Damage Done

Damage Done A Reality Check Rachel used to feel like she was making a difference But the late night emails the stories about women losing their children to abusive husbands in divorces people being thrown throu

  • Title: Damage Done
  • Author: Virginia Duke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Reality Check.Rachel used to feel like she was making a difference But the late night emails, the stories about women losing their children to abusive husbands in divorces, people being thrown through sliding glass doors, broken arms, rape Like the rest of her life, it s all starting to feel unmanageable.A Toxic Past.Dylan stopped looking for her years before, convinceA Reality Check.Rachel used to feel like she was making a difference But the late night emails, the stories about women losing their children to abusive husbands in divorces, people being thrown through sliding glass doors, broken arms, rape Like the rest of her life, it s all starting to feel unmanageable.A Toxic Past.Dylan stopped looking for her years before, convinced Rachel was still the same fascinating, stunningly beautiful girl he remembered, and probably the same tortured and sadistic bitch he d tried so hard to forget.A Broken Woman.When a tragic accident brings them face to face again, Rachel finds herself confronting demons long buried, and her already fragile world threatens to shatter around her She helps people in crisis for a living, so why does her own body warn TOTAL SYSTEM FAILURE when she faces conflict of her own Will she ever learn to fight for herself without damaging the people she loves Disclaimer This story is not a fairy tale This story is a romance drama about real people with real problems and how they find their own version of an old fashioned Happily Ever After Adult Themes and Content Potential Trigger Warning

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      359 Virginia Duke
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    1 thought on “Damage Done”

    1. I love the cover but I don't think it does this story justiceIt was SO much more!!!!!Wow!!! it's a definite pick up and read, be ready for a shaky ride!!!I hate the thought of spoilers myself so I will keep it brief but "DON'T READ FURTHER" if you like to just pick up a bookTo focus back to the cover you would never imagine ( I didn't ) this is a story involving domestic abuse, racism, depression and anxieties with a heart wrenching love story.Virginia you rock!!!!!I would have loved the ending [...]

    2. From the outside, it seems like Rachel Daniels has it all – a heroic firefighter husband, two beautiful children and fulfilling work at a nonprofit organization that she created. On the inside, however, Rachel’s mind is a nest of fears, insecurity and never-ending anxiety. Her heroic husband has been sleeping in the guest bedroom for months, and burnout is stealing away the satisfaction she has always taken in her charity organization. Things only get worse when a terrible tragedy brings her [...]

    3. Well done, damn well done. I loved this story and I felt it was told at an amazing pace, just right. It didn't start off with a bang yet I liked that because when it did take off I was reading it in detail to make sure I got everything in. If it had taken off too fast I probably would have been flying through it and when things started being revealed in a matter of fact way, I probably would have overlooked some things that made the story so real for me. Lets see what I can say about the story w [...]

    4. (Also posted @AZW) It is unfathomable to me that this is the first novel Mrs. Duke has written and that she belted it out in 60 days. I rather ashamedly admit I almost never leave reviews but when something touches us we should acknowledge the beauty and rarity of that, and Damage Done hit me on more levels than a work of fiction has done in a very long time. I read a ton of romance, consuming titles and sub-genres like a true junkie. Most of it passes through my reader, pleasant enough yet ulti [...]

    5. I'm a friends with Virginia Duke, and I got to see an early outline of this book. Needless to say the finished product was not like the outline I saw. That is a good thing because it meant that I didn't know where the story was going. I got drawn into the story of this book and I was right there with the characters feeling everything they felt and seeing their world through their eyes, which is what you want. Now I'm going to get to some spoilers,(view spoiler)[ I knew this story was going to in [...]

    6. To be honest I think that although the cover of the book is nice, it has nothing to do with the book content. Picking it up and having the cover in mind I was expecting to read something completely different.Damage Done was a nice story, which I read in 2 days, since I really needed to know what happens next. The only thing - I don't think that the characters - especially Dylan - were well developed there was some depth lacking about them. So that is why, although I read the book with interest I [...]

    7. This book was something different, it touched on areas that can happen in life and brought awareness to domestic abuse, not to mention the loss of a cold coupled with marital issues, things we don't discuss often enough. I loved how Rachel overcame her self esteem issues and her fear of socializing and dealing with people. It's an inspiration for us to get active and volunteer and be aware. you never know you can help in some way our another

    8. I had a crap day, it's raining and cold and generally miserable! I am so glad I decided to curl up with a hot cup of tea and finish this book. I won't say too much, I don't want to give away any story, but holy cow! Virginia has developed a crazy layered tale with characters you know, or are. A definite recommendation!

    9. This story fell just above a 3.5ish star for me. The start to the story was a bit shaky and it took me a little while to get accustomed to the changes in the timeline and characters involved. But once I started to recognize the way the author shifted the story it started to fall into place. The topics covered in this book are ones that most likely will touch you, directly or indirectly in some way. The theme of the story had the potential to destroy the reader. I was not completely caught up in [...]

    10. Maybe only 3-3.5 stars, but I'm awarding Ms. Duke the round-up for setting a personal writing goal and sticking to it.Rachel, the devoted mother of two, is the wife of a paramedic and is the co-founder of a non-profit organization to aid victims of abusive marriages. On the outside, she appears to have it all, but on the inside she's paranoid about the safety of her children and distraught over her loveless marriage. When a fatal accident occurs locally, she comes face-to-face with her past, whi [...]

    11. This book was a bit different than my usual reads. I tend to read novels where the h/h is below 30years old. However, I really enjoyed it.Rachel is a mother of two, wife to a husband who sleeps downstairs, and daughter to a "rich bitch" as I like to call it. She runs a non profit organization for victims of domestic violence. It started as an online safe-haven for victims to safely search for help and now, with the help of her best friend Josh, she is able to offer a way out for them. She's a me [...]

    12. It took me a minute to get into the story, but the more it progressed, the more I liked it. In the end I loved it. It was very realistic, the things the characters went through. The decision Rachel ended up making in the end was very hard decision, and one I know most people would never have the courage to make.

    13. I don't know what to stay without giving the story away so I will just say it was a moving, emotional story that showed Rachel's inner strength even though she didn't have confidence in herself as she felt with abuse and betrayal.

    14. it took me sometime to read in the beginning because I couldn't understand what was going on at first but after a couple chapters it became an amazing story. I like reading Books that deal with real life situations.

    15. Well written and edited. This is a stand-alone novel. This story is not for those who are troubled by cheating or domestic abuse stories. This was a 3.5 star book for me, but I rounded up.This is an unusual romance because there's not a lot of joy or happiness in the story. In the great tradition of Southern fiction, everyone is damaged and the family that's determined to help ensure a fairy tale ending does the deepest damage of all. The idea that there are people who aren't wired to be happy, [...]

    16. This book and the story has some great potential - surviving parental pressure, domestic violence and an unhappy marriage. Rachael is the best of each of us, since, inspire of all her insecurities she has spent a decade of her life helping other women get over abuse. So what if it takes a bottle of valium to get her through the day. What messes up the story is the unnecessary detailed descriptions of sex between Rachael and Dylan. it just doesn't flow into the script. since confusing sex with lo [...]

    17. i liked it but i also found that i couldn't quite get invested enough with the back story to make the current love feel real enough

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