Die Reifeprüfung

Die Reifepr fung Ein Generationsportrait eine turbulente Liebesgeschichte ein moderner Klassiker Benjamin Braddock ist ein sch chterner High School Absolvent dessen Lebensweg durch die Erwartungen seines wohlhabend

  • Title: Die Reifeprüfung
  • Author: Charles Webb Frank Böhmert
  • ISBN: 9783453212466
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ein Generationsportrait, eine turbulente Liebesgeschichte, ein moderner Klassiker Benjamin Braddock ist ein sch chterner High School Absolvent, dessen Lebensweg durch die Erwartungen seines wohlhabenden Elternhauses vorgezeichnet scheint Da bricht er mit allen Konventionen und l sst sich von Mrs Robinson, einer lteren und verheirateten Frau verf hren

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    1. Rarely do I prefer film versions of a book over the book itself, but there's no contest here. Love or hate The Graduate - the cult 1960s film - you gotta agree it has heart, or at least that almost intangible something that burns it into memory. To me that something has always been the very ending of the film, that final scene that adds a new dimension to otherwise lovely but okay film - those last moments on the bus with Simon and Garfunkel's The Sound of Silencein the background, with close-up [...]

    2. I am sure I can write a review in the style of this book. I read most of it on a subway and then on a bus. I stopped and stared at the words on the pages sometimes. Then I would talk to myself."Self, are you enjoying this book?""Why? Are you trying to seduce me?""I have no idea what you're talking about. I just want you to unzip my dress because I can't reach the zipper. But really, are you enjoying this book?""Not really. I mean it's interesting in the way that truly awful things are always int [...]

    3. The 60s were great. I think. I wouldn’t know, I was born in 1996. A world where a middle-aged woman seduces a boy who is barely out of his teens and it becomes one of the most enjoyable and humourous books of the decade. I adored The Graduate. There’s something in the prose, something in the plot, something in the characters, something in the dry humour that just tick, tick, tick, ticked all of my boxes. I tried to stop reading, to take a break, but no, it wasn’t happening. I was so invest [...]

    4. In 1963 a young man by the name of Charles Webb published a book called THE GRADUATE, a story that was supposedly based on a true story. It was a sensation. Four years later, it became a hit movie starring Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman, and Katherine Ross. Okay, we all know these facts. Let's leave the movie alone and just focus on the book.The plot is simple: a disenchanted, recently graduated, well-to-do young man has an affair with an attractive, well-to-do, older woman whose husband just so [...]

    5. L’EDUCAZIONE SENTIMENTALE In principio fu il film. In USA apparve nel 1967, da noi solo l’anno dopo, l’11 settembre del 1968. Quale modo migliore per celebrare quell’anno?!E quindi quest’anno sono 50 anni dall’uscita del film.Dustin Hoffman, all’epoca quasi trentenne, aveva lavorato pressoché solo in televisione. Questa è la sua prima prova importante, ed è sicuro che non se la lasciò sfuggire. Tuttora rimane una performance leggendaria.In principio fu il film. Con quell’atto [...]

    6. The Graduate, Charles WebbThe Graduate is a 1963 novella by Charles Webb, who wrote it shortly after graduating from Williams College. It tells the story of Benjamin Braddock, who, while pondering his future after his graduation, has an affair with the older Mrs. Robinson, the wife of his father's business partner.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیستم ماه آگوست سال 1971 میلادیعنوان: در سکرات عشق - فارغ التحصیل؛ نویسنده: چارلز وب [...]

    7. Probably best known as a film and for those famous lines "Mrs Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?"So the first point of order in this review is this: if someone has to ask if you're trying to seduce them then it probably follows that you are doing a piss-poor job in the seduction department. Either that or your object of lust is particularly obtuse. In fact, much of this book and the bumbling inanities of the young Benjamin Braddock provide a clear selection of examples of how NOT to practise [...]

    8. Charles Webb is a possible candidate for the BURIED book club, if this book wasn’t still popular, and it isn’t really—the film and stage show and tea towel and thong range are popular, who reads the book nowadays? The novel is written so sparsely and simply it functions pretty much as a blueprint for Mike Nichols’s script—90% of the action is told in dialogue with occasional flat descriptive passages for the frantic parts. A neurotic boy wonder returns to the suburbs to deliberate on t [...]

    9. "koo-koo-ka-choo Miss-us Rob-in-sone dee dee dee doo doo doo doo doowo, wo, woThis book is pointless and inane, but I had to satisfy my curiosity. The best thing I can say about it is that it's short. I might have given it 2 stars if it actually had an ending. ANY kind of ending. But it does not. It just stops, like it's the end of a chapter and more is coming. Don't bother looking for more pages. It really IS over. I've never seen the film, but I remember when I was a kid those movie posters of [...]

    10. I read this just after the film was a smash hit, it was OK, well written cute story of growing up.

    11. It's probably pretty obvious that I didn't like this book. It was 260 pages of a book that was mostly dialogue so it should have taken 5 minutes to read, or three hours at most. This is what really happened:ReadingI need a napReadingNap for an hourReadingI want to buy some booksReadingI don't really have any I want to buyReaWhat about some of those Martin Amis ones I've been drooling over?ReadingI really need a new purseReadingMaybe I should do a reading challenge for postmodernism next yearRead [...]

    12. This book was pointless! The dialog was so boring "Elaine""What""Nothing""What". ugh, I'm not afraid to say that these characters made absolutely no sense. Ben and Elaine, I hope you really end up together and leave your poor parents alone.Mrs. Robinson was not great, but she was the most interesting one and the one who acted with purpose. She was depressed and/or bored with her life, and an alcoholic. She reacted ~"as expected"~ when Ben went out with Elaine. I didn't like her husband or Ben's [...]

    13. Meet Benjamin. He's 21 and just graduated college. No seriously, he's 21, not a fifteen year old delinquent from a broken family. The author tells us so even though he forgot to make him act like it. Benjamin is mad at the world for being so materialistic. "Get that silver spoon out of my mouth! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you all!. I hate Mrs. Robinson, but I'll sleep with her anyway, I hate my parents for loving and supporting my useless ass, and I hate Elaine for being forced to date her a [...]

    14. Ok I know this book has so much buzz because it is very controversial. But for me, the main character is not really well develop. I can not understand the how the main character thought. I can not connect either with the character. Not for me.

    15. This was like reading the movie, only less so. I've always wanted to read the book because I liked the movie, but wow, the film is mostly the book line-for-line, minus a couple of events, and plus a lot of atmosphere. And frankly, the book+atmosphere is way better than the book alone, to the point where it's hard to imagine that somebody read this book 50 years ago and saw enough worth in it to make a movie out of it. It seems to be a celebration of aloofness and self-centered decadence, or perh [...]

    16. I was never enamored with the film The Graduate as was most of my peers. But I did sit in awe at the performances of Dustin Hoffman and the calculated socio-pathology of Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson. Unfortunately the novel on which the film is based doesn't even have that going for it. It is a rather pointless story with very unlikable and pathetic characters. Mrs Robinson fares fairly well as she is a cardboard precursor to Desperate Housewives but Benjamin Braddock comes off even more pathe [...]

    17. This was an easy read for me. I was in college when I read this novel after seeing the equally successful film on TV rerun. I was able to relate few years after when I had a short affair with an officemate 15 years my senior. However, there was no Elaine that ended the short affair. We just got tired of each other. Looking back, I think I was somewhat influenced by this. Well, I was very young then so it was just part of growing up.

    18. This novel is a masterpiece which conveys us the atmosphere of 60's. Back then conservative values were still highly estimated. This novel throws a question about our life. Is it correct to become a good citizen and obey the rule which the society pushes to us ? Benjamin is not an attractive guy, but I cannot blame his behavior. His rebel may fail but it's worth trying. He seems anti-hero of the day but actually a hero of this hopelessly dull world.

    19. Jednostavno ne razumem zasto je ovo americki klasik? Likovi su mlaki, neubedljivi, prica je cudna, njihove reakcije jos cudnijetako da ne znam sta da kazem

    20. This book was just meh. It's very dialogue heavy and the story line got kind of boring towards the end. I didn't hate it but I didn't particularly enjoy it either.

    21. I don't really know why I decided to read this one, to be honest. Probably because I apparently spent $1.25(!) on it and that's a lot of money for me, and also possibly because I see it as one of the first novels to tackle the particularly middle or upper-middle class dillemma of being overeducated and not sure what to do with one's life, which has interest to me as it partains to "twntysomething/slack lit," which I am trying to read as much as I can of before I turn thirty.Everyone's asking Ben [...]

    22. Just because I'm a print guy I figured I owed it to the history of the novel to read the book on which the movie is based. (If only the history of the novel would have been kind enough to thank me). As other posters note, the big surprise here is that much of what we think of as Buck Henry's wit in the film originated with Charles Webb. That said, Benjamin is a colder character here than when incarnated as Dustin Hoffman, whose nebbishness is the center of his performance's charm. It's also hard [...]

    23. From BBC Radio 4:It's the summer of 1963 in suburban California and Benjamin Braddock has the world at his feet. He's just graduated from university with a teaching scholarship, his dad has bought him a fancy new Italian sports car, and all the Braddocks' friends and neighbours have been invited to a house party to celebrate. There's just one problem. Benjamin refuses to leave his room

    24. Almost everyone's heard of The Graduate, right? The film's become iconic for it's depiction of the older-woman/younger man relationship. However, if you've watched the film, I'd advise you to skip the book entirely as it reads more like a screenplay more than anything else. At first, I thought I was reading a script and that I'd been swindled out of my money, but no, it turns out that this was the actual novel.OkayWell, Webb's novel is mostly dialogue-heavy, so don't expect any beautiful descrip [...]

    25. Esta novela no me pareció la gran cosa y no me gustó tanto como pensé que me gustaría. Creo que funciona más para el teatro o para el cine que para una novela. Los diálogos fueron previsibles, parcos y llanos. No me los creí, además del excesivo uso de la pregunta ¿cómo? para reflejar sorpresa.A pesar de que la historia es pícara, polémica y controvertida, no ahonda realmente en sentimientos, psicologías o emociones. Me pareció que le faltó profundidad, tanto en el transcurso de l [...]

    26. Ever been disappointed with a movie after reading the book? This is the exact opposite--this book is exactly like the movie. It might as well have been the script with the names taken out. This was ok--but I found it a rather unnecessary read---the movie has completely eclipsed this thing.

    27. Oh, good Lord. All I can say is that the popularity of the movie is clearly based on attractive, skilled actors and a good soundtrack.

    28. "God bless you, please Mrs. Robinson."🎶🎶🎶Sarà che mi sono fatta attrarre dalla edizione stupenda di Mattioli, sarà che avevo in testa lo sguardo di Benjamin-Hoffman, sarà che il motivo della storica canzone di Simon & Garfunkel ha fatto da richiamo come un canto delle sirene, sarà che ricordavo l'interpretazione della terribile Anne Bancroft - Mrs Robinson, sarà che le aspettative erano elevatissime delusione di lettura è stata incommensurabile.Davvero incredibile pensare che [...]

    29. Rebel with the BlahsOf course I've seen the movie. I liked it more when I was younger. I read a critical article of the film version of The Graduate in a serious film study journal, and gained a better appreciation for the film. Well, I don't care how isolated he feels I cannot sympathize with Benjamin Braddock. The film and the novel are very close in plot line and dialog, but the film is more entertaining to watch than the novel is to read. Unlike most book reviews I've read however, I think t [...]

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