Cloaked in Malice

Cloaked in Malice There s nothing Maddie loves than fabulous vintage clothes but the visions she gets while touching them are starting to wear her down Even so when a beautifully dressed girl comes to Vintage Magic i

  • Title: Cloaked in Malice
  • Author: Annette Blair
  • ISBN: 9780425251430
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • There s nothing Maddie loves than fabulous vintage clothes, but the visions she gets while touching them are starting to wear her down Even so, when a beautifully dressed girl comes to Vintage Magic in search of her past, Maddie isn t about to turn her away, especially since she bears a striking resemblance to her good friend Dolly Sweet When Maddie touches PaisleyThere s nothing Maddie loves than fabulous vintage clothes, but the visions she gets while touching them are starting to wear her down Even so, when a beautifully dressed girl comes to Vintage Magic in search of her past, Maddie isn t about to turn her away, especially since she bears a striking resemblance to her good friend Dolly Sweet When Maddie touches Paisley Skye s exquisitely crafted child s cloak, the vision she receives is of the ugliest sort a decades old case of kidnapping and murder To give herself time to investigate, Maddie enlists the help of her FBI Agent boyfriend Nick and takes Paisley into her own home But when Dolly suddenly skips town, Maddie realizes that uncovering the folds of Paisley s past will reveal than one vintage crime

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      332 Annette Blair
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    1. In this slightly different approach, our psychic sleuth, Madiera Cutler finds herself befriending a 'Missing Person.' A customer comes to Maddie with a valise of children's clothing. The customer is vague but holds a startling resemblance to Mad's favorite Centenarian, Dolly Sweet.The pace is quick in solving this mystery from page one until Dolly's 104th birthday at the ending.There are murders, fortresses, kidnappings, spys, trips to France and more as Maddie and her beau, Nick try to solve th [...]

    2. I was intrigued by the premise of this book. There are so many books out there dealing with some type of paranormal activity or ability, so it was great to find one that dealt with the art of divination, or psychometry. It also had a good storyline – a mystery shrouded in time, centered on a piece of children's clothing presented by a mysterious young woman.Unfortunately, that young woman, Paisley Skye, was not someone that I thought was a good person. True, she had a less than normal upbringi [...]

    3. Good book. I always enjoy the stories of Maddie and her visions and this one was no exception. Things had been pretty calm lately when a girl comes into the shop with a cloak she wants some information about. When Maddie touched that cloak though, she saw a scene of murder and kidnapping. This sets her off on her inevitable search for the truth. I love Maddie's persistence in trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together. I was glad to see that this time she included Nick in the process. [...]

    4. I just loved this book. I have to admit I have not read the others in this series. I happen to come across this book one day and loved the blurb and got it as a Christmas present. Once I got started I could not put this book down. Mad is a wonderful character and reading clothes is very unique. Dante being a resident ghost in her shop is a nice surprise.Paisley escapes her home after her mam and pop pass away. She is very closed off from the real world no phones, computers etc. She comes to Mad [...]

    5. I absolutely love this fashion-based, mildly paranormal series, and this is one of my favourites of the series.Madeira is a hilarious, over-the-top sleuth/heroine, and I adore her! She is smart, sassy, clever and funny, and her fashion fetish, which bleeds into nearly every page of these stories is an extra feature if you are a fashionista. There are quotes from designers, fashion expletives [sort of] and everything Mad thinks has a fashion twist to it. It's just plain fun.The mystery in this on [...]

    6. A strange girl shows up at Maddie's shop one day who grew up on an island and has no idea who she is. And since she looks a bit like Maddie's friend Dolly, Mad decides to find out who this girl is. So she and her bf take the girl back to the secret island she grew up on to help uncover her past. The farm she lived on seemed a bit like something out of a horror movie, dead bodies and scary rooms and an electric fence. Thought it seemed odd that she grew up without any other people but her parents [...]

    7. I love me some Maddie Cutler. I liked this installment of the Vintage Magic series. It wasn't my favorite book in the series, but the story was exciting and kept me entertained, especially Maddie's inventive sewing terms she uses in place of curse words. The question of whether Paisley Skye is a friend or foe kept up the suspense. I think my main problem right now with the series is I really love Werner! Nick's alright, but Werner--he's the guy Maddie should really be with. Also, Eve is almost n [...]

    8. A visit to Mystick Falls, Connecticut is always fun. This one was not as light-hearted but just as enjoyable. The drama centers around an innocent young lady, vintage clothing, Dolly who is 104 years old, Paris and a shooting. Life is disrupted again for Vintage Dress Shop owner Maddie Cutler when she encounters a child's winter coat. . . If you have followed this series you will love this new read. If you haven't begun to read the vintage clothing, please treat yourself to a series that will re [...]

    9. Dolly's LookalikeA stranger enters Maddie Culter's boutique and startled everyone as she looks like Dolly Street. When Maddie touches a piece she goes into a trance. This starts the new adventure takes Maddie to an island off the coast. There are several twists and turns as this cold case unravels. The ending will surprised you.

    10. Maddie and Nick, along with Dolly and the crew have reached new heights. We are now going to be drawn into finding the past life of the stranger that shows up at Maddie's store and finding who she is. The depth of the story and its characters head into directions that are definitely out of their comfort zones and they all perform with panache.

    11. Not a bad read (view spoiler)[-- although the Russian circus clown angle at the end was really stretching it (hide spoiler)].

    12. good book kept my interest but in the end it feels like she pulled back from all the sinister plot drama building up and felt it was to dark to follow thru with.

    13. Annette did a good job taking your assumptions about where the characters and the plot were going and turning it on its head!Cloaked in Malice follows our favorite vintage clothing psychic as she befriends a woman who doesn't even know her real name. Paisley Skye was raised on an island away from society, brainwashed after watching her parents get murdered, and finally escaped Now who is she really?I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was light and engaging. It kept me on my toes until the very la [...]

    14. This was very confusing and honestly, barely held together as a story for me. It was kind of all over the place, and it ended really abruptly, too. Not my favorite.

    15. I'd give this a 3.5. I thought it was very good, but the plot went out of focus a couple of times.

    16. The fashion brand expressions are annoying. T.T And for some reason, I thought this was the second book. -_-

    17. Vintage clothing is not something I am interested in, but you don't need to be to adore this series! Blair's paranormal romances or mysteries often evolve around main characters, who are witches with a cat and love vintage clothing. Yet I never tire of Blair's witches, as I love each and every one of them. Although all her witches are great, I have to admit Maddie Cutler reigns supreme in my list of favourite Blair witches. She has such a warm, loving and sparkly personality. Maddie has a powerf [...]

    18. 2.5 stars, ranging on the lower half of the scale.This book showed promise, it had an interesting premise. Unfortunately I got too frustrated with one of the characters that the mystery centered around, Paisley Skye.Paisley Skye grew up on an island with only two people that she can remember, Mam and Pap. She claims she never met any other people in the world, never even left the island before in her life. (as the story progresses we find this to be true). But Paisley is way too comfortable arou [...]

    19. I found the language to be very juvenile and the characters had little depth to them. The story could have been alright, but I found it hard to read because the heroine went from cutesy to tough to childish all on one page - there really was no consistency to her. And why do her two boyfriends put up with her flinging herself around the both of them, right in front of each other? Oh, on the boyfriend note, why are they both so willing to share confidential FBI case information with her?She owns [...]

    20. Much better than the previous book, this only confused me by jumping around once in the beginning I really do not like interjecting thoughts/explanations that take up 1-2 pages, Cut It Short! Also, the author thankfully cut out the double boyfriend dilemma. A young woman with a fake name (Paisley Skye) & little or no memory of her past comes into to Maddie's shop. Maddie has the gift of psychometry and has visions while touching certain vintage pieces of clothing. she hands Maddie a child's [...]

    21. Cloaked in Malice was about a young girl named Maddie who loves vintage clothes. The weird thing is that whenever she touches the vintage clothing, she gets vision that she has no clue about. But one time a beautiful girls comes to search Maddie's past. The creepy thing is that the girl looks exactly like her good friend Dolly sweet. When she touches that young girl's cloak, the visions is horrible. It was about a kidnap and murder. Maddie asks her FBI agent boyfriend Nick to help sort this myst [...]

    22. this one fell a little flat for me. a lot of the jokes in it were not that funny and the mystery was a little lacking at times. I didn't see the bad guy coming but that's because there was no slow build up of significant clues it was more like a fact dumping and most of them were dumped in the last few chapters. also the vintage clothes reading added nothing to the story it was just there so that the author could describe what went down without doing a past jump. oh and the character growth was [...]

    23. I read the fourth book in this series and thought, "hm. I like this series, I'll keep reading from here." Well, I don't know what the difference was in this one because I felt like I was missing half the story. And it was such an odd mystery.Told from the first person of Madeira "Maddie" Cutler who can read people's pasts from clothing that they've worn. A girl named Paisley wanders into the shop with a bag full of clothes saying she wants to find out about her past and she's heard that Maddie c [...]

    24. On the strength of its improvement over the last title, I'm giving this a 3 instead of the 2 or 2.5 it probably deserves. There was a fairly major plot-solution ommission at the end as well as a POV slip, but over-all this had a lot fewer of the annoying features of previous titles. There were whole chunks of text that didn't feature Mad's use of sewing terms/tool names as substitutes for real language! Of course, that made them stand out more when they reappeared Paisley was, I thought, very un [...]

    25. Fantastic!Another incredible addition to this series!Maddie is so cool! I really wish I could wander around her shop for a day.Dolly sounds like a fascinating person, and I bet she has some really awesome stories to tell over tea and cookies.Eve seems really cool!Alex is a great brother, rushing to the rescue at just the right time.Nick needs to work on his jealousy and needs to help Maddie accept her gift.Lytton is wonderful, if I were Mad I probably would have chosen him.I think he would be go [...]

    26. This was a 2.5 star read for me. I think my main problem is I am just not invested in a Maddie & Nick relationship. As I said in my review of the previous book it is not so much that I object to Nick as that Werner and Maddie seem to have a much more developed relationship and better connection. Even after 4?? books I still don't have much sense of Nick as a character. Also I found the mystery more than a little ridiculous and Paisley didn't seem like her own character just a random assortme [...]

    27. Excellent read. Very good mystery with a well done plot - the "bad guy" at the end was a surprise for me. I absolutely love the dialogue in this series and Cloaked in Malice didn't disappoint. Witty, dry and snarky with great verbal sparring between all the characters. This is one of those series that for me, quickly became a place to visit with each book, catching up with people you'd love to call your friends and cheering them on as they solve the mystery of the moment.Can't wait for the next [...]

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