Lhind the Thief

Lhind the Thief Lhind has been on the run all her life Stealing what she needs using magic for disguise she never stays anywhere long Lhind even has secrets from herself for she has few memories and those are tro

  • Title: Lhind the Thief
  • Author: Sherwood Smith
  • ISBN: 9781611382921
  • Page: 131
  • Format: ebook
  • Lhind has been on the run all her life.Stealing what she needs, using magic for disguise, she never stays anywhere long Lhind even has secrets from herself, for she has few memories, and those are troubling.But life is good until she gets caught by Rajanas the warrior prince, Thianra the bard, and Hlanan the scribe And that s when adventure begins, because someone very pLhind has been on the run all her life.Stealing what she needs, using magic for disguise, she never stays anywhere long Lhind even has secrets from herself, for she has few memories, and those are troubling.But life is good until she gets caught by Rajanas the warrior prince, Thianra the bard, and Hlanan the scribe And that s when adventure begins, because someone very powerful wants them all dead.As they evade pursuit and work to uncover their enemies, Lhind struggles with the invisible bonds of friendship and trust, while Hlanan begins uncovering her secrets one by one.Then she finds that he has secrets, too.This fantasy with a dash of romance takes place in the same world as A Posse of Princesses and the Wren series.

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    1 thought on “Lhind the Thief”

    1. This one, releasing now, is sheer wish-fulfillment, written in spurts over the past bunch of years, whenever my life crashed and burned.I finished it this year while getting past the death of my little brother. I never sent it to a major publisher: it falls between marketing categories, as it's too PG for adult or the new YA, and it contains none of the story elements they seem to be looking for, like angsty-Instalove, grimdark, and important cultural or political themes. Instead, I kitchen-sink [...]

    2. This was the exact book I was in the mood for at the exact time I read it: fun but not too light; YA but no angst or triangles or Instalove; a thief in a fantasy world and one with some truly interesting secrets to hide. Lhind was a delightful heroine, and I particularly loved the way that one of my favourite YA fantasy tropes (the young protagonist who's alone and has survived by trusting nobody learns that sometimes you can and have to trust others) is handled with such a light touch. Every po [...]

    3. So nice to come to a book which kept making me want to read just one more page. Lhind - who is far more complex than your standard girl-disguised-as-boy - rarely does anything but hit the ground running, and thinks hard while she does. I was a little worried she was going to (view spoiler)[fall for the whistle's trap (hide spoiler)], but she rewarded me by not being quite so easy. Juicy world-building to go with it, and plenty of other characters whose stories I'd like to hear more of.

    4. Lhind the Thief is an escapist adventure story in the very best sense--completely absorbing, fast paced, and with plot twists and action that just keep coming. Lhind is an orphan who has survived to date by thievery, aided by her unusual agility, her ability to speak any language she hears and to communicate with animals, and her facility for magic. She's quick-witted and an excellent improviser. She's not so good, however, at trust, friendship, and truthfulness. These things have only been impe [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book, but then, that wasn't hard to predict as I'm generally a fan of Sherwood Smith's novels. While this one is set in the same world as some of the others, it doesn't rely on any previous knowledge for the story (which is a good thing, given my generally poor memory).Lhind is a great character, charming and witty. She has a plethora of secrets and the story does such a fine job of revealing them over time that I hesitate to go into too much detail in this review. I will s [...]

    6. Sherwood Smith continues to amaze me with her fantastic but thorough world-building skills. Every nuance of her stories feel so effortless and yet I would guess that it is all meticulously planned out in her head. I can say this feels like truth because there was a sample chapter of A Posse of Princesses in the back. I thought 'what the heck' and re-read my copy of that immediately after finishing this book. There was a beautiful easter egg hidden in a letter that the protagonist writes near the [...]

    7. I understand all the five-star reviews friends and acquaintances gave the novel. This book shows the best of fantasy: a great plot, a delightful world, a great cast of characters.But it showcases perfectly also why I'm not a fan of YA. I can't connect with the leading characters. They often don't compute for me. Here the heroine is a street urchin, a thief that survives a brutal life in a world where she can be burned at the stakes. She's not stupid, never such. But she's way too naive for the p [...]

    8. This book practically had me at "nonhuman female protagonist." Even though the romance was not its strongest suit (though I did like the character of the love interest; there's a lot more to him than just "love interest"), for a change we see the man as the "ordinary" human and the woman as "the Other." I also appreciate the wide array of other female characters who made their contributions to the plot. Thianra the bard is probably my favorite character in the book.

    9. Lhind the Thief takes us back to the fantasy world from Wren to the Rescue with the politics of royals and many countries throw in the mix. Lhind is a thief who hides many secrets behind her filth, she is kidnapped by a well meaning scribe-mage, Hlanan (love that name!), Rajanas the noble, and Thianra the bard/minstrel. After her treatment by them she starts to make decisions differently, even saving them. After her disguise is gone she continues to grow as a person. She helps Hlanan and Thianra [...]

    10. Admittedly I still don't see the overlap with A Posse of Princesses, but maybe that only means it's set in the same world - and the mentioning of the various countries there really isn't in my memory anymore - anyway, this is a hardly-ever-calming-down series of escapades for Lhind, the thief with memory gaps in her past, who doesn't know much for sure - but she does have magic and she doesn't look like other people.I liked what I saw of Hlanan or Thiarna or even Rajanas (view spoiler)[(who I th [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book. The characters are wonderful. I don't understpand the need for angst filled dramatic "love" that is in YA books these days. What I looked for then (much as I do now) is adventure mixed in with "people" I can identify with. I also think young love should be exactly as it was portrayed of your first kiss many of us smack foreheads or even miss entirely? As an adult I think its sweet and this world could use more of that and less of the stress we create for ourselves try [...]

    12. Fun, light fantasy book.Lhind is a thief, who is kidnapped by an unknown pair - Rajanas and Hlanan for her ability at magic. We learn that magic is illegal where she is; hence her various disguises. I appreciated Lhind's slow journey to trusting Hlanan. We have the usual misunderstandings, but these were resolved, and we slowly learn why (view spoiler)[Hlanan wanted her (a mix of needing her for a plan, as well as ensuring she gets training from the Mage Council). (hide spoiler)]I enjoyed the ro [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this - it reads a bit young, but like Lhind, that’s part of the charm. Lhind’s one of those totally self-centred protagonists, who grows up over the course of the book. There’s a hint of romance, but it remains quite firmly Lhind’s story.Downsides? It’s a bit on the lengthy side, and that’s not really a downside, to be fair! If you’re familiar with Sherwood Smith’s writing, you may recognise familiar plot points from her other books - there’s the navigation of [...]

    14. I'd like to give this a 2 star, but going by the GR ratings, I can't say I really liked this book. Also, I can't believe Sherwood Smith thought this book was good enough to put out, self-pubbed or not. You're a professionally published author. For shame!

    15. I read Lhind the Thief as part of a boxed fantasy set "Light in the Darkness". This is one of my favorites of the bunch, though the ending was a bit anticlimactic. Good writing, good fantasy, the main character is very likable. I give it four stars and it looks like there is one more book in the Lhind series so I will probably finish it. I can recommend to teens and up. No sexual content or (real) swearing, there is violence.

    16. A cute, light, not-annoying wish-fulfillment book. It's a rarity: most wish-fulfillment books are too silly, or too heavy-handed about it.

    17. Disclaimer: I read this book in part because it's part of a boxed set in which I'm also participating. However, when the boxed set organiser and I were discussing who to invite, I read the preview and liked it, which is partly why it's in there in the first place. Youthful-protagonist books can easily fall into a dull round of tropes, but I didn't feel that this one did. Especially the case since it's unclear how old Lhind actually is; people initially perceive her as a young boy, thanks to her [...]

    18. I really, really enjoyed this book. The main two characters are well-developed; perhaps if a few more of them had been I would edge it up to 5 stars. Still, Lhind herself is worth the price of admission. The adventures (or perhaps escapades is a better word) are exhilarating, the world is intriguing and original, and the writing is sure and accomplished.

    19. Lhind the thief is just that, a thief. She lives on the fringes of society, moving from place to place, keeping others at a distance, stealing to survive, and using her magic to keep herself safe. Lhind has big secrets to hide and she does whatever it takes to keep herself and her secrets safe. The story begins when Lhind is captured by a mysterious group of three while illegally doing magic. They take her aboard a ship and while she fears that her own secrets will be revealed, she quickly finds [...]

    20. Posted at Nocturnal ReaderI cannot say that I don't like the book at all because it did entertained me in terms of the character.Lhind, though sometimes is boring, is still an interesting character. Her secrets and lies kept me from reading and finishing the book. The progress of her character is build up correctly too. She doesn't trust anyone but as she met and joined the group of Hlanan, she improved quite well. Her ability to do magic is also a plus for me but throughout the book, her magica [...]

    21. 3.5 starsI liked the story line of this book, but it was lacking some of the usual Sherwood Smith intensity. The author relates it to A Posse of Princesses. It has been too long since I read that to agree or disagree. I do know this isn’t among my favorites from this author. Lhind is obviously a thief as the title states, but she is also so much more. We don’t find out exactly what until much later in the story. The other main characters are Rajanas, Hlanan, and Thianra. Thianra is immediate [...]

    22. I am a bit disappointed because I have enjoyed other books by this author in the past, and the plot seemed right up my alley! Spunky orphan with a secret and a grand destiny! But this book just did not capture my interest. I ended up not really finishing it. I mean, I skimmed it until about 3/4 of the way through, but would immediately forget what I read and I didn't care enough about the characters or story to go back and re-read it so I just gave up. I understand now that this book was set in [...]

    23. This book is really quite good. The main character, Lhind, is one of the most interesting that I have ever read about. The world building wasn't lost on me, like in some other fantasy novels. I was completely immersed, and I noticed details as if I was actually there, and not as if I was trying to keep up with some drawling monotone professor reading a monologue about such details. All of the characters were interesting. The story is paced well, and there are so many good juicy battles. This boo [...]

    24. Although I generally love this author's works, in my opinion this is not one of her better works. I did like it (read it in 2 days actually), but it was more of a feel good kind of book than anything special. I feel like a lot of the same plot events kept repeating themselves. In fact, the whole story was a cycle of the same type of events. Mainly that of Hlanan, Thianra, and/or Rajanas (but mainly Hlanan) being kidnapped then saved. I do love a story where the female lead does the rescuing inst [...]

    25. Lhind the Thief is an incredibly entertaining book! The characters are all very well written, making you really empathise with Lhind and her allies. I liked that the "quest" of the story wasn't as structured as many fantasy books tend to be, so it never felt boring or predictable.What impressed me the most was the writing itself, which was plain enough to allow me to visualise the characters and their surroundings very vividly. My only "complaint" is that I would have loved to have a slightly mo [...]

    26. Lhind being female is a high point, but it did feel like Smith meant it to be more of a surprise than it actually was. I still don't know exactly what she is, because the descriptions didn't really make it very clear what with the floating hair and the tail and everything. It's kind of a romp through the world, although the stakes are a little higher than that and things often get slowed down when someone is captured. I didn't really buy into the politics of the world, so all of that was pretty [...]

    27. Oh Sherwood Smith, you tease me with the good ones (Once a Princess/Twice a Prince and Posse of Princesses, for example), and then turn out something like this. You are too inconsistent a writer. But this is promising--I really want it to be better; it just needs more work. This book definitely suffers from poor editing, which is very frustrating to us faithful readers (the text says she keeps the cloak--but then later says they have to go get the cloak; in another instance food is piled up, but [...]

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