Q: Awakening

Q Awakening More than a decade ago Dr Declan Stewart the worlds foremost authority on ancient manuscripts vanished from an obscure asylum in Damascus On a winters day shrouded in fog hed simply risen from his

  • Title: Q: Awakening
  • Author: G.M. Lawrence
  • ISBN: 978935142539
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover
  • More than a decade ago, Dr Declan Stewart, the worlds foremost authority on ancient manuscripts, vanished from an obscure asylum in Damascus On a winters day shrouded in fog, hed simply risen from his bed, walked out the door and disappeared forever And no one cared The assassins had made sure that there would be no one left to care For ten years, hed hidden himself aMore than a decade ago, Dr Declan Stewart, the worlds foremost authority on ancient manuscripts, vanished from an obscure asylum in Damascus On a winters day shrouded in fog, hed simply risen from his bed, walked out the door and disappeared forever And no one cared The assassins had made sure that there would be no one left to care For ten years, hed hidden himself away on the rugged western coast of New Zealands South Island, riding the towering waves of Ghost Ships break and trying to forget the past, to free himself from the haunting visions of a woman and unborn child swallowed by the sands amid a rain of shrapnel and fire But neither the jagged cliffs of his distant sanctuary nor the great sea beyond could save Declan Stewart from his destiny On a bright summers day, as the sun settled on the western horizon, a dying monk from a distant Syrian monastery appears on the high cliffs and calls his name It was then that Declan knew He would never be free of the past because he could never escape his own unyielding obsession with the quest for the manuscript the scholars called Q Q Awakening is the provocative tale of the lost Christian gospel called Qfor the German word quelle, the sourceand the vulnerable, complex man whose destiny is inextricably intertwined with it From the stormy coasts of New Zealand to the deserts of the Sinai, from the cobbled streets of Zurich to the soaring minarets of Beirut, Q Awakening combines the unrelenting tension of an international thriller with the intellectual breadth of a spiritual heros journey, while delving deeply into the human heart and the yearning that all men of every age have to find glowing embers of purpose and meaning amid the cold ashes of human existence.

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      377 G.M. Lawrence
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    1 thought on “Q: Awakening”

    1. G.M. Lawrence’s career as an author can only excel from here given the sophistication of his first novel. Q: Awakening focuses on the quest of conflicted hero, Dr. Declan Stewart, in not only searching for an ancient manuscript (“quelles”), a lost gospel believed to be written by Christ, but also regaining his faith in people and God after years of hiding. The writing in Q: Awakening is elegant and clever, providing multiple layers and insight into a variety of complex cultural, political, [...]

    2. First Line: On the far horizon, beyond the shifting grey dunes, a lone jackal howled, fell silent, then howled again.For decades men have been searching for Q-- the lost Christian gospel many believe to have been written by Jesus himself. Some want to destroy it. Some want it for the power and wealth they believe it will bestow upon them. A very few believe it will usher the world into a new and wonderful era.When documents, maps, and a renowned scholar capable of interpreting them all go missin [...]

    3. The new thriller Q: Awakening is a great find for book lovers. It is filled with exotic locations, suspenseful actions, mysteries to be uncovered, and multi-dimensional characters both good and evilwith a little romance sprinkled around. What more could a bibliophile ask for??But there is more; the book is authentic; it is well researched and beautifully written with a cast of characters that beg for a movie camera. There is the sadistic Syrian the educated and cunning "gentleman" called "the Pe [...]

    4. Q:Awakening WOW! I predict this will be one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters. I could not put it down. The story, which centers around the search for a lost gospel, is filled with evil characters, good guys, a beautiful woman, a strange child who can see the future, and a priest. Their lives intersect in exotic and dangerously intriguing places around the world as the protagonist alternately embraces and denies his destiny. Quite simply the book is an international thriller, with philosoph [...]

    5. The Q is a threat of unimaginable powers and great value. Dr. Declan Stewart, foremost authority on ancient manuscripts, is more interested in getting Amala and her son to safety than finding the Q. However, Sharif and the Syrian have other plans. They kidnap Judah Lowe, academic scholar and persuade him to interpret an ancient map and manuscript that may lead them to the Q. It is just a matter of time before the action kicks in and it’s anybody's guess who will get to the Q first.Another batt [...]

    6. This book was like a Indiana Jones movie. The last 100 pages or so were good as the story was working itself out. The other pages were too bogged down in his style. This author would literally take half a page to describe some physical detail that wasn't even important to the story. I think his style just got old after a while. Plus, he didn't really make us feel for the main character. If you can get through the story's build-up, the ending is worth it.

    7. I loved Q: Awakening it had action, mystery, romance all the things I love to read in a book. G.M. Lawrence did a great job with this book. I can not wait to go out and get the second book to this series and read it. I want to thank good reads and the other for this great opportunity to read this book. I really enjoyed it.

    8. If you like Tom Knox or Dan Brown, this is a book to try!Although hardback, the typos made it seem like I was reading an ARC - maybe the paperback has corrections - but it didn't effect the story.First in a planned trilogy. Waiting for the second title!

    9. Won from First Reads Giveaway.Exciting! I loved it and cannot wait to read the rest of the planned trilogy!

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