Emma and I

Emma and I A touching and unique story of love and courage This is Sheila Hocken s own story A story of a young blind girl who sets out to fight for the right to live fully and to see again Sheila s account of t

  • Title: Emma and I
  • Author: Sheila Hocken
  • ISBN: 9780525097808
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A touching and unique story of love and courage This is Sheila Hocken s own story A story of a young blind girl who sets out to fight for the right to live fully and to see again Sheila s account of the events and people that transformed her life is moving and inspiring Sheila introduces Emma, her beautiful chocolate brown labrador, whose devotion and intelligence as aA touching and unique story of love and courage This is Sheila Hocken s own story A story of a young blind girl who sets out to fight for the right to live fully and to see again Sheila s account of the events and people that transformed her life is moving and inspiring Sheila introduces Emma, her beautiful chocolate brown labrador, whose devotion and intelligence as a guide dog are inspiring We also meet Don, who brings romance into Sheila s life through a radio program And further, Mr Shearing, the skilled surgeon who performs the miracle which gives Sheila a whole new world.

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    1. Emma and I is a touching story by Sheila Hocken; indeed it is an autobiographical tale of her fight for sight and her relationship with her 'eyes', Emma, a beautiful chocolate Labrador: her guide dog.This memoir is an inspirational story of how Sheila refused to accept her blindness; she found independence through her pairing with Emma, love through her other senses (her hearing and the radio, no less) and finally she rediscovered the world anew after fighting for pioneering treatent to restore [...]

    2. I first read this book as a child. I was the kind of kid that roams your bookshelves and picks whatever she fancies; I came across my mum’s copies of Sheila Hocken’s autobiographies on a random shelf one summer and read through the whole five-part series in a greedy daze. I imagine my parents were pleased to have a short break from me clamouring for more reading material.Sheila’s story (first published 1978) is tremendously uplifting to read, as a child or as an adult. You’re taken throu [...]

    3. I first read this many years ago when I was about 12. I remember being impressed at how Sheila's family managed to keep everything (and everyone) together, and then of course I was thrilled when Emma appeared. The details about how people with little or no vision handled day to day life, from learning new skills to meeting people or even pouring a cup of tea, were fascinating. This has been a regular reread for me, every few years, when I want to remind myself how wonderful relationships can be [...]

    4. Lovely memoir about a woman who gradually loses her sight through her childhood, and is eventually provided with a chocolate lab called Emma to be her guide dog, opening up the possibility of a normal life. It was written in the early 70s when treatments for blindness were not so developed and therefore many more people were affected. Sheila bonds immediately with her clever dog and describes in some detail how Emma helps her day to day. It was moving and quite funny, as well as a good insight i [...]

    5. This is an amazing and touching book. As a blind person myself, I can only feel lucky that I haven't experienced half of the problems that Sheila did. The reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 however, is because I take some of the contents of the book with a pinch of salt. Some things are exaggerated and portray blind people in a bad light. It isn't as depressing as she makes out and blind people shouldn't be pittied for it.

    6. This is a beautiful, easy-to-read story about love, patience and miracles. Not only does it tell a wonderful story about the work of assistance dogs, but it also tells a story about the life of an unsighted person, and the challenges and triumphs that they face every day.If you love this book, you should also read Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson. You won't be disappointed.

    7. Unbelievably hard to put down. Whenever I was away from its pages I found my mind wandering back to them anyways.Mrs Hocken is truly inspirational, but she would not be if she didn't have Emma. Together, they are heroic and a force to look up too. It's incredible the bond that can be forged between two , the trust that can be built and the the sense of individuality that being together can give.

    8. Review: Emma & Iby Sheila Hocken. 06/23/2017This was a relaxing read and I enlightened by the story of a child being born with a rare disease that caused her to be blind. She had light blurred vision but as she got older she went blind. It is such an inspiring story, well written, and Shiela will take you through her childhood to the adult she became never feeling sorry for herself and greatly appreciates the gifts she is given which includes Emma, a Labrador Retriever who is a guide dog.As [...]

    9. What a marvellous book!I first read this book back in the 70's when Sheila first wrote it! I loved it then and after reading it again I still love it! Sheila describes her years with Emma so perfectly and it is very hard to put the book down! Because I have so much admiration for Emma and other Guide Dogs since reading this book Guide Dogs have always had a special place in my heart! I retired 9 months ago from work and soon after an advert for Guide Dogs Puppy Walkers jumped out at me! I though [...]

    10. this book follows a young woman and her search for sight. in this book sheila, the main character, is blind and enrolls to get a guide dog. she gets Emma. Emma is a female chocolate lab. once sheila gets Emma her life suddenly becomes better and she eventually tries to get surgery to not be blind anymore.i personally love this book, it is very inspiring and full of hope. i would recommend it to all people who like books with hope.

    11. Really nice book. If you ve ever been interested in how the blind people see the worldad this book. :) Its short, easy to read, full of funny dog stories but also sad and those, that make you understand certain things.I certainly enjoyed reading it. :)

    12. I've read this a couple of times. (which is rare for me!)I really enjoyed the stories of the very cute and sassy pup. Emma was obviously a very smart dog and Sheila has a great way of telling the stories. Nothing fancy in her literary style, just a bunch of great stories told in a really neat way.One thing that did strike me about Sheila was her major resilience and her ability to just get on with life, to the extent that her colleagues actually questioned whether she really was blind. They had [...]

    13. Az alapja jó, Emma egy tündér, bár nem rajongok a kutyákért…ez van, macska párti vagyok, de tagadhatatlan, hogy egy macska nem lenne képes arra, amire Emma. A Láthatatlan kiállításon szerzett tapasztalataim szerint amit írt az írónő, én azt az élményt átültetve szinte vele együtt éltem meg, így ez nagyon sokban segített megérteni őt. Én amit akkor éreztem, az a színtiszta pánik volt, félelem a sötéttől, a balesettől, konkrétan mindentől. Életem legrosszab [...]

    14. This takes you on an emotional journey where a young girl finds herself going blind. That doesn't stop her from being as independent as possible and trying to be like others her age. There are times of frustration and anger, sadness and a feeling of wanting to give up, yet she keeps moving forward with the help of others.When the darkness becomes total just before she reaches 18, her feqr nearly overwhelms her as reality becomes known. It is when the guide dog Emma is given to her that a sense o [...]

    15. Úgy gondolom, hogy ezek a csodálatos szeretetet bombák - de a segítőkutyák különösen - mindannyian angyalok. Ahogy olvastam a könyvet, arra jutottam, hogy ők jól tudják, hogy örömet okoznak nekünk azzal, ha követik a parancsainkat, és mint tudjuk, a kutyák akkor a legboldogabbak, ha boldognak látják a gazdáikat. Ezeknek a csodálatos állatoknak csakis az a fontos, hogy nekünk örömet okozzanak.Mindenképp az a véleményem, hogy elgondolkodtató és maradandó könyv let [...]

    16. A beautiful story.I read this book many years ago but it's one that has stayed in my mind, it made quite an impression on me. I've actually read it twice as I enjoyed it so much. It is about a woman who has a hereditary sight problem and eventually her sight gets so bad that she needs to get a guide dog. This is a marvellous book about Sheila's early years then about her meeting Emma her guide dog, training together, their life together and eventually meeting her husband. There are many lovely p [...]

    17. Sheila Hocken's memoir was very moving and inspirational. It made me think about the world differently and pay attention to things I wouldn't normally. After having read this, I feel like as a sighted person, I miss many of the finer details around us, which Hocken has used in living her every day life.I must say that as a labrador owner (though not nearly so well trained as Emma must have been) it was interesting to note much of my dog's behaviour is so similar to Emma's.

    18. A delightful little book detailing the trials of a blind person in a seeing world and the dramatic change made by a Guide Dog named Emma. The book then moves into the third stage of the author's life where a happy ending is revealed. The author has the ability to pull the reader into her world with facts and observations in a matter of fact, this is how it is style

    19. An amazing touching story of Sheila Hocken who was blind and the relationship she had with her guide dog Emma. Emma was not only her 'eyes' but became her best friend and later was part of her family.

    20. Lovely book about the relationship between Shiela and her guide dog Emma.Made me think about the world in a different way and be aware of the things I take for granted. The gift of sight is so important in our day to day lives that I cannot contemplate life without it. This book humbled me.

    21. I am only 10 but I absolutely LOVE the Sheila Hocken books. I have just read Emma and Company for the second time. it makes me cry every time! it is most touching when you read this book Emma and I and then Emma VIP, Emma and Company ectI rate it 5. (1000000000 if I could)READ IT!!

    22. A wonderful story of a blind woman and her guide dog. I enjoyed reading about the amazing capabilities of the dog and how she enabled the woman to live a normal life. Definitely recommend this book.

    23. Her writing was a little hard to keep me reading, but the story is beautiful and I'm making sure when I'm older my kids read it!

    24. A very engaging read. Emma's abilities are amazing and it makes you realise just how intelligent dogs can be.

    25. Vedela som, že to bude dobrá kniha, ale netušila som, že bude absolútne P-E-R-F-E-K-T-N-Á! Zbožňujem ju

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