Getaway From the author of New York Times bestselling Rock Paper Tiger comes the most electrifying thriller of the Summer Michelle Mason tells herself she s on vacation A brief stay in the Mexican resort town

  • Title: Getaway
  • Author: Lisa Brackmann Lisa Brackman
  • ISBN: 9781616950712
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of New York Times bestselling Rock Paper Tiger comes the most electrifying thriller of the Summer Michelle Mason tells herself she s on vacation A brief stay in the Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta It s a chance to figure out her next move after the unexpected death of her banker husband, who s left behind a scandal and a pile of debt The trip wasFrom the author of New York Times bestselling Rock Paper Tiger comes the most electrifying thriller of the Summer Michelle Mason tells herself she s on vacation A brief stay in the Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta It s a chance to figure out her next move after the unexpected death of her banker husband, who s left behind a scandal and a pile of debt The trip was already paid for, and it beats crashing in her sister s spare room When a good looking man named Daniel approaches her on the beach, the margaritas have kicked in and she decides why not But the date doesn t go as either of them planned An assault on Daniel in her hotel room, switched cell phones and an encounter with a friend of Daniel s named Gary gets Michelle enmeshed in a covert operation involving drug runners, goons, and venture capitalists Michelle already knows she s caught in a dangerous trap But she quickly finds that running is not an option If she s not careful, she ll end up buried in the town dump, with the rest of the trash Now she needs to fight smart if she wants to survive her vacation.

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    1. Getaway is every international traveler's worst nightmare: inadvertently stepping into trouble in a country where you aren't familiar with the legal system and can't trust the local authorities.Some (if not many) reviews of Getaway are going to accuse the protagonist of being "unsympathetic." What these reviews will actually mean is that the character of Michelle is not fulfilling the hysterical female stereotype. The reality is that some women are entirely capable of containing their emotional [...]

    2. It's no wonder that Lisa Brackmann's second blockbuster of a thriller is my favorite read so far for 2012. Getaway is set in exotic Puerto Vallarta, and the opening pages find Michelle Mason wallowing in self pity. She's lost and lonely, drunk and maudlin. Michelle is on vacation in Mexico, a vacation planned before her husband was revealed as a bankrupt, lying cheat who conveniently dies of a heart attack. Now Michelle has an unreal past and a confused, confusing future. She's easy prey it turn [...]

    3. Sia McKye OVER COFFEETropical beaches, too many margaritas, add a sexy tempting stranger, and you have an engrossing tale filled with danger and excitement."WELCOME to gorgeous Puerto Vallarta, Mexico—home of margaritas, sunset beaches, a shady American ex-pat community, and a barely-hidden drug syndicate. This will be the most dangerous vacation of Michelle’s life"I have been looking forward to reading Getawaysince I first heard about the setting and premise.Getaway didn’t disappoint me. [...]

    4. How’s this for a nightmare scenario?You’re a woman alone, on holiday, in a developing country where you don’t speak the language. A crooked cop plants some drugs on you and hauls you off to jail. A countryman comes along to spring you, but it soon turns out that he’s in cahoots with the cop.You can’t leave, because they’re holding on to your passport. And, unless you agree to spy on a guy you hardly know, but with whom you’ve suffered a violent assault in your very own hotel room, [...]

    5. Michelle Mason is just an average white chick from LA, getting over the recent death of her husband and planning the next stage of her life while chilling in Puerto Vallarta. Then she meets a hot guy and totally does the thing she never, ever does (don't they all say that?). Okay, I'm being a little judgmental, but the start of the book paints Michelle as being almost a stereotype of an entitled American tourist hanging out with the brown help down in Me-hi-co. The author, Lisa Brackmann, did th [...]

    6. Lisa Brackmann's first novel, Rock Paper Tiger, captivated me with its exotic location in modern China and its damaged but resourceful heroine, Ellie Cooper. Getaway, though a perfectly acceptable beach read (literally) just doesn't have the same amount of kick. It felt to me like the author was under the pressure inherent in writing a second book; as though she had an editor and a marketing director hovering behind each shoulder.Michelle Mason, the heroine in Getaway, is her own problem as well [...]

    7. Yet another reason to not have a one-night stand: recent widow Michelle is on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, where she meets Daniel and, well, one thing leads to another. Which leads to a midnight robbery in which Daniel is hurt and their cell phones being accidentally switched, and suddenly Michelle is drawn into a situation about which she has no idea who is safe, who is lying, who she can trust and what is going on. The level of suspense plateaus quickly and doesn't abate, but at no point does [...]

    8. You may also read my review here: mybookishways/2012/05/Michelle is in sunny Puerto Vallarta, attempting to escape from her troubles, including the mound of debt her recently deceased husband left her (hey, the vacation was already paid for), and wondering what kind of life will be waiting for her upon returning to LA. Unfortunately, escape isn’t in the cards, since trouble manages to find Michelle in the form of handsome, mysterious Daniel. He’s everything her late husband wasn’t: lithe, [...]

    9. Lots of folks go a little loco in Puerto Vallarta, land of sun, sand, tequila, and (if you’re a lucky woman in need of some self-esteem building), a one-night stand with a handsome, dangerous man. Michelle Mason is that lucky woman. A new widow left disillusioned and penniless by her rat of a husband, she’s having one last fling on a vacation that had already been paid for before the SOB died and left her world in chaos. Or what she thought of as “chaos”, because she’s about to learn t [...]

    10. Lisa Brackmann has chosen a well known, but unusual, vacation area to set her mystery: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Her protagonist, Michelle, is a bit unlikely too, a newly widowed, rather spoiled and shallow woman from Los Angeles. She is broke and deeply in debt, yet spends money she doesn't have on this trip to Mexico. Sounds ludicrous, when you say it this way, but Brackmann makes it plausable with her excellent story-telling.Michelle is in Vallarta (as it is called through most of the book),wh [...]

    11. Michelle is widowed unexpectedly, amid the discovery that her husband lost all their money and she is left penniless. As a sort of last hurrah and the need to escape from her depressing reality, she decides to go to Vallarta, a trip already booked and paid for when he was alive, a vacation they were planning together.Almost as soon as she arrives Michelle is embroiled in suspense and danger, careening from one awful experience to another at the hands of what appears to be the criminal underbelly [...]

    12. Add to the mix a tightly woven plot, believable and unique characters, and one of my favorite villains of all times, and you have an excellent second novel by the author of Rock, Paper, Tiger. I like Brackmann's heroines because they aren't action heroines. They're normal people thrust into abnormal and dangerous situations and behave accordingly. To quote another review here because it so perfectly encapsulates my feelings:"Ms. Brackmann has a knack of creating characters that have faced trauma [...]

    13. The beginning was a little slow for me. I was afraid I wouldn't get into the book but I kept on going. I hated being being drug into the story and not given any information - like Michelle, but i totally understand the Author's point - Brilliant! My heart did not "race" until the trunk and beating at the dump to which I was thoroughly excited to see who it was, why it happened, and what was to come next. The last few pages put me back on my toes as I was expecting a relaxing ending that Michelle [...]

    14. Compelling thriller of an average upper middle LA "housewife" pulled through the looking glass into the world of thrillers that one normally sees on a TV screen. Brackmann did a good of conveying Michelle's predicament and how hard it was to know what to believe and who to trust. Only negative was that it ended so abruptly that I was expecting a new chapter rather than the acknowledgments. Guess that means there'll be another book to pick up where it stopped?

    15. This is a mystery which both women and men will definitely enjoy. The Mexican setting is fascinating and the author captures it perfectly. The plot revolving around the drug trade is timely. Plus I loved the everywoman heroine. I could really relate to her struggles and how she might find herself in such a situation.

    16. First Line: Michelle dropped the sarong she'd started to tie around her waist onto her lounge chair.Michelle Mason needed to get away from her troubles for a while. Widowed a few months ago, she's been discovering just how secretive and inept a business person her late husband had been. The trip was already paid for, so a few days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico seemed in order. She'd relax, calm down, get her head on straight, and then return to Los Angeles to finish dealing with the mess.Trouble is [...]

    17. This isn’t a bad book, but it’s a potboiler nonetheless, like a meaningless action film with guns, violence, booze, and women, and no storyline whatsoever. Good for a quick read on a commuter train, but not worth spending too much money on.Michelle Mason is on a holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Her rich husband has recently passed away, leaving her in debt, and she dreads going back to the US. She meets Daniel on the beach, and they spend a rather awkward night together: she is weepy and [...]

    18. This is another great Lisa Brackmann thriller with a strong female lead. I'm not sure what the official name is for books that combine current events with a fast-paced mystery plot, but it's something Brackmann does well. I thought of LeCarre and Graham Greene at times while reading. The difference is that the female character drives the plot-- and she's no femme fatale, super spy, or two-dimensional "type." She's an ordinary woman with a conscience and with believable problems, which is very re [...]

    19. Michelle Mason is at a crossroads in her life after the recent death of her husband. In order to recuperate and gain some perspective, she takes a trip to Puerto Vallarta where she soon meets local American Danny and finds herself caught amidst a mystery fraught with danger.This was an enjoyable story, but something about it fell a little flat. I think it was the character development. This is one of those suspenseful stories that keeps you guessing, and you really have no idea who to trust. Unf [...]

    20. I won this book in a giveaway and was looking forward to reading a new author, new to me anyway. The story had a weird start for me, but after the second or third chapter I was starting to get interested in the characters. This story is set in exotic Puerto Vallarta. The book opens with the main character Michelle Mason on vacation, a vacation that was planned before her lying, cheat of a husband conveniently dies of a heart attack, leaving her bankrupt. Michelle immediately gets in over her he [...]

    21. I won this book as a First Reads.I have to say, this book was not my thing. The main female character was much too passive for my taste. I understood she was dealing with people in the drug trade in another country that she was not sure what they were capable of. Yes, that would be scary when you come from a life that has no prior experience with such people and situationsd not used to people turning up dead. My issue with Michelle (the main character) is she just let things happen to her and w [...]

    22. Getaway is one of those books that make you more than a little afraid of going on vacation. This is not the sort of thriller where a casual vacationer morphs into a kickass hero by book's end, but one where an average American falls down a drug cartel rabbit hole after a series of poor decisions, and is lucky to escape with her life. There is an absolute realism to the settings and the people in Getaway that left me feeling sure that if I went to Puerto Vallarta I would find an ex-pats' summit m [...]

    23. After rocking us with Rock Paper Tiger, Lisa Brackmann has done it again, this time taking us to Puerta Vallarta, where our heroine Michelle finds herself trapped by forces beyond her control. It's a tourist's worse nightmare, being pulled over by the local police and thrown in jail for no reason. Things only get worse after that, as she is sucked into Mexico's world of drug trafficking and crime, including murder. The scene where she sees for herself what these criminals are capable of was deli [...]

    24. Okay, I've decided that I really like this author. I gave Rock Paper Tiger three stars but was leaning heavily towards four. On this book I have no doubts. It's a page turner all the way.Like in Rock Paper Tiger, the female protagonist often makes me want to reach into the pages and shake her. Put down that drink and THINK, for cryin' out loud! It was that feeling of frustration that caused me to hand out the three stars for the first book. The protagonist in Getaway is a little better, to my th [...]

    25. I read Lisa Brackmann's debut novel, Rock, Paper, Tiger and loved it. I enjoy reading novels and memoirs set in China, so was naturally attracted to RPT because of its China setting. Brackmann is a witty writer and tells a good story. So I was excited to read Getaway, her latest novel, which is set in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. And boy was it good!The heroine, Michelle, is a forty-something, recently widowed, Los Angeles housewife. Her late-husband Tom had planned a little getaway in Puerto Vallar [...]

    26. Just when you think things can’t get any worse and you want to get away from it all—think again, it can. Seems simple enough, take a break, try and have some fun. Brackmann lures you in, our heroine needs some perspective after life changes drastically. Michelle hasn’t done anything wrong, but things start to cascade and suddenly she's caught up in something way beyond her. The pacing was fantastic. It begins like waves gently lapping across the sand; there’s no trouble here and then a s [...]

    27. Getaway is a seamless blend of humor, intricate plotting, suspense and diverse characters. The descriptions of Puerto Vallarta are excellent – I’m so ready for some beach time and margaritas, although not so much the dump -- and Gary may be the creepiest (and funniest) villain ever. Brackmann understands how to build suspense over the course of a book without ever letting the tension drop, and the payoff lives up to the promise.

    28. This book is equivalent to a hung-over Sunday spent on the couch watching the latest thriller on lifetime. It's not exactly horrible and it's not exactly great. You keep on hoping for it to get better and you wait for a crazy, plot twist. Neither happens and before you know it's over.

    29. Although a bit slow this book was interesting. A lot of adventures that made it unbearably repetitious but the ending was good. Too many anticlimaxes. It almost seemed to go on longer than necessary.

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