The Metaphysical Detective

The Metaphysical Detective When Riga Hayworth finds her new client Helen Baro dead she smells a set up of metaphysical proportions Now to find a killer Riga must travel from San Francisco to the underworld and make it back

  • Title: The Metaphysical Detective
  • Author: Kirsten Weiss
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Riga Hayworth finds her new client, Helen Baro, dead, she smells a set up of metaphysical proportions Now, to find a killer, Riga must travel from San Francisco to the underworld and make it back alive Helen believes her husband is trying to kill her One problem Helen s husband died in a car crash last year Riga isn t sure what to think Is Helen mad Is someoneWhen Riga Hayworth finds her new client, Helen Baro, dead, she smells a set up of metaphysical proportions Now, to find a killer, Riga must travel from San Francisco to the underworld and make it back alive Helen believes her husband is trying to kill her One problem Helen s husband died in a car crash last year Riga isn t sure what to think Is Helen mad Is someone else trying to harm the woman Or is this really a case of attempted murder from beyond the grave But then Helen is found dead, leaving a strange haiku and tarot for a clue, and Riga is hurled into an investigation that threatens the detective and those she loves A noir paranormal mystery based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Metaphysical Detective explores the power of the archetypes through the double lens of tarot and Greek mythology.

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    1. Book Info: Genre: Paranormal mysteryReading Level: AdultRecommended for: those who like mysteries with a bit of paranormalTrigger Warnings: murder, assaultMy Thoughts: I can't even remember how it was I heard of this series, but I had been collecting the books before I was ever contacted by the author to review the latest one. When I mentioned I was still missing the first as well, she was kind enough to send that along, too. So, a big thanks to Kirsten Weiss for letting me read this whole serie [...]

    2. I have already read Book Four and then Book Five in this series and had no difficulty getting into them. The author reintroduces you to the characters and past invents with no slowing down the new story.I couldn’t wait to get to this first book so I could meet Riga as if for the first time.What a rush this was. Riga took on a client who claimed her dead husband was trying to kill her. Voila, the client ended up dead and powerful magic was afoot.The author lends Greek mythology and the power of [...]

    3. I somehow managed to read the fourth book in this series and liked it so much that I decided to go back to the beginning and see how it got to where it was. I definitely liked the characters a lot or else I would not have bothered. Well , I am not liking the characters so much right now and am actually a little bored with the way things are going in this book. I am willing to give it a go because I know that things do get better as the series continues. Right now the characters are dull and thei [...]

    4. ~Disclaimer~An electronic copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewA few days ago I was over at a friend's house, where we spent the afternoon watching Ally McBeal DVDs. There was a particular scene where Ling and Nelle were conversing -- the exact topic of is not relevant -- but it clung to me because it expresses exactly how I felt while reading this book.N: Last Saturday, I ran out in the morning to get some coffee. I bumped into somebody from my old firm. He didn't rec [...]

    5. I have a confession - I picked up "The Shamanic Detective" The Shamanic Detective (A Riga Hayworth Paranormal Mystery Novel) from my daily e-mail from Freebooksy (if you don't get the e-mail, you should. I have already found some great freebies from them!) After reading a few pages, I decided that, rather than starting with book three, I would go back and check out book one, "The Metaphysical Detective (A Riga Hayworth Paranormal Mystery Novel) first. I downloaded the free sample, then, totally [...]

    6. 4.5 starsI bought this book and its sequel at Orinda Books after hearing the author read at a book event last weekend. I finished this book in a day and a half, carrying it with me around the halls at work, on my lunch walk, to the bathroom well, you get the idea. Strong, well-rounded characters; several unique story hooks; unexpected twists and turns; a couple of really creepy scenes (I'd tell you more, but I hate spoilers. Just look for the scenes at the Billiard Room and Riga's neighbor's apa [...]

    7. This is the first time I've read a book my Kirsten Weiss, but it won't be my last. This is a very well- written paranormal mystery novel. Weiss has created an interesting world steeped in Greek archetypal mythology, which she uses to weave an engaging plot. I enjoyed the characters and their interactions with each other. Yet there is so much more to them than presented in book one of the series. It should be fun finding out what Weiss has in story for Riga, Donovan, and Pen. There was one part, [...]

    8. I really enjoyed reading this book, I was not sure what I would get when I started, but it kept me engaged the whole way through and made it very hard to put down. I am a very busy person with little extra time these days but I made the time to read this. The Characters are well rounded and believable and the storyline keeps you guessing and wanting more. I immediately ordered the next two books in the series.

    9. This truly is meta physical detecting.I love the setting of San Francisco, and I enjoy PI stories.This goes beyond that to the underworld where gods are controlling the action.I had to stretch my memory banks, since I have not studied mythology since the early 70's.I borrowed a copy from the public library.

    10. 3 starEarly POV breaks almost made me flee, but it improve. Tightening the initial POV significantly would be very beneficial. .

    11. I am giving this book two stars because I loved it so much.Okay, I know that sounds weird. I loved the IDEA of this book. But that made the let down hurt that much more.The opening chapters had me hooked. I thought it was going to be a Harry Dresden type book, only with a female lead and done in a much more understated fashion. I like understated. In fact one my problems with the Dresden books is that EVERYTHING is weird and magical. Not even Harry's pets are just pets. So it was a relief to see [...]

    12. Mon avis en françaisMy English reviewI was very curious to start this book after reading the synopsis. I think these kinds of synopsis are very intriguing, because we don't know a lot about the story. And I was even more curious when I saw the words "metaphysical" or even "underworld", don't you want to learn more with that?What can I say about this book? Well, so many things, some good as much as some bad. After the two first chapters, I have to confess that I wondered if it was a good thing t [...]

    13. I received an e-copy via the tour in exchange for an honest reviewWhen I read the blurb for THE METAPHYSICAL DETECTIVE I was immediately intrigued. Mmmm…metaphysical detective…I enjoy a bit of mystery in my paranormal and seeing as it was the first in an ongoing Urban Fantasy series, I said “heck yeah” let me try it out. I’m so glad I did!THE METAPHYSICAL DETECTIVE seemed take the classic ’40s noir detective story and turn it on it’s ear. Not only is it modernized with a female det [...]

    14. Kyra's star ratings:Story: * * *Characters: * * * *Writing: * * * * *Emotional engagement: * * *The Metaphysical Detective is kind of two books in one. It starts out as a noir-ish paranormal murder mystery in San Francisco, with Riga Hayworth as a magically talented PI who has her own mysteries (HOW long has she been hired to house-sit for?!?) trying to untangle a series of seemingly-unrelated but way too coincidental deaths. I love the atmospheric descriptions of San Francisco (a city I've only [...]

    15. The Metaphysical Detective is about a woman names Riga who can see the dead and controls magic. She uses those gifts to solve crimes that are metaphysical in nature. When a client comes to her claiming her dead husband is trying to kill her, the whole universe starts changing overnight. At first she believes the details to be tied to the case she is currently working. Through her investigating Riga realizes it is much bigger than she believed. Before she knows it she is dealing with the gods and [...]

    16. I read the second book of this series first. It was so very good that I immediately bought this book to 'keep the magic going' so to speak.Riga Hayworth is the Metaphysical Detective of the title - it's on her business cards: equal parts metaphysical and detective; metaphysical as in the classical philosophical sense, mixed with the paranormal as Riga herself has a unique magical powerfulness that sets her apart and leads to her more solitary lifestyle with a magical stone Gargoyle, Brigitte, fo [...]

    17. The Metaphysical Detective was a pleasant find and I loved it. It introduces us to Riga Hayworth, who just happens to bear a striking resemblance to Rita resulting in some understated humor and eye rolling on her part throughout the book. She is a detective of all things other, being able to tell if there are magical influences at work or the more mundane. The investigation begins with the question is there a haunting and are the deaths accident or murder? In this first installment we are taken [...]

    18. I had to start highlighting lines that either confused me or were outright wrong -- not something I've ever done before. For example, not knowing that the gargoyle could transport herself from one building to another stopped me. I thought it was an error until, many pages later, I accepted that bit of magic. The author left too many story-line elements like that unconnected, assuming the reader would either fill in the gaps or wouldn't care.There were also errors in grammar -- misusing affect/ef [...]

    19. I picked this book because the storyline sounded interesting. I did enjoy it, but I have to admit I was confused for much of the book. It was choppy and I had trouble relating scenes together. That said, what was going on was interesting enough to keep me reading. Now that I'm done with the book, I have to say the premise is pretty clever. It could have been better executed and would probably have benefitted greatly from a professional editor. Still, it was interesting, and after reading other r [...]

    20. Extraordinary! Magic, romance, family, olympian gods, ghosts and a gargoyle all woven into a cohesive and delightful story. I enjoyed the characters, their relationships, the humour and the drama. There were a few places in the first half of the book that I thought the amount of detail slowed the story too much but I am impatient. I'm sure others will enjoy the detail. The ending is one that will make you think back over the whole story noticing how it supports the surprises. I will enjoy readin [...]

    21. Riga Hayworth is a metaphysical detective. Not long after acquiring her first client she finds her dead.In order to solve the mystery of Helen's murder Riga must travel into the underworld and solve a mystery there. Its a mystery that angers Riga and the Greek gods. Dealing with a strange Haiku, tarot cards, a ghost that doesn't want to be vanquished and a teenage niece that seems to find trouble while trying to help her Aunt Riga; all comes together in this metaphysical tell of mystery and myth [...]

    22. I loved this book! This is by a self- published, first book by a fantastic writer. I had seen it labeled with the 'urban fantasy' genre, and for the first half of the book I was a bit confused. Sure, there were some supernatural moments, but fantasy seemed like a strong word. But thene second half Very different, well written characters, great San Francisco setting, good pace. I recommend this first novel from a very promising new writer. And bonus! It's only $2.99 on Kindle - and it's sequel is [...]

    23. First book in a series. I am glad I read the second book first as its character development and story line moved along much quicker and tighter. The Metaphysical Dective is a paranormal mystery based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The plot moves the story from modern time in the Bay area to the underworld, Greek mythology and archtypes. Since I was not an avid Greek mythology student, the story seemed a bit muddled in places. A well written book, though, and I am looking forward to the third in [...]

    24. The Metaphysical Detective will nestle in nicely on a shelf next to Simon Green's Nightside series of novels when author Kristen Weiss has had the time to build up a more detailed alternate world. In this first book, she's created an interesting character with a great potential backstory, as well as a short list of likeable supporting characters. Weiss also knows San Francisco well and uses its landscape to her advantage.

    25. This book travelled all over the place as Riga Hayworth did her detective work. I loved the characters and the fact that they were often "two in one" was all kinds of fun. Keeping track of who's who was tough and I had to read the ending at least three times to more or less get it straight. I look forward to starting the next book! Those who enjoy detective, paranormal and mystical stories will get it all in this imaginative work. "Thumbs up" from this happy reader.

    26. A decent first bookI liked but did not love Riga Hayworth. I had the mystery half figured out before she did, but mostly was a bit annoyed that Weiss only teased her powers. She makes lights go out at night and has some other ill-defined powers. Her background was only hinted at. It may have been nice to know what happened that so traumatized her, but I guess the author figured that was what sequels are for.

    27. the gods were listeningRiga is a rather unusual detective. she deals with the realm of the dead. but lately her living clients have been interacting a bit too much with that same realm. and now it's pulling in her family. and who is this hunk that showed up at his favorite bar?messing around with the dead sounds like fun and Riga has more fun than a girl oughta have. this is a great read.

    28. Not as expectedA book whose main character has a name like Riga Hayworth should be kind of silly, like an Agatha Raisin. I wouldn't have tried it if it hadn't been so highly rated. The plot turned out to be more cosmic than cozy, however. The characters were interesting and the pace pretty good. The biggest problem with the book is that keys to the mystery become apparent to the reader a long time before it does to any of the characters.

    29. I enjoyed this. I saw the twist coming buten it twisted a bit in a different direction I wasn't expecting. I can't say what it was though because that would spoil things. I'll say this's different! It combines magic with mythology, worlds clashing, and a good old fashioned mystery. I'm on to the next in the series!

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