Taught to Kneel

Taught to Kneel Note This book is a revised expanded version of a shorter story published previously under the title Liaison Throughout her life Gabrielle has wanted a strong man to take her in hand and two years ag

  • Title: Taught to Kneel
  • Author: Natasha Knight
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Note This book is a revised expanded version of a shorter story published previously under the title Liaison.Throughout her life Gabrielle has wanted a strong man to take her in hand, and two years ago her growing need for something her husband could not provide led her to make a terrible mistake which ended her marriage.After his wife cheated on him years ago, Julian lNote This book is a revised expanded version of a shorter story published previously under the title Liaison.Throughout her life Gabrielle has wanted a strong man to take her in hand, and two years ago her growing need for something her husband could not provide led her to make a terrible mistake which ended her marriage.After his wife cheated on him years ago, Julian learned all about the pain caused by infidelity When he sees that same crushing guilt in the eyes of a beautiful woman at the BB where he is spending a quiet vacation, he is compelled to help her.Gabrielle is drawn to Julian from the moment she first sees him His easy, direct manner forces her to face her guilt and when he suggests that she take the punishment she s needed for so long, she can t help but say yes It soon becomes clear to them both, however, that it will take than just a bare bottom spanking to allow Gabrielle to finally let go of her guilt she will have to be very thoroughly chastised.But to fully satiate her need, she longs to experience than just punishment from Julian she needs to be completely dominated by him, to be made to kneel and ask him to take her in any way he pleases, and to blush bright red with embarrassment even as she begs for But is it all just a fling, or will what began as a chance meeting change both their lives forever Publisher s Note Taught to Kneel is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, figging, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and If such material offends you, please don t buy this book.Book Length Eight chapters 19,000 words

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    1 thought on “Taught to Kneel”

    1. This is a captivating, sexy short story set against the backdrop of the stunning Tuscany countryside.Gabrielle and Julian are both widowed, both holidaying alone separately in a Tuscan B&B. Gabrielle is carrying enormous guilt over the death of her husband and Julian spots that innate sadness as soon as she walks in. Julian is a hot dominant alpha male and senses the potential submissiveness in Gabrielle right away.After an explosive first encounter, Julian tells her that he can punish her t [...]

    2. For a smexy D/s pick me up, this is the story to read! Liaison is a delightfully tightly written story about two strangers sharing a common guilt and bonding over it.Julian is one sexy man who exudes a tasty Dom presence. Gabrielle is a sweet submissive in desperate need of exoneration. They each carry guilt which is hard for them to absolve themselves. Through some kinky D/s with spankings, it brings them closer together and help resolve some of their feelings of guilt. This story is recommende [...]

    3. LIAISON (now titled TAUGHT TO KNEEL) hits all the right buttons in this sexy quickie, a story of moving on and finding peace and satisfaction.Gabrielle has been carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders after losing the love of her life. She knows that absolving herself from the heavy guilt she has felt since the death of her husband can only be achieved where her life with her husband began. Upon arrival to the Tuscan countryside, sadness weighs heavy on her heart, but when the beautifu [...]

    4. A short-ish story about a woman trying to get over her dead husband. Gabrielle and her husband visited a B&B in Italy every year until he died unexpectedly. This is Gabrielle's first visit since his death. The first night, she meets Julian. She's drawn to him, but doesn't know why. Things happen very quickly between them, and for some reason, Gabrielle responds to his heavy-handedness. They embark on what could be a very short BDSM holiday fling. It was hot, but it was also very sweet. Gabri [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this short, sexy book by Ms. Knight. I must admit, some BDSM stories leave me cold, as they can be short on emotion. This one wasn't. The author stated in her blurb that she likes to write BDSM works that are tender, and that's exactly how this one struck me. The characters cared, and were darn sexy while doing so. It made me want their happy ending and I enjoyed how it ended optimistically. I will look forward to reading more by this author.

    6. Better than average novella about a woman who cannot overcome the guilt of what has happened to her in the past. I loved that it was an interlude - that both of them had full lives with obligations. Lust/sex happens fast but, hey, that is real life sometimes. No undying vows of love after 2 days - only a recognition that there could be feelings there if they want to build. Hot discipline scenes well described. Nothing not to like about this one!

    7. This was an emotional short story that I thoroughly enjoyed! Julian is a master at sensing what Gabrielle needs and giving it to her. Gabrielle needs someone like Julian to help her heal!They are sexy, hot and oh so good for each other!

    8. *** UPDATE TO REVIEW ***What a great revision and expansion to the original story, “Liaison”. Really enjoyed (re-)reading this to see how the author changed the storyline without affecting its basic premise or lessening the emotional impact. New rating = unqualified ★★★★. Of course, still highly recommend this novelette.Alas, Gabrielle and Julian don’t get their stay extended at the Tuscan B&B. But certain aspects of the storyline are revised slightly and fleshed out more, with [...]

    9. Liaison by Natasha Knight is a quick sexxy read that’s sure to raise your temperature. Gabrielle, a widow of two years, returns to a Tuscany B&B-something she used to do with her husband when he was alive.Having died in a car accident she blames herself for, Gabrielle hasn’t been able to move on after his death and her guilt is a heavy burden for her to carry. While at the B&B, she meets Julian, another guest who quickly recognizes the pain reflected in her eyes.Gabrielle is quickly [...]

    10. *4.5 STARS*I LOVED this. I loved Julian and the way he took Gabrielle in hand. It was so unbelievably hot that I had to stop reading for just a little bit to umke my DH happylol.Anyway, this story had so much emotion packed into such a quick read that I absolutely devoured it. But WHY, WHY, WHY did it have to end where it did! I wanted more. What happened! Did she use the ticket??? Natasha Knight is some kind of sadist to cut me off like thatI think I may just love her now. ;)This is my first st [...]

    11. Gabrielle is on vacation but happy. Julian is also on his own. I think one of the interesting thing in this story is that it was the wife who cheated. Both Gabrielle herself and Julian's husband. He feels that he knows what she needs and what he didn't give his own wife. I love that both recognized that this was temporary because they were going home but the possibility for more was left open and on the table.

    12. I have found a new author to follow. Natasha Knight evoked feelings of grief and guilt that were pleasingly real and un-homogenized. In her characters we are given an individualized look into the experiences that drive them. This is not a cookie cutter story. Though the Dom male / sub female is not a new dynamic, Natasha Knight gave me a fresh look at a complex relationship between near strangers. I'll be reading her again for sure.

    13. This is a short erotic story. While It was nice, I like my books to be more deep. So this is why I gave it 3 stars.

    14. Gabrielle travels to Tuscany to overcome to guilt she feels. She has never traveled to Tuscany on her own, it was always her and William's honeymoon spot until now. Filled with grief and mourning over her husband leaving her, Gabrielle travels to the Bed and Breakfast alone.Julian knows what Gabrielle needs. He sees it in her eyes the first time she comes across his path. There is sadness in her eyes and he plans to help her overcome her grief. Something is haunting her but isn't quite sure what [...]

    15. A seriously good, hot, BDSM read. Quick, could be read in an evening. The story centres around guilt, punishment and forgiveness. Gabrielle is racked with guilt over her affair which wrecked her marriage. Unable to move on, she takes a holiday alone at the spot she and her ex-husband went on honeymoon. There she meets Julian. The two are drawn to each other, and he offers her a way to atone for her past misdeeds. If she accepts his punishment, will she finally be able to forgive herself?Gabriell [...]

    16. This is a short but incredibly sweet and tender BDSM DD erotica story. There is well portrayed, genuine feeling between the characters. I had a lump in my throat reading about Gabrielle's emotions over her husband's death, and Natasha's descriptions of the Tuscan Bed and Breakfast made me feel like I was there.Now before you go thinking it sounds a bit *too* sweet for you, there are spankings aplenty and sex which is hot, well written and definitely kinky, but it's also an emotional story with t [...]

    17. Have you ever written a review not being quiet certain what to write? Well let me start by saying that this book was good, it was not exceptional or brilliant, but it was a good read. Natasha Knight has a good writing style that is easy to follow and yes I will read more of her works!So let me get to the 3 star rating. I loved the characters although I didn't feel a strong connection to them. I feel that I would have liked to see more of their personalities. The book itself was also a bit short [...]

    18. I received this book as a reward for a contest I entered.I walked into this book, only knowing that it was Erotica and contained BDSM.I was not disappointed with the disclaimer I received.It is the ultimate in stranger fantasy, with a healthy dose of emotion thrown in - completely (in my book) validating the BDSM. I've come to realize that alot of BDSM seems contrite, doing it because it "has to be done". Natasha brought a new appeal, a new reason, and a great difference I hadn't read before.A g [...]

    19. This is a short sweet story about Gabrielle and Julian. Gabrielle returns to an Italian B&B frequented by her and her ex husband to try to overcome the guilt felt over her affair and failed marriage. Julian picks up on her guilt and offers to punish her to absolve her of her guilt. The offer turns in to much more as Gabrielle finally finds the dominance she has been searching for in a man. The setting for this story is beautifully written, and both characters are well developed and very like [...]

    20. This book has a great plot & as usual Natasha's writing is impeccable. There were several really steamy spanking & sex scenes. I did have trouble connecting fully with the characters & I think that caused me to not be able to fully immerse myself in the story. I can tell this is just a "me" thing because people love this book! I would recommend any book by Natasha Knight as she is one of my favorite authors.

    21. I really enjoyed the book. I loved the characters and got drawn into the story quickly. The sex scenes were very detailed and progressed well. The book was incredibly well written, but i just wish it was longer. I was getting so caught up with the story and the charcters and then it ended. Very good book, I just wanted more!

    22. Gabrielle notices Julian when she returns to the Tuscan bed and breakfast for the first time since her husband passed away. Charming Julian helps her unburden herself of her guilt and sadness and this was surprisingly good in just 33 pages. This is a happy for now since we don't see what direction Gabrielle takes.

    23. It was okay but didn't really do anything for me. At least a confrontation with her ex husband or with her new lover/Dom would of kept me thoroughly entertained but this had neither, only a bit of punishment and acceptance.

    24. This was a pretty good short story. I liked both Julian and Gabrielle. I would love to read more about them and to see how their relationship developed after this short encounter.

    25. I LOVED this! Finally an erotica author who knows how to write a great story. Short, fast and hot, this "Quickie" leaves you wanting a "Quickie!"

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