Exposed When freelance reporter Annika Bengtzon gets a call that a murdered woman s body is lying in a Stockholm graveyard she knows immediately that this story might be her ticket to the permanent job she c

  • Title: Exposed
  • Author: Liza Marklund Neil Smith
  • ISBN: 9780593067963
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • When freelance reporter Annika Bengtzon gets a call that a murdered woman s body is lying in a Stockholm graveyard, she knows immediately that this story might be her ticket to the permanent job she craves Annika s position at the big city tabloid is tenuous and her mother and boyfriend want her to come back to the local paper she has worked for, to stay near home and setWhen freelance reporter Annika Bengtzon gets a call that a murdered woman s body is lying in a Stockholm graveyard, she knows immediately that this story might be her ticket to the permanent job she craves Annika s position at the big city tabloid is tenuous and her mother and boyfriend want her to come back to the local paper she has worked for, to stay near home and settle down As she pursues the murderer, battling the male dominated cliques of the newsroom, Annika must also overcome her own inexperience and the instincts that will draw her much too close to the story Studio Sex is the prequel to Liza Marklund s international bestseller The Bomber that also featured Annika Bengtzon Studio Sex inhabits the same cutthroat world of the tabloid reporter, rendered with precision and intelligence by Sweden s most popular novelist But Studio Sex also introduces fascinating new terrain for most American readers, that of a political scandal in one of Europe s most solidly Social Democratic welfare states When the political imbroglio seems to intersect with what happened at a Stockholm sex club, the cover ups and switchbacks can be cherished by thriller readers the world over Over the course of an unusually scorching Swedish summer, Annika Bengtzon will exhaustively follow every lead to uncover the murderer of the young woman in the graveyard At the same time, she will also try to discover what she wants for herself and whether she has what it takes to survive and thrive as an investigative reporter Her choices, her victories, and her mistakes make her one of the complicated even fragile heroines to emerge in recent years.

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      484 Liza Marklund Neil Smith
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    1 thought on “Exposed”

    1. Liza Marklund, one of Sweden's most successful authors, is astonishingly uneven: she alternates very good feminist thrillers with ones that are dull, incoherent or close to embarrassing.This one was written just after Sprängaren, her breakthrough novel and still probably her best. In the previous book, Marklund skilfully alternates two plot threads. Annika, the heroine, is a journalist who's covering a story about a grisly murder; at the same time, she's having horrible problems at work from ma [...]

    2. 3,5* pelo final surpreendente. No entanto, apesar do início do livro ser bom e o final ainda melhor, achei que pelo meio houve muito pouca ação.O livro aparentemente baseia-se no assassinato de uma jovem, mas vai muito mais além, tocando o tema da violência contra as mulheres, como já é característico de alguns policiais nórdicos.Até mais de meio, achei que talvez não voltasse a ler outro livro de Liza Marklund. Agora, e depois de um grande final, sei que vou ler. :)

    3. Não consigo decidir se adorei ou detestei este livro. Talvez, o facto de me suscitar esta dúvida revele que esta seja uma excelente obra. É muito interessante e original a forma como está elaborada a história, revelando segredos de uma forma subtil. Achei o final surpreendente.Como não aprecio literatura que aborde temas como política e jornalismo, certas passagens entediaram-me um pouco. Gostei da referência à leitura do destino pelas cartas de Tarot. Gostei do carinho com que a protag [...]

    4. Ένα πολύ καλογραμμένο αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα. Μπορεί ο δολοφόνος να είναι προβλέψιμος, αλλά η συγγραφέας καταφέρνει να δημιουργήσει στον αναγνώστη αμφιβολίες για το αν έχει προβλέψει σωστά. Επίσης, το τέλος του δεν είναι αναμενόμενο. Ιδιαίτερο ενδιαφέρον παρουσιάζει το ό [...]

    5. Liza Marklund was a hack, still writes like one, and has that hardness of personality that leaves all the characters in this book rather unlikeable to varying degrees.A realistic account of the Social Democrats' IB scandal and Swedish arms sales, intermingled with Stockholm sleaze and crimes against women.

    6. I'm not quite sure what I think of Liza Marklund's character Annika Bengtzon. She is a study in contrasts and perhaps that is why, though I might occasionally shake my head in exasperation at her, I find her so interesting to read about. I first met her when I read Marklund's Paradise. It's something of a challenge to get your hands on this book as it is out of print and fairly scarce and expensive to buy (I borrowed a library copy via ILL). Add to that challenge is the fact that Marklund has wr [...]

    7. Nå, dette er måske ikke det aller bedste tidspunkt til at læse en bog om sommer og en hedebølge, når temperaturen siger -7,6 grader udenfor, men det var nu jeg plukkede bogen med hjem fra biblioteket! Kender I det, når en vågner op og bare har lyst til at få læst noget krimi? Nej? Nåh - så er det måske bare mig;) Efter en lille tur på biblioteket, og en kig i deres hylder, falder jeg for Liza Marklund igen. Det er mindst en 5-6 år siden jeg sidst rigtigt har læst noget af hende, s [...]

    8. Πολύ ευχάριστο, διαβάζεται γρήγορα. Η ηρωίδα είναι πολύ συμπαθητική. Ξεχωρίζει, γιατί δεν είναι αστυνομικός, αλλά δημοσιογράφος.

    9. Moeilijk om in te komen de eerste 50 pagina's. Vanaf dan: moeilijk om het weg te leggen. Het eerste boek dat ik lees van deze schrijfster, maar zeker en vast niet het laatste!

    10. This had been on my book club pile for ages, despite my appreciation for Scandi-crime fiction, because it's a big book, although as it turns out it's in large print so probably no longer than average. It was however slow going, with a rather plodding plot: a young woman has been murdered in a Stockholm cemetery, and summer temp journalist Annika gets on the case, unearthing the involvement of a government minister, and befriending the victim's flatmate and colleague at a strip-club. Annika is a [...]

    11. NOTE: This book has apparently been published with a couple of different titles in English. The book I read was called "Exposed" and had a modern, edgy graphic on the cover*, typical of the mysteries I like to read. I probably would not have read it under the title "Studio Sex" with a blond woman in disarray on a pink cover. It looks like a completely different genre.* I have since been able to change to an edition with the correct title and artwork.---More of a 2.5 than a 3. I had some trouble [...]

    12. When trainee journalist Annika Bengtzon, receives a call on the tip line stating that there’s a naked, dead woman in the Jewish cemetery, her supervisor lets her investigate the story. The brutal murder quickly begins to consume Annika as she tries to figure out if a high ranking government official is responsible, as other media suggest, or if the killer is someone else. Her colleague, Berit Hamrin, is working on a political scandal stretching back to the 60’s. When Berit’s revelations be [...]

    13. To taki kryminał, jak kryminał, intryga taka jakaś słaba, dość senna, więc fantastycznie sprawdzał się jako tło do prowadzenia samochodu.Na pewno warto jednak przenieść się na chwilę do Sztokholmu, w którym staże są płatne, ich nieprzedłużenie jest negocjowane ze związkami zawodowymi, po utracie pracy biedni bohaterowie bez pieniędzy jadą sobie na kilka tygodni odpocząć od biedy w tureckim kurorcie a dziennikarz wchodzi do ministerstwa i od ręki dostaje kopie wszystkich [...]

    14. I am generally a big fan of the 'Scandi-crime' genre but this one just didn't do it for me. This was partly because the story and the ending were a bit convoluted but largely because I didn't take to the main character, trainee journalist Annika Bengtzon - I just found a lot of her actions unacceptable and her decisions often inexplicable. Unlike most Scandi-crime, this series features a journalist as the main character rather than a police officer and this is probably my main reason for not lik [...]

    15. Studio 6 lze rozhodně doporučit všem, které už klasičtí komisaři omrzeli. Pro ty čtenáře, co četli Explozi a oblíbili si ambiciozní novinářku Anniku je tato kniha více méně povinností. Kriminální série o Annice se těší celosvětovému úspěchu a rozhodně to není jen tím, že by se Liza vezla na populární vlně severských kriminálek. Autorka tuto vlnu úspěšně obohacuje a přináší stále nové a nové prvky, díky kterým budou kriminálky čtenářsky žá [...]

    16. 3.5. The beginning was really good - a girls body was found in a park and later there were some politicians involved but then it was a little overstretchedAlthough, the ending was pretty good but it was a little expected I was really into it but after a few great chapters some boring stuff entered and I lost my interest in it. It had a potential to be a really great book but now its just pretty good and slightly overstretched.

    17. Spännande och fängslande. Jag brukar inte tycka om deckare, men Liza Marklund är undantaget som bekräftar regeln: jag uppskattar samhällskritiken och diskbänksrealismen i hennes bokserie om Annika Bengtzon. Den här boken slukade jag idag – sen eftermiddag och kväll. Väl läsvärd. Jag har läst några böcker i serien om Annika Bengtzon men nu föresatt mig att läsa serien i sin helhet i kronologisk ordning.

    18. I like the premise, but the actual book is a little unsatisfyingI never felt like I knew or cared about the protagonist. It wasn't until the end, when the two seemingly disparate crimes came together in something akin to espionage, that I got really interested. Still, worth a try if you're into Scandanavian crime fiction (as I am). Overall, though, I'd stick with Jo Nesbo and Camilla Lackburg.

    19. A good book that is the first in the series about a newspaper journalist Annika.I found it very good at the start and at the end but lost its way in the middle. Characters are well developed and the book on the whole was a good read.

    20. Studio Sex es un programa de radio. También es el nombre de un tugurio en Estocolmo, a medio camino entre un local de striptease de Las Vegas y un puticlub. Allí trabajan Josephin y Patricia. Pero Josephin aparece muerta una mañana, desnuda y tirada en el cementerio judío. La policía se pone a investigar y los periodistas también. Annika Bergtzon es una becaria de un periódico que se lanza a la investigación de este asesinato en plancha, pues se juega mantener el puesto al finalizar el p [...]

    21. This felt like a ridiculously long book. I didn't like any of the characters particularly, there wasn't much happening, and somehow the "magic" that a book creates was completely missing from this for me. I will likely read more by Liza Marklund, but this was a big disappointment.

    22. En sån där härlig Liza Marklund-bok med massa vardagligheter och jädrar anamma!! Fick mig att minnas mitt och Johns bus på porrklubb i Gbg

    23. Fascinating and thought provoking crime novel. Trainee journalist Annika is finding that her chosen profession has its dark side, and there are ethical dilemmas.

    24. Overall, very good.However, the frequency of the female protagonist feeling dizzy or faint is bloody annoying.

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