Too Close for Comfort

Too Close for Comfort He kidnapped her in her own hospital keep her alive Dr Marissa Fairfax is a calm cool trauma surgeon Police officer Jack Corelli is a tough cop who s been assigned to protect her until she testifies

  • Title: Too Close for Comfort
  • Author: Eve Gaddy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He kidnapped her in her own hospital keep her alive.Dr Marissa Fairfax is a calm, cool trauma surgeon Police officer Jack Corelli is a tough cop who s been assigned to protect her until she testifies at a murder trial whether she wants his help, or not.Jack s than willing to enforce the mandatory protection order, but he s got his work cut out for him.

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    1 thought on “Too Close for Comfort”

    1. Too Close for Comfortcaught my eye because I can't resist a cop. Add in the description of Jack Corelli as a tough guy and my bad boy buzzer went off.The story starts off with a bang as Dr. Marissa Fairfax is held at gunpoint and Jack Corelli makes his entrance flatting her during the chase. The two have a history of disliking one another, but as well have all heard there is a fine line between love and hate. When Marissa becomes an important witness in Jack's case, he is determined to do whatev [...]

    2. Pretty good character development and a good plot. It was more of a three and a half starts for me but it's only because I don't enjoy cop books, movies, ect. I'm more of the other side of the law kind of girl. jeje Just kidding. Over I say it was pretty good since I couldn't put it down and that's always a good sign.

    3. I liked it!!! Nice romance novel with a happy everafter. This is the first novel I have read by Ms. Gaddy. The only draw-back was that some aspects were predictable. Otherwise, it was a heartwarming novel. I will read other novels by Ms. Gaddy!!

    4. In general, I enjoyed the book. The storyline was good and the two main characters had enough background to make them interesting.For those to whom it matters, the book did have a bit of cussing as well as premarital sex, often described in detail.

    5. A detective has to protect a trauma surgeon who is an important witness. She is not cooperative and then the predictable ensues. They both have issues from previous relationships, but are drawn to each other, though they appear to be total opposites. In the end, well Some of the story is interesting and there is potential, but there is too much emphasis on the romance and sex. I find that cheapens a good story to the point that I no longer care about the story.This is a first time book for this [...]

    6. This steamy romance starts with an exciting and action packed scene where Marissa, our lovely doctor gets put ob the middle of a police investigation with an all too close encounter with a shooting. One of her least favorite people, Detective Jack is the lead investigator. He places himself on guard duty in her apartment while she is the target of gang hitmen and crazed criminals. While rooming together they learn that their previous dislike for one another was strong sexual tension. This novel [...]

    7. Too be honest, had to look up the story blurb in order to remember that I had read this one. It had some good stuff, but I keep getting it mixed up with "Fatal Judgment" which I read just before.Marissa is a tough, no nonsense surgeon who gets caught up in a mob hit. Jack has to protect her, which she doesn't want him to do, of course.The character I remember the most is the cat, who dies. And Marissa spends a lot of time crying in the shower.

    8. Enjoyable romantic suspense with a strong, independent heroine who falls in love with a cop. The heroine is a surgeon who gets the death confession from an injured man and is then a key witness who needs to be protected. This is where the hero comes in. It was a light read but enjoyable.

    9. Flounced. Just not my thing. I do not like characters who are so obtuse yet think they're right. Everything in the opening sequence was exactly what I dislike about "action" romances, and the female lead was the epitome of what I dislike in those situations.

    10. I wanted to read this book due to the fact that it had a alpha cop in it, but it fell a little short for me, Could not really love the caracters and the story was kind of predictable.

    11. A typical series romantic suspense--an entertaining way to pass some time though more sensual than my personal preference.

    12. I loved the way the author wrote in the relationships of the secondary characters so completely with just a paragraph or two!

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