Hope's Reign

Hope s Reign Everything is slipping away from Memory The bond of friendship between her Eloryn Roen and Will that was formed while running for their lives is tearing In a world that doesn t feel like home wit

  • Title: Hope's Reign
  • Author: Selina Fenech
  • ISBN: 9780987151193
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everything is slipping away from Memory The bond of friendship between her, Eloryn, Roen, and Will, that was formed while running for their lives is tearing In a world that doesn t feel like home, with a mind filled with nothing but questions, Memory struggles to be true to herself whoever that is When her past self starts haunting her, she knows her sanity could be thEverything is slipping away from Memory The bond of friendship between her, Eloryn, Roen, and Will, that was formed while running for their lives is tearing In a world that doesn t feel like home, with a mind filled with nothing but questions, Memory struggles to be true to herself whoever that is When her past self starts haunting her, she knows her sanity could be the next thing she will lose.

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    1. Find this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!Hope’s Reign is the whimsical and adventure filled second instalment in Selina Fenech’s Memory’s Wake Trilogy and is a fantastic follow up to the first novel, further developing the storyline and delighting once more.After the events of the first book, Memory found herself hoping that life in Avall would be a breeze, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Despite everything they went through, the bond between Memory, Eloryn, [...]

    2. This review appeared first at Fantasy is More Fun.**I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**Hope's Reign got off to a really slow start. Between not remembering a lot of important details and jarring transitions, I was confused for a while. And I almost gave up. Boy am I glad I clung to the really interesting pieces and kept going past my usual quit point (20%)! Because at about 35% thin [...]

    3. I read Hope's Reign straight after book 1, and I'm glad to say it only gets better!One of the flaws in Memory's Wake, in my opinion, was that the characters were not given much room to develop. In Hope's Reign, they finally have that space. We also learn more about the world and its relationship to ours, and we experience more of the fae.But I feel the blurb doesn't do this book justice. More than Memory slipping away from her friends, it's her struggle to fit in that is interesting, her attempt [...]

    4. I’ve been following Selina’s career for over a decade now and I can assure you that she never disappoints. This is a rare YA series that will appeal to readers of all ages… and the beautiful illustrations won’t hurt either!It's true that the plot was somewhat predictable but the action kicked off on page one and will keep you turning pages until the end. The characters are real and relatable and the setting is so vivid that I could see it all happening in my mind’s eye. I came to care [...]

    5. This review and more can be read on my blog: Book Nerd ParadiseHope's Reign by Selina Fenech is the second book I've read by this author. The first, of course, being the predecessor of this book titled Memory's Wake. There are some neat things I liked about these two books. One was the fact that the author is also an artis,t so she combined her two talents. Both books have hand drawn illustrations included throughout. This is actually the first time I've seen something like this, and I wasn't qu [...]

    6. Hope’s Reign continues the story of Memory and Eloryn. In the last book they reclaimed the kingdom of Avall from Thayl and discovered that they are twin sisters (the blonde lady on the front cover is not Eloryn, as I first assumed, but Memory without her hair-dye). Now the sisters must cope with their new status, the restrictions of palace life, and the need to rebuild Avall after the long years of Thayl’s misrule. Why is the book called Hope’s Reign? The reason becomes increasingly appare [...]

    7. My Review: This book is hard to review only because I originally decided it would be a DNF but I was at 57% and since I was reading it with a friend and she told me it got better I should try again, I did. However my view wasn’t any different when I continued. Let me explain, I LOVED the first book so much that I got a picture of the last illustration that is in the book hanging on my wall. The author is a wonderful illustrator as well as telling an interesting story but somehow I just wasn’ [...]

    8. I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.I would like to thank Selina Fenech, author of Hope's Reign, for giving me this wonderful opportunity of reading and reviewing this fabulous book.I loved this book way more than I loved Memory's Wake and hats off to Selina for thinking this whole story out and then executing it in words and let me tell you she has a remarkable writing skill and her writing style is awesome as well just like her art work a [...]

    9. The illustrations in this book were amazing. I find myself looking forward to them and seeing how the author envisions her characters. Sometimes I find myself looking at thses illustrations more than once setting this book different from others. I've read many great reviews about this book but I can't say I agree with it. I though Eloryn's actions very naive and completely aggravating. I saw through it that Hayes is power hungry and Eloryn's gives him too much authority. She has not grown queen [...]

    10. This is the second novel in the series about a girl named Mem who has lost much of her memory. She ends up being a princess and living in a castle, something which is boring her terribly. She lives in Avalon which is called Avall. Thayl, the really evil guy, has a fall from power. Mem's sort of alter-ego, Hope, appears and gives her some rather bad advice all the time. Will is also in the story being his usual enigmatic self. Hayes, the would-be ruler of all that is continues his tactics, planni [...]

    11. The second book sucked my right back in (even though I left some time between reading the first and following up, but I bought the trilogy immediately, knowing I wanted to get back to the story). Mem is so relatable, how she feels she doesn't fit in anywhere, nobody could ever love her for herself, everybody near her is only out to get something from her or just not interested at all and she struggles so hard in this new and unusual world, without her memories, her friends drifting farther and f [...]

    12. Wow!! Selina Fenech did another amazing job of continuing the Memory's Wake Trilogy. Hope's Reign is wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated!! Her art is as haunting as her writing! Memory/Hope struggles to find her place as a Princess and learn about magic and her new world in Avall as some of her stolen memories start to return. Elory struggles to deal with all the responsibilities of being Queen and learning who she can trust. As the girls try to deal with all the pressures they strug [...]

    13. Here's another 2nd book that was painful to read. It even had an "Iago" type character that tried to pour negativity into Memory. Ironically, she called herself "Hope" and said she was part of Memory. Eloryn gets manipulated by the head of the wizard counsel to the point that he is running everything. Will spends most of his time with Mina, the evil fairy. There is some resolution in the ending, and that's what saved me from hating it and tossing it out the window.

    14. I won't hide that I'm a fan of Selina. I loved Memory's Wake, and this is no different. I have a hard time writing reviews without spoilers, and because I haven't visited here in a while, it's been a while since I've read this book! Oops!I will say this was a fantastic tale. It took me away, made me feel wonderful and left me with excitement for the next installment.Fantastic work Selina! So much love for this series!

    15. e second book in the Memory's Wake trilogy. We continue the story of Eloryn's coronation and Memory's journey through Avall. Twists and turns and a broken soul later, we come to a rather interesting end. Will Eloryn lose all for her love of Roen? you will just have to wait and see.Been glued to this series of novels and rightly so, Thank you Selina.

    16. While the first book was good, this was awesome! The story was more engaging. I liked how the first book layed the foundation for the romance and this one we actually saw it. Since moment one of Will saying Memory is "Her" I shipped them. So I'm super happy they are finally together. The build up was really good.

    17. Mystery mayhem what more could I ask forI thought the first one was great this one beats it the more memory gets her memories back the more her life turns upside down and I had a feeling someone was going to betray the princess and queen I just wasn't sure who

    18. I struggled with this book TO PUT IT DOWN!I had an audio book again like the first. I just loved it, packed with adventure and all kinds of emotions!I love Selina fenechs artwork and now I also love her writing!

    19. Ok so I loved this book better than the first because we can see how much Memory grows as a character. There is excellent character development with all the characters, and the illustrations only get better too. I cannot wait to read the third book!

    20. OMG - love it. Another wonderful chapter in the Memory's Wake Trilogy - watching the characters grow and learn more about them selves and the world around them. Can't wait for the next and final chapter in this journey

    21. I read the first 3 chapters on wattpad but I can't help but feel like wtf! I want the whole thing!!!! WHERE IS IT SELINA, WHEEEEEERE?!?

    22. Really enjoying seeing how this story in unfolding. In a world of fae and magic, who can you trust. Join Memory and Eloryn as they continue their journey and try to put things right in Avall.

    23. I won this book in a giveaway. Thanks !!The story is good (although fantastic is not my first option in books) and the drawings from Selina are amazing. Congratulations!

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