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  • Title: Free Five: Flash Fiction
  • Author: Paul D. Dail
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ☆ Free Five: Flash Fiction : by Paul D. Dail í
      301 Paul D. Dail
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      Posted by:Paul D. Dail
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    1 thought on “Free Five: Flash Fiction”

    1. Last in my short story binge for now clearing out ones on my Kindle app that have sat there for awhile.Individual ratings:The Professional Crier2.5 starsI spy with my little eye2 starsRun, Rabbit, run2 starsThe Death He Expected2.5 starsAnother oldie but goodie3.5 stars my favorite of the bunch.Overall rating: 3 stars I guess my first experience with flash fiction. Some stories this worked nicely even though they didn't blow me away. For two others, they would have been better if they were expan [...]

    2. Flash fiction is not for me. I understand that the point is to leave the reader wondering what happened before and what happens after the story ends, it's just a snapshot of the whole story. I don't like it. Only 1 of the 5 stories did justice in that short amount of time."The Professional Crier" - I wish this one was a full story! "I Spy With My Little Eye: - Again, I think this one could be made into a complete novel"Run, Rabbit, Run" - Didn't like it"The Death He Expected" - Too morbid for me [...]

    3. Five very short stories- The Professional Crier- I Spy with my little Eye- Run, Rabbit , Run- The Death He Expected- Another Oldie but GoodieAlthough very well written, I can't say that any of them jumped out at me or were exeptional enough to awaken my interest. I thought 'The Professional Crier' was a good concept, which could be interesting enough to develop into a longer story.A lukewarm quick read.

    4. This author hasSome real talent! Even though her tales were very short, the writing was unique and engaging. My favorite tale would have to be the one about the professional crier.

    5. Here is something to start out your day with a jolt (but painlessly). Flash fiction. It is quick to read and almost by definition authors create it to surprise you either by the content or innovative organization of ideas. Five Free Flash Fiction Pieces by Paul D. Dail does that. The only thing unsurprising about it is the price. Refer to the title. It is for sale on at the price indicated by the title.The Professional Crier Penny Circe is a professional crier. Her tears have a gift although th [...]

    6. The 5 short stories in this book are really good and compelling! As great as they all are I felt like there was something missing in the 1st 3 stories. I know that sometimes imagination by the reader is needed for some stories. That relates to the 1st 3 stories in the the book: the professional crier , I spy with my little eye, and run rabbit run. The author writes something about each story after each story and even says something about that with I spy with my little eye. That said, I do like t [...]

    7. I've never read flash fiction before, although I have written it. I just didn't realize it was a thing, I thought I was lazy. But to be fair, this collection was awesome. I enjoyed every story, some to differing degrees, but all enjoyable. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, my favorite was "Another Oldie But Goodie."It has everything one could imagine a short tale should have. a wonderfully interesting buildup, and an incredible twist, beautiful and funny. I also truly enjoyed "The Professional Crier" [...]

    8. I don't see the point in writing a story this short, or Flash, as the author calls them. It's impossible for the reader to get involved in anything relating to the story. It's too short. These are like sneak peeks to longer stories, but sadly, these are it. The author had some good ideas but.The author's summary? at the end each story, letting us know where he got the ideas for the storieswell those were almost as long as the stories themselves. Well, in all honestly, they did get my imagination [...]

    9. This was my first flash fiction read and I was pleasantly surprised. It was kind of like reading a creative writing assignment, but the author is really good at it. My personal favorite was Run, Rabbit. Run. Really cool story that got my imagination going wild. I also liked Another Oldie But Goodie. Great for when your attention span is lacking but you're looking for something entertaining. Check it out!

    10. These flash fiction stories are longer than the norm so I expected more detail, unfortunately it felt most of the times as if it was more excerpts plucked from a longer story rather than flash fiction. However, 'Another Oldie but Goodie' was awesome - it had a beginning and a great twist at the end. All-in-all it was an entertaining read.

    11. ok I have never read a flash story Meaning it is 1000 words or less and the author gives us everything and nothing at the same time. He gives you enough to have your imagination go wild with all the possibilities! I actually enjoyed myself tremendously and I hope he ends up writting more on the characters, they were amazing!!

    12. 5 Awesome FlashesMr. Dail does with flash what aspiring novelists wish they could do. Loved all five of the stories, but the last one- Another Oldie but Goodie was my favorite.Love the style of writing and appreciate the little insights that the author shared in the About section of each story. I will definitely be seeking out other works by Mr. Dail.

    13. This was a free super short book with super short, short scary stories. They're kind of like when you're a kid and you get those anthologies of scary stories from the book sale at school, yet much shorter even. I read the whole thing in a few minutes on a plane. They were fine, a bit short for my taste, but then it is called flash fiction!

    14. 3 1/2 for the collection. 5 stars for Another Oldie but Goodie.I prefer my Flash Fiction to be a complete story, rather than a snippet. I think a couple of stories in this collection fall a little short. But AOBG is very good, complete, and tight.

    15. This collection of short stories is cleverly done, where, after each is told, the author explains the reasons for it. I thought they were well written, thought provoking and somewhat eerie. Good reading.

    16. Great quick read.If you're looking to kill about an hour, this is a great book. The stories are well written and I love the little blurbs from the author after each one. They give the reader a look into the mind of a writer.

    17. I quite enjoyed this collection of five pieces of flash fiction. They were varied and the author explained a little about each piece after. If you like the short form, especially if you like the dark short form, you'll like this collection.

    18. Great shortsLoved all of them but especially love that the author wrote short explanations following each one. I love to hear how authors come into the ideas of their stories.

    19. While the stories were fun, I wasn't into most of them. There is one that I really liked, but the others were just all right.

    20. Some interesting stories and it was insightful to have the author's comments on the inspiration behind each one.

    21. Five fantastic short reads that will have you gripped to the stories. A great freebee to get hold of and enjoy.

    22. This was a quick and easy read. I enjoyed reading it but I don't think the mystery and stories that leaves the readers guessing is my thing. I like to have answers.

    23. Wow!This was my first experience with flash fiction. It was fast paced reading and the climax hits quickly but I loved it ! Each story was well developed and very creative.

    24. Omg! I really enjoyed these 5 short, horror, stories! I usually don't like short stories because I feel too much is left unfinished but these were great.

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