Mar de Tesouros

Mar de Tesouros Andava procura do bem mais precioso Kate Hardesty tinha herdado um sonho um monte de cadernos e mapas misteriosos que tra avam o caminho para um tesouro afundado Decidida a completar as explora es do

  • Title: Mar de Tesouros
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9788468737218
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Livro Papel
  • Andava procura do bem mais precioso Kate Hardesty tinha herdado um sonho um monte de cadernos e mapas misteriosos que tra avam o caminho para um tesouro afundado Decidida a completar as explora es do seu defunto pai, regressou ilha em que se fez mulher e contratou os servi os do mergulhador KY Silver, o homem que abandonara quatro anos antes Mas trabalhar com KY sAndava procura do bem mais precioso Kate Hardesty tinha herdado um sonho um monte de cadernos e mapas misteriosos que tra avam o caminho para um tesouro afundado Decidida a completar as explora es do seu defunto pai, regressou ilha em que se fez mulher e contratou os servi os do mergulhador KY Silver, o homem que abandonara quatro anos antes Mas trabalhar com KY significava muito mais do que procurar ouro, significava encontrar um tesouro que Kate n o procurava

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      238 Nora Roberts
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    1 thought on “Mar de Tesouros”

    1. Ha sido una lectura muy extraña. Por un lado hay cosas que me han gustado, por otro lado hay partes que han sido pesadas. Cuando digo pesadas no me refiero a difíciles de leer, sino a que marea mucho la perdiz. En realidad no pasa gran cosa entre los personajes, no hay muchas escenas diferentes unas de otras, casi siempre es lo mismo. Creo que más de la mitad del libro describe cómo se sienten los protagonistas, una y otra vez, una y otra vez, y así hasta el final. Digamos que la mayor part [...]

    2. Estava um pouco receosa em ler "Mar de tesouros" não sei bem porquê mas a sinopse parecia-me muito semelhante a outro livro da autora - O Recife - e quando isso acontece não é bom sinal, embora também pusesse ser mesmo só impressão da tradução e as estórias serem completamente diferentes. Eu não li ainda O Recife mas depois desta leitura tenho de o ler brevemente pois adorei este livrinho! Opinião completa aqui - algodaodoceparaocerebrosp

    3. Adorei este livro. Que vontade que me deu de aprender a fazer mergulho e descobrir as maravilhas que o mar esconde. Uma história refrescante e animada para estes dias de calor.

    4. This book was an okay read. It was kind of slow and not much of a story line except the main characters and their love life or lack there of. I would have like to hear more about the town and the people in it. All we meet is a brother and sister-in-law. There's a doctor. Not much else. I liked the idea of looking for a long lost ship and finding treasure, but again, most of the book was the two main characters arguing about their relationship. I'm a big fan of Nora Roberts, but this book was jus [...]

    5. Incorrectly categorizedI've read many Nora Roberts novels and have come to love her adventure and intrigue novels both as Nora and as JD Robb. But not so much the romance novels. parlays this as a ,suspense novel but it is all romance. All steam and emotion but not intriguing or suspenseful. Not a criticism of Nora Roberts at all just not my cup of tea. If you are a fan of romance and sex then this is right up your alley.

    6. Good ReadI'm finding out that the less complicated st o bylines that defined her early writing is as enjoyable in many ways as her m o re layered ones as she matured as a writer. This approach seems to allow m e as the reader to hone in on the characters even more closely and thoroughly. I think I like that!

    7. A little different from the average Roberts novel, this book showed a slightly different dynamic between the main characters and the treasure hunt became symbolic of so much more than would first appear. Definitely a good read.

    8. OMG! Tears, Lots of ThemThis book is a must for anyone with a romantic bone in their body. If you've ever had a love that ended or even had bad times this book will bring you to tears. Good tears but still tears. I loved the book.

    9. Good read!Always go back to reading Nora Roberts! She has a way of keeping your interest through the whole book! Amazing how many story lines and characters she has written about through her writing career!

    10. Awesome!!Great read!!! Love Nora Roberts!!!She had it back when she wrote this.Loved it!!!!really great read!!!Buy it!!!you will love it

    11. TreasuresAnother great novel by one of my favorite authors, Nora Roberts. And they all lived happily ever after love story.

    12. Good fast read’s nice to incorporate a few of her novels from time to time even if mostly a fluffy romance.

    13. Great readIt's not only interesting but it is intriguing to follow. The story keeps you involved for many reasons always hoping for the next discovery. Nora Roberts did it again.

    14. "This one is for Romance Lovers "This is the story of Kate Hardesty. Kate's father has recently passed away and while she was getting his affairs in order she ran across his research on a sunken ship. In his honor she sets out to finish his work and to bring the treasure home. She enlists the help of Ky Silver with whom she had a brief affair 4 years ago.This book is the equivalent to easy listening - easy reading with some humor and clever dialogs, but oh so predictable. It is fairly ' Steamy [...]

    15. Grace and Ky fell in love four years ago but they parted. Coming back to the island to search for a sunken ship identified by her late father, Grace and Ky meet again. Is their love for each other still as powerful or will they only spend time together to find the treasure they believe lies beneath the ocean. Two intelligent people who seem to have enormous difficulty facing the obvious.

    16. Treasures Lost Treasures Found is one of Nora Robert's early stories. Personally, I loved it. Gosh This author is GIFTED! I probably enjoyed it a lot more due to my current summer surroundings, which made this story just perfect for me! I couldn't put it down.Get a whiff of that. It's the fresh air of the salty ocean and sandy beach! Listen. It's the smooth sound of the ocean waves and the voice of seagulls flying around. Feel it. It's the heat of the hot summer sun feeling warm against your ski [...]

    17. You can really see the difference between Nora's 1980's stuff and her 1990's stuff. It gets so much better. You see it in the fact that her characters have a bit more depth and she actually switches POV. In this story, Kate is trying to finish her father's dream (he's dead) and goes back to North Carolina, to Ky Silver, to search for the sunken ship that her father was looking for. She and Ky have a history. They'd been in love and when Ky asked Kate to stay, she walked awayunwilling to give up [...]

    18. It's amazing that this book didn't feel dated at all since it was written in 1986. Brilliance Audio did a wonderful job of making it come to life.

    19. Vor vier Jahren hat Kate ihre große Liebe Dominic auf der Insel Orcacoke zurückgelassen - auf Wunsch ihres Vaters. Jetzt ist ihr Vater tot und hat ihr Unterlagen zu einer Schatzsuche hinterlassen. Angeblich soll der Schatz vor Orcacoke im Meer liegen. Kate braucht Dominics Hilfe, um nach dem Schatz zu suchen. Doch die Vergangenheit ist nicht vergessen, sondern lebt schon bei ihrer ersten Begegnung wieder aufMeine Meinung: Bei diesem Nora Roberts Roman habe ich extrem gemerkt, dass er von 1986 [...]

    20. Two books by the same author:Once More With FeelingRaven Williams, tanned gold from the CA sun she is a musician and has the chance to work with an old boyfriend who is to produce a show.Brandon, she's not seen him in years and she remembers the heartache when they had broken up.She's not sure she can do the show and put their old relationship in the past.She also has other responsibilities and she has a lot to juggle to do it allTreasures Lost, Treasures FoundHer father had just passed away but [...]

    21. Author: Nora RobertsFirst published: 1986Length: 243 pagesSetting: Contemporary, Ocracoke.Sex: That 80s hand wave that pretends to be explicit but pulls the curtain at the final moment Fairly frequent.Hero: Diver.Heroine: Lecturer.Lots of internal monologue as our two MCs strain to find common ground to resurrect their second chance romance. But there never seemed to be an understandable reason for it failing the first time, no reason for the two of them to be celibate in the intervening 4 years [...]

    22. Cerita perburuan harta karun baik di darat maupun di laut merupakan hal yang menarik. Mungkin karena memang saya sangat menyukai sejarah, apalagi sejarah ssbelum perang dunia pertama. Dalam buku ini NR menceritakan tentang perburuan harta karun kapal Liberty yang tenggelam 200 tahun yg lalu. seperti biasa detail pencarian harta karun ini dilukiskan dengan sengat detail, sehingga bagi pembaca yg belum terbiasa dengan buku NR akan merasa sangat bosan, romancenya lumayan banyak, bikin kipas2 ? yah [...]

    23. Really a 2.5Roberts is a strong writer now, but it is easy to see from this work where she has grown from in the last 25 plus years. There is too much reflection by the characters for a book which is baely more than 200 pages. There is simply page after page of Kate thinking about Ky and her father, or Ky thinking about Kate and how his feeling are changing or being rediscovered. Meanwhile, the only action in the novel involves the search for the sunken ship and Kate and Ky’ individual run-ins [...]

    24. When Kate's father passes away and she finds his maps and research pinpointing a shipwreck, she decides to honor is memory by finishing what he started. Doing so means she must return to the island and the man she left behind after a steamy affair years ago, but Ky Silver is the best and she needs his expertise. Ky never thought he would see Kate again and is determined to hold on to her this time. As things get intense under the water with their discoveries of treasure and gold, so do things be [...]

    25. Treasures Lost, Treasures Found by Nora Roberts is a delightful read. In the beginning of the book Kate's father dies and Kate chooses to finish her father's work. This requires her to travel to an island and work with her summer fling of 4 years ago, Ky Silver. She chose to leave the island and go home with her father, instead of staying with Ky. Now that she has returned to the island, he decides that he can't let her go again. Throughout the business arrangement, they get closer, however Kate [...]

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