrado in una losca faccenda di malavita, vive in clandestinit da due anni, nascondendosi in un condominio fatiscente sotto il nome di Sue Meeks Ha cambiato il proprio aspetto, prediligendo abiti informi, ed molto riservata Quasi troppo Quando per si ritrova come vicino di casa l affascinante Logan, si lascia stuzzicare dall attrazionePepper Yates, coinvolta suo malgrado in una losca faccenda di malavita, vive in clandestinit da due anni, nascondendosi in un condominio fatiscente sotto il nome di Sue Meeks Ha cambiato il proprio aspetto, prediligendo abiti informi, ed molto riservata Quasi troppo Quando per si ritrova come vicino di casa l affascinante Logan, si lascia stuzzicare dall attrazione che prova per lui Non prudente uscire dal guscio che per anni l ha tenuta in vita, ma la passione irresistibile e lei non pu che lasciarsene travolgere Con delle regole, per rimanere al buio, non spogliarsi e non lasciarsi toccare.Ma Logan non chi dice di essere, e Pepper rischia di veder crollare il velo di anonimato dietro cui si nasconde e il proprio cuore ridursi in frantumi.Un caso da risolvere, una storia dal forte erotismo e un futuro d a Lori Foster al suo meglio.

    • ô Non amarmi || ç PDF Read by ✓ Lori Foster
      354 Lori Foster
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    1. Having very much enjoyed Lori Foster’s Edge of Honor series, I embarked on this one full of expectations. She’s always written great romantic suspense novels with incredibly alpha heroes to die for and I was expecting more of the same here.I have to say I was decidedly underwhelmed by the first half of the book to the point of almost giving up. EVERYONE is lying and hiding something and no one is who they seem and they’re not an easy bunch to like.Basic synopsis – Pepper and Rowdy Yates [...]

    2. I loved Lori's last series (Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor)and was sad when it came to an end but she promised us a fantastic series that we would love just as much was she wrong? she wasn't!! Although this is a seperate series it carries on with the same theme of drug smuggling and trafficking of young women.Normally with a big build up of a book we are often left disappointed but I sure wasn't! Within the first few chapters I was gripped and loving the story and instantly loved the characters [...]

    3. 2 ½ stars – Contemporary Romance/Romantic SuspenseI’m a fan of LF’s Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series and had high hopes for her new series, but this first installment was sadly disappointing. I didn’t feel any connection between the H/h other than lust, and their HEA was whiplash fast and trite. The suspense part of the story was rather dull and definitely didn’t make up for the inadequate romance. Overall, this was a lackluster read that I’m really glad I got free from the lib [...]

    4. ★★★★✩ (This is a review of the audiobook.) I haven’t been a big fan of Jim Frangione's narration in the past; I think it is his cadence. Nevertheless, I love this author, so I gave him another try. He does a nice enough job here; not a lot of differentiation, and with his deep voice, it is hard for him to do the women. I will probably go on with the series on audio, so he wasn't awful. I have always called Lori Foster my “Iron Woman.” She doesn't receive many five stars from me; [...]

    5. 5/5Wow loved this book so freaking much!!! I don't know why skipped this book in the series but I'm glad I went back and read it. Pepper was an amazing herion who held her own and Logan was just wonderful he wasn't an ass to her and actually cared about how she felt. This was an awesome Lori Foster book.

    6. Detective Logan Riske is working undercover searching for the man whom he believes was an eye witness to the murder of his best friend. In order to find the elusive Rowdy Yates, he sets himself up as a construction worker and neighbor to Rowdy’s sister, Pepper. Believing she will be the link to lead him to her brother, he is ruthless in his pursuit and will go to any lengths necessary to obtain the information.Pepper Yates is hiding secrets. For years she’s been dodging the corrupt club owne [...]

    7. Great book! I really enjoyed the story! It had a little bit of everything.“Let me leave you my number. Anything comes up, or if anyone bothers you-""You're bothering me.”

    8. Run The Risk es el primer libro de los cuatro que forman la serie Love Undercover creada por Lori Foster y tiene como protagonistas a Logan y Pepper.Honestamente comence la lectura sin ninguna clase de expectativa ( ni buena ni mala ), he leido varias novelas de la autora y me gusta bastante su estilo al escribir, aun asi tengo que admitir que este libro me sorprendio gratamente .Run The Risk tiene una trama atrapante, interesante y que no decae en ningun momento, algo muy impresionante ya que e [...]

    9. How do you catch a killer when the only witness is on the run and can't be found? Answer: you go undercover and try to get close to the witness' sister.Two years ago, Detective Logan Riske's best friend was murdered. With no evidence and no witnesses, the culprit is still roaming free, but Logan wants justice and revenge. When he learns that the witness Rowdy Yates has a sister safely tucked away away, posing as an apartment building manager, he decides to go undercover as a construction worker [...]

    10. I am a HUGE fan of Lori Foster. Men Who Walk The Edge Of Honor series, The Buckhorn Brothers series, and The Fighter series are some of my favorites. I was so excited to read that Lori was releasing the Love Undercover series. I couldn't wait to read. Lori writes some of the best Alpha heroes along with heroines that are their perfect fit. I struggled through the first half of Run The Risk. Not because of the writing or the story, because I was definitely pulled into it from the beginning, but f [...]

    11. 2.5 starsA well written but otherwise pretty run-of-the-mill romantic suspense that would have earned at least one extra star from me, had the heroine been more likable or dropped her pointless charade at trying to hide her apparently Pamela Anderson-like 'assets', sooner. Her speech about taking out Morton's men, was laughable to say the least, and shows her for the silly, ninja-wanna-be chick she trully is, rather than the strong, fearless woman she thinks herself as:"She settled her purse in [...]

    12. Believing that Pepper Yates possibly has information regarding the murder of his best friend, Detective Logan Riske goes undercover in order to get close to her. He is determined to do whatever is necessary to learn whatever she may know. However, he soon learns that she may be in real danger, and that he is beginning to care for her much more than he should.After spending several years in hiding from the criminal club owner whose main goal is to keep Pepper from telling what she knows, Pepper r [...]

    13. Lori Foster has hit another home run with this first in her up coming new series Love Undercover!!Logan Riske and Pepper Yates live in a world where things are not always as they appear. Logan is an undercover cop heading the task force to bring down a notoriously bad guy, who incidentally murdered his best friend and he thinks that Pepper is his link to do just that. Logan, posing as a construction worker attempts to charm his neighbor Sue Meeks, who is actually Pepper in a rather amazing disgu [...]

    14. Another start of a great series by LF. I really liked the H&h in this book. Especially the hwhich you will see why. Once again LH touches on the subject of human trafficking, but not as intense as the other series. Characters from her other books are reintroduced in this series also.

    15. Originally posted at Herding Cats & Burning SoupOoooo fantastic start to a new series by one of my favorite authors!! Run the Risk was a excellent read and a great way to spend an afternoon. The couple wasting, the light suspense kept me turning the pages and damn if Foster's secondary characters weren't just to die for.I loved the set up for Run the Risk. It's got a good gritty storyline of sleazy criminals and police corruption but at the same time never feels too heavy or dark. Touches of [...]

    16. Cover & Title - 4 out of 5Favorite Line - "Although, the way she'd just looked at him, sort of eye-raping him" & “Let me leave you my number. Anything comes up, or if anyone bothers you-" "You're bothering me.”Favorite Character - PepperI was surprised by how much i enjoyed this book! It had a good amount of suspense & a sprinkle of humor too. I don't think i have read anything else by this author but if all her books are like this i will certainly check them out :)I liked Pepper [...]

    17. 3 1/2 - 4 StarsI have been a huge Lori Foster fan for many years and several of her books are on my all time favorites shelfe has so many great books just thinking of them makes me want to reread several right now!!!!!This was good but not a favorite but I have extremely high hopes for Bare It All and Getting Rowdy.

    18. This was entertaining but the narrator's cadence was a little stilted. His male voices were good but I wasn't thrilled with his performance of the female characters. The story was fun and hot but a little too much is spent on secondary characters as setup for coming books.

    19. Dear Ms.Foster,I have been a big fan of your writing for quite a while. Jude's Law is one of my favorite romance novels. A funny thing has happened though. After your first book in the Men of Honor series I've DNF'd three or four of your books so far. Why? Well, I can tell you why this one has been sitting unfinished like a sad puppy on my dresser since its release day. 1.) Pepper Yates. For some reason I could not stand Pepper. I understood why she was waffling and that she had a secret that ha [...]

    20. 4.5 Stars ARC copy provided by Net GalleyI have been in love with Lori's stories since picking up Simon Says (Fighter Series, Book Two) and she is an auto-buy for me. She writes how I wish I could-with passion, emotion, flavor, pizazz, and humor. LOVE LOVE LOVE HERSo when I saw that she was starting another series, I cried for joy. After finishing her latest series, Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor, I have been pacing restlessly for more of her books. Honestly, I haven't come across a Foster no [...]

    21. 6/3/12- *drools* o.o look at the man candy on the cover! makes me think of Erik in True Blood. *drools some more**Updated* 11/12/12OMG!! LORI I LOVE YOU!! I really loved Logan in this! Then the surprise twist of his love interest! Dang! I didn't see that coming! I figured it was a jealous ex or something but nope! Then Reese, Logan and him work together, totally genius luv! I'd recommend this book to any Lori Foster fan, and people who want a book that is greatly written and leaves you wanting t [...]

    22. Run The Risk is the first in the new romantic suspense series Love Undercover by Lori Foster. Detective Logan Riske goes undercover to find a key witness in the murder of a friend of his. That leads him next door to Pepper Yates, the witness' sister. While no real surprises, I still enjoyed it. The focus was more on the romance of Logan and Pepper but we got glimpses into the lives of the other characters who will be having their stories told. Ms Foster has always been a favorite author and she [...]

    23. cazadorasdelromance/criticUna historia bastante entretenida, un bonito romance con un punto de misterio. La pareja protagonista me ha gustado y ya deja establecidas las próximas parejas, que pintan muy interesantes.

    24. Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures5 StarsI’ll be the first to admit that I have several authors on auto-buy. No matter what the book, I buy it because these authors don’t let me down. They consistently write quality books that keep me entertained and make me happy. Lori Foster is the first person who was on this list. I “discovered” her ages ago and I have since made it my mission to read everything she’s published and considering some of her older books were no longer available [...]

    25. I received this as an ARC from NetGalley.Run the Risk is a book full of romance, intrigue and action. Detective Logan Riske goes undercover to bring down the slimy, but well-connected Morton Andrews the man who is responsible for the murder of Jack Carmin, a friend of his. Morton owned a local club called Checkers and had plenty of cops on the take and looking the other way as he conducted his illegal activities. After Jack’s murder, a man named Rowdy Yates who worked as a bouncer at Checkers [...]

    26. Good book. It started out a bit slow for me, as the previous series books seemed to jump right into the action. Pepper is hiding out as manager of an apartment building, trying to stay safe from the man who wants her dead. She has disguised her looks and mannerisms and is pretty darn dull. When Logan moves in and starts trying to hit on her, she is really confused but definitely attracted. Logan is undercover trying to get close to her so that he can catch her brother. He is determined to do wha [...]

    27. Thanks to the publisher, Harlequin, and NetGalley for the chance to read this early!~~ANOTHER FAVORITE 2012 RELEASE~~ Like all of Ms. Foster books it was packed with action, and a smoking hot romance. If you are/were a fan of her Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series – then you will love this as they are very similar in style. I loved reading Run the Risk, book #1 in the Love Undercover series by Lori Foster. The romance between Detective Logan Riske and Pepper Yates is smoking hot. The actual [...]

    28. I am torn with this book. I didn’t really like the Pepper/Sue at the start of the book. You knew she was hiding something, her whole attraction/sex with Logan with clothes on drove me nuts. I also didn’t care for the Logan at the start of the book. I know that when working under cover the police act in ways out of their character. For me, Logan crossed a line when he had sex with Pepper, which is why I had a hard time liking him. After the truth started coming out I was surprised by the chan [...]

    29. This is book 1 in Lori Foster's brand new heavily anticipated series Love Undercover! I was really excited to get the chance to read and review it. I loved her Men who Walk the Edge of Honor series so i was hoping that this series would be just as good. Logan Risk is trying to worm his way into Pepper Yates life in the hopes of finding her brother who he thinks is the key to finding out who murdered his friend 2 years ago. He won't take no for a answer in his many attempts to get her to let him [...]

    30. This had a lot of suspense and unexpected plot twists. It was gripping. It was well-written. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.I hated Logan. He was an ass!!!Let me break it down for you: He was going to use her for his own gain, and enjoy using him to every capacity He repeatedly made comments on how our girl was eh, ok looking. Not much, but ok enough for him to have sex with Well, isn't that charming?!? It gets worse. He realizes that she was obviously traumatized by her past as he is still using her [...]

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